The Sword Dynasty

Episode 172

"That wine shop boy did not agree?"

"Yes, I just invited one person and wanted to ask my ancestor if he can go with me."


"Young Master Su, a student at Yuyang Sword Academy."

"What is the origin?"

"An orphan in Gulou Alley, Changling, followed the practice of Liu Huanghe at Yuyang Sword Academy since his childhood, so it is a little different from ordinary students."

"Is there any problem with the source?"

"No problem, and the deputy dean of Yuyang Sword Academy and I are old friends. What he said is exactly the same as what I got from several teachings."

"In this case, let them come."

The sunlight is fascinating, and the spring is fascinating. It seems that the thin car curtain will penetrate the Zhou family ancestor.

The ancestor of the Zhou family did not look at the retired Zhou Yunhai, but gloomyly looked at his high, bulging belly.

Although these messages were all inquired by Zhou Yunhai personally and verified by many parties, there will be no problem, and a student of Yuyang Jianyuan followed, it seems that it has no impact on his entire plan, but somehow, he always I felt that some actions of this young wine shop boy were unexpected and vaguely brought some unknown threats to him.

The two teenagers walked quickly, and the green figure caught his haze.

His eyes seemed to usher in a sunrise, the haze quickly disappeared, and he was replaced with warm and kindness.

A gentle breath gently released from his body, slowly separating the car curtain to the sides.

He looked closely at Fusu.

Fusu was wearing a whitish green robe, with a handsome appearance, clean eyebrows, and a particularly transparent look.

It just felt that Zhou's ancestor was staring at himself, and his face was a little red.

Such a shy and clean person generally only exists at this bottom.

If he had some background, he would never allow him to go to Lushan.

The ancestors of the Zhou family slowly raised some self-deprecating colors. He thought that he might not have left the Moyuan for a long time, so after entering Changling, he thought too much. What would such a young man do to himself? Threat?

He smiled gently, beckoned to Ding Ning and Fu Su, and said, "Come here."

Walking to the old man, Fu Su was a little surprised in his heart. He didn't expect that Zhou's ancestor was so amiable, and it seemed completely different from the legendary old and powerful old man.

But it was at this time that he felt a faint cold and cold energy from the body of Zhou's ancestors and penetrated into his body.

He instantly responded that the ancestor was investigating his cultivation behavior. He should be the only boy in Changling who had reached the five realms. For his identity, this kind of cultivation was too terrifying corresponding to his age. Because it is the biggest flaw, he can be sure that the Zhou family ancestors could not perceive his true cultivation behavior.

So he was the same as Ding Ning in the past, as if he didn't notice anything, and let this weak cold energy walk in his body.

"Is it just three levels of middle class? The meridian of the body is also weak, and it is not a good training material."

Perceiving the strength of the true element in Fusu’s body, and then feeling that it is a little weak and narrow for meridians, which is not conducive to the circulation of the meridian, the meaning of self-deprecation in Zhou’s patriarch’s heart is more intense, his face Flowing a few points of real satisfaction.

"Are you ready to prepare?" he asked, taking back the weak energy.

Ding Ning responded briefly and respectfully: "All are ready."

This kind of acting is not a very pleasant thing, and the bright spring light also makes the Zhou family ancestors who have been looking at black and white all the year round very uncomfortable, so just these few words, his impatient heart came to life.

The car curtain closed slowly, and his voice came out from the car curtain, saying: "In this case, you two will board the car, we will set off immediately."

Ding Ning and Fusu walked towards a carriage behind.

It wasn't until he lifted the car curtain and bowed into the car that an imperceptible cold sarcasm appeared in the corner of his mouth.

If you can perceive the real entry of Fusu's cultivation practices, those dynasties, even those great rebellions, why do everything possible, even at the expense of powerful practitioners, and want to understand the true cultivation of Emperor Yuanwu For entry?

The wheels began to roll.

Ding Ning, who had not yet had much to do with the event, also set out.

Ding Ning's mood calmed down again.

Any conspiracy is no match for the general trend, and now, he has mastered the general trend.


Ding Ning, who didn't need to go to Lushan, started to set off. Many people have already set off, and many people are preparing to set off.

The northernmost part of the Great Qin Dynasty originally belonged to Zhao Di, but further north, after the Yinshan, it was a continuous desert. Even the former Zhao Dynasty only reached the Yinshan and did not expand its territory into this desert.

The most barren and seemingly unsuitable place for human survival, but there are often people who survive.

In the depths of the desert, there are many tribes that make a living by grazing.

In one of the tribes on the edge of a Jere river, a shaman with a shaman-like appearance sits before a fissure.

In front of him, lava condensed on the black stone, scratched countless scratches used to record time.

"It's time to start."

He sighed, his voice was neither the accent of this tribe nor the accent of the former Zhao dynasty, but the accent of the land of the previous Han dynasty.

As he stood up, the flames erupting in the cracks in front of him suddenly became fierce, instantly filling an astonishing height of hundreds of feet, reflecting that the desert sky was red for most of the sky, and the black smoke produced by the burning, like dark clouds Rolling towards the sky in the distance, it feels as if the ground fire here has been pressed hard by him, so it was just above the height of the fissure.

In the amazing fire that spewed hundreds of feet high, a red pill was dribbled, which looked like both a panacea and some kind of metal condensate.

The man who looked like a desert wizard swallowed the red pill directly into his belly.

A cloud of red mist spread from his body, and then he began to move and set off.


Some people's departure was shocking, and caused a vision of the world, but some people's departure was silent.

Li Lingjun’s convoy has been diverting away from Wushan for a long time. On the second morning after Ding Ning set off from Changling, two Daqi dynasty practitioners wearing black robes and three hair bundles also appeared in a part of Wushan On the mountain road.

An older man of the two closed his eyes and listened for a long time, then turned to look at the young companion beside him, and said softly: "Come."

The young practitioner's face was instantly filled with excitement, saying, "If this person is really a very useful person among the Qin people for the Lushan Association, we will make great contributions to my Daqi dynasty today."

The older man gave him an indifferent glance. Instead of showing any excitement, there was a hint of coldness in his heart.

He is not loyal to the dynasty, but he is not new to this young practitioner.

If according to the information, the person who was specially transferred from the remote place by Emperor Qin Yuanwu, would this person be an ordinary person?

"Why, Master Chen, are you nervous?"

The young practitioner looked at his eyes, but smiled proudly, and said, "The two of us joined forces and ambushed in ambush. Even if the person who came was really a great person, even one of the thirteen princes of the Great Qin, we It can be dealt with, so why be so cautious."

"Don't talk." The older man's face changed slightly, and he sipped suddenly.

The young practitioner raised his eyebrows slightly, his face disapproving.

On a mountain road far away from them, a carriage was driving.

The forests in Wushan are dense with water vapor, and there are countless sounds of birds and beasts in the forest. Even if they speak loudly, even if the hearing of the people in the carriage is several times that of ordinary people, it is impossible to hear.

The reason why the older practitioners can feel the carriage is just because some secret arrangements were made on the mountain road in advance.

This is a secret technique unique to his sect, and outsiders cannot know it.

However, at this moment, the person in the carriage, who was originally sleeping with his eyes closed, suddenly looked up and looked at the place where he and the young practitioners were.

The man in the carriage was a man in his thirties, with a beautiful face, but he exuded Jin Ge, which was hard to describe in words.

He obviously only wore the most common green shirt, but every part of his body, his hair, every line of his facial features, including the folds of every shirt on his body, were like a sword. People feel dazzling when they see it.

The elder Daqi dynasty practitioners could never see this man in the carriage, but at this time, his eyes also stung.

The sword intent of the man in the carriage, across such an amazing distance, directly followed the cold air and stabbed him!

Who is the man in this carriage?

His breath stopped completely at this moment, and the blood in his body was extremely cold.

It was at this moment that the driver, sitting on the front of the car wearing a hat, bowed slightly, and suddenly exerted force in his hand.

Two seemingly inconspicuous gray horses, suddenly their eyes became blood red, and they began to exert madness.

Just a moment, the violent sound of iron hoofs covered up all the noise, and turned into a music with a sense of horror!

The older practitioner's face changed drastically. He slammed and took the lead.

A black bone rod appeared in his hand, and as his true insane rushed in, two huge black flowers suddenly formed in front of him.

It was at this time that the man in the carriage far away had flew out of the carriage.

Just one step out, the man in the carriage seemed to become a flying sword.

The young Daqi practitioners also changed their colors.

He had just heard the crackle-like sound in the sky, and he saw a sword road separated by air in the sky, and a cyan figure was already in the sky!