The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 174

The black feathers attached to the carriage's wheels flew up, gathered together, and fell into the driver's sleeve like a stream of water.

The wheels landed again, splashing the floating dust, and the two gray horses changed into their original appearance again. They continued to run forward, and the driver did not slow down to check the bodies of the two Daqi practitioners.

Only for a moment, the bodies of these two Daqi practitioners began to decay rapidly, and even the remaining clothing on the body quickly turned into black water and penetrated into the ground.

The surrounding forest was dead, and all living things within a thousand feet were dead. However, shortly after the carriage disappeared in this forest, a ray of black smoke slowly poured out from the forest.

The faint black gas became stronger and stronger, and slowly gathered into a black shadow.

This is a silent middle-aged man in a black robe, and the black hair of the ground was split into three strands behind him. He felt the sword meaning still diffused in the air, and slowly walked past Fang Shi The first sword Golden Long Dragon rushed over All the land.

At that moment, he seemed to have touched some of the sword's lines, and the black eyes with almost no white eyes flashed violently.

Then he bowed deeply and saluted the most solemn place where the two Daqi practitioners died, and said softly, "For Daqi."

It is still more than twenty days from the Lushan Association, but the four most noble emperors in the world will visit Lushan with such royal battles. Such battles and temptations have already begun.

An ordinary scribe is dressed, but the breath of his body is always integrated with the surrounding forest. The realm is obviously an extraordinary middle-aged man who came to the foot of a mountain.

This hill is located across from Lushan, and it is the lower one among the dozen hills across from Lushan.

Although it is low, it is also possible to clearly sense the direction of the powerful heaven and earth at the top of Lushan Mountain at the time of Lushan Alliance.

And the shortest, there are naturally fewer interested people.

But just at the foot of this hill, the middle-aged scribe had changed dramatically and stopped.

At the foot of this hill, there is a faint sword mark on the ground where the woodland and bushes meet.

This sword mark just cut the moss on the ground, and even the soil did not go deep. However, in his eyes, it was as if a high wall could not be crossed.

This faint sword mark, with twists and turns spreading, stretches for an unknown number of miles, is endless, completely around the foot of the mountain, but this sword mark is not interrupted in the slightest, it is completely someone swayed A sword, this sword naturally moves along where the forests and bushes meet, dividing.

There are countless large and extremely subtle turning points, but this man is just a sword.

This middle-aged scribe did not know what kind of guru had exhibited such a sword, and he had never seen such a powerful state, yet he knew that this guru left such a sword, and he told everyone that he Has occupied this mountain.

The middle-aged scribe started to retreat. He raised his head in awe. The Lushan Association had not yet started, but he had seen the mountains that he had never seen before.


With the reform and the support of many unparalleled practitioners, the Emperor Yuanwu weakened the power of all the old dignitaries and wiped out the three dynasties, but in the next bloody storm, countless practitioners of the Great Qin Dynasty died, and many powerful With the demise of the army, the Bashan Sword Field, which has become the first gate in the world, has completely disappeared in the long river of history.

Taking advantage of this vital opportunity, the Great Chu Dynasty defeated the Qin Army and caused the Qin people to sever Yangshan County. In order to avoid years of continuous battles, the four strongest dynasties in the world signed a non-aggressive alliance for nine years. In the end, set up an alliance in Lushan again.

The reason is that although the Daqin dynasty lost in the battle with Dachu, it still made the Chu, Yan, and Qi dynasties enter into a covenant, because the stunning practitioners of the Daqin dynasty had killed many people before. And the political situation of the Great Qin Dynasty was stable. The solid triangle formed by the Emperor Yuanwu and the Queen and the two phases had a strong control over the entire Great Qin Dynasty.

Therefore, even if it is not a deep fear, at least the other three powerful dynasties in the world are always deeply vigilant and afraid of the Great Qin Dynasty.

Because in the history of the Great Qin Dynasty and even some previous dynasties, such undetermined results have not occurred, and all formal alliances still need to be negotiated, so as Zhang Yi said, there are no examples to refer to. What kind of things will happen, how many grand masters in the hidden world will appear around Lushan, but no one knows.

A convoy of at least ten carriages is also moving towards Lushan in a hurry. The appearance of these carriages is very ordinary, but the inside of the carriage is engraved with countless complex and unspeakable, like brocades. Lines, the light that permeates through these lines of fuss forms a thin layer of light on the inner wall of the carriage, but no heaven and earth vitality is emitted.

Most of the practitioners riding inside are young, and some of the loneliness between the eyebrows is difficult to describe with words.

Another peculiar charm is that their bodies seem to be extraordinarily light and ethereal, like white clouds that can float into the sky at any time.

At a bend in a road, in a carriage in the middle of the train, a 13- to 14-year-old young boy slightly lifted the curtain of the car and looked at the three black carriages more than ten miles away in the back. A young man who was sitting opposite him looked two years older than him and said: "The three carriages have been following us since Changling."

The younger two-year-old older than him has a delicate goose egg face, the face is like jade, and the hair is randomly tied with a cloth belt, but there is a cloud rising between the hairs, which makes his black hair. It's like a black mountain surrounded by clouds.

"Don't worry about them."

He proudly sneered and said, "Since it came from Changling and cleared all the way, there will be no problems. At most, it is the Zongmen clan with insufficient power. I want to use our power to open the way to avoid all the way. What trouble?"

Among the three carriages mentioned by the two young men at the moment, Ding Ning and Fu Su were sitting in the last one.

The black horse-drawn carriage they are in looks very ordinary on the outside, but the carriage is very spacious, and the inside is covered with precious and soft fur.

Even if the road is bumpy, the softness of these furs can always make people feel comfortable.

Such a carriage is a mobile house and practice place for practitioners, but the horses in the trailer need to be rested and replaced, and some of the food and water stored in the first truck also need to be replaced.

The three carriages where they were trailing along with the convoy ahead, approaching a county town, the voice of Zhou's ancestors came from the middle carriage, "rest in this city tonight."

"This is Luyang County, Guanzhong, and it's not far from my brother Shen Yi's home." Ding Ning looked at Fusu in a happy mood as he walked on the last country road near the county seat.

Fusu has never left Changling since he was born. Looking at a very different scenery from Changling, thinking that such a vast world all belongs to the territory of Daqin. His mood is naturally more pleasant, so he smiled slightly and said softly: " This is closer to Xie Rou's family."

Ding frowned slightly and said, "Yes."

Fusu glanced at him, shook his head, and said: "You are really boring, and even people can't find the words of the interface."

Ding Ning also watched him and shook his head: "Just take this joke, you're the fun."

Fusu was still unwilling and said, "What's wrong with Xie Rou."

Ding Ning calmly said: "I'm not good."

Fu Su was stunned, thinking of Ding Ning's physical condition that all practitioners in Changling should know, was a bit awkward for a while, after counting interest, he persuaded: "There is always a way."

Ding Ning nodded and said: "There may be a way, but I always have to hurry up."

Fusu naturally couldn't understand the real idea in Ding Ning's heart. He thought for a while and said, "You are right, you have a clearer priority than me."

It was only during this conversation that the carriage had driven into the streets of the county, and finally stopped in front of an inn.

Just when he stepped off the carriage, Ding Ning's body was slightly stiff.

Fusu naturally found him strange, looked in the direction he was facing, and he was stunned for a moment.

Under a green tree in front of the inn, a carriage was also stopped, and a beautiful young girl with a tall figure came out of the carriage.

She also saw Ding Ning at a glance, and her entire body froze.

"Is this Xie Rou?"

After a breath, Fusu reacted a little, and said incredulously: "What a coincidence in the world?"

"How will you be here?"

The tall and beautiful girl seemed hesitant, but she took the initiative to come forward and asked Ding Ning.

Ding Ning took a deep breath.

Just looking at Xie Rou's expression at this time, he knew that this was really just a coincidence, and it was such a coincidence.

"What are you doing here?" He didn't answer Xie Rou's question first, but asked softly while looking at her trembling eyelashes.