The Sword Dynasty

Episode 177

This voice is indifferent, but very sharp, and it sounds like a female voice at first, but there seems to be some differences from the female voice.

Xie Lianying's brows were imperceptibly wrinkled. The gray-haired horse thief leader was actually the owner of Guan Zhong's Chen family, Chen Tunyun, who was a rising star in Guan Zhong's business. It was not a surprise.

After all, if this matter cannot be resolved by Xie's family, Xie's family will definitely be hurt in the future.

But Chen Tunyun is a well-known filial son, and he is also an old son. In his mind, his old lady and this single seedling of the Chen family may be more important than his own life. Now he has decided to change Man, who else in the Chen family can object?

Chen Tunyun also turned Huo Ran at this time.

The person who made the noise was not far behind him, riding a gray horse, his clothes were gray, his figure was thin, and his face was covered with yellow towels. He could not see whether it was a man or a woman.

"I want to give it a try."

Looking at Chen Tunyun, who turned to look at himself, the man said again, his voice more sharp.

Chen Tunyun's hands shook slightly, his face pale as paper, and he begged with a slightly unheard voice: "Adult..."

"Ru is a small family. Compared with the country, not to mention that I will not miss, maybe it won't hurt your family at all." The gray-shirted man's eyes are soft, but his tone is unspeakable and firm. , Exudes irresistible meaning.

Chen Tunyun’s chest was violently up and down, and he had to say more, but the gray shirt’s eyes suddenly turned sharply, and his voice was slightly cold: "Master Chen, don’t forget your identity, don’t forget that you are not Qin people!"

Chen Tunyun's chest was hit by a sledgehammer, he gritted his teeth and turned around.

Xie Lianying kept silent during this time. Until this time Chen Tunyun turned around, he looked at Chen Tunyun deeply and said in a word: "You should hear about me. What is annoying is that people repent when they do business."

At the same time as his voice sounded, two rapid and short howlings suddenly appeared in the air.

Two red swords and two sword lights suddenly appeared in the two cars with curtains, passing over the old woman and the child.

The blood flashed out, and the two flesh and blood separated from the body of the old woman and the child, and flew out of the carriage.

The old woman and the child seemed to tremble with great body tremors, but somehow they could not make any sound.

This silent picture is even more palpitating.

"Xie Lianying!" Chen Tunyun immediately roared like a wounded beast, his face was even uglier than crying.

"Isn't this good?" Fu Su's face was also very pale. Although he could not see the scene in the compartment, he could also guess what had happened.

"It's not good, but this is not what Xie's family expected." Ding Ning's face was slightly cold, and his eyes always stayed on the sharp-sounded gray shirt behind Chen Tunyun: "If I'm not wrong, At this moment, the owner of the Chen family can be forced to change his mind. It can only be a powerful practitioner above the seven borders. This seven borders practitioner should be sure that there is no seven borders in the Xiejia train team, so This will prevent the Chen family from substituting. He either wants to assassinate Xie Lianying with Thunder, or he wants to use some means to take the Chen family hostage."

"Xie Lianying is not as mediocre as the legend. He should also be clear at the moment. If they can't exert enough pressure on the other party, then they will all die here." Ding Ning's voice was colder: " And now that they are driving, the other party does not want to get huge benefits from the Xie family, but directly wants to kill all Xie family here."

"Kill all the family members of Xie here?" Fu Su's expression was extremely shocked: "Xie's family is the richest man in Guanzhong. I was one of the beams of the great Qin dynasty. I just robbed some of Xie's family in exchange for amazing wealth. It alarmed the palace, but if these people from the Xie family were killed, it would cause much shock. Changling must use all its strength to track down. The people of the Chen family pretending to be horse thieves are absolutely impossible to hide from the past. Why should they do this?"

Ding Ning sneered and said, "Maybe from the beginning, their purpose was to get rid of this beam, or just to destroy what Xie's family was doing at the moment."

Hearing this remark, Fu Su suddenly thought of a possibility, and could not help shaking.

At the same time, his mood became more tense.

If the same as Ding Ning said, the shrill practitioner is the existence of the Seven Realms, and at this time Xie Lianying and Xie Rou and others are naturally in extreme danger.

In Chen Tuoyun's heartbreaking howl, in the conversation between him and Ding Ning, Xie Lianying's face was extremely indifferent. He looked at Chen Tunyun full of coldness and said, "I don't know you What does it mean, I don’t care what kind of guru-level person there is in you, but I can guarantee that my two attendants will never be stingy with their lives, even if the person behind you shoots faster, in me or in them Before falling down, the heads of Lingtang and your baby boy will definitely fall from them."

"I won't give you any choice."

Xie Lian paused, looking blankly at the horse thieves surrounded by more than a dozen Xie family members behind Chen Tunyun, and said coldly: "Within three breaths, you won't let others go, and they will fall from them. Not a piece of flesh, but an arm."


Chen Tunyun's entire body was soaked with sweat, as if he had been taken out of the water. He looked at the two bloody figures in the carriage absently, his right hand separated from the rein and lifted up.

It was at this time that the thin gray shirt not far behind him narrowed his glasses.

A thin but extremely sharp breath was quickly released from his body.

Chen Tunyun's entire body is still lifting his right arm upwards, but his right arm has not been able to lift up, because his entire right arm has been separated from the shoulder and fell down.

Chen Tunyun's breath on the gray shirt person was reflected when it came out, but it was still too late to stop the other party from cutting off one of his arms. At the moment when his right arm was cut off and dropped, he finally made it. Counterattack.

A desperate drunk squirted out of his mouth.

A rainbow-like brilliance spewed out of his left hand, and he beheaded towards the grey shirt man at the rear at an alarming speed.

There were two horse thieves on both sides between him and the gray shirt man, but these two horse thieves were not touched by this rainbow-like brilliance, and they made a stern cry, and the sound of countless bones shattered. Fly back out.

This rainbow-like brilliance exudes the unique breath of mortal creatures, but it seems to be more powerful than ordinary mortal creatures.

There are countless stars flashing in the eyes of the gray shirt.

This rainbow-like brilliance is extremely amazing, but it seems to be very slow in his glasses.

When the two horse thieves in front of him were flicked and flew backwards after being affected by the power, he just stretched his right hand forward.

He wears a silver metal finger on his right thumb.

When he stretched out his hand, if there was a wireless giant mountain in the sky, it instantly condensed in his silver metal finger.

Countless silver air flows from the tiny runes of the metal fingers, covering his palms.

His palms were covered with heavy silver mercury, and then spread along his arms towards his body.

There are no tricky moves.

He used this silver hand to catch the oncoming rainbow brilliance.

At the moment when the silver fingers touch the rainbow-like brilliance, there are countless dazzling lights flashing in the cracks of the fingers. At the moment, these forces penetrated into the thick silver airflow just like sinking into the water.

At this time, the silver coating just covered the half body of the gray shirt without any obvious noise. The edge of the silver coating suddenly shot countless lines of pulp, just like countless silver flowers on his other half of the body Suddenly opened up.

At the same time, Chen Tunyun's pupils are violently zoomed.

With a muffled noise, his entire body seemed to be crushed by invisible giants. A cloud of blood sprayed from his air, and his entire body flicked back softly. It feels like catkins light enough to fly in the air.

The rainbow's brilliance was firmly locked by the silver finger palms, and the brilliance quickly dimmed, revealing the true appearance, which was a horn-shaped colorful curved jade.

Ding Ning has been looking at the silver finger and the rainbow brilliance, he has long seen what these two are, but just kept silent, and did not say anything.

"It is Silver Raksha's finger, and there is also a worry-free corner."

Fu Su's face turned extremely ugly, and said coldly: "It was the Chu dynasty."

Dachu Dynasty refining implements are the first in the world, and the strongest charms in the world of practitioners are all from Dachu.

The Wuyoujiao comes from the Wushu Palace of the Dachu Dynasty. It has been hidden in Dachu for many years, and it may be possible to live in other countries. However, Yinluosha refers to the treasure of the town square of the Dachu silver line workshop, the name of the silver line workshop. As a workshop, it is actually one of the ten major cultivation sites of the Da Chu Dynasty. Such a treasure of the sect is naturally impossible to fall into the hands of foreign practitioners.

"As a Chu, you don't deserve Worry-Free Corner at all."

The gray-shirt cultivator did not seem to deliberately cover up his identity at this time. Looking at Chen Tunyun, who had no breath in the air, he shook his head coldly and said something like this.