The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 179: Confidence and Shock in the Seven Realms


Ding Ning just drunk a word, because he only had time to drink a word.

At the exit of this word, all the condensed sword energy in his body was expelled from his fingers in one breath, and a black sword light instantly turned into a rainstorm, all of which hit Xie Lianying's side.

Whether it was his sharp drink or the heavy rain formed by the black sword light at this time, there was an irresistible sorrow for Xie Lianying and Xie Rou. "Go!" Xie Lianying's eyes flashed sharply, almost subconsciously. Xie Rou on his side swept backwards.

Suddenly a suspicious voice sounded.

In the sad rain formed by the black sword light, a faint light of blue suddenly appeared, and a silver stream emerged out of thin air.

Xie Rou's heartbeat stopped almost instantly. Although any practitioner knew that the charm of the Dachu Dynasty was the first in the world, but this gray shirt practitioner's means of breaking through the sky, she was even listening. Never heard of it.

A silver stream appeared clearly in the air first, then the gray figure.

For the powerful practitioner of the great Chu dynasty, Ding Ning forced out the sad rain formed by all the condensed small swords in his body, but it seemed that the clouds were light and breezy.

The gray figure was only slightly sideways, and the half-silver body flashed like a silver sword.

Black sword lights burst on the silver light, and black flowers bloom in the air.

The practitioner of the Great Chu Dynasty also had countless silver flowers in full bloom on the other half of his body, but he only felt a slight cold on half of his body.

The distance between the Three Realms and the Seven Realms is too far apart, not to mention that he still has a hand in hand with the efforts of countless Da Chu practitioners and craftsmen.

Although it was difficult for this practitioner of the Great Chu Dynasty to understand why Ding Ning could perceive his whereabouts, his eyes were extremely indifferent. He just entered the real elements in his body into the "worry-free corner" with normal speed.

There was another killing intention in the air.

It’s just because the world and the vitality exuded from this worry-free corner are too colorful and the color is too bright, so this killing intention feels cheerful and bright, it is easy to forget many sad things, and even easy to react. Become sluggish.

The Xie family was the first richest man in Guanzhong, and the practitioners he brought with him were naturally also vulgar. The forgetfulness horn in the hands of this great Chu dynasty emerged from the fragments of countless small swords, and rushed backwards with sorrow. The swift Xie Lianying, the two flying swords suspended on the side of the old woman and the young boy finally made the most correct response.

A loud noise.

The little red sword burned violently, emitting countless dazzling flames. Although the sword body was small but because the bursting power was too strong, it felt like a huge lava erupting from the crater, Facing this Da Chu dynasty practitioner.

The other blue sword was quietly flying low, submerged in the mud below, and even the breath became exactly the same as the mud.

The practitioner of this great Chu Dynasty frowned slightly, but the castration of the worry-free horn in his hand did not change at all.

When there was a muffled noise, the oncoming red sword was almost forced to stay in the air by the powerful force. Even if it could not evade, it was smashed by the powerful force and flew out. All the sword body runes The flames that flowed out scattered and fell into the surrounding grass.

Moisture in the grass was instantly dried, turned into dry grass, and then ignited.

The practitioner of the great Chu dynasty did not worry about where the sinister blue sword had gone. For him, the blue sword that had fallen into the mud would eventually pierce the soil and pierce his body.

As long as the little sword pierced the earth, he could sense it and be able to react.

This is the absolute self-confidence that the strong above the Seven Realms can possess.

The moment the red sword was smashed and flew back, one of the carriages of Xie's family made a violent shock, and a smoldering noise rang out, and the car curtain swayed out, spraying some scarlet blood foam.

It was only a surprise to this practitioner of the Great Chu Dynasty that the little blue sword that had been submerged in the mud was always disappearing and never appeared.

Because of his absolute confidence, there is no delay in the movement of this great Chu dynasty practitioner.

Two magnificent world spirits flowed out from under his feet, and two visible light clusters appeared under his feet. At the next moment, his entire body flew forward and continued to accelerate madly.

It was only a half-time, and the fierce killing intention emanated from the worry-free corner of his hand, which had approached the bodies of Xie Lianying and Xie Rou who had tried their best to retreat.

An old cry came from the carriage behind Xie Lianying and Xie Rou.

An old scribe with white hair was sitting in the carriage of this carriage.

With a low drink coming out of his mouth, his body seemed to penetrate countless holes, and radiated countless blue wind beams.

The hardwood compartment outside him collapsed like a paper lantern and flew out.

A bundle of cyan winds twisted like living creatures, like the tail of a goblin swept from all directions to the body of this great Chu dynasty practitioner.

The Da Chu dynasty practitioner showed a disdainful face, and there was no change in his body shape, but Zhenyuan's surging outwards was more intense.

The colorful vitality emitted from the worry-free corner of his hand scored more violently, and it seemed that he did not touch the bodies of Xie Lianying and Xie Rou at the same time, but Xie Lianying and Xie Rou both groaned, with blood on the corners of his mouth.

The old scribe had no change in his face, but his whole body had no weight. He floated upwards with the turbulence of the blue wind beams, blocking him in front of Xie Lianying and Xie Rou.

Suddenly, the eyes of Da Chu practitioners froze.

He suddenly felt a strange breath in these blue wind beams.

His body burst into shock.

From the beginning of the breakthrough to the present, his body finally appeared a pause.

The pause is just because of a stronger surge of energy.

Above him, a mountain-like heaven and earth gathered together again, and the silver Rakshab rushed into his hands at a speed unimaginable by ordinary practitioners.

The silver-mercury viscous vitality flowing out of Yin Luosha's fingers immediately covered his body. Even his seven tricks were flooded with silver vitality, and he directly became a silver person.

Almost all the cyan wind beams collapsed when they hit him, but there was a cyan wind beam that was condensed and scattered, and more and more radiated the crystal light.

Da Chu practitioners sneered with sarcasm.

Numerous cracks quickly appeared on the cyan wind beam that had just tied up his body and contracted violently. The cracks were clearly visible in the cracks.

The old scribe's body was still floating in the air, but inside the body was violently shaking, and the bright red blood gathered a disordered vitality, squirting out of his mouth and nose.

A strong breath peculiar to mortal creatures only emanated from the crystal blue wind beam.

So this is not the wind beam formed by the heaven and earth's vital energy, but the mortal creature he cultivated.

The reason why the life is called the life is that it has an inexplicable connection with the life of the practitioner. The life is destroyed, ranging from serious injuries to death directly, but at this time the life of the old scribe will be destroyed, but he has no The slightest hesitation squeezed the controllable power from his body out of the body without reservation.

The cyan bundle of mortals covered with cracks held each other.

At this time, in the last carriage, a young swordsman with a blue shirt in his eyes who was determined to take a deep breath took a deep breath. The blue flying sword he had hidden in the ground for a long time finally finally silently followed. The soil at the feet of Da Chu practitioners was revealed.

The silver light on Dachu practitioner's face faded slightly, and the yellow towel covered in his face fell off due to the vigorous vigour.

Behind the yellow towel is a thin and white, somewhat feminine face.

There was a look of contempt and pity on his face.

"Except for the woman of Zhongshan Gate Valve, is the strength of Xie's family the same?"

Before he said this, the worry-free corner in his hand had been taken back, leaning against his body and sweeping from top to bottom.

The rainbow-like smooth fell on the cyan crystal beam bound to him. The cyan crystal beam shattered into countless pieces, and the old scribe who was suspended in the air fell to the ground and died silently.

He stepped up, the rainbow-like brilliance in his hand continued to fall, sweeping down the soles of his feet, and the brilliance's end swept the blue flying sword that had just emerged from the earth.

The seemingly gentle intersection is like two hills colliding.

There was a loud bang.

However, a foot of blue sword is like plowing the ground, plowing a deep ditch on the ground.

The young swordsman in the blue shirt sitting in the last carriage bowed head down, and countless wrinkles suddenly appeared on the smooth and radiant face.

Da Chu practitioners proudly looked up.

In his view, no one in Xie's family could stop him from killing Xie Lianying and Xie Rou, even the teenager who was close to Xie Lianying and Xie Rou.

However, at this moment, he felt a surge of impossibly powerful world.

He turned suddenly, his eyes shining with shock and disbelief.