The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 181: The Poison of the Zhou Family's Ancestor

Chen Chu looked at the Zhou family ancestor lightly, and said without a surprise: "These two things are the heavy weapons of my great Chu dynasty."

The two things that the Zhou family ancestor said naturally refer to the forgetfulness angle and Yinluosha finger on his body, but he said that these two were the heavy weapons of the Dachu dynasty, meaning that they must be brought Back to the Great Chu Dynasty, unless he died here.

This is the same as what the great Qin sword master said about the presence of the sword.

But this kind of truth was told by a guru of the Seven Realms, and it has an unusual deterrent force.

The ancestor of the Zhou family flashed an imperceptible look of greed. He smiled slightly and said, "The result is that even you will stay."

Chen Chu said no more.

He took a deep breath, ignoring the damage of the battle, and forced Zhenyuan to rush violently in his body. Some pale faces began to emit strange flushes, but his black hair began to stain frost.

A fresh and powerful breath injected into the forgetfulness horn in his hands.

At the next moment, the air in front of him burst apart, all the grass blades on the ground shattered into powder, and the colorful forgetting horns smashed straight in front of the ancestor of the Zhou family in a brutal posture.

The ancestor of the Zhou family narrowed his eyes.

Since Emperor Yuanwu took the throne, he hasn't fought with people. At this time, the suffocating force of oncoming pressure makes him feel strangely strange, but at the same time, there is a kind of itch in his bones. The idea came out, that long-lost feeling is recovering.

He stood still, his right hand just lifted slightly.

There was a crackling sound, and a black sword light poured out from the fingers, hitting the angle of forgetfulness accurately.

Although it is the same method, compared with Ding Ning's Ningsha Sword, his Ningsha Sword is a gap between heaven and earth.

Ding Ning's Ningsha Sword is only a little crystalline in appearance, but his Ningsha Sword is condensed completely like the darkest gemstone, exuding a shining brilliance, and even has a similar breath of Nine Nether Hades Sword .

Ka's sound was crisp.

This little black sword shattered into countless small grains, but the angle of forgetfulness that went forward violently also suddenly slowed down, condensed in the air, and at the time of the next breath, it was excited by the power of these grains. Then fly out.

Chen Chu's brows were deeper, but the strange blush on his face was more vivid and strong.

This is the first trial of both sides. The result of the trial seems to him to be extremely unfavorable to all the onlookers. The vengeance of the Zhou family ancestor did not know how long it had deposited in the body, condensing to unimaginable To the point, his true yuan converges with the power of the forgetfulness angle, and it is impossible to resist, and anyone can feel that he is really lucky to ignore the injury in his body.

In the case of damage to the internal organs, this strong fortune will naturally cause greater damage to the body and prevent him from fighting for a long time.

However, how to deal with the seven realms is so simple.

Feeling all the changes in the atmosphere of Zhou's ancestor during the process of this black little sword hitting the worry-free horn from the shot path, Chen Chu found a chance to win from this seemingly invincible battle.

He took a deep breath again.

In a very short time, he was almost evacuated by this suction in front of him.

His right hand stretched out towards the corner of forgetfulness. Everyone thought he was going to grab the charm that came back, but at this moment, a few drops of crystal purple liquid in the air and sea in his body could not be perceived by outsiders. Di rushed out of his right hand along the meridian at a terrifying speed.

These crystal purple drops dripped out of his fingertips, but turned into a purple meniscus in front of him.

The moment when the purple meniscus bloomed in front of him, there was a boom in the sky above, as if a huge gap had been opened.

An extra bright beam of light, beyond the boundaries of time, fell directly from the sky and fell on the purple meniscus in front of him.

Everyone was taken aback.

"How is this going?"

Xie Rou exclaimed in disbelief.

This round of purple meniscus is obviously the lifeblood of the seven realm masters.

In the battles before this, this seven-level master always used external weapons to fight, making people doubt whether he had a mortal creature.At this moment, the mortal creature suddenly appeared, which was already tense and breathless, but the power of the beam of light falling from the sky at this moment seemed to far exceed the power of the mortal creature.

This kind of opening of the sky directly fell into the scene of the power of terror, which is obviously a picture of the eighth realm of enlightenment in some classics.

Ding Ning's face was calm at this time, just meditation.Because he was very clear, the reason why there is such a different phase at the moment is only because Chen Chu's natal object is itself a special charm.

"The Great Chu Rune is indeed the best in the world, but after all it is just borrowing a little fur from the eighth realm with foreign objects. Is there a real charm of the eighth realm?"

Slightly looking up at the bright beam of light falling in the sky, the Zhou family ancestor shook his head and said sympathetically.

Wujiaojiao was flew out by the power of this round purple meniscus.

Chen Chu didn't care about Wujiaojiao. His whole person was completely integrated with this round of purple meniscus. His body was completely brought up by the power of this round of purple meniscus. Shock, has been pressed to the ancestors of the Zhou family.

Ding Ning, Fu Su, Xie Lianying, Xie Rou, including the two coachmen of the Zhou family, the horses and horses, and even the bodies of the Zhou family ancestors were all blown back by a wild wind.

The original loose robe was clung to the ancestor of the Zhou family by the strong wind, revealing all his originally concealed figure.

There was a large vacancy on his waist that plunged deep into his body, but his lower abdomen was high and raised, giving the impression that the cut flesh was all piled up in his lower abdomen.

The ancestors of the Zhou family had a slight face.

His hands spread out with ten fingers, ten thin black wafers emerged unrealistically from his fingers, but they did not immediately become a sword, but hovered in front of his hands.

In the next very short moment, a huge roar of huge mountains came from the sky.

Countless invisible heaven and earth vitality poured into his body, and then with his true element, madly poured out from the skin of his body.

Ten thin black wafers blended his true element, blended with the horrible amount of vitality that he carried from the mountain realm, and suddenly generated a black meniscus.

The black meniscus exudes a terrifying sense of silence, exuding black and white brilliance.

The surrounding world, like Mo Yuan, has become pure black and white.

Everybody's body is bathed in black and white, as if dragged into a long ink roll.

This is the strongest killing intention in the freehand scrapbook.

Although the ancestors of the Zhou family had deviations in understanding the freehand scrapbooks, and did not fully understand the meaning of profit and loss, but hundreds of years of insights, they have already mastered such killing intentions.

This is the reason why he has a stalemate, but the elder Sun Qingxue, who possessed the Nine Nether Hades Sword, told Ding Ning that she had no real reason to win.

The black and white light penetrated the huge beam of light falling in the sky.

The huge beam of light to the extreme was also eroded by black and white, the purple meniscus quickly dimmed, and the surface even showed countless rusty textures.

The mortal creatures suffered some damage, Chen Chu's uncontrollable light cough, countless crimson blood foam was sprayed from his mouth and nose, and not only blood beads were coming out of his body skin, but also like an air leak Make a slight sound.

This was the extreme energy and real energy accumulated in his body, which was extremely violent. Under the powerful impact, the heaven and earth vitality in the inner body was squeezed out.

I know that even if I win this battle, I am afraid that the cultivation will be retreated in the future, and even the internal injuries will be so heavy that it will be difficult to deal with people in the future. Chen Chu’s mouth is bitter, but his eyes are extremely firm , Shining with fanaticism.

His hand stretched out again.

At this moment, most of the true elements in the body poured into the runes of the Silver Raksha.

A small, but silver-like airflow exuding the dike of the big rivers and the rivers rushed into the body of Zhou's ancestor last week, and into the empty space on his waist and abdomen.

This was the victory he wanted at all costs.

Such a powerful force rushed directly into the old injuries of Zhou's ancestor and immediately shattered all the organs of Zhou's ancestor, destroying his qi sea.

Even before his death, the Zhou family ancestors could not issue any counterattacks.

However, at this moment, Chen Chu's body suddenly became cold.

He saw some proud and synchronous look in Zhou's ancestor's eyes.

The silver air stream rushed into the ancestor of the Zhou family, but it seemed to rush into an empty space.

To be more precise, it was his power that rushed directly into the sea of ​​air that was already prepared there, as if a pocket was open.

Ordinary people even have such a direct passage to Qihai in the body, such a destructive force is forcibly poured into Qihai, and Qihai will be destroyed immediately, enough for the practitioner to die instantly.

However, the ancestors of the Zhou family looked like a frozen star space.

It was filled with countless ice.

The moment the silver air flow rushed in, it was frozen.

Chen Chu finally understood exactly what was happening to Zhou's ancestors and why he was slower than him.

But at this time he was too late to make more responses.

The left hand of Zhou's ancestor pressed gently against his chest.

There were countless strange sounds in his body.

In the next moment, whispering and whispering, his back flesh was pierced by countless broken bones rushing out of his body, bringing out countless blood mist.