The Sword Dynasty

182 Abnormal

Chen Chu's bones were broken, and the five internal organs of the body were naturally broken into blood mud. However, it was amazing that he did not immediately fall to death.

He was still standing, looking at the tall, uplifted abdomen of Zhou's ancestor with a strange look.

"What's the point?"

He was the loser of this battle. As the master of the Great Chu Dynasty, he was about to die on the land of the Great Qin Dynasty. However, when he looked at the Zhou family ancestor, his sharp tone contained a strange sympathy.

This sentence is difficult to understand, but the Zhou family ancestors are very clear about the meaning contained in this sentence-even Qihai has been frozen into such a shape, even the five internal organs of the body have been so crippled, the body has been so aging, every I am afraid that a lot of genius and earth treasure will be consumed in a day. Living is no longer an enjoyment. What is the point of the people who should have died before the Emperor Yuanwu ascended the throne?

Because of understanding, Zhou's ancestor's complexion became extremely hazy.

"Withered wood can still be in spring, not to mention one step away from the sky." He looked at Chen Chu very coldly and said coldly.

"The Hundred-footed insect is dead and not stiff, and you still want to go to the sky?" Chen Chu said mockingly, but some strange and sympathetic eyes fell on Fusu and Ding Ning: "The dying insect walks outside. Its behavior is naturally poisonous, you have to be careful."

The ancestor of the Zhou family sneered and said nothing.

A puffed noise made Chen Chu’s last power disappear in his body. He fell to the ground, and his soft body could no longer make him and the seven realms in the Xie family convoy. Compared with guru.

Ding Ning said nothing in silence and bowed his head slightly.

Even enemies, some people deserve respect after all.

"What do they want to do?"

Fu Su's eyes fell on the distance, on the Xie family who were hijacked.

Although the Xie family succeeded in planning, disguised as the women and children of the Chen family with two practitioners and successfully made Chen Tuntian and the seven-state strongman of the big Chu dynasty turn their backs, but because he did not expect that the Chen family's array even had Such a strong man of seven realms exists, so the Xie family also paid a heavy price today. Five cultivators above the five realms in the convoy were three dead and two seriously injured. At the moment, the two cultivators disguised as Chen’s women and children were also After being exposed and dead, Xie's family no longer has the right to cast a mouse. In his view, those remaining Chen family members are very likely to kill more than ten abducted Xie families.

However, the Chen family disguised as horse thieves did not do this now, and did not immediately fled at the moment, it seemed that they were just waiting.

"They want to talk."

Ding Ning raised his head, looked at Fusu and Xie Lianying, and said: "Since Chen Tuntian is dead, but the Chen family still has many family members, the people here hope that the Xie family can give them a way of life."

"The key to doing business is to be wealthy, especially not to take away the other person's last bite."

Xie Lianying nodded, watching Ding Ning's gaze extremely satisfied.

He had seen countless young talents, but none of those people satisfied Ding Ning.

"Who are the principals now?"

He walked forward a few steps, watching the Chen family who were very lonely and bleak, and said quietly.

A middle-aged, middle-aged, short-haired man dismounted and stepped forward, bowing to Xie Lianying for a while.

"Release our people and return our goods. Our Xie family will not continue to deal with your Chen family."

Xie Lianying gave her first nod, and then said very deeply: "Your horse should be fast."

The middle-aged short-haired man who replaced Chen Tuntian as the principal of the Chen family clearly understood the meaning of Xie Lianying.

As long as the Xie family does not deal with the Chen family, even if the news here finally spreads, everyone knows that the Chen family is actually a chess piece placed by the Dachu dynasty in Guanzhong. They also have enough time to take away their families and begin to escape. road.

"Thank you, we owe our family a favor."

The middle-aged man with short hair bowed deeply again, and then turned around.

Today, they and the Xie family are your life-and-death enemies, but the outcome is now divided. The Xie family's commitment is to really thank them.

The thunderstorm of horseshoes sounded again, and all the Chen family began to run away.

Looking at the more than ten Xie family members who were safe in the distance, Xie Lianying turned to look at Ding Ning, and said softly but solemnly: "Today Chen's family owes us a favor, but our Xie family owes you a favor."

Ding Ning said quietly: "Xie Changsheng is my friend."

Xie Lianying was slightly startled, and he smiled and said, "This little boy who made a good deal made some good friends anyway."

After saying this, he turned around and saluted the ancestor of the Zhou family seriously, saying: "Guan Zhong Xie family thanked the seniors for their help."

The ancestors of the Zhou family had gone away from the haze at this time, and their faces returned to be kind and kind, "It was just a coincidence."

Xie Lian should seriously say: "It is a coincidence for seniors, but it is a matter of life and death for me."

The ancestor of the Zhou family glanced at Chen Chu’s body and said, “It’s worth the weight of Chu.

"What did your Xie family carry?"

While Xie Lianying was talking with Zhou's ancestor, Ding Ning on one side looked at Xie Rou and asked softly.

Xie Rou hesitated a little, but said softly, "Ordnance."

Ding Ning frowned and asked, "Great?"

Xie Rou said nothing and nodded.

Ding Ning said softly: "Shipping to Lushan?"

Xie Rou did not speak or nod. This is naturally the default for Ding Ning.

Ding Ning frowned and said, "How can I be assured that you will thank your family for delivery?"

Ordnance is generally transported by the army itself, and cannot be transported by itself. Generally, it is impossible to follow the army. A very large number of things, or very large and heavy things, will delay the army's march.

The ordnance to be transported to Lushan is definitely a huge and powerful deterrent weapon.

Even if such an ordnance was handed over to the Xie family for transportation, how could it not be escorted by the important practitioners of North Korea and China?

Xie Rou took a deep breath.

This matter is extremely confidential and cannot be circulated outside, but the Xie family was able to escape the robbery thanks to Ding Ning, plus Ding Ning had already guessed it out, and it didn’t make much sense to hide it.

"We only carry some parts and spare parts of the ordnance, not the most important parts." Xie Rou looked at Ding Ning and said softly: "Even if the Chen family robbed our goods, I am afraid that they are not part of a certain ordnance. "

The same sentence, falling in the ears of Ding Ning and Fu Su, set off different waves in their respective hearts.

"In addition to Jin Wuzhuo, does Changling have some kind of stronger giant ordnance?" Ding Ning frowned deeply, feeling a little uneasy in his heart.

Fu Su's heart was even more shocked. Is that thing finally made?

More than a dozen people who were robbed of the Xie family had drove over. Xie Rou stepped forward and asked a few words. When he returned to Ding Ning and Fu Su, Ding Ning frowned slightly and then asked: "The carrier Is there any problem? Can't you even see a person like Chen Chu?"

"no problem."

Xie Rou's eyes shone with indescribable joy, "Thanks to you... I asked, and Chen Chu checked it, but found no problems, just thought it was the arrow embryo used to make the crossbow."

Ding Ning frowned deeply, his body began to be filled with coolness.

The arrowheads of ordinary crossbow arrows are naturally round and slender objects. If the army itself cannot be transported, the number must be extremely alarming.

For him, it means that a certain idea of ​​Bashan Jianchang has been turned into reality.

If it was exactly what he thought, the emperor Yuanwu's throne would become more indestructible.


The Xie family started to clean up the mess.

Although the more than ten Xie family members were extremely hijacked, they were at least not seriously injured.

Wujiaojiao, Yin Luosha's fingers, including Chen Chu's natal objects, were collected by Xie's family and sent to the Zhou family ancestors.

Chen Chu's mortal object was compressed into a few drops of crystals in the body, but at the moment it was a purple jade-sized nail, and it was not in the shape of a meniscus. The edges were not regular, and it looked like it was from a certain piece. A cracked piece of things.

Just glanced at random, the ancestor of the Zhou family gently shouted, let Ding Ning and Fu Su return to him.

"Your sword is not bad, but it is incomplete after all. It will be difficult to be worthy of you in the future. This worry-free horn is just right for your Aries Sword of Aries Cave, but you should not use it easily. Such a big Chu, If it is easily revealed, it will definitely be robbed by the practitioners of the Da Chu Dynasty." The ancestor of the Zhou family kindly looked at Ding Ning and handed Wu Wujiao directly to Ding Ning.

"You have seen this magical formula of the silver Raksha finger, and you should also use it with care." Next, he handed the Silver Raksha finger to Fusu.

These two things are naturally real weapons, even more than the Xuepu sword given to Mo Chen by the former Liling Jun.

But at the same time as thanks, a strange emotion flashed in Ding Ning's eyes that were still cold in his body.

The ancestors of the Zhou family cannot be so generous.

Even if you want to show generosity...For the Zhou family ancestor, Fusu is just a friend who comes with him, and he does not need to give such a heavy device to Fusu at all.

The ancestors of the Zhou family were absolutely abnormal.