The Sword Dynasty

190 Breath

The strength released from the Zhou family's ancestors was not violent, but the moment Ding Ning's body passed through the bluestone building, there was a more powerful force squeezed on his body, making his whole bones appear to be broken. sound.

Ding Ning once again gave out some bright blood beads between his lips and teeth. He knew that this was derived from the power of the bluestone construction circle. Since the ancestor of the Zhou family had already been here once, he naturally understood this circle, and he needed to use it to attract Opening that blind dragon will naturally not let him die so easily.

So he didn't feel the slightest panic. With a snorting noise, the countless small silkworms hidden in his body suddenly surged and swallowed the coldness of Zhou's ancestor into his body.

Numerous shattered sounds instantly sounded inside and outside his body, which was so palpable, but at this time his body had been flung to the depths inside the blue building, and the Zhou family ancestors outside could not have noticed it.

A loud bang.

His body fell heavily in countless yellow leaves, splashing countless years of rot and dust.

The rot leaf is a kind of dry corruption, like weathering, without any wetness, all kinds of unknown trees and vines around it are densely grown and filled the entire blue building.

Through the gaps of these branches, there are many complex runes on the inner wall of the blue building, shimmering in the light, naturally showing a sense of sacredness, there are some strange stone servants standing in the crowded woods, without facial features, but they exude A strange killing intention.

Knowing that the blind dragon will soon arrive, Ding Ning, who fell in the corner of the blue building, did not even adjust the posture of the floor. His body was like a radish with half pulled out, and he lay weirdly on the ground, but those in the body The speed of the small silkworm swallowing is faster.

Only half a minute between life and death.

Swallowed insanely by countless small invisible silkworms, such as the innumerable black sand and stones that blocked the meridian vitality of his meridians, all decomposed.

It was at this time that countless straight lines appeared in the dry leaves in front of him, extending sharply towards his body.

When these straight lines were still a few feet away from him, a terrible coercion had been pressed on his body, poo poo poo... Numerous straight cracks appeared on his shirt, and the skin under his clothes Innumerable straight blood lines also appeared. At the next moment, his body seemed to split into countless pieces along these blood lines.

With Ding Ning's cultivation at this time, he couldn't compete with such a force, but his face was still calm to the extreme.

The countless small silkworms in his body directly disappeared at an unimaginable speed.

At the moment when these little silkworms disappeared, his breath and heartbeat stopped completely.

The blood and all the breath in his body seemed to be absorbed by these small silkworms in an instant, and his skin became cold.

He was alive, but he was like a long dead body.

The stagnation of the breath that stretched straight towards his body.

It was only this pause that caused a slight shock, which caused all the dead leaves and vine branches around to shatter into an extremely fine powder.

In front of his body, there was a mixture of blue, yellow and gray powder mist.

A black mass appeared in the mist that continued to expand outward, and then quickly became larger and revealed.

A huge black head, protruding the fog, appeared in front of Ding Ning.

This is a black head like a giant catfish. There are dozens of black beards floating in the lower jaw, but it has no mouth and no eyes.

On the flat and dark head, there are only more than ten spots shining with crystal light, like black gemstones.

There are no facial features on the head that is larger than a few adults. This is strange, and the cruel and powerful light shining in the black spots makes people feel the breath of death. Drifting.

This huge black head approached Ding Ning. The air pressure from its body reached Ding Ning's body. The bones in Ding Ning's body made another dense explosion, and the flesh and blood of the body were torn into countless strands, but Ding Ning The countless small silkworms in the body appeared quietly again, densely covered in flesh and blood in his body.

His entire body seemed to become a cocoon.

This black monster is naturally a blind dragon with legendary power no less than the existence of the Seven Realms. It cannot see, but its perception of breath is dozens of times that of ordinary practitioners. At the moment, there are more than ten blacks on its head. The crystal light in the gem-like spots flashed violently, showing that it was truly doubtful.

A piece of meat must float on Ding Ning's chest intentionally or unintentionally.

The clothes on Ding Ning's chest turned into fine powder, and a black crack appeared on his chest.

All of this is very clear in Ding Ning's knowledge of the sea, but his state of mind is still absolutely calm, without any change.

The blind dragon's head receded a bit.

It froze for a few moments of interest, his head twitched slightly, swayed around Ding Ning's body a few more times, and then slowly backed away, disappearing into the dust that had not yet disappeared.

Perceiving the blind dragon's retreat, Ding Ning's heart has no joy, because he can't stay here in this state forever. As long as his body has any breath, the retreating blind dragon will return again, and With this powerful beast's mind, it will react only to be fooled by him.

It is impossible to use the nine dead silkworms to deceive the blind dragon, but Ding Ning still believes that he has a chance to survive.

His body is still like dead, there is no slight flow of blood and temperature, but the countless small silkworms in his body are moving again.

Just like spitting out silk thread, these little silkworms spit out some vitality in an unusually gentle posture, directly from his skin.

The surface of his body was covered with pale colors, and then the pale pale vitality began to converge into a stream, flowing on the ground in front of him.

The pale pale energy that converged into a stream was twisted, and finally turned into the shape of a few straight straight swords, penetrating into the ground in front of him, leaving several deep marks interlaced.

Ding Ning's body recovered at this time.

The blood in his body surged violently.

He took a deep breath, and there was even a harsh sound in the air.

At this moment, the blind dragon who had already gone away felt the breath here. A hurricane suddenly rushed between the originally silent vine branches, and countless branches and leaves hit together, making a terrible sound.

A violent and huge mountain-like atmosphere traveled through it.

The black head appeared again in Ding Ning's sight.

The blood on Ding Ning's chest began to bleed.

He squinted, and this time he saw the blind dragon thoroughly.

Behind the huge black head, there is a round body like a worm, but this body is very thin and skinny.

Countless energies poured out from under this blind dragon, such as countless sharp swords running under the ground, unlike last time, this time it showed more terrifying power, countless dust from deep underground When it sprayed up, Ding Ning could not resist the power contained in these excited dust waves alone, but Ding Ning's eyes appeared a bit of unprecedented majesty.

"I want to talk to you."

He raised his head, looked at the blind dragon, and said it calmly and majesticly.

At the same time, he grasped the end sword of Mahua and waved to the ground in front of him.

A sword light fell.

This sword light is extremely weak for this blind dragon.

However, the sword marks left by this sword light are perfectly connected with the previous sword marks.

A unique breath flows from these sword marks.

There is no substantive force, just a very weak breath.

However, this breath seems to be evenly dispersed between the surrounding heaven and earth, permeating into each surrounding heaven and earth vitality, even permeating into this strange blue building, and even permeating its body.

A shudder rose from its body and quickly spread to its whole body.

All of its advancing body and power came to a standstill, and then the entire space began to vibrate.

It felt more puzzled, and then began to fear.

Because that breath exceeded its realm, it was only felt by the practitioner who built the building that trapped it.

"I can let you out."

Looking at the stopped blind dragon, Ding Ning, who knew he was gambled, took a deep breath, looked at it more majesticly and coldly, and said this slowly.

Then he didn't even look at this powerful and terrifying beast, turned to look at the blue palace wall on one side.

"It's always easier to destroy than to build."

Both as if talking to himself, and as if telling the blind dragon, he slowly uttered his voice, and at the same time waved the remaining sword in his hand again.

Several weak sword qi was shot from the torn tip of the sword, and penetrated into the frozen air, but in the next moment, it seemed to disturb countless invisible lines, in front of him in an instant Several cyan electro-optic lights were visible.

There was a loud bang, and several cyan lightning bolts with thick thighs spread out in front of the tip of his sword and landed in several runes on the inner wall of the cyan building.

There is no slight vibration in the blue building, but on the entire inner ground, below the fallen leaves, there are countless subtle winds spouting out.

The huge blind dragon receded several feet backwards, its body began to tremble sharply, but all the released power contracted sharply towards its body.

"It seems we can have a good talk."

Ding Ning took a deep breath, looked at its body, and said slowly.