The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 194 Cover up

A strange brilliance appeared in Mo Shoucheng's eyes.

He is the most wise old man in Changling. He knows clearly that the ancestors of the Zhou family did not destroy the power of such a magic circle.

At that moment, such a change was an accident.

Clouds are dissipating faster and faster, not only dissipating above and around, but also oozing into the ground below.

With the disappearance of these humid water vapors, some of the sun's true fire accumulated in the valley was completely vented with the destruction of the magic circle.

All the messy branches and plants began to burn violently.

The whole valley was filled with golden flames, like countless sunflowers in bloom.

A blue building appeared in the center of the burning valley and appeared in their sight.

Emperor Chu's brows were deeper.

He had entered this circle before the ancestors of the Zhou family, and then entered this blue building. Compared with Mo Shoucheng and Pan Ruoye, a palace-dressed beauty beside Mo Shoucheng, he had a deeper understanding of everything inside.

Why would such a cage be destroyed?

At the moment he didn't even care about Bodhidharma, but was thinking about this issue with all his heart.

It was just a few moments of time, the golden flame disappeared, an ashes in the valley, the base of the blue building was reddish, and as the heat rose, the surrounding cold mountain winds poured in, and the valley was blown by strong winds, and countless ashes flew. Rolls into the sky.

Under the rapid cooling, the blue building made a harsh cracking sound from bottom to top.

One by one, the cracks spread from the bottom up like vines, and the entire pylon-shaped blue building will completely disintegrate, and at this time, the two are extremely thin compared to this blue building. , Walked out of one of the arches and helped each other out.

Pan Ruoye's eyes lighted up instantly.

It should be rejoicing at the moment.

But somehow, there was no rejoicing in her heart.

Perhaps it was because she knew very well that, according to normal results, the two had died.

There was a faint smile in Mo Shoucheng's mouth.

"This is destiny."

He turned his head to look at Chu Emperor, and said seriously and emotionally: "Now and in the future, we have all won."

There was still no anger in Chu Emperor's eyes. He stared at Ding Ning and Fu Su. The eyes seemed to have countless stars flashing.

He sensed the breath of Ding Ning and Fu Su, and recalled all the pictures about the blue building. A strange look appeared in the corner of his mouth. "This is impossible."

He seemed to answer Mo Shoucheng, and shook his head gently as if to speak, saying this.

"However, this is impossible but it has become possible."

He went on to say this, and then smiled again: "Absolutely impossible becomes possible, there must be a possibility in it."

"I thought of a possibility."

He smiled and turned his head, looked at Mo Shoucheng, said: "The outcome is not the same moment."

Mo Shoucheng frowned slightly.

He didn't understand the meaning of Chu's rhetoric, but the other party's decades of waiting and planning turned into a dream bubble, but he was not too frustrated and lost at the moment, which made him difficult to understand, and even a little uneasy.

"Where is the ancestor of the Zhou family?"

Emperor Chu no longer looked at him, turned his head, stared at Ding Ning and Fu Su, and asked gently.

He is one of the longest reigning emperors in the world. Although he speaks calmly at this moment, he has an unimaginable majesty.

Ding Ning coughed gently.

His injuries were not light at this time. The mountain wind blowing on him made him feel uncomfortable. The hot ground made him feel uncomfortable. The smoke that filled his nasal cavity made him feel uncomfortable... However, these discomforts added up, too The uncomfortable feeling of the three people in front of him is not strong.

Whether it is the Chu emperor who has been in power for a long time, or the Moshou City, the teacher of the Holy Emperor of the Great Qin, or Pan Ruoye, the palace master at the moment of the cultivation of the sect of the Weiyang Palace, cultivated by the queen, he all knows it.

And the change of look in Chu Emperor's eyes made him feel a little chill in his heart.

"You don't need to answer."

Mo Shoucheng's voice also sounded at this time.

He had absolute confidence in his eyes. Although he could not kill Chu Emperor or even prevent Chu Emperor from leaving here, he was sure that he and Pan Ruoye could take Ding Ning and Fu Su away.

Ding Ning lowered his head slightly and remained silent.

Chu Emperor's expression completely calmed down, and no longer said anything, just walked forward.

Pan Ruo Ye suddenly tense up.

Because Chu Emperor was walking towards Ding Ning and Fu Su at this time.

"Jun Ke has a joke?"

Knowing what she was nervous about, the emperor Chu, disgusted, spit out this sentence in disdain.

He seemed to walk slowly, but in an instant, he had walked from the side of Ding Ning and Fu Su to the ruined blue building.

Mo Shoucheng's white eyebrows were raised slightly, and in the extremely high sky above his head, a lot of silver spots suddenly appeared.

Chu Emperor's body also slowly released a thin but powerful breath.

He didn't look back and went on, a faint purple light appeared in the air outside him.

The silver dots in the sky become brighter and brighter, like dozens of silver stars floating there.

But Emperor Chu's face was still calm and abnormal.

As he walked to the center of the ruins of the cyan building and walked to the location where the original Bodhisattva was, a red bead appeared in his palm.

His brow frowned slightly, and it seemed to be a little painful.

Yin Hong's beads suddenly disappeared in his hands, and at the same time, a vast sea of ​​terror spread from his palms.

The faint purple light in the air outside him suddenly became extremely bright, and a huge purple lotus appeared like a mountain in everyone's sight.

Without any sound, all the fragments of the blue building instantly turned into extremely fine dust, spreading out.

The huge cyan dust wave lifted a height of tens of meters, spreading like a real tide towards the entire valley.

Pan Ruoye, a beautiful lady in palace dress, shouted in exasperation. A snow-white sword flew out of her body and fell between Dust Wave and Ding Ning and Fu Su. There is not much power.

Just touching the light of the sword emanating from her little sword, the huge dust wave exploded to both sides.

"Don't worry, Emperor Chu has already left."

Mo Shoucheng turned his head and whispered to her, while his body seemed to emit countless invisible silk threads, and the silver stars in the upper sky quickly disappeared.

Pan Ruoye was silent, and the snow-white sword turned around Ding Ning and Fu Su, flying back to her and disappearing like a melt.

Qing Yan's sword qi formed a tornado column, sucking all the dust scattered outside Ding Ning and Fu Su.

Ding Ning took a deep breath.

The fresh and abnormal air around him made his breathing no longer difficult, but the uncomfortable feeling in his body did not decrease, but became more intense.

He turned around and looked at the center of the blue dust that was still spreading.

When Emperor Chu left, the power to destroy all the blue building traces was extremely amazing at that moment. All the dust spread from the center to the outside, so the most central part was clear first.

Ding Ning narrowed his eyes slightly, and he saw that all the traces had disappeared. The place where the huge blue building was originally sagged deep like a deep crater formed by the impact of a meteorite.

Mo Shoucheng calmly watched the dust spread, he pondered for a long time, then watched Ding Ning and Fu Su ask the same question as Fang Cai Chu Di: "Where is the Zhou family ancestor?"

Fu Su looked at this picture a little shocked, and some joy for the rest of his life, but more of it was dazed.

He shook his head subconsciously, looking at Ding Ning.

"It has been killed by the blind dragon."

Ding Ning replied slowly: "There is a blind dragon inside."

Mo Shoucheng looked at him and continued to ask, "Apart from the blind dragon?"

"There is also a bodhi." Fusu replied first.

"The ancestor of the Zhou family refined the Bodhisattva, but was still killed by the blind dragon." Ding Ning continued.

Mo Shoucheng looked at him gently and said, "The blind dragon can kill the Zhou family ancestors. Why didn't you kill them? How could the magic circle here be damaged?"

"That blind dragon is very hungry."

The uncomfortable feeling in Ding Ning's body became stronger and stronger, so that his body shivered slightly, but he said softly: "This building is a huge cage for it, I tell it I may Can help it get free."

Upon hearing such words, Mo Shoucheng's brows were frowned, and even Pan Ruoye on the side spoke incredulously, saying: "How is it possible, how could a hungry blind dragon listen to you?"

"Because I realized some of the secrets of the magic circle inside, I touched some of the runes of the magic circle inside." Ding Ning coughed and looked at her, saying, "It chose to believe me."

Mo Shoucheng stared at him and asked, "I want to know the details of the last ancestor of the Zhou family."

Ding Ning took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and then shook his head, saying: "I don't know that before the Zhou family ancestor was killed, my son Su and I have been stunned by his power."

"So it should be the battle between the blind dragon and him, which caused the destruction of this formation?" Mo Shoucheng turned around and looked at the huge deep hole: "You just guessed that you didn't see the death of Zhou's ancestor, What did the Emperor Chu destroy everything here?"

Ding Ning fell silent.

He did not answer.

Because he does not know how to answer, there are many doubts for anyone, let alone the most wise old man in Changling.

"Take this panacea."

Pan Ruoye moved his left hand slightly, and two milky white medicines flew to Ding Ning and Fu Su respectively.

"Maybe I don't want us to see any runes in this ruin, and there are traces that prevent us from perceiving the blind dragon's escape." She said with a slightly cold face.

Mo Shoucheng nodded and said, "Maybe."