Milky white medicine is a very precious spirit lotus. The most noble hostess in the Changling Palace has the unique means of cultivating spirit lotus in addition to the means of calling the stars vitality that is unknown to the world.

In order for Linglian to produce the lotus seeds she needed, Changling did not know how many spirits of the spirit vein were introduced into the Changling Royal Palace. Although Linglian Pill was only made from the lotus leaves and petals that fell off during the growth of Linglian, but The medicinal effect is extremely amazing.

Ding Ning just took this magic lotus, and only felt a slight cool medicine between the meridians, and the pain and dryness in the body disappeared instantly, but the uncomfortable feeling in his heart was stronger. He knew that Mo Shoucheng had a doubt about himself.

Mo Shoucheng has an extraordinary status in Changling. He exists like him. Even if he did not enter this magic circle like Emperor Chu, there is no clue that can be inferred, but even if his doubts are like white clouds floating in the sky. Any root, such doubts are enough to cast a heavy shadow on Ding Ning.

And in a sense, Mo Shoucheng had a doubt about him, which meant that the most noble hostess in the Changling Palace would also have a doubt about him.

This is enough to determine his fate in Changling.

Compared with Mo Shoucheng, what is more worrying is Chu Emperor.

What did Emperor Chu notice?

What will he do next?

A simple thing that used the power of the imperial palace to deal with the Zhou family ancestors, but involved so many unpredictable and controlled consequences.

There was a bit of bitterness in Ding Ning's throat.

The so-called destiny has never been decided by an individual.

Mo Shoucheng's gaze withdrew from the deep pit in front of him, and once again landed peacefully on Ding Ning and Fu Su.

In fact, his attitude is not as serious as Ding Ning thought.

Although this matter is a bit suspicious, he did not think of the nine dead silkworms, and after Xue Wangxu and Liang Lian once fought in the past, he was very fond of Ding Ning and had some knowledge of Ding Ning. He also knew that Ding Ning had amazing Practice talent and comprehension.

Even if Ding Ning deliberately concealed something, the end result was that he let Fusu survive a good life.

Ling Chu did not win the Bodhisattva and Ling Fusu was not killed. Although Lushan Huimeng has not officially started yet, in his mind, as a practitioner of the Great Qin Dynasty, Ding Ning has already participated in this unprecedented event Li made the first contribution.

He knew that Ding Ning had been preparing for the next Minshan Jianhui.

In his view, with such amazing merit alone, it was enough to recommend Ding Ning to enter Minshan Jianzong practice.

So at this time he gazed at Ding Ning and Fu Su peacefully, with a trace of unabashed satisfaction.

"You followed the ancestor of the Zhou family to leave Changling. Originally, you wanted to see how the Lushan Huimeng surging. Now that the ancestor of the Zhou family is dead, I will take you to Lushan."

He didn't say anything extra, but said kindly.


The magic circle was destroyed, the water mist in the valley was discharged, and the wetness between the peaks was more intense. On this side of the Goddess Peak, a heavy rain fell.


His face was all covered with age spots, and the wrinkles in front of him seemed to be a few points deeper. Emperor Chu looked up at Yunyu like this, smiled slightly, and said to himself softly.

He did not rush to return to Lushan, but went to the Goddess Peak again.

After decades of waiting, he did not get the flesh and bodhi. Before the official start of the Lushan Association, he had nothing to do.

So he is free.

He is also very relaxed at the moment.

As one of the longest reigning emperors in the world, he naturally has something extraordinary that ordinary people can't reach.

He has fought against some of the most powerful people in this world in his life, and of course he knows more about the truth of conspiring with others and success with heaven.

The practitioner who arranged the magic circle under this goddess peak is much stronger than him, and spent a lot of power to build a cage to trap the blind dragon. Of course, the blind dragon is required to help guard the immature flesh and bodhi, until one day he or his Later generations can use it, but it is clear that the practitioners who arranged such a circle and the sect gate behind him were annihilated in the long river of history.

It is normal for him to fail to get Bodhidharma.

And compared to Bodhisattva, he feels that he has got something more interesting.

"Even if you ignore the blind dragon, the only person in the world who can break the legendary blue thunder sky is the only person. No matter how high a person's talent is, he can't have that kind of vision."

After saying the word "interesting", his body floated up, fell on a cliff on the mountainside of the Goddess Peak, and sat down.

After picking a few pieces of wild tea from the rock, the believer cut out the stone pot with Zhenyuan, lit a real fire, and then picked a piece of clear water from the cloud in front. The Chu Emperor who was boiling tea like a real fairy was comfortable. He smiled and whispered to himself, "It's really a cloud rain."


There was a light rain suddenly on the top of Lushan Mountain.

In the temporarily built Chuxing Palace, a practitioner with a white jade-like sword on his waist felt that this drizzle seemed to have some unusual meaning. He raised his head vigilantly. In the rainy sky, he did not See anything but rain silk.

However, at this moment, his heart tightened suddenly.

In the next moment, his heart was completely like being pinched by an invisible hand and crushed vigorously.

With a pop, a gulp of blood poured out of his mouth.

The court practitioner of the Great Chu Dynasty failed to even utter a cry, and fell down and died.

An old bamboo li appeared in Yusi.

Then a slightly rickety gray figure appeared under the bamboo hat like a ghost.

"The miserable wind and bitter rain, the vines are chaotic, the bitter rain Taoist people will not come to Lushan in the morning, and will not come to Lushan in the evening, but at this time, I don't understand what you mean."

Zhao Xiangfei calmly looked at the gray figure that appeared in front of the hall gate, shook her head, and said.

Although she spoke calmly, her eyes were naturally flowing like gentle autumn water, and her temptations could not be described by words.

Mr. Zhu Li smiled bitterly and slowly raised his head, revealing a plain and unpretentious look of more than fifty years old.

"Not far away, for the sake of the prince."

The 50-faced man with this face, but already a bit rickety, said slowly: "We want to make the five princes the prince."

Zhao Xiangfei smiled brightly and said, "Now my emperor has established a prince."

The man whom she called the bitter rain Taoist silently said: "As long as Li Lingjun is dead, you can set up another prince."

"Lushan Huimeng is imminent. At this time, the most important thing for my Dachu dynasty is stability." Zhao Xiangfei looked at him and said softly, "I don't understand why people like you are determined to do such a thing."

After a pause, Zhao Xiangfei looked at him and said: "In theory, you would not care if the five princes or Li Lingjun become the prince."

The man whom she called the bitter rain Taoist was silent for a moment, saying: "I don't have to tell you why."

Zhao Xiangfei's eyebrows frowned slightly and said, "You can't kill him."

"I didn't come alone. Chu Mofeng also came, so Fan Wuzhang won't appear here." Kuyu Dao Ren looked at her seriously and said.

When he walked into this palace, Zhao Xiangfei first said the phrase "Deep wind, bitter rain, and vine chaos". This sentence is not a poem describing the vision of the eyes, but represents the four practitioners of the Dachu Dynasty.

"You used to be the four strongest practitioners of the Da Chu Dynasty, but you know that in these years the Da Chu Dynasty has produced some masters like Fan Wuzhang, enough to match you." Zhao Xiangfei can feel his absolute confidence. But she didn’t feel nervous at all, but instead smiled, Man Sheng said: "And you should also understand that even in that year, saying that you are the strongest, in fact, many people have not fully demonstrated their strength, and some of the palace People are excluded."

"So you still can't kill Li Lingjun today."

After she paused, she carefully exhorted: "No matter what someone said to you, let you come here, but this thing can not succeed, so you still give up this idea."

"Your Majesty is not here."

The Kuyu Taoist shook his head and said this firmly.

This represents his final decision.

Emperor Chu was not here, so he firmly believed that he could kill anyone inside.

So while speaking this sentence, his body suddenly faded in the air.

Countless strands of weirdness, lightness and seemingly no trace, but an unusually tenacious and powerful breath, revealed from his body, like the silent spring rain of the moisturizing objects, immersed in the body of Zhao Xiangfei in front.

These forces rushed to Zhao Xiangfei's heart. Zhao Xiangfei's heart stopped beating and began to contract violently.

"you are wrong."

However, Zhao Xiangfei's face did not change at all.

She looked sadly at the Kuyu Taoist and said this softly.

Then she began to move, stepping towards the bitter rain Taoist one step.

The bitter rain Taoist's breath and heartbeat also stopped suddenly.

At this moment, in his consciousness, Zhao Xiangfei's heart seemed to become the hardest object in the world. The power he entered into Zhao Xiangfei's body could not compete with her.

A bang.

There was a huge roar in the empty palace.

A fist of Bai Shengsheng, with a terrifying air wave, expanded in the eyes of Kuyu Taoist at an alarming rate.

The Kuyu Taoist sipped low, and all the strength in his body poured out, and two light blue swords emerged from his hands and cut into the fist of Bai Shengsheng.


However, in the next moment, the two pale blue swords turned into two meteors and flew back to nowhere. His bones were broken and his chest bones were counted.


His body flew down dozens of feet, hitting the ground heavily.

Zhao Xiangfei gently closed her fist.

Her fist looks fragrant, tender and soft, but in the time before her breath, it turned into one of the most terrifying weapons in the world.

The bitter rain Taoist kept coughing up blood, and he was shocked to say nothing.

"Now you should understand why I said you were wrong."

Zhao Xiangfei looked at him, his long eyelashes twitched, and pursed his lips slightly: "You should also understand why my emperor has loved me the most over the years and why he is willing to put the future of the Dachu dynasty on my In hand."

"Because..." She looked at her fist with a charming eye, and said in a manly way: "Because my hand can be very soft, but it can also be very hard... Because I am the strongest person in Da Chu except him. ."