The Sword Dynasty

211 Curse

Emperor Han Chen whispered at this time, and the Danhuo sword turned into a very soft red refining, which fell on the bright yellow long sword held by Emperor Yuanwu.

The bright yellow sword is slightly heavy.

Yan Ying's broken finger was only more than ten feet away from Emperor Yuanwu's eyes. At this time, Emperor Yuanwu had no time to wield his sword and cut off these two broken fingers. However, he only had a slight face and his eyes were bright. Up, it turned into a bright yellow like the long sword in his hand.

"Poof!" "Poof!"

Two dagger-like fingers stabbed him in the eyes, and there were two dull abnormal sounds.

Everyone was shocked and speechless.

Emperor Yuanwu's bright yellow eyes formed a layer of tiny ripples, and the vitality and power contained in the two truncated fingers penetrated into his eyes, but he instantly disappeared.

The two severed fingers that lost all their power turned into flying ash before his majestic eyes, and then were wiped away by the violent wind between them.

This feeling is like all the power on these two truncated fingers was swallowed by the eyes of Emperor Yuanwu in an instant.

"Yu Tian Jin Shen."

Emperor Chu spit out four words, and he finally determined what kind of true Yuan method the Emperor Yuanwu majored in.At this time, Emperor Yuanwu did not have any dazzling brilliance, but it fell into the eyes of Emperor Chu, but it seemed to be a special dazzling, making his eyes somewhat painful.

There is also some painful closure of Qi Di.

After the emperor Yuanwu ascended the throne, he began to retreat. As for all the secrets of his cultivation, even if he really broke through the eight realms, practitioners in the world are making various guesses and want to know as much as possible about the emperor Yuanwu. Cultivation is a secret, but as more and more secrets are revealed, the practitioners of the dynasties present are increasingly unbearable.

In the past, most of the strongest practitioners in Changling came from Bashan Jianchang, but the "Yutian Jinshen" was not from Bashan Jianchang, but it was the most powerful Yuhua gate valve of one of Changling’s strongest old gate valves. Strong Secret Code.

Legend has it that "Yutian Jinshen" can not only allow itself to contain amazing real elements after practicing in the Seven Realms, but also can contain the powerful vitality and strength from the enemy. It is just that the Yuhua gate valve created this cultivation practice. After the famous ancestor, no one could successfully cultivate the "Yu Tian Jin Shen" above the Seven Realms.

I never imagined that the Yuhua Gate Valve had undergone reforms and was destroyed many years later, but this secret method actually made the Emperor Yuanwu who had destroyed the Yuhua Gate Valve practiced.

The people of Yuhua Gate Valve may know the mystery of this mysterious method, but Yuhua Gate Valve has long been destroyed, and no one was able to escape. Now the practitioners in the world can only speculate through the performance of Emperor Yuanwu in this battle. What kind of apocalypse can this eighth-level practitioner who practice this practice become?

"Boom" burst.

There was a tremendous wave on the faint bright yellow long sword.

The tannin entangled around it was like a giant python with its skeleton stretched out, unable to spread out.

Emperor Han Chen's abdomen blew out dozens of flaky waves.

Dozens of wounds were cracked on the flesh and blood of his abdomen, and the entire sea of ​​air seemed to be completely exploded. It was only because of the amazing effect of the Sky Thief that he did not die immediately.

The fire contained in the fire was stronger than the ordinary sword of the Seven Realms, and one of them even fell on Yan Ying's body, and a deep mark was swept out on his back.

However, looking at the increasingly invincible and increasingly powerful Emperor Yuanwu with the cultivation of Xiuwei and the cultivation of his practice, his state of mind remained calm and firm to the extreme.

The outcome is not here.

He and Emperor Hanchen did not need to directly kill Emperor Yuanwu, they only needed to consume the power of Emperor Yuanwu as much as possible, causing enough damage to Emperor Yuanwu.

Thick black smoke gushed from his face, as if there was a black baby mask on his face.

"You are an interesting practitioner."

At this moment, Emperor Yuanwu who shocked the Hanchen Emperor's Danhuo Sword did not immediately strike back with a sword, but drew a sword forward.

The bright yellow sword light left only a shallow sword mark on the stone ground in front of him, but this sword mark became a mark with some mysterious power, and countless bright lights above the sky dome. Falling into this sword mark, a bright light curtain formed, temporarily blocking him from Han Chendi and Yan Ying.

Then he raised his eyebrows slightly, looked at Yan Ying a little puzzledly, and then said aloud: "Ming Ming Seven Realms can fight against the Eight Realms. Practitioners like you can't find a few in the past, and they will definitely be in the future. Not much. It’s just that the widow doesn’t understand that there shouldn’t be much grudge between the widow and Daqi practitioners, why are you so unhappy with the widow.”

Unhappiness that can abandon life and death is naturally a very strong emotion. The Emperor Yuanwu did not think that people like Yan Ying would decide to die for the benefit of the Daqi Dynasty in the Lushan Association.

"Even if you are going to die, you will die only because of your own love and hatred. You will never die because of a city at a time, hundreds of miles from Pingchuan." So Emperor Yuanwu looked at Yan Ying and added A sentence, "You should tell the widow why?"

The practitioners standing at the highest place are already non-human beings. In some ways, they all have great quirks. This kind of thing is meaningless to many people, but it makes sense to them. .

Hearing such questions from Emperor Yuanwu, Yan Ying's eyes had some sarcasm in his eyes.

"You asked me such a question? I heard that you do not like people with the surname of Wang. Almost all people with the surname of Wang in Changling will not be reused. Do you tell me why?"

As soon as this remark came out, Emperor Yuanwu's eyes narrowed slightly, and the air on the deer hill was exhausted out for a time, as if to form a vacuum.

"Not because of Wang Jingmeng's dream, or because you are afraid of that person?"

Yan Ying looked at the silent Emperor Yuanwu, but said mercilessly and said without hesitation, "It’s ridiculous that you have erased all the history books about him because you are afraid of him. Fear of killing, I dare not mention the name, but I didn’t call him by that person? Even “that person” put Buddha as his unique synonym.”

Yan Ying's voice echoed on the top of the mountain, and countless thunders began to sound in the sky. It seemed that there were an alarming number of giants walking through the sky, and they would storm down at any time.

"In fact, most people here know very well that the reason why the Daqin dynasty has the scenery at this time is mostly because of him and those who followed him at the Bashan Jianchang. You and Zheng Xiu just stole him The shameful thieves of credit.

The cynicism in Yan Ying's eyes became stronger and stronger, and he continued with great disgust: "You should also understand that he is always the strongest practitioner in Changling, then you are not as good as him, if he can live to the present. , You still can't be his opponent now. So for foreign practitioners like me, of course, he is the number one enemy."

"In the world three years before your ascension, which of the foreign masters did not regard him as the number one enemy?"

"He was the goal I pursued in my life and defeating such an enemy is arguably the only goal I have practiced for many years."

"However, he died of shameless betrayal and conspiracy. The most hateful thing is that I found that I can't afford you and Zheng Xiu very much."

"Suddenly there was no opponent. Many years of practice suddenly made no sense. The most important thing is that you in front of me don't make me look up to, so that the enemy who appeared in front of me replaced me with a sense of respect. No... this is boring and terrible."

Yan Ying watched the Emperor Yuanwu keep talking.

His reasons are unacceptable to many people, and even seem ridiculous, but anyone can hear his tone serious and solemn, and everyone can hear that this is indeed his voice.

"Before he died, I was only hostile to him, but after he died, I found that he has more and more respectable places on him. It may take a lot of reasons to like someone, and I can't talk to him naturally. I like it, but I really don’t need many reasons to hate a person."

Yan Ying looked at Yuanwu Emperor’s increasingly unemotional eyes and said seriously: “So when you ascended the throne, I decided to kill you.”

Because the question was originally asked by Emperor Yuanwu himself, he had been waiting and listening to Yan Ying finish these words.

Then he said expressionlessly: "Only the paranoid can go the farthest on a road, but no matter how much surprise you bring to the widow, you are still a fool, and you are very hopeful to break through eight. The people in the environment choose life and death easily because of their momentary likes and dislikes.

"Who is not a fool in the world? Anything struggling, and in the end is not the loess?" Yan Ying smiled, "You don't understand what it means to be happy at this time, people who don't even understand it, have won the world. unhappy."

Emperor Yuanwu took a deep breath, and said slowly and with a powerful momentum that was difficult to describe in words: "When you get the world, the few will be happy."

Yan Ying glanced at him and said, "I'm afraid that when we get the world, everyone will be dying, and they will not be happy until they die."

His eyes were vicious and his tone was vicious.

So this sentence sounds like a curse at this time.