The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 212 One sword flat mountain

Emperor Yuanwu stopped talking, his lips tightened, like two thin sword blades.

However, Yan Ying did not stop there. He looked at the Emperor Yuanwu and said, "But you are a human and not a god after all. Although "Yu Tian Jin Shen" is wonderful, it must also follow the rules of the heaven and earth vitality. It seems to be nothing. Suffering, after all, will only open up a trick in the body to accommodate the killing intention and power of the opponent. This killing intention and power are stored in your body's consciousness, and will not disappear for no reason. After all, it will burst out one day."

The top of Lushan Mountain became more silent, and everyone's eyes were extremely complicated.

These words are related to the emperor Yuanwu’s cultivation as secret, and it was said by a master such as Yan Ying. If the tone is so certain, there will be no deviation.

Emperor Yuanwu's eyes also narrowed slightly, like two thin sword blades.

Han Chendi and Yan Ying could not be his opponents in his eyes, but he could not be entangled with these two people endlessly.

"It's over."

He said this slowly in his heart, and then raised his long yellow sword again.

For a powerful swordsman, Jianyi is the best expression of the heart.

As he lifted his sword, everyone present understood that the time had come for a complete division.

Countless beams of bright light fell from the sky dome out of sight, and poured into his body at a speed exceeding the limit of all practitioners' minds. The body of Emperor Yuanwu was completely hidden in the bright beam, but all People can perceive it again, as if the body of Emperor Yuanwu is constantly expanding and growing bigger and bigger.

Emperor Yuanwu's body seemed to be tall above the sky dome in the perception of everyone.

Emperor Han Chen knew that the last moment was coming. He didn't have the slightest fear, but there was a kind of relief in his face.

He took a deep breath and, with the help of the pressure of the Yuanqi Emperor Yuanwu flowing out at this time, gathered all the Danqi towards the depths of his body.

Instead, his body shrank as if it were shrivelled, and the red light on his body continued to dissipate.

With a restrained breath, his body floated forward, and flew towards Emperor Yuanwu in front.

At this time, the emperor Yuanwu's Guanghua all exuded a ghostly spirit of overbearing land, and the power of a sword that punctured the bright light curtain straightly surpassed the understanding of all practitioners at this time. The category, in their perception, has approached a certain kind of heavenly path.

This sword is completely like the power of heaven, not blocked by human power, it is very difficult to face it, but Han Chendi has a magical light in his eyes, and his whole body is directly facing the tip of the sword. Bumped up.

Across the light curtain, Emperor Yuanwu glanced at Han Chendi.

His eyebrows frowned like a sword.

He felt what Han Chendi wanted to do, but this was his most powerful moment. Such a illusory, sentient being promoted by all sentient beings, even he himself could not have the power to change it.

With a bright yellow sword that doesn't seem to be human strength, he swayed forward.

Hundreds of cracks have appeared on the surface of Han Chendi's body a few feet away from the sword tip.

The air in front of the bright yellow sword seemed to be filled with countless transparent blades, flying silently.

In these wounds on Han Chendi's body, there was no guts out.

At this moment, he just turned his head and smiled at Yan Ying behind him.

His body was cut into countless pieces at this moment, and the last emperor of a dynasty completely disappeared in this world in only a fraction of the time.

However, there was a particularly intense red crimson light, but it hit the bright yellow sword tip and then exploded violently.

There was a loud bang.

The world shook.

Everyone felt as if a mountain had come over.

Several practitioners closest to the battlefield spewed out blood.

The crimson red fire rolled violently outward, completely like a meteorite exploding. The dazzling fire caused many people to burst into tears, but everyone forcibly opened their eyes and did not want to miss this. Any screen.

Emperor Yuanwu only felt that there was a giant peak pressed towards himself, and the bright yellow sword in his hand was slightly dark.

However, when Han Chendi ushered in the sword, he felt that the other party was going to burst out all the forces of Thief Tiandan again in this blow, so his mood was still absolutely calm, and the breath in his body was slightly shocked. Instead, the sword in his hand chopped forward with more domineering momentum

The extraordinarily fierce dan fire was cut smoothly, like two solid hemispheres, separated from his sides, and then turned into countless spattered fire dragons.

It was at this time that Yan Ying's left thumb twisted slightly and picked in the air.

An extremely cold black sword light suddenly appeared in the violent air.

This black sword light is like a broken string that doesn't know where to fly. The sword's intent is nowhere to follow, and it doesn't know where to fly around. It accurately cuts the eyes of Emperor Yuanwu.

When facing the stabbing of his amputated limb before, the Emperor Yuanwu never evaded, but at this time the Emperor Yuanwu suddenly closed his eyes and slightly lowered his head.

A soft sound rang from the corner of his left eyebrow.

The moment black sword light touches his left eyebrow corner, his body still seems to become an extremely empty world, and the power of this black sword light should be fully accepted, but everyone can clearly see A spit of blood spilled, and there was a wound on his left eyebrow.

His left eyebrow broke.

"There is a spirit in the heart, no trace can be found..."

Emperor Chu and some of the elderly present saw that Yan Ying’s swordsmanship still came from that person. In the past, Yan Ying, the master, used that person as the sole goal of his spiritual practice. Hard work.

At this time, I didn't know if Yan Ying wanted to provoke it deliberately or felt that it was the best way to fight against the enemy. This kind of swordsmanship was only useful in a very short period of time.

A black orchid blooms in Yan Ying's hands.

There is life on this black orchid, and the blood spewing on the eyebrows of Emperor Yuanwu exudes a breath of greed, but in the next moment, this black orchid disappears by itself and becomes several black qi, Qin into those blood, Qin into the bright brilliance of Yuanwu Emperor.

Everyone can't perceive what kind of means Yan Ying has used at this time.

Many people looked at the Emperor Yuanwu with extremely expectant eyes, hoping to see the Emperor Yuanwu fall to the ground or retreat.

However, Emperor Yuanwu was only a slight shock.

The bright yellow sword in his hand was still cut out.

The sword was dripping thoroughly.

The air between him and Yan Ying was violently twisted, and finally there was a crackling sound, and everything was cut open.

Yan Ying's body movement stopped completely.

He frowned slightly and bowed his head calmly.

Emperor Yuanwu had already received his sword.

The countless bright lights falling in the sky dome began to disappear.

He was incomparably tall in the perception of everyone, and his body was shrinking sharply.

There is nothing abnormal in front of Yan Ying's body.

But when he bowed his head, a bright light appeared behind him.

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

Countless dark qi flew out along this bright light.

It's like a piece of black water flowing on the transparent and smooth crystal surface.

The dark and dark atmosphere contains mountain-like strength.

However, everyone felt that there was a more powerful and terrifying force flying between heaven and earth.

That is a sword light.

Someone turned their attention to the mountain opposite the Emperor Wuwu, opposite Lushan.

Someone finally understood that a sword of light cut through Yan Ying's body and forced out all the forces in Yan Ying's body.

And now, this straight sword light is falling to the mountain on the opposite side.

The mountain opposite was suddenly shocked.

A wave of dust burst out near the top of the mountain.

In the following moment, countless cracking sounds sounded on the mountain.

Countless shattered sounds gathered into a horror roar.

Everyone was shocked.

Along the circle of dust waves, the mountain was divided into two parts, and the mountain above the weight of tens of thousands of pounds slid towards the rear, colliding with the mountain below, making a loud noise that no one had ever heard in his life.

The cut mountain is as smooth as a mirror.

The mountain was originally higher than Lushan, but now the part higher than Lushan is cut off by this sword, and the mountain top is smoother than any ground.

A huge dust wave surged.

Without the block of the mountain, a strong wind came from behind the mountain.

Through the soot that was blowing thinner and thinner, the sight was no longer obstructed.

Behind the mountain is a flat river valley.

Through that river valley, you can attack Chu, or Yan and Qi.

The bright yellow sword in the hands of Emperor Yuanwu disappeared.

He looked at Yan Ying, who looked down, looked at everyone who was shocked, and looked at the mountain flattened by his sword, and said, "The widow wants that mountain."