The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 213

"The widow wants that mountain... The widow wants that mountain..."

Emperor Yuanwu’s voice was very peaceful at this time, but as the gust of wind that swept over Lushan reverberated between the mountains, it seemed to slam among everyone’s souls.

Relative to Qin, that mountain is behind Lushan.

When he wanted the mountain, he naturally included the peaks of Lushan in his pocket.

Lushan is on the side of Wushan, parallel to Wushan, and is the border between the dynasties. If it belongs to the Great Qin Dynasty, it is equivalent to extending the side of the Great Qin Dynasty to the outside for a hundred miles, and even Wushan will fall into Daqin. The dynasty is in control.

Especially here is the place to rush. If the mountains are operated by garrisons, they can attack, retreat and defend, just like a dagger that can penetrate the territory of the dynasties at any time.

However, everyone present at the top of Lushan Mountain still has time to think about the emperor Yuanwu’s ambitions and the far-reaching significance after returning to Qin Di. Everyone is still looking at the flattened mountain at the moment. The realm he showed.

Sometimes a person's cultivation behavior and strength cannot determine too many things. However, if a person's cultivation behavior and strength are strong to a certain extent, like the former Emperor of the year, then all the strategies will become meaningless.

How far is the Emperor Yuanwu from the former Emperor?

How many seven realms are needed to kill him?

This is a problem that many people around Lushan are thinking about first.

At this time, Ding Ning was also thinking about this problem. He looked pale at the mountain flattened by a sword.

His cultivation behavior was too far away from most practitioners around Lushan. He could hardly perceive some clash of vitality fluctuations, but the final sword of Emperor Yuanwu burst out to the extreme, making him feel clear. Chu.

Emperor Yuanwu's cultivation was the realm, and there were no secrets in his eyes at this time.

Emperor Yuanwu's cultivation behavior was a little better than he expected.

It turns out that he has not only just entered the Eight Realms, but has reached the middle level of the Eight Realms!

Eight intermediate levels are already invincible cultivation practices.

"Your cultivation behavior and the strength of that sword are not entirely derived from your own. Since you have chosen such a path and built such a sword, I will not be unable to defeat you in the future." But looking at that one The mountain was flattened by a sword, but this voice sounded in Ding Ning's heart.

There was no more bright light in the sky, and the eyes of the dragon on the dragon robe of the Emperor Yuanwu appeared dim.

The sky was also dimmed, and the cloud layer kneaded by the terrifying heaven and earth became gray and black, and then many drops of rain fell.

A mournful sound rang out.

These sad voices came from the seats of the Daqi Dynasty.

Although Emperor Han Chen has completely disappeared, he originally did not belong to the Great Chu Dynasty. All the people of the Great Chu Dynasty did not have much affection with him before this. Yan Ying was different. He did not usually come out, but the fact is that the Daqi Dynasty The first guru of was deeply admired by Daqi practitioners who knew his deeds.

Especially at this time, all the power in the body was taken away by Emperor Yuanwu, and his body has actually been cut into two parts. The body cannot move even with one movement, but the consciousness has not dissipated... Make all the Daqi Dynasty more sad.

Qi Di looked white.

He looked at Yan Ying's figure and thought of Yan Ying's explanation on the way when he came. He took a deep breath and prepared to make a sound to save Yan Ying's body so that he could be transported back to Daqi.

However, at this moment, a faint smoky black smoke floated from Yan Ying's body.

Everyone on the top of Lushan breathed suddenly.

Although the secret technique of Yan Ying is unknown, everyone can feel that after the black smoke floats from Yan Ying's body, Yan Ying's body has no last breath of humanity, as if completely transformed into Two pieces of cold dead wood.

Is this the last touch of Yan Ying's thoughts condensed into anger?

This is the last time Daqi Grandmaster stays in the world, what is he going to do?

Everyone stared tightly at this faint black smoke, for fear of missing any details.

But this smoky black smoke was condensed, facing the gusty wind, and drifting toward the mountain that was flattened by a sword in the distance.

Before reaching the top of the mountain, the black smoke condensed into a little black baby.

A thinner stream of smoke flowed from the lower body of the little black baby.

Seen from a distance, a black baby was peeing against a mountain flattened by a sword.

Everyone froze.

During the few hours of interest, the grief of all the Daqi dynasty stopped, and almost all the people of the Daqin dynasty were angry.

Because everyone understands what Yan Ying means.

What's the use of being strong?

I am still fearless and still disdain.

There was also a hint of anger in Emperor Yuanwu's eyes, but in the next moment, his eyes became absolutely calm and without any emotion.

The black baby has dissipated in the wind.

Li Cuitian died.

Emperor Han Chen died.

Yan Ying died.

Three great masters in the world.

All three people who threatened him in the realm were dead.

"If you want to be calm for another nine years, you promise the widow's request."

Emperor Yuanwu turned his head indifferently, first looked at Chu Emperor and said.

At this time, Daqin had hundreds of thousands of elite troops in Yangshan County, who could attack the Chu at any time and seize the capital of Dachu, so he first asked Chu Emperor.

There were more wrinkles on Emperor Chu's face, but what everyone didn't think was that he didn't look up at Yuanwu Emperor with much anger, saying: "It's not too much to change for nine years without committing this. "

Li Lingjun turned around and looked at Chu Emperor in disbelief. He thought that Chu Emperor would at least look at the meaning of Dayan and Da Qi. He did not expect Chu Emperor to answer directly.

He has been in Changling for a long time, and he knows how consciously humiliated the brave Qin people are after being cut in Yangshan County, and how much they value the land.For the Qin people, this kind of place is easy for them to cut, and if they want to get it back from them, it is not so simple.

Emperor Yan narrowed his eyes slightly and looked to Qi Emperor on one side.

Emperor Qi was silent for a moment, but said: "I don't have any opinions, you decide it is."

Emperor Yan lowered his eyebrows slightly and said, "Since that is the case, it will be another nine years, and that mountain will meet again."

Is this ok?

Except for these four emperors, almost all the bodies on Lushan were shocked.

They all understood the meaning of Emperor Yan, and for another nine years they had not committed a covenant, and they would reunite after nine years, but the location of the reunion was not this deer mountain, but the mountain that was flattened by a sword. .It's just that none of them thought that the three emperors would agree to be so simple and surprisingly agree.

Will this league end so simple?

Such a covenant is certain. Daqin not only recaptured Yangshan County, but also collected all the Wushan area, and opened up a fortress that could be used to fight against the three dynasties at any time.

The danger of Wushan is equivalent to building a huge and dangerous city wall out of thin air for the Great Qin Dynasty.

The benefits of the Great Qin Dynasty at this unprecedented alliance meeting may be that the lives of millions of swordsmen of the Qin people may not be exchanged.

However, at this time, when he heard the opponent's answer, the Emperor Yuanwu's face did not have any emotion of joy. Instead, there was a hint of sarcasm in his mouth, and he said slowly in his heart: "After all, it is just A pile of vulgar things."

The strength of the Covenant since ancient times came from fame and faith, not from force.

Even if one of the parties to the covenant has superior force and easily tears up the covenant, it will often lead to many unpredictable consequences.Such things as fame and faith generally seem illusory, but sometimes they can play a decisive role in a war.

Taking only the battles among some small tribes as an example, tribes with a common enemy are often able to win.

In the world of practitioners, regardless of the results of fame and faith, it is possible to recruit yourself to many unimaginable opponents.

Emperor Yuanwu knew this very well. He said that in his heart, he did not feel that he could completely ignore the covenant, but mocked the hypocrisy of the three emperors in front of him.

Under a strange rhythm of falling rain, the three emperors of the covenant began to leave the seat, and there was a responsible officer responsible for the following complicated and solemn procedure.

Emperor Yuanwu stood still, and his sarcastic eyes swept across Lushan, but the troops and practitioners of Yan, Chu, and Qi dynasties remained untouched at this time.

Taking Xiongmou's strategy and peerless cultivation of one person to force the three dynasties to enter into such a covenant, the Emperor Yuanwu at this time was the most powerful moment in his life. However, the true yuan consumed in his body was also the weakest moment.

The slightly sarcastic meaning expanded infinitely in his eyes, and eventually turned into an unspeakable arrogant smile.

Just as this smile spread wide, he looked at the mountains around Lushan and shouted in disdain: "Since taking advantage of this time to kill me, why hide his head and show his tail! The people of Bashan Jianchang have been so cowardly! "

As he shouted loudly, many people on the top of Lushan Mountain were shocked, and they felt something like that, and turned to look at a mountain.

The rain falling in the air was suddenly dense, and the sky was darker, and the golden panosaurus on the dragon robe of Yuanwu Emperor looked even darker.


A huge, sharp and sharp atmosphere suddenly rose from the mountain that everyone expected.

A lightning flashed in the sky.

This lightning is not from top to bottom, but from the bottom to the top. When such an anomaly is discovered, many talents at the top of Lushan Mountain react to it. This is a sword light.

Bashan Jianchang!

These four words drank from the mouth of Emperor Yuanwu, like the sword light at this time, made the blood of many people on the mountain seem to coagulate, and the eardrums of many people even buzzed inexplicably.


But the shock to them did not stop, and at this moment, a violent atmosphere exploded on another mountain, and a figure rose from the mountain, like a meteorite, towards the emperor Yuanwu with terror Then, all the raindrops in the sky are attracted to that person, as if that person were the legendary fairy who shone and rained rain!

The two masters occupying the hilltop at the same time revealed their killing intentions, and the target was the weak Emperor Yuanwu at this time.

Some people's hearts vibrated like drums, and they began to understand why the three emperors had reached such a simple agreement, and they also began to understand that Han Chendi and Yan Ying were just the shocking prelude.

But this is not the end!

At the moment when the figure rose into the sky, another terrifying breath rose up on the other mountain.

A crazy, seemingly murderous intention with a strong sea, also swept toward the Emperor Yuanwu at the same time!