The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 216 The Spring of Twelve Years of Yuanwu

The disordered heaven and earth vitality scattered across the top of Lushan Mountain, and gave out a trembling sound like a giant bell ringing, which seemed to be heard throughout the world.

Emperor Yuanwu's face stood with pale pale negative hands, his hands trembling, blood dripping from his fingertips.

He kept trying his best to fight against these great masters in this world, at this time he was exhausted to the extreme.

However, he felt that each of his breathing was abnormally sweet, a powerful feeling that he had never had before, and filled his body with his breath.

"The land of the rivers, mountains, and mountains are at your feet. Who will be higher than the widows in the future?

He raised his head proudly, looked at the distant mountains, and said slowly in his heart.

The grass and trees on Lushan Mountain are almost folded, and many ravines have been washed out by the rain and heaven and earth on the mountain walls. There are traces of blood in the flowing water.

All the troops of the great Qin dynasty stationed in the mountains watched the chaotic world and the vitality disappeared, watched the bright sky scattered, and then saw the bright yellow figure standing with their hands, even if their bodies were covered with broken arms and flesh and blood At this moment, they still could not help but cried out in unison.

"Long live my emperor!"

"Long live my emperor, long live!"


In this voice, Emperor Yan's face was extremely ugly, and he turned away without a glance.

Qi Di stayed for a long time, then he sighed.

He was sad in his heart, but he also found himself admiring Yuan Wu very much.

Emperor Han Chen fled the dung car and evaded the practitioners of the Great Qin Dynasty outside the customs for more than ten years...

Yan Ying is half a step, he will lead to the final killing even if he dies...

Song Chaosheng broke the family due to the Qin people's plan long before the demise of the Wei dynasty. When he witnessed the country's destruction, he was helpless, and the tears burst into tears...

Guo Dong will wholeheartedly want to avenge his friends.

These grandmasters probably wanted to kill Yuanwu Emperor at all times, waited and planned for more than ten years, and finally gathered together and got a chance to kill Yuanwu Emperor, but they still lost to Emperor Yuanwu. .

In addition to the previous Li Caitian and Fang Rates, after the battle of Lushan, the world can fight against the Emperor Yuanwu, and it is possible to catch up with the great master he cultivated and disappear quickly.

Is Emperor Yuanwu strong?

"It turns out Ye Xinhe... is also a chess piece on the holy."

Huang Zhenwei confronted the intense sleepiness that constantly swept the body. He opened his eyes hard and looked at the Emperor Yuanwu in the bath of the sky light in front of him with shock and real admiration.

Let this killing game actually be among all the people who eventually formed the lure game. Ye Xinhe is naturally the most important piece, but this piece was buried before the emperor Yuanwu took the throne, and it has been buried for so many years... even Huang Zhenwei didn't even know that Ye Xinhe's sword could be used by Emperor Yuanwu.

Lilingjun's body could not stop shaking.

Chu Emperor's body has reached its extreme point. With Chu Emperor's cultivation practice, he coughed up a bit of blood only when he was in a state of excitement. This is enough to let anyone understand that Chu Emperor's time is running out. The new king of the dynasty.

It was just such means as Emperor Yuanwu that the Lushan League would not only recover Yangshan County and push the border forward for a hundred miles, but also set up such a big situation that many great masters who threatened him fell.Even if the Dachu dynasty will not question him and Zhao Xiangfei in the future and support him incomparably, he is also frightened and has no confidence at all.

The Emperor Chu beside him stared at the figure of Emperor Yuanwu, but somehow his face became more and more calm, and eventually he became thoughtful.

His calmness even aroused the attention of Emperor Yuanwu, making Emperor Yuanwu turn his eyes to the old man who was about to end.

Looking at the powerful and contented expression deep in Yuanwu Emperor's eyes, the old man suddenly smiled slightly.

Emperor Yuanwu was even more puzzled. When he wanted to come, the Great Chu Dynasty should be the biggest loser in this event, so he could not understand the emotions of Chu Emperor at this time.


"Congratulations to the prince."

Mo Shoucheng listened to the voice of Long Mountain called Lushan in front of Lushan, turned his head with emotion, and looked at Fusu sincerely.

Fusu was still in the slight dizziness caused by the huge shock at this time, and he could not immediately understand the meaning of Mo Shoucheng.

But the cold Ding Ning was very clear.

After the Lushan Alliance, the Great Qin Dynasty will become the strongest dynasty in the world.

Fusu will naturally become the prince of the strongest dynasty in the world.

Everything seemed to be walking under the control of Zheng Xiu and Emperor Yuanwu.

Ding Ning didn't dare to face the supreme majesty on Deer Mountain. He slowly turned his body sideways. His eyes first fell on the long stretch of sword light that seemed to be able to encircle the entire Deer Mountain.

That is acacia sword.

There is no emotion in the world that is awkward and difficult to understand. It is also difficult to resist with thousands of mountains and rivers.

Another peerless sword scripture at Bashan Jianchang was also enlightened by Li Xiang, one of the two prime ministers under the throne of Yuanwu Emperor.

Although Li Qinghou and the unnamed Taoist of the dossier are strong, they are still weaker than Li Xiang, and they will never walk away, and they may never walk away.

Ding Ning's eyes fell on the valley where Ye Xinhe fell.

At this time, the valley was filled with smoke, and the collision of heaven and earth called by these great masters caused the ground in the valley to sink a few feet, but Ding Ning can also be sure that Ye Xinhe’s injury was only due to Ye Xinhe’s fall. dead.

"Ye Xinhe!"

Ding Ning closed his eyes again and exhausted the name with all his strength in his heart.

The wall in the Wutong Luojiu shop appeared in his mind.

In the empty space on the wall, there was a huge flower blooming strangely.


When he closed his eyes outside Lushan and remembered the painted wall of Wutong Luojiu, many people waited quietly in the Changling City.

In the small courtyard, Chang Sun Qianxue was steaming glutinous rice.

Her fingers seemed to be more crystal-clear and white than glutinous rice.

The spring breeze is like a scissors, which cut out the green leaves of the Changling Mausoleum, and also gently rolled into the courtyard, gently lifting the curtain from time to time.

Looking at the painted wall that occasionally showed a trace behind the door curtain, thinking of the meaning contained in this wall, Chang Sun Qianxue's cold eyebrows suddenly had some dryness.

She was annoyed and stopped looking at the fire, letting the flames in the stove go out.

She was sure that even if Ding Ning had an accident in Lushan or Wushan, she would still stay in Changling, waiting for the day that Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu could be killed.

But she can also be sure that without Ding Ning, she will not get used to everything.

"Why are you dying."

"Why are you dying!"

She thought of the man again for no reason, her eyes filled with anger and emotion, and her eyelashes flickered.

In another small courtyard not far from her, Zhang Yi was also boiling water.

He looked at the dry wood in the stove, but his expression was very focused.

Every time a few pieces of dry firewood were stuffed into the stove, a few strands of heaven and earth vitality flew out between him and fell into the red charcoal under the dry firewood.

The dry firewood ignited extremely violently in an instant, but just a moment later, the water pot gurgled and the white steam rumbling.

He also pointed to the sword, swiping with both fingers, and the slightly boiling water in the pot flew out like a crystal long snake and fell into a large wooden bath barrel on one side.

He added some cold water, tried the temperature of the water, and added some water to the water pot. Then he shouted to the courtyard: "Young Master, you can bring the cave master to wash."

Shen Yi helped Xue Wangxu slowly appear in his sight.

Watching Shen Yi help Xue Wangxu into the bath tub, and began to help Xue Wangxu back with an old loofah stem, Zhang Yi rested, began to soak the hot Xuebuxu's clothes in hot water, and started rubbing and washing.

When doing these things, Zhang Yi is like an ordinary city boy who has lived in Wutong for a long time. He has completely forgotten how restrained he was here at first, and he did not dare to shout loudly.

But when he called "Little Brother", he couldn't help thinking of Ding Ning.

Before Shen Yi started, Ding Ning was the younger brother of Baiyangdong.

Xue Wangxu lives in this plane, seems to be calm and enjoying every day, but he knows that Xue Wangxu's body is more and more not optimistic.

"I don't know where Brother Ding Ning is now, I don't know if it is safe."

He looked at the warmth of Lu and wiped the sweat beads on his forehead with his back. He knew it clearly, but he couldn't help but looked at Shen Yi and Xue Wangxu inquiringly, saying, "Should Lushan Huimeng be over today? "

"The first day of the Lushan League is today."

Shen Yi looked at Zhang Yi through the misty white mist and said seriously: "Brother Ding Ning sees the current affairs better than anyone else, but just looks at it from a distance. Of course there will be no danger. After today, he should return home. Ready to participate in the Minshan Sword Society."

That's what I said, but Shen Yi didn't have the confidence in his heart. What happened at the Lushan League meeting?In the event that the Holy Spirit negotiated with the three dynasties, it did not take the slightest advantage, but what happened?

Zhang Yiqing yelled, seeming to agree with Shen Yi's statement, but he also had no bottom of heart.

Xue Wangxu naturally understands what impermanence is better than these young people. He smiled indifferently and said: "Two idiots, don't worry about the use of it, I can wait, can't you wait."

Zhang Yi and Shen Yi stopped talking.

In the spring of the twelfth year of Yuanwu, the news that the Daqin army had recovered Yangshan County and the news of the Emperor Yuanwu in Lushan-Jianpingpingshan could be transmitted to Changling in the future.

While waiting for the whole Changling, it seemed extremely heavy, a little irritable and a little uneasy.