The Sword Dynasty

Episode 222

Li Yunrui had never seen Ding Ning before. However, from the first sight of Ding Ning, he knew that Ding Ning was by no means unusual, and he knew that the mission given by Chu Emperor must have extraordinary significance.

The last step to ensure the mission is completed is to cut off the possibility that Daqin practitioners will find any clues from themselves.

So Li Yunrui chose to calmly release all the powers of the practitioners in his body.

After dying in the Weihe River and immersing for several days before floating up, even the experienced Shendujian officials and Jiantiansi officials should not be able to see how different he is from drowned ordinary people.

Perhaps no one will ever discover his existence again.

When Zhenyuan and the heaven and earth vitality accumulated in the body were completely separated from the body, Li Yunrui felt that his body became abnormally heavy, and the water pressure squeezed the air out of his chest. When the Weihe water replaced the air and rushed into him When he felt his heart, he felt unspeakable pain.

However, he controlled his body and directly slept his consciousness.

Just as this practitioner of the Great Chu Dynasty peacefully embraced death, a towering white-sleeved lady with a cloud-like temple was playing a lute on a merchant ship on the Weihe River.

The sound of the pipa was quiet, like the homesickness of a woman outside, but when the microwaves pushed by Li Yunrui's body slowly touched the bottom of the merchant ship, the white-shirted lady frowned and her fingers suddenly became sick.

The quiet sound of pipa suddenly turned into a golden horse. As countless sword soldiers fought for battle, for a time, the merchants who were talking about laughing and drinking in the cabin suddenly turned pale, and a drop of soy-sized sweat beads rolled continuously from the forehead. It seems that many invisible swordsmen in the sound of the pipa flooded their hearts.

The lute stopped.

A loud bang.

The lute fell on the soft mat.

The bead curtain swayed, but the white-shirted beauty who played the lute behind the bead curtain disappeared without a trace.


When Li Yunrui stepped into the Weihe River, Ding Ning and Shen Yi returned to Wutongluo.

"what's going on?"

When Ding Ning opened the curtain that led to the backyard of the wine shop, Chang Sun Qianxue was already standing in the courtyard waiting for him.

Just listening to Ding Ning's footsteps, she knew there must be something particularly important happening.

"I don't know what happened."

Ding Ning looked at her and answered, her expression dignified.

Chang Sun Qingxue's picturesque eyebrows were slightly raised.

Ding Ning did not make her wait, and then said: "Emperor Chu gave me something, but I don't know what it is, so I don't know what happened."

The grandson Qianxue glanced at him, "Emperor Chu?"

Ding Ning nodded, "Only he has the kind of deadman in the Six Realms, and only the practitioners who died for him and the Da Chu Dynasty have such a temperament."

After a pause, Ding Ning reached into his arms, grasped the square object, and pulled it out of his arms.

Chang Sun Qingxue frowned.

She is very familiar with Ding Ning, just listening to Ding Ning's footsteps today, she knew that Ding Ning had a heavy heart, and even if Ding Ning had not told her this thing before, it was brought to her by Emperor Chu, Ding Ning only Her movements can make her feel the weight of this thing.

She stopped talking, just quietly watching Ding Ning's every move.

Ding Ning walked into the backyard bedroom.

He sat down at the table of Chang Sunqian Xue's daily dressing table and laid this thing flat on the table. However, he carefully uncovered the coarse cloth that wrapped this thing layer by layer.

Long Sun Qianxue's consciousness penetrated into these coarse cloths at random, but at the next moment, her body shook slightly, to understand why Ding Ning was so solemn.

The things wrapped in the coarse cloth were like a terrifying vortex. Her consciousness just swept in and was dragged into nowhere.

It is no longer a mere thing that can make such a strange feeling in the mind of an ordinary practitioner, but it also feels so in a practitioner like her... Such a thing does not seem to appear in the classics of the practitioners. Ever.

Because it is too weird, it must not be mortal.

Because it is unknown, you must be cautious.

Ding Ning carefully uncovered the last layer of coarse cloth. During this process, countless fine silkworms in his body surged to ensure that no trace of breath flowed into this thing.

A deep patina reflected in his and Changsun Qianxue's eyes.

What fell into his sight was a copper-green rectangular metal object that looked like a embryo body that had just been smelted, but the surface was full of complex runes.

"what is this?"

Chang Sun Qianxue stared at this thing for dozens of breaths and then asked aloud.

The strongest of the Dachu dynasty is the rune implement. Any Daqin practitioner sees such a rune-filled thing at the first sight, the first time he thinks of rune implements, but Chang Sun Qianxue can be sure that this is not a real rune implement. .

At this time she can see that in the complex runes, there are many blue hairsprings constantly swimming.

Those cyan hairsprings are the true yuan, the true yuan belonging to a certain strongman of the seven realms.

These real elements form a unique cycle in these runes, and it seems that they will never disappear, but the power of these real elements is not strong. If she forcibly injects a real element into it at the moment, these real elements will be washed immediately. Collapse.

But what will happen to this thing after the burst, but this is not something she can predict.

Ding Ning did not answer her question.

He stared at the extremely complex runes, his eyes flashing violently, and seemed to be constantly calculating. His eyes fell on the intersection of certain runes from time to time, and after dozens of breaths, his The brow frowned slightly, extended his right hand, and stroked towards the thing.

At the moment of reaching out, countless subtle sounds were made on his fingers.

His fingers slipped through these lines, and the subtle sounds ran through them, but the flowing blue hairsprings did not change.

Ding Ning's face has not changed.

His fingers froze suddenly, following the direction that he had just walked, and at the same time, the subtle sounds on his belly became more complex and dense.

A hint of cyan light formed between his fingers and then fell into the rune below.

These cyan lights quietly blend in perfectly with the cyan true elements in the rune.

Then the cyan hairspring flowing in the runes grew stronger and stronger.

Eventually, the rune was filled with flowing cyan true elements.

The entire copper-green metal surface looks smooth and flat, and the cyan true element filled in the runes also solidifies at this instant.

A strange light illuminates in the center of this copper-green metal block.

The metal block, which does not seem to have any gaps, slowly separates along this bright light.

Seeing such a picture, Chang Sun Qianxue's brow furrowed.

She understood what this was.

This is a secret box.

A secret box that can only be opened with that kind of cyan true element.

In other words, only the person who can perfectly imitate and melt the same cyan true element can open this secret box.

Ding Ning was silent.

The bright light in the center of the patina box disappeared slowly.

Then all the cyan true elements dissipated into heaven and earth and dissipated in the air.

Inside the copper-green compact box, there is a small round jade that can be held in the palm of your hand.

In this pure white jade jade, there is a yellow light flickering, which looks like a person, changing various shapes.

"This is Wang Yubi."

Ding Ning did not pick up this jade jade for the first time, but turned around and looked at Changsun Qianxue slowly and said, "He guessed that I practiced the nine dead silkworm."

Long Sun Qianxue looked at him and did not speak immediately.

Ding Ning looked at her and continued in a somewhat strange tone: "Human Wang Yubi is a very unreasonable thing. This thing is a symbol of the emperor of Chu, and is passed down from generation to generation. The reason is the practitioner who wears it. The same practice, the realm of practice will rise faster."

There was a real shock in Chang Sun Qianxue's eyes.

"How much faster?" she asked.

Ding Ning glanced at her and said, "The legend can be nearly 30%."

Chang Sun Qingxue's face was paler, and his hands shivered slightly unconsciously.

"Any charm, no medicine can be compared to this thing." Ding Ning can understand her feelings at this time without looking at her. He took a deep breath and his voice shivered slightly: " This is the first national treasure of the Great Chu Dynasty, and it should be passed on to the next emperor."

The elder Sun Qingxue nodded, "should be passed to the hands of Li Lingjun."

Ding Ning also nodded and said, "Even if it is not passed to Liling Jun, it should be left to Zhao Xiangfei."

Long Sun Qianxue was silent for a long time, and said: "Now he is dead, and the person who passed this thing to you is also dead. Only me and you in the world know that this thing is in your hands. What does he mean? "

A bit of unspeakable bitterness appeared in the corner of Ding Ning's mouth. He reached out and took the jade jade in his hand, and then said softly, "He has no confidence in others...or he thinks that only we may defeat Yuanwu in the future. ."

"He has never seen me." Chang Sun Qianxue shook his head, "Not us."

"You are related to the nine dead silkworms." Ding Ning also shook his head.

There was a layer of frost on the face of Changsun Qianxue. She did not look at Ding Ning and said, "But we are Qin people."

"He is also amazing."

Ding Ning looked at her and said seriously: "Perhaps he thinks we will bear his affection."