The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 225

When Qi Emperor's crown was inserted into this new tomb like a tombstone, a very dark wind swept across the black mountain.

The black wind rolled up to the top of the mountain and turned into a black cloud pressed against the top of the mountain.

The mountain was originally not high, but the heavy black clouds pressed against the top of the mountain, and the whole sky seemed to be pulled down, making it appear extremely tall.

The black grass that was originally untouched by the grass suddenly produced a lot of black thatch that rushed to the sky, and the dense mountain covered the whole mountain.

The black thatch grows to the height of Qi Emperor's waist, Qi Emperor is silent, and his long black hair dances wildly in the wind.

All the bead pendants on the black crown in front of him, and even the gold inlays, turned into decayed flying dust in the black wind, and finally only a plain and dull black jade board was inserted in the black soil.

The black cloud moved with the wind between heaven and earth on this mountain, but it never dissipated.

Qi Emperor descended along the mountain road, and the mountain road was covered with black grass that was waist-deep. Qi Emperor's figure seemed to split in a long black river.

Such a picture is quiet, but it is particularly shocking in the eyes of all the people who fell at the foot of all mountains.

"If teachers and students like to be clean before they seal up this mountain, no one should be close."

Emperor Qi turned around in front of all the courtiers waiting for him, looked up at the black mountain again, and said softly.


On the outskirts of Changling, several farmers who were weeding in the wheat fields stood up in doubt, looking in the direction of the Weihe Military Port in the distance.

There seemed to be a loud voice in the military port. In the fields, flocks of birds flew in shock.

Only a moment later, a bright yellow appeared on the official road, and dozens of riders in bright yellow robes galloped.

The farmers knew that their most respected emperor had finally returned, and they knelt directly in the wheat field with great excitement.

The news of the imperial return to the capital was spread across the Changling tomb along the horizontal and vertical roads. Numerous subjects along the way knelt by the road. When they saw the majestic bright yellow figure on the chariot, they shouted longevity almost piously.

In the long-awaited voice of Zhen Tian's mountain call, Emperor Yuanwu's lips turned slightly, with a touch of joy.

His eyes slowly swept across the four fields, swept through countless subjects who worshiped him, and finally fell to the edge of Changling in the distance.

"You said that what can make Wanmin truly love and truly worship is correct. Now the widow has done it, so everything the widow has done is correct."


"I'm too used to eating your noodles. I moved to Moyuan. It's like when I came back to eat the noodles again today...and you want to see the scenery of Moyuan... "

In Wutong, Ding Ning stood in the noodle shop that he would go to every morning in the morning, and he said to the noodle shop boss in the heart, and the noodle shop boss kneaded the dough on his own, until Ding Ning said For a while, this noodle shop owner who was very polite to Ding Ning raised his head angrily. "I live here very well, why should I move to Moyuan, and my shop has only recently been repaired, and Mo Yuan is so deserted, who should I eat my noodles for?"

"I will try to get everyone to move." Ding Ning said earnestly and discouraged: "As long as you agree first, I will tell them later."

The noodle shop boss gave him a blank look and said, "How do you manage?"

Ding Ning could hear his unspoken meaning that even I was not convinced. You dare to boast that everyone should move, but he was still not discouraged, but then sincerely said: "No rent."

The noodle shop boss snorted, "The house in the house is more than just the rent."

Ding Ning glanced at him and said, "Give me away."

The noodle shop was stunned.

Ding Ning took out the title deed, as a real upstart said: "Which room do you like, just pick it up, if you feel that the shop is not good, I want to open a mouth on the wall and tell me, I will find it when I catch it The craftsman will get it."

The noodle shop boss thought for a while and said angrily: "Don't lie to me. Although you have the deed of Mofu, according to my Daqin law, can this deed be divided? Do you want to give it away freely?"

Ding Ning looked helplessly at the noodle shop owner and said, "They are all so familiar. Do they have to be limited to these rules? The title deeds cannot be divided. I will set up a document with you and let the neighborhood neighbors come to make a certificate, as long as I am still in Moyuan One day, the house you picked is yours.

The boss's eyes light up, "Are you serious?"

Ding Ning was slightly annoyed: "When did I talk?"

"Really let me pick one first?"

"Choose it yourself." Ding Ning glanced at him, and threw the title deed in front of him.

"This is the title deed, what do you think it is!" The boss of Nianpu glared and scolded. In this short work, he actually wiped his hands on his apron, and then caught the title deed very accurately. Then he straightened his throat and shouted: "Come and be a witness!"


"What are you doing?"

Chang Sun Qingxue looked at Ding Ning who crowded out the crowd and said coldly.

Ding Ning wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "The cave owner is already used to living here. The Moyuan is too clean. Of course, if you can be lively, you must make it lively."

Long Sun Qianxue said: "There is no other reason?"

"At least a lot of people moved over and made it look like a sycamore, it doesn't feel like the few of us occupy Mo Yuan, although we don't want Mo Yuan... but these old powers Perhaps the hatred towards us is slightly lighter.” Ding Ning looked at her and said: “Although it does not have any substantive significance, it is finally a rebellion expressed by the small people in the market, which may also make her feel a little unhappy.”

Long Sun Qianxue thought for a while and said, "Good job."

Ding Ning was stunned. This was a commendation she had never had, but he immediately reacted, and she couldn't help laughing when she looked around and said softly: "Childish."

It can make the hostess in the palace unhappy, which is the greatest joy for Changsun Qianxue, but at this time, there is a faint wave of cries in the distant streets.

There was a fold in the eyebrow of Chang Sun Qianxue, "He is back."

Ding Ning nodded.

Qian Sun Qianxue's face plummeted: "Everyone loves Emperor Yuanwu."

"But you and I don't like it."

Ding Ning can understand her meaning and mood at this time. He listened to the voice from a distance, and looked at the lively room divisions. He no longer needed the neighborhood neighbors that his new owner of the Moyuan intervened, softly. Said: "Look at them... they also love Emperor Yuanwu, but they like me more at this time."

"People's hearts..." Ding Ning paused, turned his head to look at the long-frosted Sun Qingxue, who said: "Always the most difficult thing in the world."

Chang Sun Qingxue obviously didn't want to say anything, but at this time her brows were raised again, and she said softly: "There are two six realms who came to see you."

Ding Ning was slightly startled.

The elder Sun Qingxue was puzzled: "One six realms, one seven realms?"