The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 226

Bai Shanshui stood in the window on the second floor of an inn, quietly watching the sycamore fall in the distance, and Ding Ning and Chang Sun Qingxue.

Li Yunrui looked at her behind her.

Previously on the Weihe River, she was wearing a white shirt and at this time in Changling. She was wearing only plain satin clothes worn by ordinary women in Changling. Standing at the window of this ordinary inn, Li Yunrui was in sight There are only black roofs and wormwood swaying in the wind, but the more she looks at her back, the more she feels that she will ride away at any time, and these black roofs will become a black ocean at any time.

"This wine shop boy actually has something to do with me."

Bai Shanshui did not look back, slowly holding his hand, and said: "I have a brother who wants to kill him, but my brother is buried in Changling."

Li Yunrui's hands could not help but clenched, he was silent for a moment, and said: "I probably guess who you are."

"In the fish market in the old days, Zhao Si lost his life sword, and I was seriously injured. Yuan Wu solved the problem of Changling and went to Lushan with confidence. Then he cut the mountain with a sword, but also cut off many people. Confidence." Bai Shanshui turned around slowly, looking at Li Yunrui: "I have been wandering on the Wei River before, looking at the Changling in front of me, thinking about whether there is still a need to enter Changling, thinking that if I get it Something they want can’t be the opponent of Emperor Yuanwu."

"I have asked you to follow, so I have no idea of ​​hiding my identity. Who am I is not hard to guess. It is you who is the hardest to guess." After a pause, Bai Shanshui said quietly: "Your cultivation base is only six. Realm peak, it must take some time to enter the seven realms, but only some slow-released real elements cause the wail of the entire river, as if turning the entire river into a charm, I feel it. How many people are there like you? However, people like you have died peacefully for this wine shop boy. This wine shop boy is full of infinite possibilities in my eyes. You and this wine shop boy , Became the key for me to reopen the door into Changling. From these perspectives, I should thank you first."

Li Yunrui looked at her, and a bit of bitterness appeared again in the depths of her eyes.

"What did I say when I was in a coma?" He hesitated and asked.

"You just called his name several times."

Bai Shanshui looked at him slightly and said, "It's just that a person like you should consider this matter more important than life, and then remind yourself not to forget when you are in a coma."

Li Yunrui was silent.

"What's your name?" Bai Shanshui asked lightly.

Li Yunrui's eyebrows moved slightly, but he remained silent.

Bai Shanshui's expression remained calm, but his tone became particularly tough: "You must tell me."

Li Yunrui lowered his head, his hands trembling slightly, but still no opening.

"That wine shop boy was very interesting. Only when I looked at him, I made a decision." Bai Shanshui pursed his lips, and at this moment a strange smile appeared: "You don't tell me...I'll kill immediately he."

Li Yunrui Huo Ran raised his head, a strange flame suddenly lit in the depth of his pupil.

"Don't tell me about life and death." Bai Shanshui raised his lips, seeing what he was thinking at the moment, and slightly mocked: "You should understand that people like me don't care about life and death at all, even if I am in There is no doubt that I will die here, but I will do the same, and although I am badly injured, it is still stronger than you at the moment, so you just follow me all the way, not directly kill me."

"Compared to our great inverses, you are too hesitant. Now that I have seen this boy, you have no chance of refusing it."

Bai Shanshui's eyes narrowed proudly.

A drop of milky crystal water droplets suddenly appeared in front of her with her squinting, shaking slightly.

"I give you three breaths to consider time, after three breaths, I will take action... Then even if I die, this wine shop boy named Ding Ning will die. You are willing to die for him, I believe you do not want to watch He died."

Li Yunrui thought about it, just for a breathing time, he looked up at Bai Shanshui and said, "You can't kill him, and you and I should try to stay away from him as much as possible."

Bai Shanshui's eyelashes flickered slightly, and a drop of water with a decisive murderous intention dissipated in front of her, but her face became more indifferent. "Why."

"Because I am a Chu."

Li Yunrui stared at her eyes and said slowly: "My emperor made me give him something before he returned to heaven. This matter, even Zhao Xiangfei and Xinjun did not know about it."

Regarding this matter, he described it extremely simply, but Bai Shanshui was able to understand its weight naturally.

"What?" she frowned deeply, and asked.

Li Yunrui looked at her and shook his head calmly.

Bai Shanshui took a deep breath. She stopped asking and closed her eyes. When Li Yunrui did not exist in front of her, she began to think quietly.

Who is more important to Emperor Chu than Zhao Xiangfei and Li Lingjun who will soon succeed to the throne?

Even more important than ever?

Such a problem is too simple for her.

Because there is only one possibility.

She took a deep breath again, then shook her head and said to Li Yunrui seriously: "Unexpected, unexpectedly nine dead silkworms... right here."

Li Yunrui clenched his hands tightly, then let go.

He had a deeper understanding of Chu Emperor, so he was more likely to think about such an answer. Previously, he just didn’t want to think about it. At this time, when he met Bai Shanshui, his face did not change much.

"So you can't kill him."

"If your guess is true... he is what my emperor thinks, and the only possibility that he can deal with Emperor Yuanwu in the future."

"I can die, but you must protect him."

Li Yunrui calmly looked at Bai Shanshui and said: "After I died, no one would associate him with the Great Chu Dynasty. But just like you found this thing, as long as someone found me and him like this Relationship, it is easy to infer his identity."

After that, Li Yunrui paid a deep salute to the Baishan River.

Bai Shanshui shook his head with a sneer, his lips curled up proudly, his eyes narrowed and said, "Don't think of things without any room for maneuver. Changling is a city full of countless changes. Who knows what will happen next, The man helped the Emperor Yuanwu to destroy the three dynasties. Who knows what his descendants will do in the future? Not to mention you know what I will do?"

"I don't allow you to die."

After a pause, she looked at Li Yunrui with a strong confidence in her eyes: "I will tell you the Yunshui Palace's decision, you follow me, no one will think you are a Chu."

Li Yunrui was silent.

Silence often represents default.

"I always don't like to put my hopes on others, let alone this is a climatic young silkworm. In the eyes of Emperor Chu, he is the only possibility, but the appearance of you and him makes me appear in front of me. A lot of possibilities."

Bai Shanshui really rejoiced, his eyes curled with a smile.


"What did the boy do?"

"He moved the entire sycamore down...and even dismantled a large section of the courtyard of the Moyuan, and set up some pavements to give away to others to do business."

"Who gave the money, Wang Taixu, or the family of the young Shen who followed him?"

"It's his own money... The wine shop's business has been good over the years. It seems that he has accumulated a lot of money, and he doesn't seem to care much about it."

In a quiet study room, bright sunlight spilled from the carved window lattice. The former lady in the palace who had been to Wutong Luo had changed her costume and sat in the bright light.

Listening to the return of the middle-aged man wearing a black official uniform, she had exudes a porcelain-like glorious face and became gloomy, even the bright sunshine could not illuminate.

"He is using this to express his dissatisfaction, he is very dissatisfied."

She pondered for a moment, and Shen Sheng said this.

The middle-aged official in Xuanfu stood still, but there was a trace of sarcasm in his eyes. Anyone who thought he had achieved great merits would encounter such a "reward". Anyone who wants to understand will be dissatisfied, but he will fall to the queen. In the mouth of the nobleman around him, this dissatisfaction had never seemed to be.

"He should understand who this means, and since he knows who this is, he dares to express his dissatisfaction in this way... he will have to pay for it."

"You can only bear the crown if you bow your head. As a courtier, you must first understand respect and obedience. I hope that after this, he will understand."

The chill on the face of the beautiful lady in the palace became stronger and stronger. She looked at the middle-aged official in Xuanfu who was bowing down and said slowly: "His self-confidence cost should come from his rapid spiritual practice. He should be thinking about Min There is still a big breakthrough before the Shan Jian Hui Xiu. Since that's the case, I won't give him too much time...You go to Min Shan Jian Zong for me, so that Min Shan Jian will be held up to ten days later."

The middle-aged Xuanfu official took a deep breath and nodded, saying that there was another person shaking his head and smiling wryly.

Only a distinguished person beside the queen can make Minshan Jian advance... In this way, does anyone dare to express the meaning of dissatisfaction?

His heart suddenly filled with deep sympathy for the future of the wine shop boy.

"Prince Prince will also be placed in Minshan Jianhui after ten days."

However, the lady in the palace seemed unsatisfied and looked at the middle-aged Xuanfu official indifferently, saying: "At that time, he should understand more that some things are not what he can think and what he can do."