The Sword Dynasty

231 Excuse


Although the titles are different, when exhaled, Shen Yi and Zhang Yi were equally saddened.

"You and the elder brother walked ahead, I would just help the cave master alone."

Ding Ning made his tone as calm as possible, but the movements on his hands still showed that his state of mind at this time was very different from that of usual times-he almost squeezed Shen Yi a bit arrogantly, let Shen Yi and Zhang Yi walked ahead.


Ding Ning whispered softly, this sentence was not to Shen Yi, but to Xue Wangxu who was standing with him.

Xue Wangxu looked at Ding Ning with a wry smile and said, "I've lost my life and I'm sorry?"

Ding Ning's throat knotted slightly, as if swallowing something hard.

He was silent for a few hours, then looked up at Zhang Yi and Shen Yi, who were still trembling in the front and back, finally made up their minds, and pressed their voice to a very low level, saying: "Remember I asked you after I came back from Wushan Do you want to continue to live? In fact, I am not asking casually."

Xue Wangxu's pupils were not much of a look, and they were extremely peaceful, just like a pool of muddy backwaters. However, when Ding Ning said this sentence, the depths of his pupils suddenly rolled up in the deep sea.

His heart was beating violently as if he was completely rejuvenated, and he kept pushing the incomparable shock into his body.

This shock is stronger than when he just broke through the Seven Realms and felt the difference between the Seven Realms and the Six Realms.

"So this is...?"

He felt the vitality of countless silks flowing into his body, felt the end of the vitality, and raised his head hard, looking at Ding Ning.

Ding Ning nodded.

"So you are..."

Xue Wangxu looked at Ding Ning's solemn eyebrows, but he felt increasingly unreal and absurd in his heart.

Countless memories and pictures rushed into his mind. If countless time and space overlapped, he completely lost his ability to think. However, the deep changes in his body made him wake up quickly.


He shook his head and said softly: "It doesn't make sense."

Ding Ning was silent for a moment, he wanted to speak.

However, Xue Wangxu looked at him and said quietly: "What I said is meaningless. It does not mean that after you let me survive, can we survive the Minshan Sword Club, and can we escape...I know you have done With such a decision, there is a possibility of escape."

Ding Ning's lips squeezed hard, and he remained silent.

Xue Wangxu looked at him with emotion, his eyes became extremely complicated: "I never thought that you were his successor, I never thought that such a thing would happen, even if someone else put forward such an assumption to me before, let me I can’t imagine how I would feel after such a thing happened. But when such a thing happened in front of me, I was shocked and thought what should I do?”

"After all, I am a Qin person, after all, I am loyal to the holy, no matter how many unclear means he took to seize the throne, but he is still a satisfactory emperor." Xue Wangxu smiled bitterly, "You want me To live, to show your true skills, is to make the most important decision, and for me, this decision is also very important."

"I don't know what you will do in the future. After all, I am a Qin person... so in the end my decision was to only help each other."

"When you returned from Wushan earlier, I said to you a life and death."

Xue Wangxu was a little panting and weak, but he insisted on looking up at Ding Ning and said, "I'm dying here, it's my life, but you can fight together." "Don't help each other?"

Ding Ning, who kept her lips tightly silent, smiled bleakly and said, "Old man, why do you find such an excuse for me?"

"Don't forget to promise my scenery."

Xue Wangxue laughed and did not argue with Ding Ning. His eyes were a little bit deep, but he became softer and calmer, "If possible, get the first place for Baiyang Cave."

Ding Ning took a deep breath and said slowly, "I can't see it anymore, does it make sense?"


Xue Wangxu nodded strenuously: "Since you have such an identity, as long as you bear it, I think you can do it. Just imagine the scene at that time, I am very happy."

Ding Ning remained silent again.

"This is destiny."

"I was destined to meet his successor in Baiyang Cave, which has made me feel the wonder of life and feel honored."

Xue Wangxu looked at him calmly and said, "So you have nothing to choose now."

"For life and death, it is always easy to choose oneself, but difficult for others to choose."

Ding Ning lowered his head and said slowly.

At the same time as saying this, countless invisible silk threads poured into Xue Wangxu's body and began to withdraw.

Great pain began to flood Ding Ning's body.

Xue Wangxu was even weaker. He felt his body sinking, but he still smiled and patted Ding Ning's back.


After the sapphire gate of Jianzong Minshan, most of the candidates have gathered in front of the mountain road facing the gate.

This mountain road leads straight up to the height of the skyscraper. Although the sword is dazzling, it is impossible to see what the height is, but it feels like a sword mark straight from the top of the peak in the cloud. Cut to the bottom.

The mountain roads are all paved with jasper, and there is no trace of color on the surface. The luxury of the materials is simply unimaginable in the world.

In front of the mountain road is an open space, with many rituals.

On the side of the mountain road, in a place where everyone's eyesight can be reached, at this time a white cloud has been blown away as if to reveal a bright yellow sacrifice roof.

Anyone can imagine that it must be the place where the Holy God sacrifices the heavens to the ancestors, when the prince is made.

Even though they are far away from that altar, most of the students still want to be as close as possible to the Holy Spirit, so although they are not allowed to climb the mountain road at this time, they are still as close as possible to the mountain road.

There are a few exceptions.

Xie Changsheng fell at the end of the selection process, and even the Baiyun teacher who brought him came to shame and companionship. He walked a far away. For Xie Changsheng, most of the people who fell in the tail were his acquaintances. , Including his sister Xie Rou who is the most troublesome.

It was only when Ding Ning and Xue Wangxu appeared in his sight that he completely ignored Xie Rou's existence.

He didn’t know what happened between the surname Rong and Ding Ning, but when they saw Zhang Yi and Shen Yi from afar, and when Ding Ning and Xue Wangxu seemed to be holding each other, it was difficult The silent power described in words still struck the softest part of his heart easily. His brow could not help but deep frown, and a kind of sad feeling began to flood his body.

It was not him alone who felt this way. Even the officials of the Xuanfu behind the Sapphire Mountain gate suddenly froze, breathing slightly.

Especially when Ding Ning and Xue Taixu approached, and felt the breath of Ding Ning and Xue Taixu, the Xuanfu officials who had been holding hands all raised their brows, their white faces turned red instantly, and a faint faint His uncontrollable anger also began to pervade his body.

Xie Rou's face was originally reddish, but contrary to the Xuanfu official, her face became more and more white until pale.

Nangong Caishu and Xu Heshan were standing beside her. When they saw the appearance of Zhang Yi and Shen Yi, their hands began to tremble.

"Be yourself."

At this moment, a teenager wearing a light blue brocade sneered contemptuously on one side: "This is the end of being smart."

Xie Changsheng Huo Ran turned.

If he is in peacetime, he must use the most vicious words to counter this young man he does not know.

However, the silent and repressive power exuded from Ding Ning and others made him have no idea of ​​cursing at this time. His heart was full of dryness and murderous intention.

"Who is this person?"

He just coldly asked Nangong Caishu and Xu Heshan around him.

"Zhou Niannian, now Ding Ning is the only one on the list." Nangong's tone is very difficult, and it seems that the answer is very difficult, but every word is as cold as ice.

"Why, ask me who I am in this tone, do you want to wait for an opportunity to retaliate in the future?"

Xie Changsheng didn't scold people for the first time, but his question fell into Zhou Wannian's ears. Zhou Wangiann sneered in disdain for the first time.

His face was as young as Xie Changsheng, but he was much more arrogant than Xie Changsheng.

Not only is his cultivation practice much higher than that of Xie Changsheng, but also that his grandfather is an adult with high authority in the history department.

For his kind of powerful son and daughter, he was born to be less worthy of being born in a merchant family, or even a person from a market.

Xie Changsheng's breath suddenly became heavy.

"What are you qualified to mock him?"

However, at this time, a cold voice sounded.

Zhou Wannian, Nangong Caishu and others were both startled and looked down at the voice. The Xuanfu official with his hands on his hands did not know when he was close to their side.

The middle-aged Xuanfu official looked at Zhou Wannian with a cold face, and then said indifferently: "If you want to ridicule others for not knowing the current affairs, you also have to think about whether you have the cost of not knowing the current affairs. , Will the eyes of the nobles in the palace fall on you."

"The winged goshawk in Tianwei is still a goshawk, and the chicks in the chicken pen are chicks no matter how they are called."

After finishing these two sentences, the middle-aged Xuanfu official stopped looking at Zhou Wannian, and Zhou Wannian thought about the meaning in these words, but could not say anything, and his face became pale and ugly.

"He Zhaoxi..."

At this moment, Xie Rou et al.'s breathing stopped suddenly. A figure came out from the side and walked towards Ding Ning and Xue Wangxu who had just passed the Qingyu Mountain Gate. Then the man said nothing, but turned around quietly Xue Xuexu.

This man was wearing the uniform of the Ivy Sword Academy. His figure was not strong, but it seemed to contain explosive power. It was He Zhaoxi, the most outstanding disciple of the Ivy Sword Academy.

Although Baiyang Cave was merged into Qingteng Jianyuan, there was not much relationship between him and Xue Wangxu.

However, at this time, he expressed his attitude with silent action.

Zhou Wangian looked at He Zhaoxi walking beside Ding Ning and Xue Wangxu, his face became more ugly.