The Sword Dynasty

234 Ding Ningyi

The sapphire gate is very large, as big as a city gate.

Although the blue shirt sword master standing beside the door stood calmly and hung his hands, but his natural temperament had already overwhelmed all the teachers who had sent candidates to the field. He calmly invited all the candidates to get started, but this sapphire gate was closed. All the candidates in front of the mountain road know that this sapphire gate is not so easy to enter.

All the candidates want to get further hints, but the blue-faced swordsman like Guanyu obviously will not say much.

He stood there, like a silent statue.

"Is it the first assessment to enter this gate?"

Xie Changsheng narrowed his eyes and looked at the sapphire gate like the city gate. He asked Zhang Yi and others around him, "Whether to test perception or comprehension, what does the blank behind the gate mean?"

Zhang Yi shook his head: "No matter what the test is, I might be able to judge it if I get closer."

"When did you wake him up?"

Xie Changsheng turned to look at Ding Ning.

The Sword Society has already begun, and Ding Ning can never be allowed to practice without closing his eyes.

However, there is no need to wake up. When he turned to look at Ding Ning, he saw Ding Ning also watching him.

Ding Ning has already woken up.

At the moment when the sapphire gate appeared, Ding Ning woke up.

He didn't ask anyone about Xue Wangxu, he just looked up quietly at the sapphire gate.

Just a moment of eye contact, Xie Changsheng's irritability suddenly disappeared, and a very uncomfortable feeling appeared.

Ding Ning's expression on this occasion was as calm as most of the time, but the depth of his eyes shone with a mysterious multicolored color, as if the bottom of his eyes had burned into a multicolored flame.

The most important thing is that he can be sure that Ding Ning has a killing intention and anger, but even he can't see it at all.

In other words, Ding Ning's entire body is now a calm and cold sword edge, without any fireworks, but it can make people bleed when touched easily.

"We go in."

Ding Ning said this and began to move.

Xie Changsheng frowned.

Ding Ning's state made him feel a little scared and excited.

He intuitively felt that this year's Minshan Sword Society would have something very unusual.


No matter how mysterious this sapphire gate that represents the beginning of the Minshan Swords Club is, the closer it is, the more natural it feels.

When Ding Ning started to move, thousands of candidates ahead had already moved. The foremost candidates who were closest to the mountain road from the sapphire gate only felt heavy and grand, and the smooth and quiet sapphire surface did not have any. Even if you dare to reach out and push the door, you don’t know where to start.

Because there is no sense of danger and terrible killing, the subconscious of the previous election is getting closer and closer to this door, only a few steps away, and the body is bathed in the faint blue light emitted by the sapphire.

Thousands of candidates were gathered in front of this sapphire gate, standing side by side, and gradually there was no place to pass.

The arrival of Ding Ning and others caused some commotion in the wall. Thinking of the previous things, many people unconsciously gave up their positions and let Ding Ning pass.

However, this is not all.

A candidate felt the power of squeezing behind him, and he was annoyed by the heavy and magnificent air circulated on the sapphire gate. He turned angrily and turned to the rear to shout, "Squeeze something, if you want to stand ahead, It was earlier in the front, and now it’s crowded to make people understand what it means!"

The candidate's voice was not loud at this time, but the surroundings were silent at this time, and his harsh drinking was a bit harsh.

And he was wearing a silver star robe with a white background. At this time, turning around and twisting, the silver stars on the white robe seemed to be turning into sword lights.

This is the robe of the Yangxing Sword Academy.

This year, only one candidate, Shao Yangming, was selected by the Yangxing Sword Academy, ranking 25th in the talent list.

So this candidate is naturally Shao Yangming, and the speech of a person like him is naturally very important.

Dozens of candidates behind and on the side of Shao Yangming also looked back unsightly.

Crowd differentiation.

The eyes of Shao Yangming and others fell on Ding Ning.

Ding Ning is at the forefront of Shao Yangming at least a few dozen steps away, but now that Shao Yangming has made a noise, Ding Ning nodded at him and calmly said: "Sorry, please let me, I want to enter the door ."

Shao Yangming was furious and said, "First come, then later, why should I let it!"

Many people around can't understand Ding Ning's coldness at this time. Although Ding Ning's state is a bit inexplicably chilling, Minshan Jian may be the most important thing in their life, how could it be because you just died When a famous teacher wants to make you?

However, Ding Ning remained calm.

He looked at the furious Shao Yangming and said, "Because I want to pass from you and enter the door."

There was a sudden silence in the field.

The sorrow on Shao Yangming's face disappeared instantly, and his eyes widened sharply to the extreme.

Even the eyes of Xie Changsheng and others behind Ding Ning were filled with incredible light.

At this time, all talents reacted. Ding Ning said at the beginning, "I want to enter the door", not to look at each other.

Did he just come from a distance, and in the process of coming here, he has already sensed the mystery of this gate?

"I don't want to waste time."

In everyone's shocked eyes, Ding Ning said this again.

Then he went on.

No one stopped in front of him.

Even Shao Yangming, who had the most intense attitude in the past, turned the body subconsciously and made a way with the people around him.

Ding Ning walked straight from their side and walked to the blue-sword swordsman standing in front of the green jade gate.

There was a strange luster in the indifferent eyes of the Qing shirt sword master.

"Sir, please let me in."

Ding Ning walked in front of him, bowed deeply and conscientiously, and saluted.

The Qingshou sword master bowed back slightly, and agreed.

The heavy sapphire gate slowly separated, and a gleam of light shed, and behind the sapphire gate, it seemed to be a new world full of light.

Is it just that?

The vast majority of the electors looked at this picture in shock and indescribable. Ding Ning did nothing, but just gave the gift seriously and requested to enter the door, and then the qingshan swordsman opened the door and let him enter.

Is this the way to pass this sapphire gate?

Ding Ning did not stay at all. He thanked the green shirt swordsman, and then walked into the light in the center of the green jade gate, disappearing into everyone's eyes.

"What does it mean?"

Xie Changsheng was also dumbfounded. This is the Minshan Sword Society that attracts the world's attention. When he wanted to come, it was impossible to enter this gate in this way.

"Respecting Master... Zhili... This door is that Minshan Jianzong awakened all the candidates from the beginning. No matter what has been cultivated, no matter what identity will be in the future, remember to respect the teacher and be aware of the ceremony."

"The most remarkable thing about Master Ding Ning is that when he came, he already saw that the gas engine of this sapphire gate was connected to the body of the Master Minshan Sword Master, and only this Master Minshan Sword Master could open it. The sapphire gate. He sensed this, so he could understand the meaning of this sapphire gate, and he could enter first."

A very light voice passed into the pinna of Xie Changsheng and others.

Xie Changsheng turned his head breathing slightly.

He saw the sound of Zhang Yi with tears on his face.

By the time he turned his head, Zhang Yi had already crossed his body and walked in front of the Qingshan sword master.

"Please ask me to let me in."

Zhang Yi is exactly the same as Ding Ning, earnestly saluting the swordsman.

Then the blue shirt sword master responded and agreed.

The light appeared again on the sapphire gate.

Zhang Yi followed Ding Ning, and the second disappeared into everyone's sight.


Shen Yi took a deep breath and quickly stepped forward.

He knows Zhang Yi very well. He knows that Zhang Yi is usually indecisive, and Zhang Yi does not like the limelight, so he understands that Zhang Yi enters the door at the second time just to keep up with Ding Ning.

Shen Yi's figure soon disappeared in the light of the sapphire gate.



Looking at this picture, the middle-aged Xuanfu official in the distance gave a heartfelt emotion.

Many of the teachers of various practice places who sent the students were also sentimental.

At the moment they sighed what was said in the sigh, or what was said in their hearts, half for the young men and half for Xue Wangxu.

The position of the surname Rong is not far from this sapphire gate.

At this time, the remaining candidates had not fully reacted, but Ding Ning and the people around Ding Ning had disappeared in the light of the sapphire gate under her eyelids one by one.

"Is everything going to be the first?"

At this time, she let the Buddha become the person who knew Ding Ning the most, and slowly spoke to herself.

The porcelain-like luster on her face is thicker, more like a Buddha statue in a Buddhist hall than a human.

She would not allow Ding Ning to win in the Minshan Jianhui.

But Ding Ning is not just about winning.

He wants to win, he wants to win the first place!

And Ding Ning's attitude at this time made her feel vaguely that Ding Ning is going to pass the level first in every stage of Minshan Swordsmanship and in every competition.