The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 235

On the altar, many officials were busy removing some ceremonial objects.

Huang Zhenwei stood on the edge of a corner, staring at the sapphire gate.

As the head of the patriarchal clan, he was naturally dressed today, but compared to the time when the Lushan League was, he was very tired, and even had an unspeakable weakness.

"What do you think about Ding Ning's move?"

A cold female voice rang behind him.

Huang Zhenwei turned his head slightly stunned, seeing the aim of the other side, but he was even more shocked.

He looked at Pan Ruoye, who was wearing a lilac palace costume, and directly expressed the consternation in his heart: "Jiu Wen, the main character of Pan Palace, is elegant and he doesn't care about everything in the world. Why did he specifically mention this Ding Ning?"

"If you really don't care about everything in the world, why go to Lushan."

After decades of squandering of vitality, Pan Ruoye's bones were also as weak and tired as Huang Zhenwei. She said nothing with an expression, and then said: "Somehow, Huang Shousi is first class in Changling It is also common for Yi's wise person to listen to Huang Shousi's opinion."


Huang Zhenwei shook his hand as a gift and sighed softly, saying: "It's great to be a great person, but this way of doing things is like fighting against the water, there is not much room for manoeuvre...everything must be scrambled, and the loss will naturally be large. When these candidates fought against each other, he suffered a lot."

Pan Ruoye was silent for a moment and said, "You mean that he is unlikely to win?"

Huang Zhenwei nodded.

He did not dominate himself, and put a shackle on himself...He thought that even if his teacher judged at the moment, he would decide that Ding Ning is unlikely to win, unless there is a miracle.

There are so many miracles in the world.

There is no miracle in the eyes of Rong Rong.


The light of Zhang Yi passing through the sapphire gate.

Then he froze.

Behind the light of the sapphire gate, there is no novel world. It is still a broad sapphire mountain road straight up.

It just looks very different from the outside.

The mountain where the Sapphire Mountain Road is located does not look flat like the outside, but is steep and abnormal.

This sapphire mountain road seems to be vertically embedded on the cliff upward.

Along the Qingyu Mountain Road, there are valleys, valleys, and palaces.

At the end of his sight at the moment was a bronze hall, and on the mountain road between him and this bronze hall, three dark black iron columns were suspended in silence.

Said it was Xuan Tiezhu, just the first impression I swept.

It was only at the next moment that he understood that these were three sword tires.

Three roots have not been completely forged, but the craftsman has a slightly sword-shaped sword tire under the intentional or unintentional swing.

Ding Ning has stood quietly under the first sword tire.

The sword tire is large, taller and wider than him.

Zhang Yi entered the door for the second time in order to keep up with his "little teacher", and when he recovered, he stepped hard under his feet and came behind Ding Ning.

The black sword tire was wrapped in a mysterious force, suspended in front of him.

The surface of the sword tire is very rough, and it seems to have no special texture at all, only the uneven bumps caused by forging, but these bumps and the shadow on the sword body twisted in Zhang Yi's eyes, just blocking the entire mountain road.

Zhang Yi's breath stopped unconsciously.

He felt a strange flow of vitality, but he was not sure what it was.

But he can be sure that the strange flow of vitality imprisoned the mountain road in front of him. If he could not comprehend, he would not be able to cross this sword tire.

"This sword fetus is a test of perception, no need to think about anything else, just grasp the flow of sword qi in it."

At this moment, Ding Ning's voice sounded softly.

After turning sideways to say this to Zhang Yi who came behind, Ding Ning closed his eyes again.

Zhang Yi froze again.

He felt that the five qi in Ding Ning's body once again flowed rhythmically, so at this moment Ding Ning didn't want to close his eyes and meditate to perceive, but began to practice again to supplement the true element.

Since it has been said that the exam is about perception, how do you pass through the practice of supplementing the true element without cultivation?


The first sapphire gate is actually not difficult. Anyone can understand it, and after making a demonstration, everyone can pass it as they learn.

Therefore, Minshan Jianzong did not intend to eliminate any candidate at this sapphire gate, just as Zhang Yi said, to warn anyone who can enter Minshan Jianzong in the future, must remember to respect the teacher. Tao must be courteous.

It’s just that I haven’t been able to comprehend this method of entering the door first, and it must be passed after others’ demonstration. Many candidates’ minds are naturally not a taste, especially some of the arrogant and talented talents, but they are even more reluctant to follow immediately. .

Thousands of selected students passed the ceremony one by one, which took a lot of time. In addition, some people were at the forefront at the beginning, but they did not go to the ceremony for the first time, and they delayed a lot of time.

However, when the vast majority of people entered the sapphire gate, there were already people everywhere in front of the black sword tire. As before, there was no one passing through the black sword tire.

In the shadow cast by the black sword tire, a teenager wearing a slightly red robe turned pale, and looked at Ding Ning, not far from his side.

He is Jian Daomei, a student of Chonghua Sword Academy, and he ranks twenty in the Talent Book, but even for him, after a long period of enlightenment, his mind has been greatly consumed, and his robe has been soaked with sweat .

But with his position on the talent list, it was only at this moment that he had just sensed that there was a very fast vitality walking on the sword tire, but this very fast vitality and the sword tire itself, and how to pass here. What kind of connection he hadn't figured out yet.

What makes him wonder is why, until this time, Ding Ning still closed his eyes and practiced to supplement the true yuan?

When did Ding Ning want to start to learn about this black sword tire?

A teenager wearing a pure white robe has frowned slightly at this moment.

His age is similar to that of Zhang Yi, and his body has grown completely, so he looks very tall.

His face was handsome, his long black hair was tied up with a white jade ring, and he looked very clean.

He came in the middle, but at this moment he had already felt the vitality on the black sword tire, and had already noticed the method of passing this black sword tire, so he decided to pass.

However, at this time, Jian Daomei's pupils shrank violently.

There was a repressed cry of excitement.

The body of the teenager in pure white robe suddenly froze.

Ding Ning's eyes have opened.

Without any unnecessary movements, Ding Ning began to move towards the black sword tire suspended in front of him.

When the vast majority of people are too late to guess what he is going to do, Ding Ning has already done so.

He calmly pulled out the residual sword at the end of the waist, and then stabbed an unusually simple sword, stabbed at a place on the black sword tire.

A loud bang.

The sound was not loud, but many people's bodies could not help but shock.

The surface of the black sword tire suddenly brightened.

In those uneven shadows, a layer of burning red light suddenly burst out, just like there was a fire to spray out violently!

However, for the next moment, nothing happened.

The black sword tire didn't even shake, and the red light on the sword tire disappeared instantly, like the tide.

Ding Ning has received the sword and walked past the black sword tire.

All the electors were shocked.

"Little Brother..."

Zhang Yi cried out.

He called it wrong again, but in this call, the surprise component exceeded the shock.

Even with Ding Ning's reminder from the beginning, he only vaguely judged the method of passing, and Ding Ning's performance at this time let him react the first time. Ding Ning had already felt clearly from the beginning. Black sword tire method!

Only in the short time after he passed the sapphire gate and walked behind Ding Ning, Ding Ning had realized the way to pass this black sword tire!

This little teacher of my own... Really a god!

When Zhang Yi's heart was filled with such surprises, the pure white robe of the young man who had been preparing for the black sword tire frowned deeply.

His eyes were full of coldness.

Has it been realized from the beginning?

What speed of understanding is this?

And why did Ding Ning stop supplementing Zhenyuan when he thought about the black sword tire, and then live the sword tire... is this a coincidence?

Jian Daomei stared blankly at the back of Ding Ning after the black sword fetus, his body trembling unconsciously.

He couldn't believe what he saw was true, but the sword of Ding Ning just solved the last doubt in his heart, and made him understand the vitality that passed on the sword tire very quickly and passed this. What kind of direct relationship does the sword tire itself have?

"So it turns out!"

More and more people are awakened and become more and more shocked.

A teenager wearing a dark black robe walked towards the black sword tire.

Many people know that he is Fan Xingling from Tongmu Taoist Temple.

Fan Xingling just had an epiphany and subconsciously followed.

He has also determined that as long as the sword stops the flow of vitality, so that this vitality stays on the sword tire, the vitality inside the sword tire will also stagnate for a moment, and will not explode, he can take the same gap as Ding Ning. by.

So he also made a sword.

His sword is a black sword with a length of three feet.

With a loud bang, his inky road sword also stabbed in front of the black sword tire.

The surface of the black sword tire also brightened.

However, somehow, in the next moment, the red light spreading in the uneven shadows on the black sword tire did not disappear as silently as the genius, but sent out a lot of roar.

It's like many people are swinging the red hammer at the same time, striking the sword tire.

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

The black sword in Fan Xingling's hands seemed to be hit by a lot of overflowing heat.

His body was shaken, his body fell back, a mouthful of blood spewed out of his mouth.