The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 236

Almost all candidates have changed their complexions.

Only some of the energy that spilled out directly caused Fan Xingling to be injured and spit blood. The unformed rough sword tire of Minshan Jianzong contained such terrifying power!

At this moment in their perception, this rough black sword tire seems to have countless giants with red iron hammers in their hands, and will shock the power of terror through the tire tire at any time!

Fan Xingling, holding the inky road sword, took several steps back and forth, and his whole body was trembling. The shock from the mind had a greater impact on him than the injuries in his body. His face was pale and completely without a trace of blood.


Looking at Fan Xingling, not far away in front of him, Nangong Cai Shu made incredible sounds.

Her question at this time also represents the question of many people in the field.

This group of people felt that Fan Xingling used the same method as Ding Ning, but they didn't understand why Ding Ning passed, but Fan Xingling was injured by the black sword tire and spit blood.

"Heart sword follows, he does not feel the sword."

Hearing Nang Cai Cai's whisper, Zhang Yi turned his head and whispered this to her and Xie Changsheng.

His expression is solemn.

Because Ding Ning had walked past the black sword tire, he had to keep up.

Only after saying this sentence, he moved, bypassing Fan Xingling, and went to the black sword tire.

He took a deep breath and produced a sword.

A loud bang.

The surface of the black sword tire became bright.

A red glow glowed in the rough pits.

Then for the next moment, nothing happened.

Zhang Yi, who received the sword, walked past the black sword tire.

There was silence again.

Zhang Yi became the second candidate to pass.

A strange light gleamed from Nangong Cai's eyes.

The heart sword follows, the heart does not reach the sword.What Zhang Yi said was too simple for her to understand. However, Zhang Yi's sword at this time made her understand it completely.

"It must be fast and precise. This sword gas is like a sly and fast viper. The moment our sword falls, it must accurately stab in front of its head and let it hit itself, too fast or too slow. No."

She solemnly said this to Xie Changsheng and others on her side, and then moved towards the black sword tire.

There was another loud bang.

Nangong Cai Shu walked past the black sword tire and became the third candidate to pass.

"What do you mean, what is too fast or too slow?"

Xie Changsheng's face was a bit ugly.

He also had some insights, but obviously he was not as clear as Nangong Caishu.

"The arrangement of this sword spirit and the whole sword tire is very unique. It seems that our sword must fall exactly at that point, so that this sword energy hits our sword power just before it will not stir up the sword tire. power."

Shen Yi looked at Xie Changsheng solemnly and said softly: "The sword is too early, if it touches the sword directly, or the sword is too late, there is too much distance between the sword and the Qi Passed. Brother Zhang Yi said that the heart sword is accompanied by it, and the meaning that the heart is not within the sword should mean that the heart is within reach...after all, perception and shot are two different things."

Under the layer-by-layer analysis of Zhang Yi, Nangong Caishu and Shen Yi, Xie Changsheng has also fully understood it, but Shen Yi himself feels a bit worried.

After all, Xie Changsheng didn't like him very much.

If his understanding is not completely correct, so that Xie Changsheng also misunderstood, then Xie Changsheng certainly does not like him.

So he decided to try it for himself.

So he immediately went up to the black sword tire.

He took three breaths to adjust, and then the sword.

There was a thunder.


Then he gave a scream in surprise. When the scream reached the ears of everyone, he had crossed the black sword tire and chased Ding Ning and Zhang Yi in front.

There was silence again.

The three young men in Baiyangdong have all passed the level.

Xie Changsheng went up with a face.

He hasn't seen Shen Yi very much, but Shen Yi's performance seems to be much stronger than him, and his heart is naturally unhappy.

The crackling sound of "chi".

A sword gas shot from his hand, splitting the dry air, and hit the black sword tire straight.

The crisp sound of ringing like a bell struck again.

Everyone thought that Xie Changsheng would pass as smoothly as the previous Ding Ning and others.

However, what everyone didn't think was that the black sword tire had the same roar.


Xie Changsheng's body suddenly stiffened. He seemed to want to stand still, but he couldn't persevere. The whole body shook back and took a step back. At the same time, his upper body leaned back, and he fell directly to the ground.

At the same time, a scarlet blood spewed out of his mouth.

Seeing this spit of blood, all talents responded that Xie Changsheng failed, but what made everyone unexpected was that Xie Changsheng, who spit out a bit of blood, screamed, "I don't believe it!"

There was hardly anything to stop, and he pierced a sword again, angrily.

A loud bang.

There was another strange roar inside the black sword tire, and the strength was overflowing again.

Xie Changsheng retreated and vomited another bite of blood.

"What are you doing!"

Seeing such a scene, Xie Rou's face became whiter than Xie Changsheng's, and gave a loud cry.

"leave me alone!"

However, Xie Changsheng became more and more embarrassed and angered again, slashing his sword at the black sword tire again.

The sword tire shook again.

Xie Changsheng vomited blood again.

Many electors frowned deeply, and in their view, Xie Changsheng's move was like suicide.

But Xie Changsheng hasn't stopped, he doesn't seem to care about his injury getting worse, he wants to spit out all the blood in his body.

He shot the sword again.

Xie Rouxun Xu Heshan could no longer remain calm, and the two flew up.

However, at this moment, when there was a loud bang, Xie Changsheng, who had another sword, did not retreat.

His body shook violently, and then walked past the black sword tire.

Xie Rou Xu Heshan paused.

The eyes of all the selected students in the rear are stagnant.

"I haven't let the young man come yet."

Xie Changsheng didn't turn around, he spit blood fiercely, everyone heard his words.

All the candidates behind him were silent.

When entering the Qingyu Mountain Gate, many people heard his words, and they were a little ashamed of his son who was only a lot of money for the qualification of participating in the Minshan Sword Society. He naturally attributed him to the first-class, but Xie Changsheng At the beginning of the sword, looking at the trend of his sword, most of the candidates already knew that his sword skills might be more than many people present.

In addition, although he had a hard time at the moment, he did.

Many people consciously do not have the courage to pass this way.

The most important thing is that many people may not pass this level.

It may be the statement that Zhang Yi saw in a book of spiritual practice in Baiyangdong. The more appropriate description in this practice is the unity of sword and mind.

When the thought arrives, the sword has already fallen.

The idea is of course faster than the movement of the hands, feet and sword, so to reach the intention of the sword, it is often necessary to move the sword first and the sword first.

Therefore, the expressions in the spiritual classics are not called unity of swords and swords, but of swords and minds.

To let the sword care first, it involves a lot of subtle aspects such as perception and early judgment, precise use of sword skills and proficiency.

It is difficult to realize all the truths in it, but it is even more difficult to achieve the unity of sword and mind, or close to the unity of sword and mind.

Xie Changsheng has no such realm in swordsmanship.

He couldn't do it, but he wanted to pass this level, so he used this method of trying again and again.

However, many people present may not have his realm, or they are more intelligent than him and have no such courage.

So this concern will surely leave many people behind.

Starting from this black sword tire, Minshan Jianhui will eliminate batches of candidates.

As more and more people want to understand this, the atmosphere between the scenes becomes more oppressive and silent.

Without much time, a tall girl stood in front of the black sword tire, and then came out with the sword.

A loud bang.

The girl walked forward and crossed the black sword tire.

Almost all the candidates recognized this tall girl as Xie Changsheng's sister Xie Rou.

A few moments ago, most of them thought that Xie Rou might have bought the qualification to participate in the Minshan Swords Club by relying on his wealthy family.

But now they know they are wrong.

The eldest daughter of the Xie family, at least in terms of cultivation, is better than Xie Changsheng.

"I'm going first."

After Xie Rou passed, He Zhaoxi said this to Xu Heshan's nodded head beside him.

Another bang hits the hearts of all the candidates.

Just as it is common to chase the steps of the same door ahead, He Zhaoxi walked past the black sword tire easily, and many people didn't even see his sword clearly.

Xu Heshan then stepped forward.

Unlike He Zhaoxi, who has done countless basic exercises, he has reached the extreme in this aspect, so he is very cautious. He stays in front of the sword tire for dozens of breaths before stabbing a sword smoothly.

With a loud bang, no accident happened.

Xu Heshan also passed.

He and former Ding Ning and others were originally a small team, and the remaining candidates were deliberately not too close to them. At this moment, they all passed this small team, and there was an empty space in front of the black sword tire, just like a Suddenly someone took a scoop of water in the basin, but the water flow elsewhere didn't flow for a while, which made people feel weird.

After a few hours of interest, a few sobbing sounds broke the silence.

A student who consciously had no hope of passing this pass thought about the efforts over the years, feeling the gap between himself and these people around him.