The Sword Dynasty

237 Mountain Sword

When there was a loud bang, when many people just turned to see the cover-up crying candidate, someone had already passed the sword tire.

It was a thin, hazy-looking young man who was able to stab a sword and pass the sword tire. His pupils always seemed to be shrouded in a circle of shadows.

Almost everyone present knew that he was Gu Xichun at Jianshan Sword Cave.

A year ago, Gu Xichun’s strength may not even be ranked in the top 50 of the talent list, but when the talent list appeared, after a winter and a spring, the rank and name on the talent list changed a lot. However, his position has remained unchanged, still ranking third.

Wearing a pure white robe, a teenager with long black hair and a white jade ring looked at Gu Xichun's back, and his brows grew tighter.

His eyes crossed Gu Xichun's back and landed on Ding Ning who had stayed in front of the second sword tire. He no longer hesitated and went on.

As he walked forward to the black sword tire, there was a cold boy in a yellow-yellow robe who had already walked to the black sword tire, and was slightly ahead of him by a few positions, but when he saw him, the cold boy suddenly became Stagnated and stopped.

Because this man was wearing a pure white robe, and the young man with long black hair and a white jade ring was Ye Haoran.

Ye Haoran ranked second in the Talent Book.

The Minshan Sword Society is to take the top ten, and all the top ten can get the opportunity to enter the Minshan Jianzong practice for a period of time, and the last top three can enter some of the classics of the Minshan Jianzong like the real Minshan Jianzong disciples. Practice in the place where the volume is stored.

Being able to be placed in such a position on the Talented Book, in a sense, even if you cannot freely enter or leave the land of the Jingshan Library of the Jianzong Minshan, you should at least be able to enter the practice of the Minshan Jianzong.

The practitioners learned from Minshan Jianzong's identity are completely different from those of ordinary practitioners.

Looking at Ye Haoran who stepped forward at this time, the eyes of most of the candidates had more complex emotions besides awe.

Because even the book of Caijun clearly stated that Ye Haoran was a practitioner from Liling Jun Mansion.

The Liling Jun Mansion has been turned into a ruin.

The former Liling King has become the new emperor of the Dachu Dynasty.

Ye Haoran is still participating in the Minshan Sword Society. His participation itself does not know what it means.

A sword light illuminated in Ye Haoran's hands.

This sword light, like most Chu swords, looks slender, but the color is extremely rare and faint sky blue, just like a line removed from the pure sky.

With a loud bang, Ye Haoran's figure had floated across the rough black sword tire like a cloud of white clouds.


Ye Haoran felt the gaze of countless emotions behind him, but he didn't care at all. He looked calmly at the front, and saw Ding Ning slightly raise his head at the second black sword tire.

He walked down and walked to the side of Ding Ning and others. When his gaze fell on the black sword tire in the air in front of him, his heartbeat was uncontrollably quickened.

There is no difference between this sword tire and the first sword tire from a distance. However, the surface of the sword tire has countless sword marks of different thickness and depth. These sword marks cover the entire surface of the sword tire, and the sword marks The intersection, formed a text.

When these words are connected, it is a classic that tells how to use the sword!

This is a Jian Jing!

Ye Haoran had made some conjectures at random before, but he never thought that the surface of this second black sword tire was actually engraved with dozens of sword sutras!

These dozens of sword scriptures are very regular. Although the text is composed of sword marks and the fonts are different, each text is very clear. The beginning and end of each sword scripture are clearly divided, exactly like Dozens of sword scriptures were directly embedded in this huge and rough sword tire.

What shocked him most was that the swordsmanship recorded in these dozens of sword scriptures was extremely delicate and rare in the world.

He can be sure that for most practitioners, as long as they can get one of the sword sutras, they will get great benefits.

However, Minshan Jianzong even engraved dozens of such sword scriptures directly on the sword tires, and directly exposed them to the candidates who can reach here. What does this mean?

Ye Haoran is difficult to understand.

At this moment, he felt a strange breath, Huo Ran turned and looked.

Just a few feet away, Ding Ning no longer looked up at the sword tire, but closed his eyes.

Ding Ning began to practice Vipassana again, supplementing Zhenyuan.

Ye Haoran's heart burst into words, and his brow furrowed deeply.

"Even if you openly put so many sword scriptures here, you can understand one or two of them, and understand some of the sword styles. I am afraid there are only dozens of people at most."

At this moment, a cold voice passed into his pinna.

Ye Haoran slowly turned sideways, watching Gu Xichun not far from his side.

"It will never be so simple for people to understand the sword sutra."

Gu Xichun didn't look at him anymore, but looked quietly at the back of the sword tire.

His eyes fell very close, only to the green jade mountain road several feet behind the sword tire inscribed with the sword sutra.

There seems to be nothing there.

But Ye Haoran's brow was slightly raised, his face slightly cold.

"You don't have much kindness."

He turned to Gu Xichun and said.

Gu Xichun slightly mocked: "We were originally opponents."

Ye Haoran didn't answer anymore, but his expression returned to nature and then moved.

He directly bypassed the rough black sword tire suspended, and walked to the blue jade mountain road behind.

At this time, many people in the rear had already passed the first black sword tire and saw Ye Haoran's movements. These people's eyes were horrified. Did Ye Haoran already see through the second sword in this short time? The fetus's reality is already leading those of Baiyangdong?

Ye Haoran walked extremely smoothly, without hurrying.

He walked past the green jade mountain road that Gu Xichun looked at, and nothing seemed to happen.

However, he has already sensed that dozens of mysterious air machines have been silently shaken in the calm air.

These dozens of mysterious Qiqi, like the clouds in the mountains getting wet in the morning, became heavier and heavier, and then fell on the green jade mountain road in front of him.

In the next moment, everyone who was close to the second sword tire felt a change.

A light blue mist suddenly rose on the green jade mountain road at the foot of Ye Haoran.

On the green jade mountain road in front of him, a light blue mist rose.

The mist is very light, like a thin gauze, but this gauze, but also exudes a lustrous jade gloss.

The light penetrates into it and becomes more blurred.

A very straight shadow appeared in the blue mist.

In the next moment, the mist around this shadow trembles sharply, and numerous ripples bloom outward.

A loud bang.

These ripples were instantly shredded and turned into countless fogs, and then directly turned into countless straight fog lines that sputtered out.

The very straight shadow finally showed its true body.

That is a sword.

A sapphire sword.

There is a shadow behind the sapphire sword, which is not a real shadow, but a piece of sapphire mountain road is missing.

The missing shape is this sapphire sword.

So this sapphire sword is floating on the sapphire mountain road.

Ye Haoran's pupil shrinks, and he shoots a sword.

This time he moved his sword very slowly, so anyone close to the second sword tire, except Ding Ning with his eyes closed, could see his true sword body thoroughly.

His sword is about six feet long, the width of the sword is only two and a half fingers, the spine is pure and rare sky blue, but the blades on both sides are transparent.

Whether it is a sword spine or a blade, it is not a metal, but it is made of some kind of crystal.

This sword feels very thin and light, but when he slowly draws it, under the constant penetration of his real element, it becomes heavier and heavier, at the moment when the tip of the sword is completely detached from the green sharkskin scabbard , The sword of his sword shuddered, and a huge twisted shadow grew around him.

It was at this moment that the sapphire long sword fell towards him as if someone were holding it.

In the air, there was a dull loud noise, like the thunder of spring thunder.