The Sword Dynasty

Episode 238

Ye Haoran's lips were squeezed, his face dignified, and the sword in his hand pryed towards the sapphire long sword he was cutting off like a crowbar.

The sapphire long sword floating on this sapphire mountain road gave him the feeling that he was a heavy mountain completely, coming from the wind and violently unparalleled.

The sword in his hand met this sapphire sword.

A cry of exclamation rang from behind him.

The huge, distorted shadow that formed around his sword was almost solidified at the moment, but it was a sky blue dragon!

The dragon is as fresh as a soul, and the scales on its body are like fragments of glaciers that will never change.

So this sword is the Han Xiaojian, one of the ten famous swords in Changling.

At the moment of the sapphire long sword that was cut face to face in the pick of the famous sword in his hand, there was a snapping sound, and the sword gas at the tip of the sword formed a circle, spreading sharply around.

The sapphire sword had no resistance at all, and it turned backwards and flew away for an unknown distance.

What Ye Haoran imposes is the prying mountain sword style, and the sapphire long sword struck by a sword prying, but without any joy in his heart, he feels a dangerous breath.

In the faint blue mist on the mountain road in front of his body, another shadow floated quietly.

Whoosh!The shadow suddenly pierced countless mists and struck him!

Ye Haoran frowned deeply.

A pure sword intention emanated from his sword, then disappeared.

Countless strands of heaven and earth with a sense of holiness suddenly stopped before him.

At this moment his movements were extremely simple, but the sword was on his chest.

However, no one could see his sword.

The heaven and earth in front of him formed a circular light curtain, just like a crystal clear crystal disk.

He is like holding a wafer tray.

A thunderous roar.

The real wind and thunder that set the Buddha hit him.

Ye Haoran's body didn't move, but there were countless silk energies under his feet, as if the soles of his boots were burning.

A horrified exclamation sounded.

Up to this time, many talents behind him really saw that it was another sapphire sword with amazing power that struck the light curtain in front of him.

Ye Haoran glanced at this sapphire long sword that came straight like an iron rod. The strength of this sword was not enough to make him retreat, but at this time he already understood that the second sword tire and this sapphire mountain road have What kind of contact, so he stepped back in silence.

As he receded, the faint mist on the road of the Qingyu Mountain disappeared, and the two swords that flew out of the sapphire were pulled by a gentle force and fell back to the original place like a sheath.

The Sapphire Mountain Road was restored as before, without any traces.

Such a picture is full of unknowns for the newly arrived candidate, so it is even more shocking.

"I should probably try it with you."

Looking at Ye Haoran who came back, Gu Xichun raised his head quietly and said.

Ye Haoran didn't seem to like Gu Xichun from the beginning. At this time, he still looked at Gu Xichun, but he shook his head and said indifferently: "One person and two people are the same."

Gu Xichun's eyebrows suddenly frowned, and his cold eyes fell on the green jade mountain road in front again. "So there may be countless swords on this mountain road?"

Ye Haoran stopped talking, and his eyes fell on Zhang Yi and others on one side.

Except when he was dealing with the two sapphire long swords, Zhang Yi and others kept their eyes on the sword tires engraved with the sword sutras, and did not fall elsewhere.

"Even Gu Xichun and I have exchanges with each other. We have tried it in person to be able to determine what this pass means so quickly. Don't you just look at this sword tire and look at this sword way from afar Completely understand?"

His gaze finally settled on Ding Ning, who calmly closed his eyes, and said coldly in his heart.


When Ye Haoran looked at Ding Ning, some people were looking at him and Gu Xichun.

The person who saw him was also a handsome young man in a white robe. He was slightly older than Ding Ning, but younger than Zhang Yi and others.

The robe on him was also pure white, but there was a shining cold light, as if there was a layer of cold frost.

Whether it was just the founder Ye Haoran walking on the sapphire mountain road, when two sapphire long swords were floating on the mountain road, when he was attacked, or now, his face is still calm like water, but his eyes contain great confidence.

He was standing next to him beside a handsome young man and an elegant girl.

Qingxiu was slightly shorter than him. His robe was pure black, but his cuffs and neckline were dark red.

The elegant girl is wearing an elegant linen pigment gown, and her long sword on the waist is also extremely elegant, with plain wood as the handle and pale yellow bamboo as the sheath.

The eyes of the handsome boy in white robe did not stay on Ye Haoran for long.

Such short-term gaze did not even attract Ye Haoran's attention.

"This should be the legendary sword-sword of Minshan Jianzong."

He turned his head and said softly to the two companions beside him: "One of Minshan Jianzong's mountain guard sword arrays is just how specific it has never been seen before."

"Because it's a mountain formation, it's not just a sword or two, it should be a thousand swords, a thousand swords."

The elegant girl glanced back at him, and said softly slowly: "It should be a breath machine, how many swords will come out, how many swords will fly out, just to see the power of the sword, Minshan Jianzong It is done with hands and feet, suppressing the power of the sword array, making these swords only equivalent to the swords of the three realm practitioners. Or this sword array itself has many layers, but only the sword with the lowest power is released. "

"It's not that simple." The Qingxiu young man in black robe and red collar smiled slightly and said softly: "Fang Cai Ye Haoran thought the sword of the first sapphire sword was the spring thunder heavy mountain sword, so he responded with the sword of the mountain, but he did I didn’t expect that the first sword was just a virtual thunder sword without much power, but the next second one was really a heavy enough sword. The power of these two swords is not terrifying, but it is reflected It is the subtlety of sword power."

"So the mountain pass of the second pass should be composed of countless delicate sword moves." The young man in white robe nodded and said, "The sword scripts engraved on this second sword tire should cover many cracks. Sword tricks. The more you understand, the easier it is to pass this mountain path... Otherwise, even if you rely on cultivation to forcefully pass the customs, even if you rush over, I am afraid that you will have to pay a great price."

Not far from them at this time, there are also many candidates talking about this second level.

It’s always easier to listen to other people’s opinions and discuss with each other than one’s enlightenment. However, the candidates around the world who have scattered discussions have hardly drawn any positive opinions.

The reason is simple, because there is no one group of people that these three people add up to.

Because the handsome young man in the white robe is Chen Lichou, the most outstanding disciple of Bailu's other academy ranks fifth in the talent list.

The handsome young man beside him is Xu Lianhua, who was born in Xu Houfu and ranked sixth in the Caijun Book.

The girl wearing the elegant and elegant hemp robe is Xia Wan, the strongest presence among the young disciples of Su Xin Jian Zhai, ranking twelfth in the talent list.

Aside from the cultivation, Bailu Bieyuan is the sword academy of Minshan Jianzong, Xuhou Mansion is the real royal residence, Suxin Jianzhai is also one of the oldest cultivation sites in Changling, these places come out 'S disciples naturally know much more about Minshan Jianzong than the general practitioners.

"This may be the meaning of the holy, because the joy of the deed of the Lushan Association and the prince...Let the Sword Sect of Minshan take out dozens of sword sutras. Less benefits, I can appreciate many wonderful swordsmanship of Minshan Jianzong." Xu Lianhua smiled slightly and said: "Icing on the cake, the joyous meaning of Fuze everywhere."

"I still have two things I don't understand." Xia Wan glanced at Ding Ning, not far away, and said softly: "This kind of mountain protection circle is kept mysterious as well, why should it be revealed this time, and... since I don't want to let The Aries Cave youngster won, why is the previous level mainly based on perception and comprehension? This Aries Cave youngster is half-day proficient, and the one that refining Qi in January is the perception and comprehension. This is like deliberately biasing him. "

"The soldiers are impermanent, sometimes they should be hidden, sometimes they should be exposed. Perhaps after the Lushan Alliance, the Holy Spirit feels that some power should be exposed."

Xu Lianhua glanced at Ding Ning, with some sympathy in her eyes: "The palace can use the sacrifice of heaven to make the prince as an excuse for Minshan Jianzong to agree that the sword will be held in advance, but Minshan Jianzong will never cater to the competition. Anyone's meaning, because this is something inside the Jianzong Mountain Gate of Minshan, Minshan Jianzong will not let anyone intervene in the things of the Sect, especially you should know what kind of temperament the Minzhangjianzong lord is."

Xia Wan and Chen Lichou thought deeply about the many legendary things about the Sovereign Sword Sect Master of Minshan.

"So?" Chen Lichou looked at Xu Lianhua and said: "The perception and comprehension in the front is the main one, and naturally it is impossible to do it in the back?"

Xu Lianhua nodded, "That's of course, the Minshan Swordsman's competition is different every year, but it's definitely not monotonous."

Xia Wan sighed softly.

The more difficult Minshan Sword will be to the back, the harder it will be. The best is in the front, and the ones who are not good at the back will be more difficult to win.

"Combat is naturally essential."

After Xu Lihua paused, he looked at Chen Lichou and Xia Wan and said, "And just looking at the previous links, this year's Minshan Jianhui will take longer than before, so physical strength, endurance, and true... Is the problem."

Chen Lixu frowned and said flatly: "So don't worry."

Xia Wan glanced at him and said, "Don't hurry until you have to hurry."