The Sword Dynasty

239 Eight Swords

As the sky faded, a young girl with blood all over her front walked past the first sword, and then sat down on the ground, suddenly unable to move forward.

Not far in front of her, there were a total of more than three hundred candidates, and behind her, there were no more insisted before the first sword tire.

Among the more than 1,000 candidates, there are many candidates who finally chose the same way as Xie Changsheng to pass the customs. However, even then, only 300 candidates were able to pass.So many people can't go up when they see it, and many people like this girl have a strong bloody body, so although the sword watching is quiet in the field, they have a tragic breath.

The swordsmanship tricks engraved on the second sword tire are rare and subtle in the world. The most important thing is that each of the carved sword marks is related to the swordsmanship recorded in these sword scriptures. , Going, you can better cooperate with the realization of some sword force, the slow speed of the sword.

It's like some famous teachers of Minshan Jianzong are teaching by hand. Even if they don't get the chance to learn from Minshan Jianzong in the end, the more they learn from these sword sutras, the more power they will grow in the future.

So whether it was Ye Haoran or Chen Lichou, who followed Ding Ning and others here, or the girl who arrived here last time, all did not rush to leave.

No one took the initiative to challenge the Sapphire Mountain Road ahead.

Everyone stands still or sits and observes the scriptures, and they are very attentively aware of the sword moves.

Night fell.

The night gets deeper.

The darkness engulfed the forests on both sides of the Qingyu Mountain Road, and the wetness became stronger and stronger, which eventually turned into dew drops among the mountains.

Many candidates' hair and clothes are wet with dew, but they seem to know nothing.

All their minds are attracted by these exquisite sword moves, and even the passage of time has been forgotten.

As long as the physical strength and spirit can be persisted, most of them even hope to continue to read this way until they understand all sword scriptures and master all sword styles.

The sky in the east slowly revealed the whiteness of the fish belly.

Over the night, a candidate close to the sword tire rubbed his eyes tiredly, and he saw that there was something white on the dark sword tire.

At this time, in the early summer, there was no possibility of hoarfrost, and he naturally felt that the sword was also covered with dew.

However, in the next moment, the candidate's breathing stopped and his eyes widened to the extreme.

He suspected that he was wrong.

Because the marks on the sword tire are disappearing.

A lot of exclamations sounded, like a tidal wave, reminding him that this is not a personal illusion.

Many candidates sitting on the floor stood up.

The white meaning on the black sword tire is fine dust. Starting from a small sword mark, the dust on the surface of the sword tire rustled, just like a wall of flour in the house for a long time. After closing the door for many years, Suddenly the door opened, and a fresh wind rushed in, peeling off layers of wall powder.

Looking at this picture, almost all the candidates were shocked and speechless.

They began to understand that starting from Shi Jian, the person who left the mark, Jian Jin had actually shattered the surface of the sword tire into powder.

It is relatively easy to cut or pierce tough metal, but to shake the metal into powder, what is the power?

And after a day and night, Jianyi only issued at this time... what kind of state is this?


Minshan Jianzong set up many camps among the mountains.

These camp tents can allow officials and teachers from various places where students are sent to take a break. At the same time, the location of these camp tents can also let them see the process of the competition.

Listening to the exclamation that sounded on the mountain road, the maiden of the surname Rong sitting in one of the camps put down the teacup in her hand and murmured to herself, "Do you really need to hurry?"

It is naturally impossible for Minshan Jianzong to let electors stay indefinitely in front of this sword tire.

Such a setting means that the time of enlightenment for the second sword fetus is limited to one day and night.

This unified time seems fair, but it is extremely unfair.

Because the people who arrived later got less time for enlightenment, the girl who arrived in the twilight only got almost half the time for enlightenment than Zhang Yi and others.

In a sense, Ding Ning's competition just won a lot of time, but from now on, the remaining candidates should also start to compete.

At the beginning, if Ding Ning wants to pass it first, there will be no more time for cultivation to supplement the true yuan.

Even if it is a day and night, it is impossible for Ding Ning to make up for the true yuan.

And she didn't believe that Ding Ning could only comprehend the sword scriptures on the sword fetus just after a short gaze.

Now that the sword marks had disappeared and all the ashes of the sword had been scattered, Ding Ning was too late even if he wanted to see it again.

"So far, this is your best result."

So the girl named Rong, who was surnamed Rong, couldn't help but whisper to herself.

I was so immersed in those sword marks that I was comprehending that a certain section of sword scripture was suddenly interrupted, which was very painful.

Especially when I am getting something, the sword stroke that is about to take shape in my mind is suddenly interrupted, just like a sudden sword fold, this feeling is even more uncomfortable.

Ye Haoran is just like that.

When the sword marks disappeared, he almost groaned in pain, but in the next moment, he turned his head subconsciously, looking at Ding Ning.

At this time, the sounds of exclamation around were like a tide.

And he saw Ding Ning's eyelashes tremble, and Ding Ning opened his eyes at this moment.

The maiden named Rong believed that starting from this sword fetus, the rest of the candidates should also start to compete and start to win time for themselves.

However, at this time, almost the vast majority of the candidates looked at the blank sword tires and had not completely recovered.

"let's go."

When he opened his eyes, Ding Ning made a noise to Zhang Yi and others, and then walked forward calmly.

So he is still the first one to start off.

At this time the first rays of dawn fell.

Everyone's eyes were all gathered on him, and his body seemed to radiate inexplicable light.

The field was quiet.

All emotions rested because of Ding Ning's actions at this time.

The young girl who finally reached the front of her shirt full of blood was originally filled with grief and indignation, but when she saw Ding Ning's extreme back, she gradually forgot her situation and her mind was all attracted.

"He seems confident."

Chen Lichou blinked hard, easing his soreness, and said.

Xu Lianhua mumbled and said, "They want to live together."

Xia Wan frowned, and said solemnly: "Let's see what they want to do."

At this time, it was not just Ding Ning walking alone.

Zhang Yi and all others, including Xie Changsheng, who was seriously injured, followed Ding Ning and walked to the Qingyu Mountain Road.

In Xia Wan's view, it is impossible for at least one or two of these people to pass the next mountain road.

However, at this time, she found another point that made her a little difficult to understand.

The spirit of these people seems to be much fuller than the rest of the elect.

Ding Ning practiced all day and night. This day and night was like the deepest rest. His spirit was full and normal. At this time, compared with the people around him, Ding Ning, with dewdrops on his body, was like a new lotus leaf after the rain, exuding vitality. Breath.

But it's not just him, the mental state of Zhang Yi and others seems to be much better than the surrounding candidates.

The same is the sword tire in front of enlightenment, why would these people lose energy?

She couldn't understand, so she felt that there might be an accident.


Sapphire Mountain Road is very wide.

Zhang Yi and others are very close to Ding Ning.

So the group of them stepped into the area where Gu Xichun and Ye Haoran first noticed something inexplicable at the same time.

Ding Ning's face was still very calm.

The expression of Zhang Yi and others is even more tense.

There are many wild grasses on both sides of the Qingyu Mountain Road. Before Ye Haoran stepped into this area, the Qingyu Mountain Road rose to a light blue mist. These wild grasses only swayed in the wind, but when Ding Ning and Zhang Yi set foot, they were under the boots. When the sapphire surface of the sapphire began to be filled with faint fog, many wild grasses on both sides of the sapphire mountain road suddenly broke.

The grass was folded silently.

However, in the faint green mist in front of them, there were a lot of shadows, like a lot of waist-high grass suddenly growing out.

There was more silence in the field, and even the sound of breathing seemed to disappear.

Because everyone knows that those are not grass, but swords.

Ding Ning, Zhang Yi, Shen Yi... There are eight of them in this group, but now there are many sword-shaped pits on the sapphire mountain road, and the sapphire long sword that rises from it is far more than eight handles.

Everyone can imagine that even if every time eight swords attacked eight people, each round of sword attack must be like a storm, one sword after another, just like the two swords that Ye Haoran had suffered before. There are few gaps.

This moment left too short for everyone to think about.

The green grass beside the road was broken and the grass was broken, and the broken grass had not yet landed. The faint green mist had been torn apart by the disordered and violent force.

The vision in front of everyone became very clear.

Dozens of sapphire long swords stand like guards, and eight of them emit different howling sounds, turning into sword lights.

On the road behind the sapphire mountain, there is still a sapphire long sword floating silently.

A sapphire long sword is extremely fast, pulling the shadow of the sword extremely light, like an ink stained by water, it seems soft and weak, but the space in front of the sword tip is squeezed by the sword gas, like there is More than a dozen transparent currents are shaking.

A sapphire long sword is extremely violent, and the vitality inside seems to be constantly exploding, so that the surrounding air continues to detonate, forming countless strange dust.

A sapphire long sword is like turning into an iron ruler. The sword is slapped horizontally, and the vitality of the world in front is constantly gathering, forming a blue wave.

A sapphire long sword traveled silently, and the sword body refracted countless light, making it impossible for people to see clearly, as if it would become a thin mirror.


The eight-handed swords have different sword moves, but they are equally smooth and smooth. It is like eight sword masters who use these sword moves to the extreme.

Under the turmoil of the sword, all the ungrounded grass plants were shredded and turned into powder.

Eight swords attacked together, falling to the eight figures on the road.