The Sword Dynasty

242 Sword Sea of ​​Corpses

Shen Yi and all others looked at Ding Ning with the eyes of the monster, shocked and speechless.

"This is just a possibility, there may not be these swords I said, but I hope you remember my words, and if there are similar swords, don't admit it."

Ding Ning's face was still calm.

He turned his head to look at Xie Changsheng, "You should pay attention to see if there is a sword like a crystal made of hair crystals."

Xie Changsheng frowned slightly, and immediately asked, "Fajing?"

"A rare spar, it looks crystal clear, but there are many natural gold threads in it." Ding Ning looked at him and said: "The sword is just like a crystal, but it is made of some kind of orphan material. There are three-legged golden toads on the hilt."

"If you don’t have this sword, look for a blue sword with a whole body, about three and a half feet long, without any patterns. Even if you don’t instill any real elements, it will naturally radiate a layer of green awn. If you don’t even have this sword , Then you choose slowly."

After finishing these sentences, Ding Ning turned to Xie Rou and said, "If you have one, you can choose a lilac long sword with a subtle blue bifurcated lightning rune on the sword. Or a handle looks like Ordinary black iron sword like a black sword, but there is a very thin hole in the tip of the sword, it is not looking directly at the tip of the sword, it can't be seen at all. If these two swords don't, you choose a water spirit The sword with the strongest breath is."

"There may be a broad blue sword in it. The sword is a mother-mother sword, and a small sword is embedded in the sword. If you don't have that sword, you look for a long pine sword with a red pine pattern. The sword is naturally hot and your fingers are touching. The hilt is slightly painful."

"Brother Xu, a sword looks like a pile of white snow, exuding frost. That sword is the most recognizable. If not, you will find a dark green long sword. The rune on it is carved in the sun, like a willow leaf. . If not, you will choose a long sword with a narrow body as long as possible."

Without a slight stop, Xie Rou came down from He Zhaoxi, and then Xu Heshan. After quietly speaking these words, Ding Ning began to move.

Zhang Yi's subconscious moves kept up.

Although Ding Ning said the shortest to him, it caused confusion in his thoughts and caused him too many problems.

Zhao Jianlu...Why did Ding Ning ask him to pick a Zhao Jianlu sword?

Why did Ding think that there might be Zhao Jianlu's sword in it?


Suddenly a cold wind blew on the face.

The next moment, Zhang Yi found that Ding Ning had disappeared in front of him, but his body was rolled up by an irresistible force of heaven and earth and flew out instantly.

The scene in front of me suddenly changed.

Zhang Yi was very calm on weekdays, but when he saw his prospects clearly, he made an unstoppable cry, like a chicken.

No weeds, no palaces.

All the weeds and blue palaces we saw before disappeared.

His whole body is a piece of yellow sand without grass, like a desert.

However, this desert is full of swords!

Thousands of swords are inserted in the yellow sandstone ground or diagonally. The sword light emitted from the sword body is interwoven into a light curtain that overlaps and overlaps. In the sky, there are countless prisms. Himself.

Zhang Yi was terrified that he couldn't himself.

He never thought that there would be so many swords in it.

The blades and qi of these swords seemed to split his perception into pieces. The dead air trapped the world like thick sugar water, feeling the cold wind blowing constantly, but the smallest sand on the ground was Being squeezed motionless.

There was no sign of death.

Swords inserted into the sand, straight or diagonally, are like countless dead sword masters.

He felt for the first time that this was not a sword valley, but a huge sword mound, a sea of ​​corpses of swords.

His body and hands began to tremble, and then his eyes began to search subconsciously, looking for the sword of Zhao Jianlu said by Ding Ning.

Zhao Jianlu also has several different swords, but the only one that can represent Zhao Jianlu is the same Honglu sword.

Zhao Jianlu itself is just an ordinary iron shop.

Each of its swords was created by the master of Zhao Jianlu and several true disciples. During the process of creation, I don’t know how much of the world and the vitality of the true element have been infiltrated and how much fire has been drawn into the fire. .

Therefore, the representative swords of Zhao Jianlu, even if they just fall into the dust, will emit a thick fire, like a non-stop steam furnace that emits steam and fire.

Just at a glance, Zhang Yi saw three groups of red-red flames rising in the sky, like three huge furnaces.

At this time, Zhang Yi began to understand where these swords came from, and why there was such a huge sword mound in Minshan Jianzong.

He began to think of...the great Qin era of the Three Dynasties. What a magnificent story. In those past years, how many powerful sword masters were annihilated in the few incidents lightly written in many historical books.

In order to kill so many powerful sword masters, what price did the Great Qin Dynasty pay, and how many practitioners and troops died for it?

The qi and blood in his chest began to churn, his thoughts were magnificent, but he was still difficult to understand at this time, why can Ding Ning guess that there might be such a sword in it?

But after a few pauses, he began to walk towards the three huge furnaces.

Many of these tens of thousands of swords are famous swords that have been named in the practice books, many of them are even more attractive to practitioners because of their unique legendary color, but if not Ding Ning, let him choose one If Zhao Jianlu's sword is on his body, he may not choose any sword.

Because he has a strong sword in his body, especially for him is a precious sword than all the swords here.

But Zhao Jianlu's sword is enough to be respected by any practitioner in the world.

So Zhang Yi respectfully approached the three Zhao Jianlu's swords and even bowed slightly for a salute.

The three-handed Zhao Jianlu's swords are all crimson, obviously forged from metal, but they look like fire crystals burning all the time. The scorching heat on the color long sword was still roaring in Zhang Yi's eardrum.

Zhao Jianlu's swords are all peerless swords, and it is difficult to tell the difference.

Zhang Yi didn't hesitate too much. He felt the temperature of the three swords and chose the one with the strongest heat.

When he chose Zhao Jianlu's sword, Nangong Caishu, who was also deep in this sword sea, was difficult to choose.

Her mood at this time was even more shocking than Zhang Yi.

There are too many swords in this sea of ​​swords, but Ding Ning said that there are two swords, she even found them all!

The blade is pale white, and the handle is a silver curved sword.

There is also a bronze color, and there are a lot of wide swords with square holes in the sword.

"The choices of these people are strange."

The girl, wearing a sapphire-colored robe, couldn't help saying.

The sapphire palace she stood on was on the edge of a cliff above this sword valley.

As the decorator of this event, she can naturally see the behavior of any candidate in the Jiangu.

"Even when I first entered this Valley of Swords, I was shocked and couldn't help visiting for two hours. These swords are more attractive to the sword users than anything in the world. But their purpose is extremely Distinctive... It seems that I already know what kind of sword there is, but I just want to find the kind of sword inside. Why?"

She frowned deeply and asked the young man beside her.

This young man was her teacher, but she couldn't understand the questions she couldn't understand.

"This matter should be related to this wine shop boy again."

She lowered her head for a moment, and her face suddenly became cold. She said, "I only hope that it was not cheating, and it was not someone who disclosed the content of the sword club."