The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 243

"I want to see what sword he will choose."

After finishing this sentence, her face became colder, like the strong ice on the river in midwinter.

Ding Ning gazed calmly at this piece of sword sea, Wan Jian's tomb, silent.

There are countless good swords in it, and the quality of many of them can even be described by the word "peerless". It is definitely not worse than some swords in Minshan Jianzong's own sword library, just because of the problem of the origin. Only here.

"Why do you keep fighting?"

"Because the herds are competing, the world is divided into seven dynasties."

"Only the world will rule, there will be no successive battles."


Ding Ning looked silently at the sea of ​​corpses of this sword, but there was such a sound in his ears, as if all the ten thousand swords were talking at this time.

The voice was full of anger, ridicule, and more and more noisy, as if the owner of the ten thousand swords had come alive, sneering at him.

"One's ideas cannot replace the ideas of the world."

"It is indeed wrong to create killings on the pretext of stopping them."

Ding Ning took a deep breath and said these two words gently to Wan Jian, then he just bowed and bowed like a salute, turned around and walked out.

The face of the green robe girl in the sapphire hall suddenly froze.

"What does he mean? Don't you even look down on a sword?" The young man beside her also stunned.

The Qingpao girl looked at Ding Ning who was walking towards Jiangu in shock. She began to feel that her previous guess was wrong.

"I want to see them closer."

She took a deep breath and said to the young man.


In the middle of the valley, thousands of swords became the sea, and the sharp killing intention and sword gas destroyed the ground into nowhere, and eventually became a dead ground. However, from the outside to the inside, it was still arbitrarily overgrown with weeds. To.

The blue weed on the edge of the circle suddenly shook slightly, and a footprint appeared, and Ding Ning's figure appeared out of thin air.

He didn't pick any sword, he just went in and glanced at it, so he was still the first to choose the sword, and he was still the first.

"When everyone comes out, call me."

He engraved this line of characters on the ground beside his remaining sword, and then sat directly on the ground and began to practice with his eyes closed.

After dozens of breaths, a footprint appeared again on the blue weed not far in front of him, and a tall woman figure appeared in the air, it was Xie Rou.

Xie Rou's eyes were filled with shocking light that could not be described in words.

After seeing Ding Ning sitting cross-legged in the ground, she set her mind slightly, but her eyes fell involuntarily to her right hand.

She carried a pure black sword in her hand.

This sword is almost the same as the most common Bailian black iron sword in Changling in terms of appearance, format, and weight.

If someone walks into the Valley of Swords at this time and sees the sword in her hand, she will definitely feel that she has chosen the most common sword.

But there is a row of very thin holes at the tip of this black sword.

Just like what Ding Ning said, it's not that if you look closely at the tip of the sword, you can't see it.

She didn't know what kind of sword it was, but this sword was one of the two swords that Ding Ning specifically mentioned to her.

In such a sea of ​​swords, such pure black, the most common sword of the standard is the most recognizable, so she saw at a glance that after confirming that there was a row of fine holes on the tip of the sword, she did not Hesitantly chose this sword.

So she took a short time and walked out of the sword sea for the second time.

She sat down and rested beside Ding Ning.

It was only after dozens of breaths, there was suddenly a hot breath in the air.

Zhang Yi, holding a sword furnace sword, appeared in front of her.

Zhang Yi was still shocked at this time, but he was the most ceremonial. He gave Xie Rou, who stood up, paid a courtesy before looking closely at Ding Ning's body.

He even felt the inside of Ding Ning's sleeve carefully, and then he looked at Xie Rou in disbelief and asked, "He didn't choose a sword?"

"It doesn't seem to be." Xie Rou shook his head and said softly: "When I came out, he was already in spiritual practice."

Zhang Yi smiled bitterly. He is a person who likes to use his brain very much. However, with Ding Ning, he always has too many things to understand.

"Really there are Zhao Jianlu's swords." Looking at Zhang Yi, who was half-stained by the burning sword light, Xie Rou couldn't help saying this softly.

Zhang Yi looked suddenly heavy and said softly: "Most of the famous swords of Han Zhaowei and Wei Dynasty are in it."

At this moment, the grass behind him made a slight strange noise, and someone came out of the circle.

Zhang Yi turned around and he saw He Zhaoxi coming out.

He Chaoxi carried a cyan broad sword in his hand. The sword of the cyan broad sword was extra-thick and generous. It felt more like a long sword.

"This is a son and mother sword?"

Zhang Yi thought of what Ding Ning said, and he asked curiously.

The swords of the Daqin dynasty rarely had eccentric forms, and as for the son and mother swords, he had never seen them at all.

He Zhaoxi took a deep breath, nodded, and stretched the blue broad sword in his hand before Zhang Yi and Xie Rou.

"What's the use of this little sword?"

Zhang Yi looked closely for a moment, only to realize that the spine of this sword was a long slender sword, and two straight-looking runes were actually two grooves.It gave him the feeling that this little sword could be separated from the big sword along the groove, but this little sword had no hilt and could not be held by hand.

Isn't the role of this little sword just used to fly away at a certain moment to hurt the enemy?

But just like that, this sword is too common.

"What the hell is this? It's impossible to try in it. How do you choose?"

He Zhaoxi hadn't answered yet, and a depressed cry had already sounded behind him.

Tiger-faced Xie Changsheng appeared in their sight.

"Be quiet!"

Fearing that Xie Changsheng disturbed Ding Ning, Xie Rou immediately whispered, and then asked with a cold face, "What can't I try?"

Xie Changsheng noticed that Ding Ning was practicing again with his eyes closed, and he was obviously shocked. Then he subconsciously lowered his voice and looked at Xie Rou and others, puzzled: "Don’t you even try it in what you want to choose Sword?"

Xie Rou shook his head, then looked at Zhang Yi and He Zhaoxi.

Zhang Yi shook his head, and then He Zhaoxi shook his head.

"Even if you don't doubt Ding Ning...but don't you have any curiosity?" Xie Changsheng shook his head helplessly and said, "Inside, Zhenyuan can be poured into these swords, but the sword spirit of these swords can't be emitted, There is no way to try inside."

After a pause, Xie Changsheng was dissatisfied and continued: "I originally wanted to bring out both handles, but I was thinking that the sword tire was written to take a sword. If I bring two handles out, I am afraid that it will be a thousand and one in the casino. This is a broken rule, and may be directly disqualified from participating in the sword club, and finally gave up that idea."

"You found all the two swords that Ding Ning told you?"

Xie Rou heard Xie Changsheng's meaning, her eyes stayed on the sword in Xie Changsheng's hand.

This is a fairly standard sword, but the material is very special.

The blade of the whole sword is crystal clear, like pure crystal, but there are countless natural golden threads in the sword body, and the golden threads on the hilt flow on the surface, forming a three-legged golden toad. picture of.

"The two swords were not far away, and they were found almost simultaneously." Xie Changsheng nodded and replied.

"So you have a hard time deciding between the two swords?" Zhang Yi also looked at the sword in Xie Changsheng's hands with surprise, and asked, "Why did you choose this sword?"

"You have never seen the cyan dagger, if the cyan dagger and the sword in my hand are placed before you, you will definitely pick the cyan dagger. Because the cyan dagger is too sharp, Even the sword qi can hurt people. In comparison, this sword looks too fragile, it seems that it can be cut off by the sword at will." Xie Changsheng turned his left hand towards Zhang Yi, and then said: "If not Ding Ning mentioned my sword first, and I would never choose it."

Xie Changsheng's left palm had a blood stain on it, and small blood beads were still oozing at this time.

"Jian Qi can hurt people?" Zhang Yi, He Zhaoxi and Xie Rou all took a breath.

Xie Changsheng sneered and said, "My palm is one inch away from the blade, and I was cut out of such a wound directly."

"What kind of sword is this?" Xie Rou couldn't even help wondering if Xie Changsheng said it was true.

"The sword name is not important."

Xie Changsheng shook his head and looked at Ding Ning. "The thing that makes me wonder most now is how Ding Ning thinks there might be such a sword in it. Does he know that there is such a sword sea inside?"

"The sword is Haechi Sword, made of Haechi's one-horn, from Zhao Di in the old days. But I also don't understand how he knows that there is such a sword in it, how can he know that there may be such a sword sea, So he must explain to me."

A female voice sounded from the rear side.

But everyone knew for the first time that it was not Nangong Caishu.

Because the voice of Nangong Cai Shu can't be so cold, so majestic.

Zhang Yi was shocked and turned around, only to see a young girl in green robe appear in his sight.

Immediately after, his eyes felt stinging.

Because at this time, a young man who even had hair on his head seemed to be flowing with sword energy, also appeared behind the young girl in Qingpao.