The Sword Dynasty

Episode 246

On weekdays, fatty braised pork and lightly boiled vegetables are the best match. It is a common food in Changling ordinary people’s three meals a day, especially when hungry. The white rice is full of unspeakable temptations.

These meals are naturally for the students who arrive here. The simple wooden table in the shed is filled with clean tableware, and the sword marks on the wooden table are connected into an extremely simple "use" word.

"It seems pretty good, there is no need to fight hungry." He Zhaoxi's belly sounded like thunder, he said with some shame.

His work schedule at the Ivy Sword Academy was extremely extreme, and he ate the three meals a day on time, so as to ensure that he had the best state to practice every day. When he did not drink and eat all day and night, he realized that he was hungry. The impact of his stomach on him may be greater than the average person.

Zhang Yi and Shen Yi were already used to taking care of Xue Wangxu in Wutong. At this moment, it was natural and skillful to serve everyone. Spread braised pork and green vegetables on the white rice, and then drizzle some soup.

The first bowl is good. The habit is to give Xue Wangxu. This reminds Zhang Yi again. The fact that Xue Wangxu has passed away, Zhang Yi's eyes suddenly turned red.

"This bowl is for the cave master."

So he lowered his head sadly, inserted the first bowl of filled rice with chopsticks, and placed it on the top of the table.

Xie Changsheng was reluctant to think about these heavy things. He glanced at the rice bowl Shen Yi handed to him, looked at the big flesh shining on it, and said casually: "This is very much like a broken head meal in prison."

Nangong Cai Shu said helplessly: "Can't you say something auspicious?"

"Eat, eat."

He Zhaoxi was so hungry that he couldn't care about his image and began to chew.

Ding Ning also picked up a bowl of rice, but just took a bite, but his brows were slightly imperceptible.

The taste of the food is very good, and there is no problem with the taste. However, the invisible small silkworms in his body have naturally reacted and become restless.

The nine-dead silkworm he cultivated is the most profound mystery in the world. His perception of the body is many times stronger than most of the world’s exercises, so in the next moment, he feels that it is extremely detrimental to his body. The breath filled his body.

These meals are obviously problematic, and contain some strange toxins.

But why is there a problem with the food prepared by Jianzong Minshan?

Ding Ning put down the tableware and looked at He Chaoxi and others who were eating very sweetly, and thought of the appearance of Fang Caijing Liuli. His eyes flickered and he remained silent.

Braised pork with green vegetables is very good for dinner. He Zhaoxi, who has the best appetite, almost chopsticks and fiddled with two or three times to finish a bowl.

"Brother, you can eat more or less."

Zhang Yi looked at Ding Ning and stopped eating. He thought Ding Ning was sad. He also swallowed a little, stopped, and comforted.

Ding Ning glanced at him and shook his head without saying much.

Zhang Yi became even more sad, and for a while it was hard to talk.

At this moment, Ding Ning suddenly raised his head and looked at the side outside the shed.

Zhang Yi didn't know why Ding Ning had such a move. He also unconsciously looked up, followed Ding Ning's eyes, and then he was immediately taken aback.

Just under the eaves of a shed that is within a few feet of him and Ding Ning, I don't know when a blue figure stood.

This is also a young man wearing a sapphire robe.

Compared with the young man who followed Jing Liuli, the face of this Minshan Jianzong practitioner who was standing under the shed eaves close to them at this time was very ordinary. The most important thing was that he did not have any sharpness on his body. Sword intent.

Even up to this time, he did not feel any breath of the practitioner in his body.

If he takes off the sapphire-colored robes that represent Minshan Jianzong, I am afraid that walking in the streets of Changling, this young man will not attract his attention.

When Zhang Yi looked at the suddenly appearing Minshan Jianzong practitioner, and was stunned, Xie Changsheng and others discovered the person's arrival and put down the tableware in their hands.

"Why don't you eat?"

This very ordinary looking man in a green robe didn't care about their gaze, but just looked at Ding Ning and asked.

His voice is also very ordinary, with a calm tone and no characteristics.

Ding Ning glanced at him and said calmly, "I don't want to eat."

"Why don't you want to eat? Is it because the food tastes bad?" The Qingpao man asked unusually.

Nangong Cai Shu suddenly felt chills, and the man in the green robe felt like a chef in a restaurant asking the guests about the taste of the dishes.

Ding Ning did not answer for a while.

"I'm already the most cooked person in Jianzong Minshan, and I think my food tastes much better than most restaurants in Changling. The most important thing is that I haven't personally cooked for many years. The Qingpao man looked at the bowl of food in front of Ding Ning and continued.

When he said these words, his tone was still mild, completely like a restaurant chef asking his guests to give him some noodles and move chopsticks, the taste of this meal is indeed very good, even if the rice has been warm for a long time, it is still soft and moderate The taste of braised pork is hard to find any flaws. However, after hearing these words, even Xie Changsheng thought of terrible things, his face was a little green, especially when he had almost finished the third bowl of food. He Zhaoxi felt that his stomach was twitching.

"Are you Senior Geng Blade?"

Nangong Cai Shuqiang endured the shock in his heart and asked aloud.

The Qingpao man looked at her humbly and nodded: "It's Geng blade."

He Zhaoxi suddenly not only twitched his stomach, but also began to feel vomiting.

Xie Changsheng and others also began to feel fear, because the person in front was the legendary "human chef".

In the battle between the great Qin dynasty and Han, Zhao, and Wei in the old days, Geng Ren of Jianshan in Minshan was still a student like them.

But even so, this student of Minshan Jianzong still left a lot of records.

He had assassinated several important generals of the Korean dynasty. Once he had been hiding in the military camp of the tens of thousands of soldiers of the Korean dynasty for more than ten days. No one in the military camp discovered his existence. No one has found his trace.

But one of the most amazing records about him is that he was in a cluster of cities in Han Dynasty. He first disguised as a Korean cook and was recruited into the army to become a gangster. Then he killed thousands of people with poisonous drugs in one fell swoop, attracting the Han Dynasty The famous general Han Song was very angry. He sent 5,000 elite cavalry and dozens of cultivators to pursue him. He has been forced into the north of the Korean border. After a heavy snow sealed the mountain, the Korean army used 3,000 elite infantry to cooperate with the practitioners into the mountain. The chase, but the final result is that Geng Jian survived, and the 3,000 infantry and dozens of practitioners who chased him were mostly dead.

After the mountains and forests in the north of Korea are closed, there is very little food. In addition, in order to cut off the food source of the Gengblade, the Korean army has gone through any small animals and practical plants and trees. The squads that searched the mountains also ate and satiated first, and then took no food with them.

In some records, Geng Jian survived by killing the enemy to obtain the enemy's leg meat.

Although this kind of helplessness in wartime survival has not been personally confirmed by Geng Blade, it has given Geng Blade a nickname of "human chef".

But what is certain is that Geng Blade of Minshan Jianzong is an extremely powerful assassin, and he is not only a swordsman, but also a master of poison.

Such characters are naturally legends for the young generations of Changling.

Xie Changsheng didn't expect that at this moment, he saw another legendary character.

"It has nothing to do with taste."

However, Ding Ning remained calm. He shook his head and said.

"Then you must also have a bowl."

Geng Jian shook his head helplessly, and then said, "Because the food is poisonous."

Zhang Yi and Xie Changsheng and others suddenly changed their complexions.

Personally tell people that it is poisonous, and then force people to eat, what does this mean?

Could this person be the queen's person, can he cover the sky with his sword in Minshan Jianzong?

However, at this time, Geng Jian continued to say humbly: "Because this is the rule of this sword club... I didn't need to explain it at first, because I felt that the practitioners under the Poison Seven Realm could not detect it, I am also very confident about the combination and taste of my cooking. However, I did not expect that when I was hungry day and night, there were people who did not want to eat the food I cooked."

After saying this, he shook his head sullenly and said, "Which way is this?"

Xie Changsheng and others were speechless.

They all think that Geng Jian's sentence should be what they said, because poisoning is the rule of the sword society... let them be poisoned?What kind of truth is this?

"This is not an ordinary poison."

Geng Jie glanced at everyone and slowly explained: "This is Qiyesan, a poison of the old Wei Dynasty. Qiyesan's medicine is very peculiar. After practicing this poison, the practitioners did not respond at all. However, when you do it with people, the true element flows violently, but the power of Qiye Powder will affect the blood and internal organs of the body, which not only gives people a great sense of pain, but also makes many functions in the body unbalanced, making people It is really like being poisoned by other poisons or being hit hard. So the name of this seven-leaf powder should also be 70%, which means that the practitioners who have poisoned this poison can only use 70% of the power. If it’s gone, the body can’t bear it.

"What kind of truth is this?"

Xie Changsheng finally couldn't help but screamed, thinking that he was already poisoned, he said with a straight face: "What kind of perverted sword will rules!"

"This rule is not what I set, but I agree with the truth."

Geng Jian smiled slightly and didn't care, and said, "Most of the battles a practitioner has experienced in his life are probably not in his best condition. Many times he will even fight when he is injured, so in this state The next battle is more realistic. And how to control your own real unit and control your body, how to save the real unit, this is the so-called retractable. If you even feel the physical injury, you can use a few How to split the force, how to fight for as long as possible under the condition of injury, and exert your own fighting power as much as possible, then this practitioner should not be worthy of becoming a disciple of Minshan Jianzong, or even enter Min Shan Jianzong is not worthy of studying."

"Because what Minshan Jianzong wants is a swordsman who can really fight and kill people, not a swordsman who only uses swords." Speaking of this sentence, Geng blade's face was only slightly proud.