The Sword Dynasty

248 Who Is It?

The people in Minshan Jianzong are very real, and they won't make a mystery, so they don't need Geng Jianyan to make it clear. Everyone knows that the final level before the test should be in this blue palace.

"What's in there?"

Looking at the blue palace, Xie Changsheng felt more and more that the skin on his stomach was cold, as if he had really been pierced by the sword. He gritted his teeth and turned to look at Geng Jian and asked.

Geng Jian shook his head and said in a straight voice: "What is inside, I can't explain in advance, but we have already told you that after you enter, you should be very tired, injured, and may be stabbed with many swords, so You have the right to give up."

Xie Changsheng was furious: "Fart! You finally got here, you let us give up? Do you know how much silver I spent to get the sword club?"

Zhang Yi looked at Xie Changsheng helplessly and said softly: "Mr. is also kind."

However, Geng Jian smiled a little lifelessly and said, "It's true that the places bought by Huayin and I can eat a bowl of my meals here are really not easy."

Xie Changsheng said angrily: "More than one bowl, I ate four bowls!"

Geng Jie glanced at his bulging belly and shook his head, saying: "Then you have to be careful, otherwise you will be pierced, but the food will flow all over the place. I'm afraid it will be difficult for you to have an appetite in the future."

Xie Changsheng's chest undulated violently. "As a senior, is it deliberately intimidated, isn't it boring?"

"This is a sincere suggestion from an elder." Geng Jian looked at him seriously and said slowly: "Some practitioners really have the experience of piercing their abdomen after having a full meal... that kind of scene Even if you are not afraid of death, it will really affect your appetite. Even after more than ten years, you will think of such scenes involuntarily when you eat, especially if the food you eat is not very beautiful, and the result is from your belly. After flowing out."

Xie Changsheng froze suddenly.

The tone of Geng Jian's sentence was still plain, but he heard the deep meaning inside.

Those who have not seen the picture with their own eyes will never narrate in such a calm and sincere tone.

No matter who it is, it was pierced in the abdomen under the extremely difficult situation, and then it can still support the enemy to kill, and eventually survive, it is very amazing.

After the whole body was frozen for a while, Xie Changsheng took a deep breath, bowed slightly to Geng blade, and said in a deep voice: "I admire you."

Geng Jian glanced at him, and it seemed to him that he was truly bored.


Zhang Yi hesitated and said.He looked at Geng Jian with more respect.

Geng Jian looked at him, "Huh?"

Zhang Yi nodded at the blue palace and asked, "When will we enter that palace? Are there any requirements to enter or exit that palace?"

"Actually, I don't even know what is arranged in that palace."

Geng Jian looked at Zhang Yi gently and said slowly and clearly: "I am only responsible for letting you in one by one, but I can guarantee that the layout inside should be absolutely fair to each of you. As for the time of entry, Just after I ate my food, it took a while to burn incense sticks, so you only have a little preparation time."

"If it's really what Mr. said, if we all got seriously injured after we entered, wouldn't it be unfair if we had to wait for someone from behind to do the next test?" Zhang Yi hesitated again and asked .

"Perhaps it's more time to bleed from injury, maybe you will win some more time to deal with the injury." Geng Renping said peacefully: "The specifics, in the final analysis, depends on the ability of the individual."

The words have been made clear enough, Zhang Yi even vaguely feels that if Geng Jian did not appreciate Ding Ning enough, he would never have spoken so carefully.

"Although the choice of advancing and retreating is difficult, when to enter and when to retreat really needs to be carefully considered and grasped." However, Geng Jian also looked at Ding Ning and said this.

Ding Ning looked at him and said calmly, "I choose to enter."

Geng Jian stopped talking and looked at the road when Ding Ning and others came.

The valley was quiet, and echoes of footsteps came faintly. A moment later, a white figure appeared in the sight of everyone in the shed.

Next, he completed the sword selection, and Ye Haoran followed Ding Ning and others.

Ding Ning calmly looked at Ye Haoran who was coming slowly. Ye Haoran still carried his cold sword in his hand. He couldn't see other sabers on his body. The time he spent in the sword valley was not long. Even if a sword is picked, it must be a very short dagger.

Geng Jian raised his head slightly at this moment, waved at Ding Ning, and said, "Go."

It's time to enter the temple. Ding Ning stood up, just different from before. Before moving, he looked at everyone and said seriously: "Take care."

"Senior brother, Mr. Geng has said that he must advance and retreat. If it is not possible, don't force it." Zhang Yi suddenly became nervous, he hesitated again and said, "We must leave the hall alive."

"Any good practitioner is a precious asset of the Holy Spirit. It is just such a passing link, not the last one-on-one contest. Even if injury is inevitable, Minshan Jianzong should not let us die easily."

Ding Ning shook his head and said, "I just want you to remember that you have already hit Qiyesan. Remember to use only seven points. And even if you don't want to give up, you should also pay attention to your injury, and don't make it possible. Affects the future practice."

Zhang Yi wanted to say that you are the same, but looking at the little whiteness at the root of Ding Ning's hair, and the radiance of glowing light under Ding Ning's skin, he couldn't say anything.

Ding Ning turned around and walked towards the blue hall.

What he really wanted to say at this time is that you really don’t need to be forced, because I really don’t need your help very much, but he knows very well that sometimes friends don’t think whether their help is meaningful, but think Make your own contribution as much as possible.Just as in the bloody storm three years before the Emperor Yuanwu came to power, some people knew that what they did did not make much sense, but they would still do it.

At this moment, the best thing is to accept, not reject.

Without much time, Ding Ning and others came to the blue hall.

Ten steps of stone steps lead to the closed blue stone door. The stone steps and the stone door are covered with thick moss.

When Ding Ning stepped on the first stone steps, the cyan stone door, which was two people tall, opened slowly and naturally.

A puff of water poured out, moistening Ding Ning's face.

The countless messy sounds inside suddenly became clear, like a waterfall inside, hitting countless rocks and plants of different heights, making various water sounds.

It was dark, there was no light shining through, and the water mist was so deep that it was impossible to see the specific scenes inside.

Ding Ning did not stay, and walked quietly to the door.

There seems to be a long channel inside, and many water lines sprinkle continuously from above.

"I can't perceive it, so I always have to go in to know what the arrangement is. I am the first to go in."

Ding Ning turned and said this softly to Xie Changsheng and others, and then walked directly into the darkness ahead.

Xie Changsheng opened his mouth, and before he could speak out, Ding Ning's figure had disappeared into his sight.

"I went in the second."

This kind of feeling made Xie Changsheng a little uncomfortable. Although he has been feeling the coldness of the skin on his stomach ever since he heard Geng Jie’s explanation of this blue palace, he still took the lead and grabbed Zhang Yi and Shen. Before Yi, he stepped into the mist in front of him.


When he wanted to come, the ground in front was a little slippery at the most, so he had to be careful when stepping on it. However, what he did not expect was that when he stepped down, his body had lost his balance, and the whole body fell directly and fell. !

There was an empty foot.

There seems to be a passage outside that doesn't even exist at all.

Numerous drops of water and noisy sounds hit him, and the roaring wind rushed across his skin like countless pairs of cold hands. The blood in the body rushed to the brain like a tide, just like the sky Spirit opened.

Any kind of feeling is reminding Xie Changsheng that he is actually falling, exactly like falling from the top of a waterfall, towards the deep pool below the waterfall.

Won't it fall directly?

If the bottom is really a torrent of rapids, who can guarantee fairness? Isn’t it better to not hit the rock with better luck, and bad luck will be seriously injured?

Xie Changsheng wanted to yell out angrily after the initial lag, which one arranged such a contest in such a perverted way.

However, he was not able to call out a word.


At this time he had fallen on a hard object, and the intense pain and bloody impact made him almost spit it out.


He felt that his body was like a slimy fish. He slid rapidly on this hard object. The sound of the water at the bottom seemed to be very close, but he never hit the water.


His anger was finally dominated by the unstoppable fear, and a horrified cry came out of his mouth.

When this horrified cry broke out, a dazzling light had appeared before him.


He felt himself spray out of the light with a stream of air and mist.

The next moment, the outside was dazzling.

With another bang, he fell to the ground again, only to stun his eyes, and almost passed out.

The sunlight fell on the thorns by the stream. From among them, the crimson thorn bushes reached the waist height of the people, and it slowly surged like the crimson tide in the wind.

Xie Changsheng coughed and froze continuously, climbing hard from the bush of thorns.

After several breaths, Xie Changsheng, who was stabbed by thorns and many small wounds, finally saw his environment, and then the next moment, he roared with anger, "Who is so perverted? Who!"