The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 250 Shit Luck

The stream is non-toxic, with a hint of clear and sweet peculiar to the mountain spring water, and the temperature is also very suitable. Even if you walk inside, it should be only slightly cool, and there will be no particularly uncomfortable feeling.

Ding Ning slowly lifted up by the stream and wiped the water mark on the corner of his mouth, but he knew that the stream was very dangerous.

Because this stream is too calm.

Even if it is a clean mountain stream, as long as there is no problem with the water quality, even if there is no big fish, there will definitely be some small fish and shrimp, and some insects.

However, there is nothing in this stream.

Except for the ordinary cyan water plants under the water, there seems to be no other creatures in this stream.

But after a few moments of silence and thought, Ding Ning still stepped into the stream ahead and began to wade.

"I thought he was different from these people, and he was so reckless without thinking."

Watching Ding Ning make the same choice, Jing Liuli shook her head in disappointment and said with a cold voice.

The man in the green robe behind her also shook her head and said, "My opinion is different from yours."

Jing Liuli frowned slightly: "What do you think differently."

A man in a green robe with swords all over his body looked at her and said, "All the links in front of him must strive for the first place, so he naturally has to take the first place. Ye Haoran and others will enter here immediately, so he This waterway should not be caused by recklessness, but to save time."

Jing Liuli's eyes flashed violently, and then she nodded and said, "I think you are right, but it's too conceited to do so."

"Too conceited, and sometimes equated to stupidity." After a pause, she added another one.

Hearing her words, the Qingpao man smiled slightly, thinking about the true genius in this world. I am afraid that there is no one who is not extremely arrogant. Are you still the same?


The sunlight is still very dazzling. When the skin of the body is completely accustomed to the temperature of the stream, the gentle water flow has a certain analgesic effect.

Xie Changsheng's attention has been concentrated on the deep red thorn bushes on both sides of the stream bank. The water in this stream is not too deep. On the sides near the thorn bushes, it is only to the depth of the knee, but walking in it is relative to the sides. As far as the bushes are concerned, a person's figure is undoubtedly a little shorter, and his sight is more obstructed, and it is less likely to see the situation in the distance.

This means that if there is any change, it must be found nearby.

"If something is arranged, can't it appear sooner? Isn't it interesting to see us like this?"

"If you really find it interesting, then you are really perverted."

Xie Changsheng still issued some curses from time to time.

Compared with other practitioners, he has less patience, and now the most important thing is that he is extremely tired.

Even with the gentle analgesic effect of the water, those wounds with fine thorns still bring waves of intense pain into his mind as he steps down.

This sustained severe pain will cause people to consume more physical and mental energy.

He used to walk for at least five or six hours before he felt abnormally tired, but now, this extremely tired feeling comes at least three hours earlier.

Under extreme fatigue, a person's attention will drop unconsciously.

Especially his attention was mostly in the bushes on both sides, so when a strange ripple suddenly appeared in a calm stream in front of him, he did not notice it at all.

Many flowing shadows appeared under the ripples.

The speed of these shadows is very fast, because they are very fast and dense, so when these shadows approached the moment of Xie Changsheng, Xie Changsheng without any alert before even subconsciously felt that the sky was dark, so his first reaction instead looked up. To the sky above.

"What a fool!"

Jing Liuli's gaze stayed on Xie Changsheng's body as long as dozens of breaths. Seeing Xie Changsheng's first reaction at the moment, she sneered and scolded. At the same time, her left hand moved slightly, and a crimson piccolo suddenly appeared in her left hand. Palm.

The difference between the life and death of the practitioner's world is only at the moment of time, and Xie Changsheng's head rises in her eyes for a few moments.

So Xie Changsheng's response was enough to make him die many times.

The man in the green robe next to her had already frowned deeply and looked dignified, but he was completely relieved when he saw the piccolo made of red coral unique to overseas.

Xie Changsheng's head has not fallen.

A dense sound of water had already exploded around him.

The calm stream exploded in an instant, and the dense black shadows either walked under the water, or rushed directly out of the water, swarming towards Xie Changsheng.

Till this time, Xie Changsheng had not yet seen exactly what these black shadows were, but he was already instinctively frightened, and the pain in his body seemed to disappear instantly. Only the scalp was numb and exploded.

A stream of water mixed with a large amount of sand and shattered water plants exploded beneath him. This is that the real element in his body has subconsciously poured out under his feet. At the same time, his right hand is the fastest in his life. Speed ​​held the hilt across the front.

However, at this time, several of the fastest shadows had fallen on him, and two of them were falling on his sword-drawn arm.

A cry of sorrow came out of Xie Changsheng's mouth.

Several bursts of blood were sprayed on his body and arm at the same time.

At the forefront of the dark shadow is fresh flesh and blood, making an excited squeak.

It was only at this time that Xie Changsheng, who bowed his head, could not see clearly that these black figures were all black giant rats!

These black rats are very unusual rodents. They seem to be active in the water for a long time on weekdays. The black hair on the body is extremely oily, and even a wide tail is tightly wrapped with black hair. .

Ordinary rodents can’t be so fierce and brutal. When the breath of fresh flesh spreads out, the whole stream in front of Xie Changsheng explodes, like countless arrows falling into the water instantly, but countless shadows are Swept upwards, forming a black tide exuding madness.

Jing Liuli's fingertips have flowed out of the true element, and he is in the red piccolo in his hand.

But at this moment, her brow furrowed deeply, and then stopped all movements.

The sword in Xie Changsheng's hand, which uttered a terrible cry, was finally cut.

A lone sword light cut the crazy black tide toward the front, looking like a faint candlelight, which would extinguish at any time in the oncoming wind.

Even Xie Changsheng himself felt the advent of death. He felt that in the next moment, his body would be covered with these black brutal giant rats, and then his body would be full of holes, revealing his tired bones.


However, what he did not expect at all was that there was a sudden agitated sound in the air.

This sound made Xie Changsheng think of Zhao Jianlu's sword instead.

Because of this sound, it's like the sound of hot flames rushing in the furnace.

Then in the next moment, his screams came to an abrupt end, his eyes widened to the extreme.

In a puffy, white sword spirit, numerous golden fire lines suddenly emerged. These golden fire lines completely ignited Bai Mengmeng's sword air.

In front of him, a flaming golden cloud, like the tail of the legendary phoenix, swept forward.

Countless sharp and short screams are revealed in the burning golden clouds.

Xie Changsheng's body had swept upwards and fell into the bush of thorns on one side. His legs and body were once again pierced with many fine spines on the thorns, but at this time he did not even feel any pain.

He was extremely shocked and unbelievable.

The burning golden cloud cloud swept across the river surface of several feet, in which all the bodies of the black squirrel were burning, you can clearly see the black hair burned instantly, and the sturdy body was burnt golden, even constantly Didi yellow grease.

Why is this happening?

How could this sword ignite such golden clouds, and how could it sweep beyond a few feet of amazing distance?

Xie Changsheng's breath stopped, and his eyes fell subconsciously to the sword he was holding.

He saw that the sword in his hand exuded a crystal luster, and there were many golden lights, as if to float out of the sword.

He realized that he was not using the sword he usually used, but the sword that Ding Ning must let him choose.


"The Yaoguang sword cooperates with Baiyun Guan's Baiyun to wrap around the sword, and the spirit is so excited that such a change will happen?"

Jing Liuli's eyes reflected the golden glow of light. She narrowed her eyes again, as if asking the man in the green robe behind him, and said to herself as if she was talking to herself.

There was also a real shock in the eyes of the man in the green robe. He said very seriously, "I don't know."

"You are the person who saw the sword classics and swords most from Jianshan Minshan, I don't think that Zhou's ancestor knows more than you, even you don't know, but Ding Ning knows, is this a coincidence?" Jing Liuli turned his head , Looking at the Qingpao man and said.

"Maybe Zhou's ancestor just knew, maybe he has read some other dynasties' books. Apart from these coincidences, I can't think of any other possibility." The Qingpao man smiled bitterly.

Jing Liuli put away the red piccolo in her hand, and her eyes fell on Xie Changsheng in the crimson field again. Some unpleasant expressions appeared in her eyes again, and she said coldly: "It is with this sword that she left the dog Shit."

When she said this, Xie Changsheng didn't feel lucky.

The death threat he felt had not disappeared.

The death of those Shuo rats did not deter the rest of the same kind, and the crazy Kuroshio still rushed out of the stream and came to him.

At the same time, he felt strange throbbing from farther away.