The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 251: Unbelievable Evolution

Xie Changsheng was instinctively frightened. In the face of the movements in the distance from the deep red sea of ​​thorns, he felt like a tiny gopher in the wilderness. I didn’t know that the movements in the distance were a sweeping sweep. Wildfire is also an earthquake that shatters the earth.

Several torn wounds on his body, especially the severe pain caused by the two wounds on his right arm, began to make him dizzy. However, at this time he had no choice but to continue his sword.

So he took a deep breath, clenched his teeth, and waved his sword again in front of the crazy water rat who was still surging.

The sword power is still Baiyun Guan's white cloud swirling around the sword potential. With his sword swing, the swaying sword light forms a unique symbolic line in the air, and a lot of heaven and earth vitality is drawn in, forming a puffy white cloud sword spirit. .

Like the previous sword, countless golden rays of light emerge from the transparent sword body. These golden rays do not have any temperature. However, falling in the soft sword gas like a white cloud, it seems that countless firewires have fallen into hot oil. , I instantly ignited the white cloud-like sword gas, burned violently, and spewed out forward.

Baiyun Lingyi is the secret sword of Baiyunguan's offensive and defensive integration. It is also the best sword scripture in Baiyunguan. Originally based on Xie Changsheng's repair, it can cover up to a foot or so in front of the space. However, this burning golden Xiaguang sticker The ground rolled up, but it instantly rolled out a distance of four or five feet. All the black squirrels in the space in front of him disappeared into a mass of buttered meat, which continued to fall into the water.

Such a picture gave Xie Changsheng great confidence, he took a deep breath, made himself as clear as possible, and then waved a sword forward again.

There was a crackle.

With the time this sword won, Xie Changsheng leaned the Yaoguang sword in his hand obliquely, ripped several rags from his robe, and quickly wrapped the bleeding wound on his right arm. Then he gritted his teeth and stretched out his right hand, grasping the hilt of the Yaoguang sword tightly.

Some kind of strange fire seemed to burn in his pupils, and even the black squirrels madly stimulated by the meat and fresh blood felt terrified and backed away.

A new tide appeared in the stream.

At first, the palpitations in the distance were approaching.

Xie Changsheng stopped.

His breath paused.

The black tide formed by the back of the black squirrels collided with the newly flowing tide at a distance of tens of feet from him.

The new tide was originally clear and transparent, and a layer of white foam was turned on the surface. However, the moment the tide and the Kuroshio struck, the white foam above all changed into scarlet blood color.

A thick bloody gas spread out on the surface of the stream.

The sound of countless sharp teeth chewing bones came from underwater, and the black squirrels turned from panic to panic. Countless black squirrels jumped up and wanted to get out of this stream and jump to the sides Go ashore.

However, countless silver lights simultaneously rushed out of the stream below, catching up with these black giant rats.

Xie Changsheng no longer needs to shoot, all the black squirrels have completely become the hunted party, there is no time to care about his existence, but he dare not put down his sword.

The countless silver lights rushing out of the stream are all silver lizard-shaped beasts. The difference from ordinary lizards is that they have the same cheeks as fish. They can see at a glance that they can breathe underwater.Their fine teeth also look extremely short and not sharp, but that's it...they must be able to tear and chew flesh as fast as possible, the frequency of these teeth must be fast.

At this time, in Xie Changsheng's eyes, these silver lizard-like beasts' bite movements are faster than the average swordsman's sword, and the head swing and the friction between the teeth even bring out a strip The afterimage that doesn't seem real.

Such a speed makes the body of a black squirrel that jumped out of the water before the breath is complete, but in the time of the next breath, the black squirrel has only one residual limb.

Xie Changsheng subconsciously wanted to escape.

However, some footage captured in his eyes made him stop again.

Some silver lizard-shaped beasts with high belly swelled up the creek banks on both sides.

These little beasts who were full at an alarming rate began to sleep.

Some silver cracks appeared on their bodies, which turned out to be peeling at a speed visible to the naked eye.

As they shed their skin, it seems that their limbs are wilting.

They are obviously transforming into another form of creature at a rapid rate, or mature.

However, at this time, Xie Changsheng heard many rustling voices.

These sounds come from the crimson sea of ​​thorns on both sides.

Xie Changsheng's body became cold again.

He unconsciously took a few steps towards the water.

Many crimson worms burrowed out of the mud and appeared next to the molting silver beast.

These crimson worms look like earthworms, but after approaching these molting silver beasts, they open their mouths one after another.

Their mouths look very large and soft, with no teeth, but it is extremely horrible to slowly envelop the scene of these small silver animals that are beginning to shed their skin and slowly swallow into their belly.

These molted silver beasts do not have any resistance at all, but those silver beasts in the stream are still hunting the black squirrel, tearing the black squirrel into pieces, connecting the bones to chew and swallow into the abdomen, and then Walked to the shore, began to shed skin, and began to be swallowed by these deep crimson worms.

These little silver beasts are like being swallowed by these crimson worms willingly, they are like the food that these crimson worms graze.

Xie Changsheng's complexion became more and more white.

In his perception, there was a burst of vitality in the belly of these crimson worms that he was eating. He began to see hoarfrost on the side of the mouth of these crimson worms, and then began to appear ice chips.

This is a rapid evolution that he simply cannot understand.

These crimson worms are like some practitioners who are devouring elixir to practice, and they have accumulated special strengths of heaven and earth in their bodies.

Groups of black squirrels become food for silver beasts, and then silver beasts become food for such crimson worms, and crimson worms begin to turn into monsters with some frost power.

Such a process appeared in front of Xie Changsheng at an alarming speed, and Xie Changsheng, whose hands were getting colder and colder, found himself becoming the first bait. The bloody breath on his body became the first bait to induce this process.

"What will these become?"

On the cliff that Xie Changsheng could not see, the eyes of the man in the green robe behind Jing Liuli began to shine with shock. He began to be shocked by the means of Qing Yao Yin who had operated this farm for more than ten years.

There are many beasts in the world that can control the vitality of heaven and earth like practitioners, as low as the flame tortoise in the desert, the frost winged snake in the cold desert, as the cold jiao in the cold lake, and the magic chapter in the deep sea overseas, however These strange beasts, like cultivators in ordinary beasts, have undergone countless generations of natural evolution, and most of them have the instinct to use some heaven and earth in the process of adapting to the outside world because of their extreme environment.

In such a very short time, the beasts that could not use the energy of the heavens and earth began to become different beasts that could use the energy of the heaven and earth, just like the rigid change of ordinary people who could not be practiced in batches in a very short time Become a practitioner.

Is this manpower?

However, it happened in front of him.

"Uncle Qingshi is named Xuanshuang Insect, and the breath of Xuanshuang can be turned into a thorn of ice, just like a sword of ice from the practitioner."

Jing Liuli turned to look at the Qingpao man and said slowly: "The most important thing is that these Xuanshuang insects will generate some Xuanshuang pill beads, which can be used to refine the pill."

The Qingpao man was speechless.

He took a deep breath and looked away from Xie Changsheng's body, before falling to Ding Ning's body.

Ding Ning also walked in another similar stream at this time.

In the distance in front of Ding Ning, a black tide began to appear.

The black tide was also formed by an amazing number of black squirrels.

He also has to face the same evolutionary process, but the time he goes through this process is a little longer than Xie Changsheng's at night.

"He should have found something wrong."

The Qingpao man saw that Ding Ning, who had been traveling, had stopped at this time, and Ding Ning's eyes seemed to be in the direction of the Kuroshio, but Ding Ning did not leave the stream.

So this made him a little puzzled.

"He is very confident to face such anomalies? He didn't pick any sword in Jiangu." He looked at Ding Ning who was waiting, and suddenly thought of a question, "What sword is he using?"

Jing Liuli raised her eyebrows slightly, her voice somewhat strangely: "It's the final sword."

The Qingpao man's body was shocked, his face was full of stunned expression, "Final Flower Sword?"

"It's too crippled, so you don't even see it." Jing Liuli said slowly.

The man in the green robe stopped speaking, but some strange light came out of his eyes.

Ding stood quietly in the stream.

In his perception, countless strands of turbulence have appeared in the calm stream.

He waited for the black tide to approach.

When the water began to oscillate and the black shadow began to bring out a burst of water, his hand holding the hilt began to gush out the true element.

The short remnant sword suddenly shined, and countless white flowers bloomed.

The Jian Jian's body spread out along countless straight cracks and stretched out.

In the water in front of him, it seemed like a long hair fluttered.

The black squirrel rushing to the front is like hitting a wall and a wall of death.

Their bodies were pierced with sword filaments, and these sword filaments continued to stab backwards, and then pierced the body of the black squirrel behind.