The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 252

A group of blood waves continued to spread in the clear stream, quickly dyeing the stream into a dazzling bright red, and the black squirrel in the back did not feel fear.

The white silk flowers bloomed on the sword silk, rippling in the blood, like flowers blooming in hell.

The blood water gradually spread to Ding Ning's body, but his face was still calm to the extreme. He was only extremely stable in outputting the true element, so that the sword silk was densely covered in every inch of the stream in front of him.

These black squirrels are all aliens and move faster than most practitioners in the three realms, but none of them can pass through these dense sword filaments, and as they are successively penetrated by the sword filaments, There seem to be numerous strings of black sugar gourds in the bright red stream.

"Sure enough."

The Qingpao man behind Jing Liuli's face had become extremely serious at this time, and he said softly with emotion: "The stretch of the end flower sword is indeed the best in the world."

"It's not just malleability that ranks first in the world, even the ability to withstand true yuan is the world's first.

After a slight pause, he shook his head again as if correcting his own statement, and said: "It seems that Zhenyuan is stronger, the sword tire of this sword can withstand...The stronger Zhenyuan, these sword silks can stretch The longer it gets, the more amazing it is."

"I have heard people say, Uncle Shi, you wanted to challenge some of the strong players at the Bashan Sword Field at that time, including the master of the end of the sword at the end... Watching the sword at the moment, do you think you have won the master of the sword at the end? "Jing Liuli turned her head and looked at the man in the blue robe with emotion, and asked in a sincere manner.

"That's just the arrogance when I was young and ignorant." The Qingpao man laughed with self-deprecation and said seriously: "Even now I, facing the master of this sword in those years, there is still no possibility of victory, because my sword will be It's hard to fight, but this sword remnant can still fight again."

Jing Liuli raised her eyebrows slightly, but he was a little dissatisfied for this man in green robe: "Isn't the strong man broken his sword?"

"Although the sword is folded, the sword body can be extended with Zhenyuan instillation. There is no difference between folding and non-folding, and the sword body is shaken by the powerful Zhenyuan. There are countless small cracks... The sword splits into silk, but it is against the enemy. More likely, in a sense, this sword gave birth to a new life." The man in the green robe looked at Ding Ning, who was standing in the bloody stream, and could not help but sigh softly: "Or, this wine shop boy Gives this sword a new life."

Jing Liuli is a real genius. There is no one in the world who can match him. Many of the so-called geniuses in Changling are stupid in her eyes, so she is naturally very proud. Even many people in the former Bashan sword field, even this She was not convinced by the owner of Mohuajian, but at this moment she listened to the words of the man in the green robe, but did not express any objections, but was silent.

The filaments of white flowers bloom to harvest the life of these black squirrels even faster than the burning golden clouds. However, this cold and silent harvest is not like the heat and light of the flames that make these strange mice intuitively fear, The subsequent black squirrels still rushed towards Ding Ning, and it seemed that unless they were all killed by Jiansi, this black tide would stop.

However, Ding Ning does not want to consume precious real money endlessly.

Suddenly, the real element that was flowing gently in his hand was suddenly interrupted for a moment.

With the interruption of his true yuan output, the sword filaments before the wandering began to shrink and close together.

Countless scattered sword filaments regrouped and became a sword.

The corpses strung together by these sword filaments were squeezed by the sword filaments while squeezing each other, and almost instantaneously, burst into countless broken irregular pieces.

In front of Ding Ning, the sticky stream that had been flooded with blood was like a boiling porridge pot.

All the black squirrels in the rear suddenly found that their movements slowed down. The reason for the slowness was that they seemed to have drilled into a very thick porridge pot, and then in the next moment, they saw floating in front of their eyes, squeezing them All of them are of the same kind.

They finally felt instinctive fear.

They began to recede frantically, forming a backward black tide.

Ding Ning looked up calmly, looking behind Kuroshio.

In the same way as Xie Changsheng encountered, a silver tide appeared behind the Kuroshio, and then stirred up a disordered blood wave.

Countless silver lizard-like beasts prey on these exotic rats at an alarming rate, and then a large part of them climb up the banks of the two sides and begin to shed their skin, and their limbs begin to wither, seeming to transform into another form, but the thorns on both sides A lot of red sand worms drilled in the clumps and began to devour these silver beasts.

This is an unnatural transformation, an unimaginable picture, but in such a process, Ding Ning has no movement at all, just looking at it calmly.

He didn't even take a step on the bank of the stream, letting the filthy and stinky stream wash over him until the stream became clear again, and then rinse him away.

"Why didn't he leave?"

The man in the green robe behind Jing Liuli frowned again.

At this time, Xie Changsheng had already fled when the red sand bug changed. If he changed himself, he would either take the same time as Xie Changsheng to leave, or take the red sand bug when the change has not been completed, and kill as much as possible. Kill these red sand bugs.Because if these black squirrels are equivalent to ordinary warriors in the world, then the red sand worms after the completion of these changes have already become equivalent to the practitioners in the world, and the two are already essentially different.

In his view, even if Ding Ning is confident that he can kill all these black frost bugs after the mutation, Ding Ning must pay a heavy price.

Jing Liuli shook her head, and she did not understand what Ding Ning was doing at the moment.

This is in Minshan Jianzong, especially she is the perverted layoutr in Xie Changsheng's mouth, these are the links she arranged, but Ding Ning made her wonder again and again, she was watching other participants in the sword meeting When she was young and talented, she was judged by stupid monks and practicable. She all stood in the position of examiner and looked at these people with selected eyes, but Ding Ning gave her a completely different feeling.

He was like a mystery, even in many ways, Jing Liuli even felt that he was not as good as Ding Ning.

Although Ding Ning's Xiu Wei is still low in her opinion, it has brought an unspeakable pressure to her.

Prior to this, this kind of pressure could only be given by the boulder of the Spiritual Deficiency Sword Gate.

"No matter what he is going to do...With his performance, he already has the qualification to enter our Minshan Jianzong practice." Jing Liuli said for a moment.

The Qingpao man nodded slightly, agreeing.

Jing Liuli slowly raised his head and said coldly: "But he must still follow the rules of the sword club and must be able to win in the sword club."

Qingpao man looked at her side and smiled slightly.

The rules are the rules, especially in the face of the sword society of the entire Qin Dynasty, it is naturally impossible to open the door to someone alone, but Jing Liuli’s sentence expresses her expectations again, she hopes that Ding Ning can win .

As the teacher responsible for giving her some guidance on the way to her practice, he naturally hoped that Ding Ning would bring her some real pressure into Minshan Jianzong practice.


All the silver beasts were fed into a state of sloughing and sloughing. The silver on both sides of the stream bank was silver, and then slowly became scarce under the swallowing of red sandworms.

The frost frost inside these red sand bugs became stronger and stronger. At first, only the frost frost from the corner of the mouth spewed out, forming ice frost hanging on the mouth. However, as time passed, the frost formed by these cold breaths gradually Covers the whole body.

The normal appearance of the red sand bugs is like putting on a layer of black ice armor, and because the shape of these ice sands is irregular and rugged, the appearance of these red sand bugs suddenly becomes fierce and vicious.

When the silver beasts in front of them became scarcer, these worms covered with ice and sand finally began to notice the existence of Ding Ning waiting calmly in the stream.

A long worm close to Ding Ning opened it hesitantly.

A cloud of frozen air condensed in its mouth.

Its mouth opening movement is not fast, but the condensation of frozen air is as fast as the sword of the practitioner.

A crackling noise.

This frozen gas turned into a ridge of ice that was one foot long, turned into a cold light, and shot directly at Ding Ning's chest.

Ding Ning watched the cold light and waved his sword.

There was a crackling sound, and the ice edge shattered on his sword in full bloom of white flowers, and many ice chips fell into the stream in front of him.

The sword body trembled slightly, and Ding Ning's brow frowned.

The power of this blow has slightly exceeded his expectations.

But his movements didn't stop at all. After blocking this ice edge's blow, a new generation of Zhenyuan Qin entered his hand at the end of the remaining flower sword, and then the remaining flower sword steadily cut forward.

There was a terrible killing intention in the air.

A white sword symbol was generated, and then turned into a white sword gas, sweeping towards the shore in front of his sword body.

More than ten long insects shrouded in this piece of sword gas, the ice armor formed by the ice sand on his body suddenly cracked, and then the flesh and blood were cut to become dozens of scattered pieces of meat.

"Still kill?"

The man in the green robe behind Jing Liuli made an incomprehensible whisper. At this time, a slight movement of Ding Ning caught his attention.

Ding Ning carefully glanced at the reaction of all these black frost bugs, then looked up and looked at the distance from a distance.

In the distant place, in the crimson thorns, strange movements appeared again.

"He deliberately waited for these black frost bugs to change before killing, just to see if it would attract something again?"

The Qingpao man’s brows were deeply locked, and he couldn’t help saying, “It’s just not easy to deal with these black frost bugs. If the next thing is more powerful than the black frost bugs, wouldn’t he trap him even more? Disadvantaged?"