The Sword Dynasty

Episode 263

In a place on the high cliff, among the people who watched the sword society, there was a middle-aged official with a beautiful beard wearing a cyan official uniform.

Looking at Ding Ning who stepped into the blue palace, the skinny master beside him seemed very happy, and could not calmly whisper to him: "Sir Sikong, only the last sword is left to try."

In this deep red sea of ​​thorns, there was no serious injury, and the first-ranked Liyinghong in the talent list has withdrawn from this sword club, plus Ding Ning’s revealed ability to use the horror of sword skills Even the mastermind who thinks well, thinks that Ding Ning is very likely to win in the final part of the competition.

In the opinion of this master, Ding Ning's first place is only a contest of will. His talents may have been favored by many people in Minshan Jianzong. As long as he enters the top ten, he will definitely be able to enter Minshan Jianzong. , It is even possible to get personal guidance from some legends.By then, the five-spirited teenager may be able to get a long time, and their attention to this teenager may even be said that the capital invested may have some return.

However, compared with his joy, the middle-aged American mustache official beside him, the deputy director of the Lisi Secretary Sikong Lian, appeared more melancholy.

Si Konglian shook his head slightly and said softly, "You don't know enough about her."

After the master stunned, he immediately wanted to understand who Sikonglian said "she" refers to, and his body suddenly became cold.

"She never puts eggs in a basket. In the battles with Han, Zhao, and Wei dynasties in the past, the battles she hosted, even after hundreds of deductions, were as safe as snakes swallowing frogs, she would stay She has a strong backhand. She only has a different status now. If she carefully examines the school, as a general, she is truly a victorious victorious general, and the battle she has hosted has never failed.

Sikong Lian took a deep breath and said slowly, "Everyone can guess that Lie Yinghong is hers, so Lie Yinghong will not be her most dependable piece. Apart from this habit of doing things...the most important thing is What's more, who doesn't know her coldness in the whole world?"

"It's Rong Gong Nu who does the work for her. Since Rong Gong Nu expressed that she didn't want Ding Ning to pass this sword meeting, it wasn't just Rong Gong Nu's pre-arranged manpower that prevented Ding Ning from winning. ."

After a pause, Si Konglian's voice froze slightly: "Many people will naturally respect her meaning and help her accomplish such a thing. Her coldness is not just that people feel that there is no problem if they do not oppose her. Many people feel that if they do not help her, they will be severely punished."

The skinny master's mind is getting colder and colder. This is a very simple cardinal problem.

The fewer people standing on their side, the more brutal battles they will encounter in the next one-on-one sword test.

Even some candidates who had no hope of advancement would fight Ding Ning desperately because of the meaning expressed by Rong Gong.

There were not many friends standing next to Ding Ning.

Especially in the eyes of most people, it is difficult for many friends standing beside him to pass this level.


Ding Ning walked into the blue palace. There was no furnishing in the blue palace. There was only one stone path in the center of the hall, which was covered with moss. There was a cool mountain breeze flowing down the stone path.

Ding Ning slowly walked up the stone road and spent a long time finally reaching the exit.

The night is thick.

Outside the exit is the valley where they ate previously.

A few oil lamps were lit in the humble shed.

The flame of the oil lamp shone on his figure, and it seemed that his shadow was very lonely.

Ding Ning dragged the lonely shadow and walked into the shed. The food in the shed had been packed up. At this time, only some of the most common white gauze and some small but sharp steel needles were placed on the table.

Ding Ning took a steel needle, grilled it on the flame of the oil lamp for a moment, then wiped the smoke from the needle, and began to patiently and carefully pick out the broken wood thorns everywhere on his body.

Jing Liuli's figure appeared again on a cliff above him that he could not see.

She stared at Ding Ning for a long time, the appreciation in her eyes became stronger and stronger.

The more clean the prickles are removed, the less burden the body will have on the next battle, and the easier the action will be. And the longer the prickles stay in the body, they will definitely cause purulence and other symptoms.

The process of picking out wood thorns is not easy.

Picking out fine thorns one by one under an oil lamp can be very exhausting, especially when the body is already extremely tired. Such removal of wooden thorns will make people more tired. At the same time, every time a needle is dropped, it is actually reminding you of where your body is. Tingling, constant pain also consumes great energy.

However, Ding Ning at this time did not see any anxiety.

He was extremely meticulous and patient, although Jing Liuli didn't see clearly, but it was conceivable that the wooden thorns that had fallen from the needle tip on the table in front of him had piled up.

Geng Jian also quietly looked at Ding Ning in the dark.

He also made no secret of his appreciation of Ding Ning.

Being able to get straight into the eyes of many Jianshan Zongzongs of their ranks has attracted their attention and even appreciation. It may not be one or two of the candidates for many years.

It's just that Geng Jian didn't hide his concerns at all.

He was also worried about the final cardinality.

There are too few people standing on the side of Ding Ning, and the rules are the rules. Now that the rules of the sword society have been formulated, even the net glaze that sets the rules of the sword society cannot be changed.

It was late at night.

Most of the teachers who watched the sword club on the cliff did not rest. Even those teachers whose candidates have been eliminated from the practice are still paying close attention to every fragment of the deep red sea of ​​thorns.

Among the three true disciples in the real sense of Baiyang Cave, Shen Yi has withdrawn, except for Ding Ning, only Zhang Yi is left at this time.

In the eyes of almost all teachers in various practice areas, Zhang Yi's situation at this time is also extremely bad.

Unlike most candidates, Zhang Yi did not choose to walk in the stream or along the sides of the stream, but chose to walk through the bushes of thorns.

He is not as fast as Lie Honghong, so good at weaving soft armor, but he also does not want more and more wood thorns to penetrate his body, making his injury more and more heavy and making him more and more The weaker.

So he chose to draw his sword and cut the thorns.

The sword he is currently holding is the hottest sword in Zhao Jianlu. The powerful heat naturally emitted makes the thorn tree in front of him dry and crisp. It can be said that this is the most suitable sword to use for the way forward.

However, his movements were always quick.

He always walked through this sea of ​​thorns at a very fast speed.

Keeping the sword at a very fast rate, even if the opponent is only grass and trees, there is no need to use Zhenyuan, any swordsman will be very tired.

At this time, Zhang Yi was sore all over, a burst of intense tiredness continued to hit like a tide, making him really difficult to load, the sword in his hand was heavy like a mountain, and became more and more heavy.

The most important thing is that Zhang Yi felt some changes in the surrounding wilderness.

Whether it is some ground shaking, the slight chill in the wind blowing from a distance and the unusual turbulence, it reminds him that there are many in this seemingly calm crimson sea of ​​thorns that he does not want to see but soon The changes we are about to face.

He is usually ceremonial and cautious. In the eyes of many people, he is an abnormal mother-in-law and hesitant to do things. However, any teacher who is familiar with him in Baiyangdong knows that he is also a very intelligent person like Ding Ning.

He also saw from the beginning that the stream was too dead and contained too much danger, so he chose to go straight through the bushes. At the same time, he had no time limit from this level, inferring that even if he was too cautious Even if the hidden trail is passed carefully, there will definitely be something possible, so he has been walking through this sea of ​​thorns at a very fast speed.

It's just that this sea of ​​thorns is too big, and it is covered by a magic circle, which makes it extremely difficult for him to accurately grasp the straight line. Until this time, although he hasn't encountered any danger directly, the blue palaces in his eyes It was still far away, and there were terrible mutations everywhere in the wilderness around.

He intuition should have elected students have been eliminated.

At the same time, he intuitively felt that those terrible things had begun to hunt for candidates like him.

Perceiving the terrible movements from the surrounding wilderness, Zhang Yi looked at his hands that were trembling like a very old man, even without exertion. He took a deep breath, remained silent for a moment, and then made the first An act that most teachers in various practice areas on the cliff never thought of.

He cleared a space enough for people to lie down with his long sword in his hands. He shot the ground with his long sword, steamed the water to dry it, and turned the ground into a very hard dry land. Then he lay down and kneaded himself The most sore right arm for a moment, then closed his eyes and began to sleep.

"What does he mean?"

"Even if I'm really tired, how can I sleep in this situation?"

"Don't he notice the movement of these Zerg?"

Some teachers in the practice area did not know what he was doing at first, and finally determined that he had quickly fallen into a deep sleep, several people could not help but exclaimed incomprehensible.


On the side of the cliff top, there is a very gentle sound, which makes people feel the spring breeze blowing, and a very comfortable voice sounds.

The person who made this sound, Huang Zhenwei, wearing a light yellow dress, shook his head gently with emotion, "It's really bold."

His status in Changling is extremely distinguished, and there are very few people who can stand near him.

It's just that everyone who heard his voice could hear his words as praise instead of scolding.

Dantai Guanjian stood at the top of a blue palace in the sea of ​​thorns at this time. He looked at Zhang Yi's actions and couldn't help but feel a little emotional.

These disciples in Baiyangdong are indeed very interesting.

Even the most cautious and hesitant Zhang Yi in the rumors is actually very unusual.

Zhang Yi slept extremely sweetly because he was so tired that he even made some snoring sounds... He just slept and did nothing, but when he was asleep, he also attracted many people on the cliff. Eyes.

There is a group of emperor worms that have swallowed the black frost insects, like a real ranger army, swimming in the bushes not far from him.

Even the closest to him, only less than half a mile away.

As long as Zhang Yi's existence is discovered, Zhang Yi will be severely hit in his sleep and withdraw from this sword club.

Zhang Yi, however, won.

This group of emperor worms passed him by.

After sleeping for two hours, Zhang Yi opened his eyes and woke up.