The Sword Dynasty

266 Rain of Death

Devotion often means concentration and uncompromising readiness.

If you focus on the sword, the sword will be pure.

An extremely pure sword gas rushed out of Zhang Yi's sword tip, and the quiet but tenacious breath rushed into the sky.

Wetness rose from high above.

Then in the next moment, Zhang Yi waved his sword without hesitation towards the front of his body.

Countless sharp intentions settled sharply from high altitude.

Perceiving the pure sword and the sharpness of the moment, Xu Lian's eyes on Zhang Yi's back flashed some shocking expressions in an instant. He knew that Zhang Yi was once the best student in Baiyangdong, but he also Unexpectedly, Zhang Yi had such an accomplishment in swordsmanship.

It's just that Zhang Yi's shock didn't stop there.

When Zhang Yi was almost devoutly concentrating on wielding his sword, the true elements in his body continuously poured into his sword furnace long sword, a surging heat shot like a giant wave, and the red sword body became brighter and brighter. At an alarming rate, it becomes red, as if it had just been taken out of the furnace.

The sword gas flowing from the red sword also became hotter and hotter, and a series of murmurs rang continuously, and finally burned violently.

A strong shocking expression also appeared in Zhang Yi's eyes. The lines of the sword gas he felt in the sky burned in his perception, and then in the next moment, there were countless burning lines of fire in his sight.

Countless red to extreme lines of fire spread in the air, reflecting the blue hard armor of the surrounding emperor worms is a red, but these lines of fire are very regular, constantly attracting the humid moisture gathered around the world.

Looking at the countless red to extreme fire lines fired from the sword and forming in the high altitude, and watching the crystallized water vapor gather towards the fire lines, Zhang Yi reacted.

"It turns out this way."

He couldn't help but whisper in shock.

Xu Lianhua had not seen this sword style of Mo Yuan in person, his reaction was slower than that of Zhang Yi.

He looked up unconsciously.

He saw countless crystal rain lines appearing in the sky ahead.

The center of the crystal rain line is a line of fire that is also red to crystal.

Water and fire blended together bizarrely.

However, these two strengths are naturally incompatible, so such a spectacle only stayed in his pupil for a very short moment.

At the next moment, the edge of fire and water began to explode violently.

With the fierce and murderous rain line falling down on the emperor worms in front of him and Zhang Yi, at the same time of the fall, these original crystal rain line explosions turned into a blast, with amazing heat White steam.

Boom Boom Boom...

The crystallized waterline turned into a white steam column, falling and impacting on the hard carapace of an emperor worm, and all of them were collapsing at an alarming speed, but they still made a dull sound like a heavy hammer. .

It is impossible for all the teachers who practice on the cliff to hear such a sound. However, at the moment when this sound intensively sounded in the auricles of Zhang Yi and Xu Lianhua, many people's breathing also stopped completely, and their eyes couldn't help themselves. Is wide open to the extreme, but the pupils are contracting violently.

In the area dozens of feet in front of Zhang Yi, all the king bugs were completely shrouded by white steam in a breathing time. At the next moment, these white steams turned more violently.

Not only those emperors that had jumped before, but all emperors covered in white steam jumped out desperately, giving people the feeling that even if there are unpredictable cliffs outside, they will Jump out of everything.

Because they are too urgent, and the force is too fierce, the appearance of these emperor worms is extremely strange, and can even be described as twisted.

The falling rain line and the white steam column did not penetrate the hard carapace of these emperor worms. The emperor worms did not even see any obvious scars on their bodies. However, the two eye pupils of these emperor worms were originally like sapphire. It became filthy grayish black, at first glance reminiscent of a long-cured pine flower egg.

Xu Lianhua's body also began to tremble violently.

Countless more dull, like the sound of a collision of a speeding carriage drawn into the pinna, making his heart and scalp burst and numb.

At least dozens of standing worms were knocked down by the mad rushing out of the white steam, and after hitting their companions, these worms rushing out of the steam have also been chaotic and unclear. Again In a near-distorted posture, he jumped wildly and violently.

Xu Lianhua knew that these emperors had not only become blind, but that the heat contained in the white steam invading along the cracks of the carapace had caused severe embarrassment and unbearable pain to these emperors.

Now there is not much difference between these emperors and the people who are thrown into the pan and then crawled out.

Zhang Yi's body stood firmly on the edge of the white steam mass that had not completely dissipated.

The white steam that has not been completely dissipated still contains amazing heat, so he dare not touch it easily.

The road ahead is blocked, but the rear worms are unaffected.

Zhang Yi didn't need to turn his head to look at the sound of breaking the sky, and knew that there were more than ten emperors falling towards himself and Xu Lianhua, and after these emperors, there were also dense emperors coming in.

However, Zhang Yi was very calm at this time, with a delighted expression in his eyes.

He waved his sword steadily and cut a sword back.

Many red to extreme fire lines appeared again in the high altitude.

These fire lines are runes, and they form a complete sword.

The rain of death fell again, turning into a horrible steamy white mist.

Zhang Yi bent forward quickly, a mad twisted body of imperial insects rushing out of the white steam mass passed over the head of him and Xu Lianhua, with a steaming taste.

This action made Xu Lianhua almost fall to the ground like he was throwing a backpack, but Xu Lianhua did not produce any anger in his heart.

He saw hope.

The strength of Zhao Jianlu's sword itself, combined with Zhang Yi's sword power, made Zhang Yi jump from a not terrible sword master to a terrible sword master.

Not only to deal with the emperors in front of him, Xu Lianhua can be sure that Zhang Yi, with this sword and this sword momentum, will directly have a cross-border battle, and many Zhenyuan Xiu is far more powerful than his practitioners. .


The imperial worm that became a blind man crashed wildly, ruining this group of imperial worms that had been in an orderly manner like an army.

Zhang Yi waved with his left hand, shot a palm wind, and scattered the white mist that had become completely thin in front of him, and then he accelerated again and passed through the area.

The warm white air blew on the body, but it turned into water but was very comfortable.

"Are you sure that you were the group you were fighting against the enemy before, have you been moving around here and want to find you out of this group?"

At this moment, Zhang Yi turned to look seriously at Xu Lianhua and asked.

"How do you want to ask this?"

Xu Lianhua couldn't understand it, so he asked honestly: "Your real element is still abundant, even if you can't kill all this Zerg group completely, you can at least turn them all into blind and half boiled Cooked crabs, does it matter whether this Zerg group is the one I encountered before?"

"With this sword, I can deal with these batches of emperors." Zhang Yi nodded, and he continued to swipe forward, and then said: "But if we encounter one or two such emperors in succession, Ethnic group, as soon as my true elements are exhausted, we still cannot pass this level."

"Since Minshan Jianzong made such an arrangement, I think there are definitely many such Zerg groups in this sea of ​​thorns, or many of the candidates who come to each of us to participate in the Jianhui will encounter at least one or two. support."

"But so many Zerg groups did not directly merge into a staggering number of shares, which shows that these Zerg groups, like some wolves on the grassland, still have natural boundaries."

"If you can be sure that this Zerg group is the one that has been chasing you, I suspect that these groups will naturally avoid in order to avoid disputes. Perhaps this group will catch the prey, and the rest of the groups will consciously avoid."

"If this is the case, I don’t want to completely destroy this Zerg group. I want to leave a part so that they still have the ability to track us. This way, letting such a crippled group follow without much threat to us, It can also prevent us from encountering new Zerg groups one after another."

Zhang Yi's methodical explanation after sentence, while Xu Lianhua became more and more silent.

When Zhang Yi even thought he was in a coma and turned to look at him, he looked up hard and said, "You are really good."

Zhang Yi was shocked.

Xu Lianhua took a breath, and then said: "It's not just swordsmanship, your inference and analysis skills are really powerful."

Zhang Yi was stunned for a moment. He subconsciously thought of "Little Brother" Ding Ning, and suddenly felt a little ashamed.

"Just now I thought we were absolutely safe and doomed to pass this level. However, after listening to what you just said, I realized that we are really safe now." Xu Lianhua took a deep breath and turned hard. Looking at the rushing emperor swarm, he said: "Some of the emperor worm swarms were injured by their own hands, so it is indeed the one I encountered before."

Zhang Yi somewhat understood what he meant, and suddenly explained more embarrassedly: "I am just guessing, not necessarily 100% accurate."

Xu Lihua shook her head and said, "No, with your ability, I can be sure that even if there are some variables, you can take me out."

Zhang Yi was stunned again.

He found himself really confident now.

Although most of the source of faith comes from the sword in his hand, it seems that the prayer of prayer is really answered.

But no matter what, he is really confident now.

"I still have a very important question." At this moment, Xu Lianhua's voice rang in his ears again: "I see your look, you don't seem to know such a sword before. Will this effect be matched with your sword moves?"

"I didn't know it before." Zhang Yi nodded sincerely, and then he hesitated if he wanted to tell Xu Lianhua what Ding Ning let him choose.

If he said that, he thought it would be difficult to explain.

However, Xu Lianhua just seemed to want to hear such an answer.

"I know." Xu Lianhua's heart flashed an unspeakable emotion, "So you are not very sure, and you just want to fight, try to take me out."

Zhang Yi somewhat understood the meaning of Xu Lianhua's two questions. He panicked and hurriedly explained: "Of course, I am not very sure in advance, so I did this deliberately to win your gratitude and favor."

Xu Lianhua raised her head again and looked at Zhang Yi with a sneer. "Of course I understand that it is harder for people like you to lie than to do anything. I can't see it. You need to rush to explain. ?"

Zhang Yi suddenly confessed: "It's good not to misunderstand."

Xu Lian gave him a blank look, leaned his head wearily on his shoulder, and then said softly: "No thanks."

In Changling, Daen didn't say anything.

Zhang Yi understood the meaning of Xu Lianhua, and was a little panicked. Zhang Kai wanted to speak.

But Xu Lihua was a weak whisper: "Don't talk nonsense, give your sword well."