The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 268

In the long river of history, I don’t know how many excellent practitioners with very high spiritual talents have fallen early, not to mention that the sword will have its own rules, even if it is regrettable, and know that this black robe boy has passed this level. It will definitely bring some accidents, and Dantai Guanjian cannot intervene.

"Who is this?"

As the black-robed boy walked into the water, getting closer and closer to the blue palace at the exit, the teachers of many practice sites on the cliff finally noticed his existence, and finally discovered that he would be the second after Ding Ning. Passer.

"Who is that boy?"

In the camp, the middle-aged man in the yellow robe with the surnamed Rong girl's eyebrows slightly raised his eyebrows.

The middle-aged man in the yellow robe politely said: "Ye Quannan, he took Tan Tanguan's quota."

"Tan Xin Guan?"

The surnamed Rong girl looked at the middle-aged man in the yellow robe that left under her direction and sneered.

This is a spiritual practice that belongs to the border area of ​​Bashan. Although it has the qualification to participate in the Jianzong Sect of Minshan, it has long since declined. No one has come to Changling in these years. She does not believe that such a practice site will suddenly appear as a genius. It was noticed in advance by the outside world.

Now the only thing that deserves her attention is who this black boy named Ye Frame Nan.

The figure of the black robe boy is getting closer and closer to the exit of the Qing Palace, and the mood of the teachers in all the practice areas on the cliff is also extremely complicated.

Tan Xinguan did not even accompany the teacher to Changling.

If you know the strength of this young man and have some expectations for this young man, someone will definitely be with you.

Especially at this time, this leaf frame Nan has passed several levels, and the speed of passing this level is far above the other famous talents in Changling. This is already a great honor for those small cultivation places.

So this incident itself reveals a strange and bizarre taste.

All the teachers in these practice areas are not very proficient in pharmacology, and they cannot know why this black-robed young man can pass the second one safely. However, they know that this black-robed young man must bear the same burden as Liyinghong Kind of mission.

In their eyes, the black robe boy Ye Frame Nan floated toward the exit of the Qingdian like an unknown shadow.

At the entrance of the temple is still the gentleman in a green robe who is not like a sword master, but like a private school.

When Ye Xiangnan's figure appeared in front of him, he had been seriously looking at the bamboo slips in his hand, his expression calm and serene, and with a trace of inexplicable joy.However, at the moment when Ye Yenan was seen, the gentleman in a blue robe changed his face greatly. He didn't even say much, he just gave way as quickly as possible, and then pointed to the back steps, saying: "That's the exit."

Ye Zhennan bowed and thanked him without saying much. He walked past him and stepped on the steps that came from the breeze.

It was early morning in the valley.

Ding Ning just finished dealing with the wound on his body. He was so tired that he wanted to find a place to lie down to rest for a while, but he soon felt a very strange breath, and then hid deep in his body. Countless small silkworms began to riot naturally!

Countless invisible small silkworms began to tremble in the depths of his body and flesh, surging out, making Ding Ning's body tremble slightly uncontrollable.

Ding Ning took a deep breath, and the body began to riot, and the small silkworms who wanted to rush out of his body were suppressed by the breath as he breathed, and quickly disappeared from his body.

His face was still leaning quietly on a pillar in the shed. His eyes did not fall to the exit of the stone steps of the Qingdian, but fell to the ground beside him.

There lay an ugly, very unsightly crimson long worm, which was Xuanshuang headworm that Qing Yaoyin gave him as a gift.

This black frost head beetle was hit hard by him even in the sea of ​​thorns, and suffered a huge shock. He had never seen the deep night, and he even passed out here, but at this time, when Ding Ning's countless invisible bodies At the moment when the small silkworm storm moved, the Xuanshuang headworm woke up.

Its body trembled in the underground, and then it had to try its best to escape Ding Ning's side.

Ding Ning's eyes fell on it at this time.

Without any body movements, Ding Ning just moved his eyes slightly, slowly releasing some invisible small silkworms deep inside the body.

When those invisible small silkworms were moving again in Ding Ning's body, the body of the Xuanshuang worm shook more fiercely, and even the will to escape was completely disintegrated, and the body curled up quickly.

Ding Ning converged the invisible little silkworms in his body, and no longer controlled the dark red ugly worm that curled up at his feet.

It's not that he doesn't care about this ugly bug at all.

This ugly worm also has at least the strength of a near-three-level cultivator, which can make it obedient, at least it is equivalent to adding a good close waiter, not to mention that from its performance, some of its perception capabilities are far beyond powerful Practitioners.

Qing Yaoyin is one of the pinnacle figures in Jianshan Sect of Minshan, and Minshan Jianzong is a hopeful existence in the whole world. There are naturally infinite possibilities for the gifts he sends. It will not be so simple. And Ding Ning is no ordinary cultivator. He vaguely felt that the ugly worm in his hand would be more useful than Qing Yaoyin thought.

At this time he was so careless, just because he knew the process of domestication of foreign animals.

The most difficult thing in domesticating a foreign animal is to make the foreign animal fear from the heart.

This is the most difficult step, but he has easily done it now. This black frost bug is different from any naturally-generated beasts in the world, but it has a weak spiritual intelligence, so he should not need to deliberately go next What to do, just need to bring this ugly bug with you, as long as the time is long, it should slowly understand his intention.

For him, Minshan Jianhui is also a gamble.

Now that this ugly worm is already a windfall, what more windfalls will there be in this grand event?

Or did it fail and die?

A black shadow appeared in his eyes.

Ye Frame Nan walked in the morning light, and kept approaching him.


Ding Ning gazed calmly at the young man in black robe he was about the same age.

He saw dripping water on the black robe's body, so a clear water mark was left behind the boy's body.

There are some faint black oil lines that are not seen by people who are not meticulous.

These black lines oozed out of Ye Quannan's robe, much like the black robe on his body faded naturally after being soaked in water for a long time.

But Ding Ning saw it very clearly, these blacks were coming out of his body skin.

In every pore of Ye Zhennan's skin, there is a black oily water.

Ding Ning's face was still calm, and there was no obvious fluctuation in his eye waves, but his thoughts were moving at an alarming speed.

He twitched his nose slowly, sniffing carefully the scent in the water mark, then he sharply caught a complex odor.

The initial smell of the black lines floating in the water marks is like a faint rose flower scent, but soon it exudes a sweet cold milk fragrance, and then it quickly turns into a violent spicy smell. .

His eyebrows frowned slightly, and he couldn't tell what kind of medicine it was, at least in his memory, he hadn't seen it.

But he can be sure that the power of this drug cannot be sustained by the body of this black-robed teenager.

Dantai Guanjian couldn't understand why Ye Fangnan easily passed the sea of ​​thorns safely and unharmed, but like Qing Yaoyin, he instantly judged that this black robe was a medicine man.

"You are a dead man."

Ding Ning looked at Ye Fangnan who had walked under the eaves without hesitation and calmly and coldly said directly: "Who are you dead?"

Ye frame Nan raised his head.

His face is ordinary, but his face is not big, so he also looks very beautiful.

At the moment his expression was very quiet, but there was obviously a trace of surprise.

"thank you."

He didn't answer Ding Ning's question first, but bowed in earnestly to thank him.

Ding Ning raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "Why would you thank me?"

"Because I thought I would be the first candidate to pass the sea of ​​thorns behind me, I originally thought I would wait for you here, or I might never be able to wait for you to come out, if I really can’t wait for you to come out, then I Your death will become worthless." Ye Qinan looked at Ding Ning and said sincerely: "But I didn't expect you to be are really much better than I thought."

Ding Ning stared at his eyes and pondered, "Aren't you here to kill me?"

"This is Minshan Jianzong. Even if I came to kill you, I will die much faster than you here." Ye frame Nan smiled and said softly: "Of course I am not here to kill you, I Is here to help you."

"Thank you."

Ding Ningxiu gave his first salute, and then whispered: "So back to the old question of Fang Cai, who the hell are you?"