The Sword Dynasty

Episode 274

With the sound of this sound, the valley suddenly returned to silence.

Xie Rou looked to the back of the shed where the voice sounded, excited and unspeakable.

Yi Xin felt extremely embarrassed, thinking that he was the first person in this pass, and expected that many people had already gathered after the shed.

Zhang Yi was so ashamed that he felt too moved to disturb Ding Ning's rest.

Xu Lianhua was extremely shocked. He couldn't understand how Ding Ning could bring out such a long worm from the inside, and such a long worm was on the side. Ding Ning could sleep peacefully. Is this long worm really tamed by Ding Ning?

Only in such a short time, how is this possible?

The emotions of each of them are different. They didn’t ridicule Gu Xichun at this time, and no one even went to watch Gu Xichun. However, at the moment Ding Ning’s voice sounded, the mysterious frost bug that came out of the shed immediately stopped. And then slowly walked around a circle and climbed towards the back of the shed.

It looked scared again, but he didn't dare to go back to Ding Ning's side, and wanted to find protection beside Ding Ning, so the crawling look was very funny.

However, Gu Xichun felt that the long worm seemed to crawl on his face.

Gu Xichun was silent for a moment, and finally walked alone to a shed without a word.


Zhang Yi broke the silence for the first time, and he turned to look at Ding Ning, who was sitting on the ground, couldn't help but want to apologize.

"Is it only you and Xie Rou?" Ding Ning glanced at him and interrupted his apology directly.

Zhang Yi was startled, suddenly worried again, and nodded.

"What hatred do you have with Gu Xichun?" Xu Lianhua couldn't help but ask.

Zhang Yi shook his head and said, "There is no hatred."

Xu Lianhua frowned suddenly and looked at Zhang Yi in disbelief: "Is there no Qiu?"

Zhang Yi's expression became a little weird, and said in a low voice: "But every time he said that Brother Ding Ning could not succeed, he was immediately proved to be wrong."

"Many times before?"

Xu Lianhua thought for a while before Gu Xichun confessed what he said with Yi Xin when he passed the second pass, and what he said to Xie Rou, and then looked at the current picture, he couldn't help but shake with sympathy Shaking his head, said: "This is really miserable."

"But it's not that there is no hatred... It's a real hatred when you are beaten in public when you admire the scenery."

Xu Lianhua's eyes fell on Ding Ning and the Xuanshuang insect crawling on the side of Ding Ning, and then asked: "How can you bring out such a worm from inside."

"Senior brother, this is Xu Lianhua, we are friends." Zhang Yi knew that Ding Ning was not as good-tempered as he was. He was afraid that Ding Ning would be rude to Xu Lianhua and immediately inserted an urgent sentence.

Ding Ning's expression did not change significantly. He just looked at Xu Lianhua and said in a very simple way: "This is Minshan Jianzong."

Xu Lianhua froze for a moment, and immediately reacted.

This is Minshan Jianzong, and Minshan Jianzong is the most stingy place for cultivation. Without the permission of Minshan Jianzong, no one can take away the grass and trees of Minshan Jianzong.

"I haven't seen you before, I really thought I was the first passer. Ding Ning, you are really powerful... Minshan Jianhui has been the only one of you who can get the Minshan Jian directly in the Jianhui for so many years. Zong's reward."

At this moment, Yi Xin's voice sounded, and he and Xie Rou had also bypassed the shed and came to this open space bathed in sunlight.

Ding Ning looked at Yi Xin and bowed his head as a salute, silent for a moment, and said, "If the cave master knows, he will be very happy."

There was silence again.

A candidate who won the first place in a row and did all the things that the previous candidates did not do will naturally be very happy.

It is a pity that Xue Wangxu can no longer see.

"Regardless of the meaning, I still admire you." Yi Xin was silent for a moment, said this seriously, and then sat down.

"in fact…"

Zhang Yi hesitated, but said softly: "Actually, we should all be on the side of Brother Ding Ning. If it is possible, I mean, if it does not hinder our chance to enter Minshan Jianhui practice... if possible, we all You should try your best to help Brother Ding Ning win the first place."

"You didn't have a mother-in-law this time, but you have the courage to say such things." Xu Lianhua turned to look at Zhang Yi, slightly mocking: "Do you think this is a treat for dinner, so simple?"

Zhang Yiwei lowered his head and dared not look at Xu Lianhua's eyes, but said, "Actually, you should have heard of some things in Baiyangdong. You all know that many things are not for our Baiyangdong and my brother Fair...I just think that if no one fights, then what kind of practice ground she wants in the future is how. If someone comes out to fight and no one is on his side, I think some people will be more in the future No need to think about how other people feel."

"This is not to help my younger brother and help Baiyangdong."

Zhang Yi lowered his head and said sadly: "Baiyang Cave no longer exists, and the owner of the cave is no longer here... This is to help all the cultivation sites in Changling. If I change to be a student of a cultivation site elsewhere, I encounter such a thing. , I will definitely help."

Both Yi Xin and Xu Lianhua were shocked at the same time.

Zhang Yi's words really make sense.

But the most important thing is that even though Zhang Yi may have a lot of shortcomings, he is like a pool of water, and anyone can really see it.

Everyone can see that Zhang Yi is very real.

The reason that such a person said, his sadness, sadness, and self-blame, somehow touched the hearts of others.

Yi Xin and Xu Lianhua did not speak for a while.

Xie Rou is a person on Ding Ning's side. She naturally doesn't need to show any attitude.

So no one said this time.

Zhang Yi didn't feel disappointed. He thought of something, turned around, looked at the shed that blocked their view, and said, "Why don't we remove the siding on this shed so we can both Seeing who has passed the level, those who pass the level will not think that no one has come out, so as not to make any misunderstandings again, which is embarrassing.

Hearing such words, Yi Xin couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Zhang Yi is really the kind of person who can easily see through his heart at a glance. Even if his contact time with Zhang Yi can't be shorter, but now he can hear Zhang Yi's meaning.

It is not mainly who can be seen at a glance, but the person who is afraid that he thinks that he has no one before, and what he says is embarrassing.

This is Zhang Yi's consideration for others, not wanting to embarrass others.

Looking at Zhang Yi's profile, Yi Xin couldn't help but sigh softly. It was hard for him to understand why Gu Xichun would have enmity with them.


Seeing no objection, Zhang Yi started to take off and removed several planks on the shed facing them.

The silhouette between the cliffs swayed, and some of them passed out.

Zhang Yi looked up with expectation. He hoped to see the figures of Shen Yi or Xie Changsheng, Nangong Caishu and others, but his heart fell immediately.

Lairen wore a pure white robe and was completely clean. It was still spotless. It was Ye Haoran who was born in the palace of Liling King.

After removing a few pieces of wood, it opened a door like some of the shops of Wutong.

Ye Haoran's gaze out of the shadow of the cliff easily met the gaze of Zhang Yi and others.

At the first time I saw Ding Ning and Zhang Yi already here, Ye Haoran's double pupils shrank slightly, and then besides Xie Rou, Yi Xin and Xu Lianhua were sitting, Ye Haoran's brows were suddenly deep. Up.

He frowned, looking at Yi Xin and Xu Lianhua in silence.

Yi Xin and Xu Lianhua also saw Ye Haoran's eyes.

Then Xu Lianhua glanced at Yi Yi.

Yi Xin looked as usual, glanced at the warm sunlight above, and then slowly lay down directly on the wooden board that Zhang Yi unloaded.

Ye Haoran's brow jumped, he no longer looked at everyone here, and walked toward a shed on one side.


Zhang Yi felt that the atmosphere seemed a bit wrong and couldn't help asking softly.

"You are very powerful sometimes, but sometimes it is very frustrating."

Ding Ning looked at him and replied: "Do you want to help, do you want to be friends, do you have to say it?"

Zhang Yi's body suddenly shuddered, and he reacted, looking at Xu Lianhua and Yi Xin Zhang's opening, his lips shaking.

"Don't talk nonsense."

Xu Lianhua waved her hands and lay down on the wooden board that Zhang Yi removed: "Is it more comfortable to lie on the wooden board you removed than to sleep on the ground, but also thank you specifically."

Zhang Yi was stunned and a little ashamed, but after a while, he still felt that he had to do something for Xu Lianhua and others, so he couldn't help saying: "Do you want to drink water? I think the pots and stoves in the house are all ready-made , I’m going to set fire to some hot water for you to drink?"