The Sword Dynasty

275 The First Opponents

Xu Lianhua would like to say something casually, or do you simply go to the next bowl of noodles for us to eat?

However, looking at Zhang Yi's clean eyebrows, he felt defeated. This sentence was swallowed hard.

A cloud of rain condensed in front of the shed, and it rained densely.

Then smoke came from the valley.

Zhang Yi didn't talk about it casually. He really used the iron pan to pick up the rainwater he condensed with his sword, and then fired the water to boil it.

Many teachers on the cliff saw the smoke rising from the valley, and their hearts were filled with emotion.

The solemn and heavy sword society was actually burned by Zhang Yi, which added a lot of taste and humanity in the streets.

In particular, many people know that since the battle between Xue Wangxu and General Liang, they have recuperated in Wutongluo. Zhang Yi and others have taken care of them on weekdays.

At this time, looking at Zhang Yi's skillful way of firing water and burning water, many people naturally imagined Zhang Yi's extremely detailed picture of taking care of Xue Wangxu in Wutong, and became more silent.

Different from the silence of many people, the depth of the eyes of the deputy chief of the ceremonial division somewhere in the cliff began to appear the light of joy.

Before that, he had been very pessimistic.

The fewer people standing on the side of Ding Ning, the more brutal battles Ding Ning will encounter in the next sword test, which is extremely simple.

However, things have changed a bit now, and it was Zhang Yi who didn't pay attention to it before, and even considered it to be ineffective by most people.

Being able to reverse the whole situation invisibly, how can such a person be a mediocre person who can do nothing?


Firewood is growing in the stove, and the water will soon boil.

At this time, the candidates on Yajian Mountain Road began to walk out one after another.

Except for Ding Ning, many other people are not much different. When Gu Xichun arrived at the exit, many people were already close to the exit.

A young girl wearing an elegant hemp pigment robe appeared in Xu Lianhua's sight.

Xu Lianhua's eyes lit up suddenly.

Lying on the side without any mastery, looking at the exit, he immediately waved at the girl.

The girl froze for a moment, then went towards Xu Lianhua.

She passed directly through the humble shed, and when she walked through the vacancy removed from Zhang Yi, she couldn't help turning her head to look at Zhang Yi again.

"What's okay?"

Looking at the Supao girl who walked in front of him, Xu Lianhua turned over and sat up, simply asked.

This girl is naturally Xia Wan, the most outstanding student of Su Xin Jian Zhai.

Looking at Xu Lihua's densely packed hemostatic gauze, Xia Wan's brows were suddenly wrinkled with Chuan characters, but a glorious look flashed in her eyes.

"The one I chose in the previous sword selection was the Duobao sword of Han Di Duo Bao Pavilion."

She glanced at Ding Ning behind Xu Lianhua and Yi Xin on the side, and then saw the Xuan Frost Worm curled up on the side of Ding Ning. Her eyes suddenly widened to the extreme.

After a stunned amount of time, she eased back and looked at Xu Lianhua again and explained: "There are many instruments in the Duobaojian, and the inside of the flight line can be used to cope with the large number of inside. Zerg."

Xu Lianhua looked up slightly at the long sword with the black handle and blue sword carried by Xia Wan, inquiringly: "Something like tripping on a horse?"

Xia Wan nodded simply and said, "Similar."

Xu Lianhua commented with fairness: "Good luck."

Xia Wan didn't say anything, just looked at him.

"Zhang Yi is boiling water for me." Xu Lianhua looked at her and said.

Only this sentence, Xia Wan saw what he meant.

Then she also sat down in the empty space beside Xu Lianhua, a little tired and said: "It's always more comfortable to drink hot."

Next, she couldn't get rid of the girl's natural curiosity and couldn't help but whisper: "What's the bug?"


Ding Ning did not close his eyes to sleep.

Too much rest is also easy to make the reaction slow. He always adjusts his body to a state that is very conducive to fighting.

"Actually, Xie Changsheng also has a chance to come out."

During the conversation between Xia Wan and Xu Lianhua, he didn't turn his head, but said softly to Xie Rou: "Although I can't expect Jian Gu to choose the sword, it will be like this, but the sword he chose, It is also very suitable to deal with this level."

"He Zhaoxi has the best endurance. I even think he will come out earlier than my brother Zhang Yi. It seems that I also underestimated my brother."

Ding Ning looked at Zhang Yi, who was burning fire, and his voice was lower: "In fact, everyone... I am most worried about Shen Yi. Under the same luck, the swordsmanship of Xu Heshan and Nangong Caishu and the chosen sword are better than He is more suitable."

Xie Rou looked at his profile and inexplicably moved.

Although Ding Ning seems absolutely calm most of the time, there are not many special emotions, and even people feel too inaccessible like the frozen peaks in the heights. However, she knows that Ding Ning and Zhang Yi are actually the same in many ways, there is no difference.

At this moment, she was suddenly shocked again.

Because after walking out of the mountain road between the cliffs, a person walked straight towards Zhang Yi, who was burning fire, towards the place where she and Ding Ning and others were.

At this time, there are already many candidates, including some who are ranked very high on the talent list, but including everyone who has stepped out before, even Ding Ning, there is no one who looks relaxed.

It's really relaxed, even happy, from the bones.

It was as if that horrible sea of ‚Äč‚Äčthorns was just his familiar home for this person. He seemed to have walked out of the house after having lunch in his familiar home.

This is a teenager who seems to be thinner than Ding Ning, wearing a very ordinary blue cloth robe, but he was very noticeable at the beginning of the sword meeting, especially at this time, when he was wearing Relaxing and even enjoying feelings appearing in everyone's eyes, his figure seemed to glow, easily attracting everyone's attention.

As he approached, Xie Rou's mind kept leaping about the person.


Son of Lonely Life.

Lonely and alone, the youngest of the 13 generals of the Qin Dynasty.

The bone blood of the Dugu family is somewhat unique. Not only is it a single pass, but it is weak and sick in childhood. It often does not take until the age of 14 or 5 years to grow up, and the talents of spiritual practice will soon appear.

Dugu's talent for cultivation is also very unique.

Not only is the practice of breaking mirrors fast, but the Du Gu family likes some simple sword styles and can use them to exert great power.

From Dugu's home to Dugu's cool life, the family power is at its peak, but instead of using nourishing means, the most trusted home will travel with Dugubai to all kinds of deserts, bitter cold and extreme heat To go to various places of war, according to the words of Du Gu Liang Sheng, it is based on the spirit of heaven and earth, the spirit of war and the spirit of war, and the nature is used to support people.

Du Gu Bai became the first cult genius in Du Gu's family who was strong in his childhood.

Therefore, before the talents came out, all the young people in Changling, even Xu Lianhua and others, felt that the number one must be isolated.

Zhang Yi was completely stunned.

He was never a cover-up, so when the solitary walk came to his side, he was even at a loss.

"what are you doing?"

Du Gubai asked somewhat curiously.

He was already the strongest cultivator in Du Gu's childhood, but at this time Zhang Yi still felt that, compared with his peers, Du Gu White's complexion still looked slightly waxy, including the voice at this time, but also a little bit sharp.

"I'm boiling water." He thought in his heart that if Du Gu's family didn't have such a genetic disease, it would be better. At the same time, he didn't dare to neglect and got up and beat his hand as a courtesy.

Du Gu Bai was stunned, and forgot to return the salute at one moment, saying, "Just boiling water?"

Zhang Yi was dumbfounded.

"Then please ask Zhang to wait for a cup of hot tea."

Du Gubai just laughed, and gave her a hand back, then walked across the shed to Ding Ning.

Xu Lianhua and Xia Wan couldn't help but glance at each other, and there was something unbelievable in their hearts.

No matter whether it is the expression of Solitary Solitude or this sentence, it makes them feel that Solitary Solitude is to make the same choice as them.

"You are Ding Ning, I know, I'm alone."

Everyone in the field knew that he was a solitary solitary, but the solitary white who walked in front of Ding Ning said so.

Then in the shocked eyes of countless people on the cliff, Du Gubai sat down directly in front of Ding Ning.

"I have some sword styles that I don't quite understand. You are better than me in this respect. I think it should be possible to discuss one or two with each other."

Looking at Ding Ning who had no intention of refusing, Du Gu said seriously.

"Isn't it an excuse to sit here?" Ding Ning looked at him seriously and asked softly.

Du Gubai shook his head, "Of course not."

"What's more, I don't need an excuse to sit here." Then he couldn't help laughing again.

The young man who was once recognized as the first young talent in this swordsman's smile was a bit naive and childish, but he also had an indescribable domineering and arrogance.