The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 276: Problems with Many Swords

"Your worm is interesting."

Then his eyes fell on the black frost bug beside Ding Ning.

Du Gubai's eyes were very soft, and there was a hint of smile on his mouth, but somehow, Xuan Frost felt a great fear, his body unconsciously curled up on the side of Ding Ning.

Seeing the movement of Xuanshuang Worm, Ding Ning's eyebrows were raised slightly. The reaction of this Xuanshuang Worm exceeded his expectations. He began to feel that the gift that Qing Yaoyin gave him might be more worth looking forward to. local.

"I have a sword style called Malachite Green."

Looking at Ding Ning's raised brows slowly, Du Gu Bai smiled, and looked at Ding Ning seriously and said: "I think this trick is very useful for's very powerful, just me and my teacher Can't understand and understand."

Hearing the words of Du Gubai, Xu Lianhua and others gradually disappeared, and then they became more and more shocked.

Although these simple words are extremely simple, they contain shocking information.

Du Gubai turned out to really want to ask Ding Ning for the sword style.

Every generation of Du Gujia is a brilliant genius. People who can become the teacher of Du Gu Bai will naturally become more amazing in their cultivation and identity. Both Du Gu Bai and his teacher understand something impenetrable. Now Du Gu Bai is preparing Ask Ding Ning.

Du Gubai looked at Ding Ning, and then said: "The peacock green sword style comes from the Ming King residual scripture, and Wei Haozi repairs it."

"Wei Liao Zi?"

Xu Lianhua and others were already very shocked. The moment they heard the name, they immediately set off a higher storm in their hearts.

There is another name in the book of Wei Yingzi's Changling and even the whole world of practitioners: "King of Wolf".

In the past, most of the area north of Guanzhong to the outside of the customs was under the control of the Fans, and the leader of the various departments of the Fans was Wei Zhangzi.

Wei Haozi has been king for more than 20 years and has been fighting with the army of the Great Qin Dynasty until the Emperor Yuanwu was defeated and killed by the army of the Great Qin the year before the emperor won the throne. It was the Great Qin Tianliang Army who killed Wei Liaozi at that time The general will live alone.

Du Gu Liang Sheng was sealed with the great merit of King Pingfan.

In the relevant records of many classics, the Great Qin Dynasty could not be settled for more than 20 years. Although most of the reasons were pinned by the Han, Zhao, and Wei dynasties, most of the power of the Great Qin Dynasty at that time must be placed in the Han, Zhao, and Wei dynasties. In the battle of the Three Dynasties, one of the reasons that can not be ignored is that Wei Liaozi was definitely one of the strongest practitioners in the world at that time.

"Although Wei Haozi was killed by his father, he was not as good as his father. The Tianliang Army paid a heavy price to kill him."

"After Weiyingzi's death, this sword scripture was obtained by my father. This sword scripture should also be the strongest sword scripture in my alone home."

Du Gubai looked at the shocked Xu Lihua and others and the still calm Ding Ning, the voice became slower and slower, "I intuitively think that this peacock green is very strong, but I can't understand it all the time."

Intuition is sometimes very vague, but for some people, it can be described as a unique talent.

"Let me see malachite green."

Ding Ning had no unnecessary nonsense, and when Du Gu stopped talking, he said quietly.

Without any hesitation, Du Gubai reached out and took out a piece of skin.

The color of this animal skin is extremely strange, it is a rare miserable green, it looks very tough, but it is full of worm-like holes, and many of the handwriting and lines on it are wearing out and disappearing soon. At first glance, it is extremely old Thing.

Even Zhang Yi, who was boiling water, was a little lost and forgot to watch the fire.

Ding Ning's eyes were narrowed, and his heart also gave unlimited respect to the Dugu family's teenager. This is obviously the original of Wei Yingzi's Wang Jianjing, which is related to the secrets of Du Gubai's swordsmanship, but this teenager directly took it. come out.

There was no hesitation in his movements.

He stretched out his hand, took the hide from the hands of the solitary solitary, and opened it in front of his eyes.

The solitary gaze didn't linger too much on this animal skin that had been carefully watched countless times.

He was familiar with any word, any line, or even any holes and folds on this hide.

When Ding Ning dropped his head and began to watch the animal skin carefully, his eyes began to shrink slightly.

A strong intuition filled his heart again.

He took a deep breath and began to wait silently.

There are more and more candidates coming out of the shadows between the cliffs. All these subsequent candidates who don’t know what Ding Ning’s animal skin is and what Ding Ning is doing at the moment. The people around them, all these candidates were suddenly in a huge shock.

They didn't understand why Xu Lianhua, Xia Wan, Yi Xin, and even Du Liao would sit quietly beside Ding Ning.


Difficult to understand not only these candidates.

"Have you thought of this?"

Pan Ruoye looked at the green figures of those people bathed in sunlight, turned to look at Huang Zhenwei, and asked indifferently.


Huang Zhenwei shook his head directly, but immediately said softly: "But I can think of the reason."

Pan Ruoye glanced at him.

Huang Zhenwei said with emotion: "Because they are very young...too young, they tend to be impulsive. It is wrong to use adult thinking to estimate their behavior. And because they are too young, even if they do something wrong, , Adults often do not give too severe punishment."

Even if children do wrong things, they are always more forgivable than adults do wrong things.

Children have more arrogant capital.

But even so, can this wine shop boy win?

Pan Ruoye looked at Ding Ning's figure in the distance, and was a little uncertain about his emotions.


There was a grunt in the pot.

The water has boiled.

Zhang Yi lifted the lid of the pot, scalded some porcelain bowls on the stove with boiling water, and then began to give everyone water.

"Please use tea."

When he handed a bowl of hot water to Du Gubai, Zhang Yi bowed to the court with full of gratitude.

In his mind, any behavior that can help his "little teacher" deserves his thanks.

However, when he saw the clear white water without a tea leaf at the exit, he felt that he was inaccurate in his use of words, and shyly said, "Please drink water."

Du Gu Bai smiled and took the bowl from Zhang Yi who was preparing to speak.

At this moment, his smile was slightly stiff.

Because Ding Ning, who had been looking down at the sword classics, had raised his head.

Ding Ning looked up, but looked at the distance, to the shadow between the cliffs.

Everyone was consciously driven by his eyes and looked there.

Zhang Yi turned around, and then he saw the man walking out of the cliff, his eyes filled with surprise, and he couldn't help but called out: "Nangong Caishu!"

At this time, half of the body of the girl who walked out was stained with blood and her hair was very messy. It seemed that walking was very difficult. However, when she heard Zhang Yi's surprise cry, she also screamed in surprise. Suddenly full of energy, an arrow step swept up.

Du Gubai knew that this young girl was naturally the Nangong Cai Shu of the Qingteng Jianyuan. He understood the joy of Zhang Yi and others, but he couldn't help but let out some disappointment.

But at this moment, Ding Ning's voice passed into their pinna.

"I know the crux."

A heavy breath sounded.

Ding Ning's eyes all returned to him.

Du Gubai himself felt that his facial expression was very stiff, he unconsciously said: "You know the crux?"

Ding Ning reached out and handed the beastly skin with green color, nodded and said, "Let me see your sword."

Du Gubai took a deep breath.

He took the hide in his left hand and put it in his arms, then pulled the sword in his right hand.

A nice light green appeared in everyone's eyes.

A long sword as thin as a cicada appeared in Du Gubai's hands.

The hilt is pale yellow, the blade body is pale green, and translucent thin. Many runes carved on it seem to be going through the translucent sword body.

The whole sword is like a dragonfly's wings.

"This sword is Wei Yingzi's saber. Wei Yingzi used this sword to fight the enemy." Du Gubai took a deep breath again, then looked at Ding Ning and said, "I'm not in Jiangu Choose another sword."

Nangong Caishu has not yet crossed the shed to come to them, Xu Lihua and others have not had time to think about the meaning of Du Gu Bai's discourse, but Ding Ning has looked at Du Gu Bai calmly and said: "So your father and The generals of the Tianliang Army should not have seen Wei Zhangzi’s use of malachite green."

Du Gubai's body shook, and he solemnly watched Ding Ning nod and said, "Yes."

Xu Lianhua et al.'s eyes poured out an incredible look again.

Of course, Ding Ning could not have seen the battle on the battlefield. At the moment, he said such affirmative words, there is only one possibility, that is, he has indeed seen the key to this trick.

The air seemed to freeze a little.

Du Gubai looked at Ding Ning and said, "Is it the problem of the sword?"

Ding Ning shook his head and said, "It's a matter of many swords."