The Sword Dynasty

281 Dull Black Sword

The setting sun is about to disappear on the horizon in the distance, and the burning clouds in the sky are also crimson as if they are really burning.

All the candidates, even some seriously injured candidates, stood up hard because the final sword test was about to begin.

Xie Rou looked at Ding Ning's profile, she saw Ding Ning's eyes lit up, and the sky beside him dimmed. She lowered her head and saw her shadow like a faint wing behind Ding Ning's shadow.

She feels more and more that she is not a person in Ding Ning's world, but at this time, she feels that even if it can only be a small invisible wing behind Ding Ning, she must do all her power.

"Everyone's life has a stage of refusing to admit one's fate.

The surnamed Rong girl walked out of the rest camp and walked over the side of the middle-aged man in the yellow robe that stood upright. She stared at the ray of fire in the distance and said coldly, "I just teach them that they must admit their lives."

"Mountains have a natural height, not to mention people. Those naturally short mountains want to compete with the high mountains. In addition to trying in vain, they also make themselves and others unhappy."

"For a dog to be exiled, it represents justice in the eyes of a child, and looks silly in the eyes of an adult."

The middle-aged man in the yellow robe listened quietly to the words of the surname Rong, and there was no dissatisfaction or opposition in his eyes.

Because he thought that the court lady named Rong was telling the truth, he also had a stage of not accepting his fate, but now he already admits his fate.

If one admits one's fate, there is not much to be unwilling, but the most difficult thing in life is admitting one's fate.

Among the many officials who entered the valley, the deputy chief of the Lisi chief Sikong even looked at the standing Ding Ning and others, and his eyes gradually lightened.

Dantai Guanjian appeared silently behind Jing Liuli.

"This last sword test should be the most exciting and intense of all the sword tests in the past years." Looking at all the candidates standing silently on both sides of the shed, Dantai Guanjian shook his head and said softly with emotion.

Jing Liuli nodded and agreed with his opinion, but she did not have the slightest pride, because the main reason was that the teenager who was born in an alley and an inferior practice area refused to admit his life.

"Cheng Donglai."

A sudden cold drink sounded in the valley.

The elector who heard his name suddenly shuddered, looking to the cold-speaking Minshan Jianzong practitioners wearing sapphire robes.

"Ashamed of Zhong."

Until the voice of the Minshan Jianzong practitioner continued to sound, the candidate and all the talents around him completely reacted. The final sword test had begun without any opening remarks.

"It's not fair!"

At the moment of reaction, the first selected candidate whose name was mentioned screamed in a loss.

Many people think so.

The selected student named Cheng Donglai was born in the Secret Stone Taoist Academy. The latest ranking in the Caijun Book is 41. His opponent Zhong Jing was born in Jingnian Jianyuan and ranked 21st in the Caijun Book. There is not a small gap between the two in terms of cultivation. In particular, Cheng Donglai at this time has a serious penetrating wound on the left thigh. Not only is it inconvenient to move, but violent movements may cause major bleeding. Minor injuries.

"What's unfair?"

However, hearing Cheng Donglai's absent-minded cry, the practitioners who announced the match against Minshan Jianzong practitioners just looked at him expressionlessly, and said slowly: "The match is only drawn at random, there is a gap between cultivation practices, it is just a question of daily practice. The injuries on the body are only the remnants of the previous level. Do you think that the sword will only have the last level of the sword. The previous assessments are all countless?"

"If you feel unfair, you can abstain yourself." After a pause, the practitioner of Minshan Jianzong added another sentence without emotion.

The student named Cheng Donglai's face was as white as snow, but listening to these words, he couldn't say anything, and he didn't dare to say anything refuting.

The remaining candidates can only remain silent.

This kind of match is only drawn by this Minshan Jianzong practitioner, and there are naturally many places that are worthy of scrutiny and questioning. Especially now there are a total of forty-five candidates who passed the previous pass. One person will fight less and take the advantage.

However, this is the sword society of Minshan Jianzong. This is the rule of Minshan Jianzong. As the Minshan Jianzong practitioner said, if it feels unfair, there can be no other way than withdrawing.

"Sun Changzhi, open to heaven."

"Nie Yan, to Mo Yu."


Minshan Jianzong practitioners who announced the match were not interested in seeing the expressions of Cheng Donglai and others, but they continued without further ado.

Hearing his announcement, all the candidates had different expressions and different responses. Some were calm, some sneered silently, some piled up with reluctant smiles, some were ashamed, and careful candidates had already discovered this valley There are eight places marked by sword marks.

"Huang Pulian, to Xie Rou."

As expected by these candidates, after reading the eighth set against the two sides, this Minshan Jianzong practitioner who always seemed to have little expression on the face stopped, and then pointed at the eight faces randomly. It means that the opponents who have read the name to him can now enter the venue.

After following the gesture of the Minshan Jianzong practitioner to the venues that were about to fall into darkness, almost all the eyes of the candidates fell on Xie Rou.

the reason is simple.

Although everyone wanted to see Ding Ning’s battles the most, among the first 16 people who started the sword test, Xie Rou was the only practitioner who stood beside Ding Ning on the other side of the hut .

Xu Lihua's eyes and others are very dignified.

Huang Pulian's ranking in the Talents Book is seventeen, and Xie Rou did not practice in Changling. She did not have any ranks in the Talents Book at all.

In the eyes of most candidates, she and Xie Changsheng should rely on the financial resources of the Xie family to obtain the qualification to participate in the Minshan Sword Society by some disgraceful means.

Xie Rou did not expect that she happened to be the first cultivator to fight here. At this time, under the eyes of everyone, she could not help but start to get nervous, and the right hand holding the sword began to tremble slightly.

The black long sword in her hand shook with it.

Looking at the black sword in her hand that has no difference in appearance from Daqin's common standard long sword, most of the candidates even felt that she would not have a chance to win.

However, no one noticed that, not far behind Huang Pulian, a cultivator who was wearing the same robe as Huang Pulian's face changed suddenly. He certainly could not expect that Huang Pulian would meet Xie Rou, but He remembered some pictures in the sea of ​​thorns.

He opened his mouth and couldn't help but want to speak out.

However, at this moment, a practitioner of Minshan Jianzong appeared in front of him.

This Minshan Jianzong practitioner came from the side, just back to him at this time, but this practitioner who wanted to remind Huang Pulian suddenly realized something, and shut his mouth pale.

The sword test had already begun, and according to the rules stated by Jing Liuli, he could no longer say any reminder words now.

Xie Rou took a deep breath and was ready to play.

Ding Ning looked calm and looked at her and nodded.

Just such a simple action, Xie Rou suddenly had a lot of confidence.

Her hand holding the sword no longer trembled.


Huang Pulian has also moved forward, heading towards the field marked by a sword mark. His tall figure, his face sober, and his gaze are calmly looking straight ahead, giving the general a taste of a general.

The Tieping Sword Academy he practiced likes to send students to the battlefield to practice. According to some accurate information, Huang Pulian and some students of the Tieping Sword Academy even participated in the Lushan Association before the Great Qin Army recovered the Yangshan County. Some fighting.

Compared to Xie Rou, he was very confident from the beginning.

So he didn't even look back at his teacher, nor did he notice that there was a practitioner of Minshan Jianzong specifically blocking him in front of his teacher.

He also has the demeanor of Changling practitioners, not to the closest place to himself, but to the closest place to Xie Rou.


When Xie Rou walked across to him and stopped, he pulled his sword across his chest and bowed his head as a gift.

At this time, most of the other opponents were also in place, just because this battle had a special meaning, so the eyes of most people outside the court were still focused on him and Xie Rou.

The sky was getting dark, and no one in Minshan Jianzong seemed to have the meaning of firing light. However, when Huang Pu pulled his sword across his chest, the venue with a radius of dozens of feet lit up.

The long sword in Huang Pulian's hands is golden, and the golden light is as dazzling as the substance, and the runes on the sword naturally form seven dazzling light spots under his true element.

This sword is Qi Yao Yao.

Sovereign sword of Qi Yao Palace, a famous place of practice in Korea in the past.

A good sword that fell to the sword valley of Jianzong, Minshan, and was picked by Huang Pulian in this sword meeting.


Xie Rou also crossed swords.

The black sword in her hand was even more bleak under the light of the other party's dazzling sword light.

However, somehow, Huang Pulian's eyelids jumped unconsciously, feeling an indescribable danger.