The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 282: Dragon Poison

The dull black sword trembles slightly, this time not because of Xie Rou's tension, but because the real element in her body has begun to rush into the black sword sharply.

Huang Pulian's pupils shrank sharply.

He didn't see any picture of True Yuan walking on the surface of Black Sword. Xie Rou's True Yuan poured into the Black Sword directly along the hilt!

At the same time, he saw a purple mist rising from the tip of the black sword.

Numerous tiny needle-like purple mists spewed out from the black sword tip at an alarming speed. Only a moment, a purple mist formed in front of him, and Xie Rou's figure had disappeared directly after the purple mist.

A stern squirted from his mouth.

The Qi Yao sword in his hand was still lying across his chest and extended forward.

The seven dazzling lights on the sword were connected together, forming a moving wall of light in front of him.

This is the famous defensive sword style "Hengshan Duan" of Tieping Sword Academy.

When Xie Rou's Zhenyuan directly poured into the black sword, he had determined that the black sword in the opponent's hand was not a standard steel sword at all, and it must be an amazing famous sword.

Under the circumstances of Xie Rou's amazing effectiveness of the sword, he naturally took a defensive position.

Ziwu was powerless and was instantly dissipated by his Hengjian. Xie Rou's figure appeared again in his sight.

At the same time, however, a scent of sweet incense went straight to his brain, causing his mind to sink suddenly.


Huang Pulian reacted in an instant, and slammed again in a hurry, squirting all the air inhaled in the chest through this slamming and the squeeze of the true element.

At the same time, the golden long sword with a dazzling light in his hand, with a kind of stern breath, cut forward without stopping.

The air in front of him shuddered, followed by a roar, as if a few more Luxors were suddenly carrying a giant pillar towards Xie Rou in front of his sword.

This is the "Leishan Style" of Tieping Sword Academy. This is not the most exquisite and fierce sword style in Tieping Sword Academy, but it is definitely one of the most violent sword styles.

No matter what toxin is contained in Ziwu, he is still confident to defeat Xie Rou before the poison hits.

Xie Rou's face was pale, and the black sword in her hand swayed out, but instead of facing the front, she swept back.

Her body followed the sword's slash and slew directly back like a chaffinch.

Unexpected light flashed in the eyes of many candidates.

In addition to the sword in Xie Rou's hand, they began to find that Xie Rou was not as weak as they thought.At this time, this move "Yanxiang Slash" was originally used for rapid attack, and at this time she was used to escape backwards, which was extremely delicate, and most of them could not react faster and did better.

However, in the eyes of most people, Xie Rou is still impossible to win.

Because Huang Pulian's moves are also extremely fast.

"Hi" crackled.

The roar in everyone's ears hadn't disappeared, and the tearing sound of cloth had already sounded in the air.

Huang Pulian's head was raised high, and the sword in his hand was attacked.

A reddish sword flame detached from his sword body, flew upward and flew out, and fell to Xie Rou's body that flew back just now.

This sword flame looks like a burning cloud, and the sword-style name is also "fire burning cloud". The sword's meaning spans several feet of the sky. Even if Xie Rou gave birth to wings, it was too late to dodge.

Xie Rou only had a hard connection.

Looking at this picture, Zhang Yi was so nervous that even his breath stopped completely.

He felt that Huang Pulian was really strong. He changed his situation in Xie Rou, and he might not be able to withstand the sword.

The sound of wind and rain, followed by thunder.

In the eyes of everyone, Xie Rou didn't care about her falling body, her body fell freely, and the sword in her hand was slashing dozens of swords towards the front in a frantic moment.

Crazy blazed sword gas rolled heaven and earth to form wind and rain, and then a ray of purple thunder appeared in the wind and rain.

The shock in the eyes of many spectators was even stronger.

This is the Guanshan wind thunder sword style of Guanzhong.

This sword is very strong.

Especially strong.

They never imagined that a girl like Xie Rou could display such a sword like many Guanzhong heroes.

Huang Pulian did not even think of it.

However, he did not think he would lose.

Thinking of the previous warning from Geng Blade, he took a deep breath and, while not letting his True Elemental completely violent, output another True Element into the Qi Yao sword in his hand.


Dense stabs sounded.

Wind and rain have officially met with Huoyunyun.

There was a muffled noise.

It was only for a moment that the wind and rain and thunder collapsed, and Xie Rou's body that had fallen freely swayed up, and then flew out in a weird posture like a broken kite.

Many people's breathing had completely stopped in the field. Many people narrowed their eyes and looked at Xie Rou's body flying backwards, thinking about how Huang Pulian should end the battle.

However, at this time, Huang Pu's body struggling forward was abruptly stopped.

The ground beneath his feet had been wetted by tiny raindrops, but as he stopped suddenly, two waves of dust suddenly exploded under his feet.

There was another scream in his mouth.

The sound of Li Xiao was full of strong shock.

Among the crimson sword flames scattered in front of him and the scattered raindrops and fine lightning bolts, there are hundreds of thin black lights blasting towards him!

At this time, only he had the time to notice the thin black hair like the fine needles of cattle, and only he could perceive clearly. The thin light still came from the tip of Xie Rou.

The black light comes from the inside of the black sword in Xie Rou's hand. With the fierce surge of her real element, the sword's sword momentum naturally flew out!

The most important thing is that these thin black light exudes a more intense sweet and smelly smell, only at this moment makes his eyes blurred.

As the two waves of dust under his feet exploded, his right wrist holding the sword turned extremely soft, and the entire arm waved like a circle.

Jianguang spins in front of him and expands.

The fiery golden sword light formed an open umbrella in front of him.

"What sword style is this?"

One candidate screamed in shock.

This is obviously a more defensive sword style than "Hengshan Duan", but he hasn't even heard of it. It should be one of the secret swords of Tieping Sword Academy.

The oncoming black light was blocked by Huang Pulian's sword.

However, the local Huang Pulian was pale and pale.

A black air flowed along the sword in his hand, immediately flowing to his hilt, and then flowing into his hand.

His body quickly felt a sense of weakness as if he had not eaten for many days, and then his eyes were completely blurred.

He was out of sight.

A muffled "Peng" sounded in front of him.

He knew it was Xie Rou's fall.

His hand lifted up as hard as he could, and at this moment he threw the sword into a shooting star.

However, his energy seemed to be evacuated at once. When he raised his hand, he already felt that his sword could not be thrown in front of Xie Rou.

"How can it be!"

His remaining strength turned into an incredible yell.

The Qi Yao sword in his hand dimmed sharply and fell to the ground.

His whole person fell forward weakly, kneeling down to the ground.

"What sword is this?"

Many exclamations sounded simultaneously.

Some of the people who spoke were even teachers watching the battle.

Everyone has completely seen that Xie Rou's sword contains amazing poison, and the tip of her bleak black sword is densely covered with many poisonous holes.

What makes them extremely puzzled is that, since the poison contained in this sword is so terrifying, then Xie Rou should also be caught in this poison.

In such a collision of vitality, such a poisonous vitality should also permeate her body at the same time.

However, at this time, Xie Rou, who had fallen to the ground, had already stood up.

Her whole body was still shaking, but her figure made many people feel palpitations.

"Dragon Dragon! It's Dragon Dragon!"

A scream came out of nowhere, but just listening to it made people feel clearly that this person was full of fear.

"Dragon Dragon!"

"It turned out to be...!"

Many teachers and students in the practice area took a breath at the same time, and their bodies suddenly stiffened.

"Someone finally knows this sword."

Jing Liuli in the shed sneered and said coldly.

Dantai Guanjian turned his head with emotion, looking at Ding Ning, who had fallen in the dusk.

This sword is a legend.

It was once the sword of the strongest practitioner of the Zhao Dynasty, Lian Xia.

The seemingly plain black iron sword body is actually embedded with a pill crystal taken from the real poison dragon.With the strength of the true element, Dan Jing will make different toxins, and the hilt of this sword is made of yellow dragon horn, which can easily remove the threat of these toxins.

In the battle between the last Qin and Zhao dynasties, this sword once killed tens of thousands of Qin troops.

It is just because it is an old thing decades ago, so this sword has long disappeared in the vision of practitioners in the world with the passing of the master, and few people know it.

And this wine shop boy remembers it.

Would he know that this sword belonged to Zhao Kuo's Chengping Gatekeeper Zhao Kuo after the death of Lian Sha, and eventually returned to Minshan Jianzong Jiangu as Chengpingguan was defeated by the Daqin army?


Zhang Yi looked at Xie Rou, who was standing with his sword, for a moment he couldn't believe it.

But while he was trembling, he began to understand why Xie Rou could pass the previous level more easily than most of the candidates present.