The Sword Dynasty

287 The World's Women Are Many Owls

Practitioners of Minshan Jianzong did not know what method they used, but only for a few moments. The blood in Zhou Wannian’s wounds gradually stopped, but looking at the figure of Ding Ning calmly going back, thinking of what he said in this sword meeting All of his words were so embarrassing and infuriating, his eyes were black and he passed out.

Xie Rou was very excited, and she watched Ding Ning who walked back excitedly speechless and flushed.

She thought that Ding Ning would win, but she did not expect Ding Ning to win Zhou Wannian as if it were a teacher in a practice area, teaching students with ease.

Compared to the warm atmosphere on one side of the shed, the other side of the shed looks more silent.

Before Ding Ning shot, many people thought that Ding Ning was talking big and even winning the first place was a joke in itself.

According to the records of the Talent Book, a total of 16 people have already entered the Four Realms, and Ding Ning has not really entered the Four Realms no matter how close he is.

Even though some of the practitioners who have stepped into the four realms have been eliminated, at least a lot of people have far exceeded Ding Ning.

There is an insurmountable distance between the four borders and the three borders.

But now... Ding Ning defeated Zhou Wannian with one sword, just as easily as four realms and three realms.

Everyone has to admit in his heart that Ding Ning has the strength to fight across the ranks, that is to say, he really has the strength to compete for the top spot.

Looking at the end of the quiet shed, Jingliu knew that Ding Ning had received the desired effect.

In her view, Ding Ning is not just that sword perfect, but every action, every sentence, even the expression is extremely perfect.

From the beginning, Ding Ning was in a very unfavorable and extremely passive position. Even the real element in her body was forced out by the lady with the surname Rong. However, step by step, this wine shop teenager slowly turned around and instead gave people A sense of faint control of the whole situation.

Zhang Yi looked proudly at Ding Ning who came back. He felt that his face was full of brilliance. He couldn't help thinking that this was the so-called light on his face, which was the real scenery. However, he couldn't help but think of Xue Wangxu Then, tears appeared in his eyes.

"Zhang Yi..."

At this moment, he took a breath because he heard the name of the Minshan Jianzong practitioner who arranged to play against him!

"To Xia Wan."

The practitioner of Minshan Jianzong did not have any special emotions on his face, and his tone was still very casual. However, when he reported the next name, there was an uproar suddenly.

Xu Lianhua's face froze.

A moment ago he also admired the casual Minshan Jianzong practitioner, but this time he almost screamed like Chen Lichou before.

Zhang Yi turned around stiffly, looking at Xia Wan behind him.

Xia Wan frowned deeply, her face was still calm, but her hands were shaking slightly.

Many people have reacted that they have overlooked a very simple truth.

Although the simple hut in the middle clearly divides the two camps at the moment, the random arrangement of the Jianzong sword club in Minshan will not distinguish the camps.

People on Ding Ning's side will not only meet people on the other side, but also their own people.

So even if Ding Ning started with that kind of sword, even if Xie Ruanxu and Xu Lianhua had won before, they wanted to win in the end, which was far from simple.

Among the uproarous candidates at this time, Ye Haoran, who had a sense of standing out from the crowd in white clothes, did not have many surprised looks, but only a faint smile.

Like Jing Liuli, he also felt that any of Ding Ning's previous performances were perfect. If compared with the two armies, Ding Ning is a strategist, which has completely overpowered the other side.

However, it was just such an accident, but the momentum created by him disappeared by more than half.

He looked at Zhang Yi and Xia Wan, and he was very much looking forward to the next performance of these two people will affect Ding Ning's momentum.


"I..." Zhang Yi had made a subconscious voice at this time. The first time he reacted, he thought of confessing directly.

Because he didn’t consider himself at all, what he meant to be able to enter Minshan Jianzong to learn for a practitioner, he just wanted his “little teacher” to win eventually, in his view, let Xia Wan not It takes more effort to advance to the whole situation.

But when he opened his mouth, Xia Wan looked at his flashing eyes, and he could already see what he was thinking inside.

"I surrender."

At the moment when Zhang Yi just said a word, Xia Wan had raised her head, opened her mouth, and said this calmly and firmly.

Everyone froze.

" can this be done."

Zhang Yi stayed a breath for a while, and was suddenly at a loss, "You..."

"I know what you have to say."

However, after he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xia Wan.

Xia Wan sat directly next to Xu Lianhua, then looked at Zhang Yi, who was at a loss, and shook his head seriously. "Even if you think I might be better than you, but I am not the same as you. The disciples of Yangdong are promoted. Since you want to help... you have to help thoroughly.

Zhang Yi was dumbfounded.

Although he was a bit too mild and pedantic, he was not stupid, so he immediately understood what Xia Wan meant.

The vast majority of the students present also understood the meaning of Xia Wan's words.

Ding Ning must win the first place because of the scenery of Baiyang Cave.

And two Aries Cave disciples achieved excellent results in the sword club, naturally more outstanding than one Aries Cave disciples achieved excellent results.

Xia Wan's choice seems unwise to many people, and she is motivated.

However, this represents her attitude.

Because Ding Ning and other people do this, in the eyes of many people, it is an act of unwise mentality.

"I have decided, and since I have publicly confessed, the commander of Minshan Jianzong has naturally recorded it. It doesn't make sense to say anything more."

Looking at Zhang Yi, who still wanted to say something, Xia Wan lowered her head and said this in a deep voice.

Everyone could see that she was a little sad.

After all, she has already paid too much to participate in this sword meeting, and she has always been dreaming of entering Minshan Jianzong.

However, at this time, everyone can see her determination.

"Changling women are more heroes."

Looking at the sad but determined Xia Wan, Dantai Guanjian standing in the shed sighed softly.

His words clearly praised Jingliu around him, but when he heard this, Jinglili raised his eyebrows slightly, correcting: "It's a woman in the world."

Thinking of the Bai Shanshui, Zhao Si, the strongest Zhao Si, and Zhao Ding, who saw the remaining sword in Ding Ning's hand, Dantai Guanjian's body could not help but be slightly shocked, and said rightly: "That's right."

"No mother-in-law."

Looking at Zhang Yi standing opposite Xia Wan and wondering how good it is, Ding Ning also sat down again, then looked at Zhang Yi calmly and said: "If you are embarrassed, the next battle, don't disappoint people's kindness."

Zhang Yi's face was slightly stiff... for a moment, he took a deep breath and greeted Xia Wan with a solemn expression, whispering: "It will not disappoint Xia girl."

Looking at the words of saying no to mother-in-law and mother-in-law, Ding Ning couldn't help but slightly twitched his lips and sneered softly: "What does not disappoint the girl of other people, it seems like talking about marriage.

Hearing Ding Ning's words, Xia Wan was slightly ashamed, her face flushed blush quietly.Zhang Yi was shocked, trembling: "Master... Brother, how could this be a joke, wouldn't it hurt Xia Niangqing Yu."


Ding Ning clicked on the wooden board beside him, indicating that Zhang Yi could sit. "Naturally, I am not afraid of the shadow. How can Qingyu say it?"

Looking at Ding Ning far more casually than himself, responsible for arranging the competition, Minshan Jianzong practitioners who had no special emotions on the face had some strange lights in their eyes.

Then he saw the two names on the volume that he opened at random, and his eyes began to be filled with extremely interested divine light.

He wanted to see how Ding Ning would react after reading these two names.