The Sword Dynasty

291 Another Sword

While Ding Ning spoke, a stern cry rang from the scorching waves.

With this stern cry, the scorching air wave like a slam of a huge wave suddenly took place, and then was blown into a countless white line by a terrorist force, and blazed out from the outside.

Xia Song’s figure appeared in the center of the exploding air wave. He was more than awesome, and the airflow outside the shirt was rhythmically beating, which made many watching the candidates feel uneasy. 'S means completely blocked the sword of Zhang Yi.

However, in the next moment, when looking at Xia Song's face, these people involuntarily exclaimed.

Xia Song's original white and handsome face was all covered with blisters at the moment, crystal clear and dripping, which made people feel pain when watching it.

"Will it be mother-in-law or mother-in-law?"

Looking at such a picture, Xu Lianhua frowned slightly and couldn't help saying to Ding Ning.

At this time, Xia Song’s face was terrifying, and he was also a practitioner who had arrived in the four realms. He could be sure that Xu Lianhua had just spouted all the vitality accumulated in the body in order not to be cooked, but Xia Song still stands well and can still fight.

As long as he can continue to fight, even if the vitality in the world disappears, Xia Song's true power is also above Zhang Yi. As a practitioner of the Four Realms, he must have more mysterious means of combat than Zhang Yi.

In his view, since Zhang Yi worked, he should not give Xia Song any chance to breathe and continue to produce the sword, but now Zhang Yi seems to see that Xia Song feels unbearable and does not continue to attack the first time.

The vast majority of people present, even the strong men such as Solitary Solitary, Xia Wan and Yi Xin, share the same view as Xu Lianhua, and believe that Zhang Yi's pause and wait have completely eliminated the advantages he formed with his sword.

"Wait? Do you think such a sword has defeated Xia Song?"

At the other end of the shed, someone even made such a sneer.

"My brother is a believer."

However, in the face of such doubts, Ding Ning shook his head and calmly said: "Since my brother promised that I will not be a mother-in-law, the current waiting is naturally only for other considerations, not a problem in this regard."

Xu Lianhua frowned slightly, and he could not agree with Ding Ning.

Character problems are often the most difficult to overcome.

Just then, Xia Song in the field had already spoken.

"I admit that I despised you."

Xia Song didn't deliberately look at any skin on his body, but only the crystal gloss of the afterglow of his eyes let him naturally know what kind of scene he was on his face and body skin.Thinking about how he looked in the eyes of everyone, this feeling made him more uncomfortable than pain, so that his usually stable hands continued to tremble.

"But you shouldn't be too proud, you shouldn't think you can beat me with just a sword."

He gritted his teeth and looked at Zhang Yi, who was standing a few feet across from him, and squeezed out the sound from his teeth.

I do not know why, this sentence of his export is all the candidates who watched the battle, including the candidate who even couldn't help but sneer and said Zhang Yi was waiting for something.

It was just that Xia Song didn't give all these candidates enough time to think. After only saying this sentence, he gave a stern cry.

With this shrill drama, five bright lines of light appeared behind him.

At this moment, the sword in his hand had not moved, and no one knew how the five bright wings like long wings were generated. However, at this moment, five white clouds appeared in the sky as if they were interspersed with each other.

Five white clouds fell at an alarming speed, converging on the sword in Xia Song's hands.

The yellowish sword in his hand suddenly looked like a white armor.

He made a sword.

The white-hooded sword and his figure broke through the sky and walked towards the purest center line, heading towards Zhang Yi.

"What sword style is this?"

Xia Wan changed her face instantly, and exclaimed in disbelief.

This sword is like a method only for practitioners who move the mountain, and it does have real world energy gathered in the body of Xia Song... Even if it is impossible to be a real moving mountain, this is also a simulated moving mountain. s method.

As Jianguang walked through, the air at both ends of the sword's body roared like a turbid wave and shot to both sides, making a constant muffled noise.

Because there are a lot of heaven and earth vitality similar to the moving mountain, such a simple sword has become the most powerful sword style she has ever seen.

"Heaven and Earth... Only Heaven and Earth are harmonious, and the most exquisite and powerful sword in the Heavenly Sword Classic turns into a sword of courage only." Jing Liuli in the shed shook his head and looked into his eyes. All that shines is a look of contempt.

She somewhat despised the sword Xia Song cast at this time, but in the eyes of the vast majority of candidates and the vast majority of teachers in the practice area, this sword was definitely not something Zhang Yi could hard connect.

However, from the beginning, Zhang Yi's reaction seemed to have been slow.

When Xia Song's sword intentions began, Zhang Yi was still standing on the spot, so Zhang Yi could not escape the sword at this time.

He only had a hard connection.

Two beeps came from Zhang Yi's feet.

His body bowed slightly, and Zhao Jianlu Chihong's long sword with a scorching breath raised in his hand.

The air is dry and alive.

Everyone seemed to see a sword with a red, curved and thick horn facing Xia Song.

Aries picks a horn and intends to hold on.

What Zhang Yi cast at this time was exactly the most defensive sword style of all the sword scriptures in Aries Cave.

After Xue Wangxu's personal training, his character made him easily understand the true meaning of this sword, so the sword was exhibited at this time, and the sword's meaning was extremely perfect.

A dull loud noise.

Xia Song's sword light with a white helmet in his hand was shocked, but he was steadily held by this crimson horn, feeling a sense of delay.

In the violent shock, the crystal blisters on Xia Song's body were all shattered, and his body was like sweat flying, splashing countless crystal droplets.

Xia Song is even more painful.

So he made a more terrifying play, and the right-handed sword continued to press forward.

The crimson sheep's horns sloped upwards, and Zhang Yi's feet were slightly off the ground. It was like a goat and his opponent's strength was too different. The whole body couldn't resist and was to be picked off the cliff.

Zhao Jianlu's long sword material is the best in the world. At this time, under the great force, it is only slightly bent but not broken.

Because of the constant, Zhang Yi let go.

In an incomprehensible exclamation, Zhang Yi decisively released the Zhao Jianlu long sword held tightly in his right hand.


The crimson long sword flew back, brushing his cheeks, like a burning rosy, and even scorched a hairline beside his ear, but his eyes were still quiet.

Because the sword was detached from his hand, it was like a goat’s horn was broken, and the power could not be transmitted to him at this moment, so his feet fell to the ground again, just like a goat finally paid the broken horn. The price, for the time being, was not directly picked down by the opponent.

At the same time, his left hand that had been hidden in his sleeve stretched forward like lightning.

His cuffs were cracked.

A slightly curved sword light lifted up from his cracked cuff.

A louder exclamation sounded like tide.

Even Xia Wan's eyes widened in shock and couldn't help covering her mouth.

The sword light provoked upward from Zhang Yi's sleeve was very short, and the sword light was unpretentious, and did not even have any dazzling luster. However, this sword light still formed a thick goat horn provoked upward.

Another move is Aries.

I just changed a hand and a sword.

In the air, I remembered a bang.

The anger and burning fire in Xia Song's eyes instantly turned into shock and disbelief.

He felt his sword stopped, and felt his sword hit a mountain.

The short handle even gave him a small sword that seemed to be carved out of ordinary stone. In Zhang Yi's hands, he even had a stronger power than that of Zhao Jianlu's long sword.

"How can it be!"

His breath stopped completely, and his advancing body also stopped. His sword was completely blocked by Zhang Yi, but it was naturally impossible for him to subconsciously concede defeat. He still felt that he could defeat Zhang Yi.

His hilt drooped suddenly, between his wrists, the hilt hit like a small hammer on Zhang Yi's abdomen.

Zhang Yi, who had been firmly tied to the ground, backed away at this time.

He took a step back.

Because his feet plunged deep into the dirt, he stepped back and exploded a cloud of dust under his feet.

As he receded, the short sword edge of his left hand hit the middle of the sword in Xia Song's hand, causing Xia Song's hilt to shift to the left side of Zhang Yi's abdomen.

At the same time, Zhang Yi's five fingers on his right hand were pointed as swords, piercing Xia Song's neck.

Xia Song was frightened and screamed, slamming his fist with his left hand and slamming toward Zhang Yi's right wrist.

However, with a cry, several deep bloodstains appeared on his fist, and a cloud of blood spattered.

Zhang Yi's five fingers had turned into claws at the moment of this electro-optical flint, and he grabbed hard on his fist.

Only in this area, Xia Song's body slightly lost its balance.

From the beginning of the battle, Zhang Yi gave a deep cry for the first time. His body moved forward suddenly. With a step back to his original position, his entire person had cut into Xia Song's midline and hit Xia Song's arms.

His right shoulder was like a hammer, hitting Xia Song's heart fiercely.

A loud, dull bang.

The vast majority of the candidates who watched the game just felt that their brows jumped suddenly, and their mouth was thirsty.


A blood arrow spewed out of Xia Song's mouth, and the hilt of his right hand had also fallen towards Zhang Yi's back. However, his body had flew backwards, and the end of his hilt just followed. Zhang Yi slipped over his shoulder.

"This is Lord Xue Dong's natal sword?"

Looking at Xia Song's flying figure in the air, Xu Lianhua's frowned brows loosened, he took a deep breath, his eyes fell on the short sword in Zhang Yi's hand, and asked softly.