The Sword Dynasty

295 Top Ten

Even more incredible is Gong Muyu.

He looked at Ding Ning's calm eyebrows and at the crimson worm that Ding Ning was holding. His heart was filled with ridiculous sense of absurdity. However, listening to his own blood rubbing against the fringe of the ice edge, he felt The power in his body seemed to be evacuated in an instant, and the absurdity in his heart was quickly replaced by fear, and an extremely sad cry was made.

Ding Ning has stepped back a few steps at the time of his stern cry.

The hot blood exuded melted the ice fragments remaining in Gong Muyu's body, but no drop of blood was sprayed on Ding Ning's body.

With a loud bang, Gong Muyu's gold python sword fell from his hand and slumped weakly on the ground in front of him. When his body fell backward, a practitioner of Minshan Jianzong had appeared On his side, he put his hand on his back and began to apply medicine to stop bleeding.

The loss of the sword and the involvement of Minshan practitioners meant the end of the war.

Gong Muyu's screaming Yu Yin was still lingering in everyone's ears, watching Ding Ning calmly collecting his sword and bending down to put down the deep red mysterious frost bug in his hand, Xu Lianhua recovered, shaking his head like a mockery. : "It's still just a sword...but is this a sword or a worm?"

Xu Lianhua's voice was not low. In the silence at this time, almost everyone heard it.

More candidates have recovered from the loss.

"Isn't this a violation?"

Selected students couldn't help but cried out.


Listening to the call of the candidate, Xu Lianhua sneered disdainfully: "Where is the violation?"

Lin Sui looked at Xu Lianhua and the selected student with great interest, but did not speak.

The student was stagnant and looked at the crimson worm that was shrinking behind Ding Ning, but he didn't know how to speak.

Xu Lianhua looked at this candidate more contemptuously, taunting: "If you are capable, you can also catch a few such bugs from the previous level, and then make those few bugs obedient. Follow you, and then you can stab a few worms at your opponent."

Seeing the pale face of the candidate, the trembling of the lips and the speechlessness, Zhang Yi coughed lightly, hoping that Xu Lianhua could accept the sound and leave some affection for the candidate.

However, Xu Lianhua did not stop here, and sneered heavily, saying: "If you are more capable, you can let a large group of army-like worms work for you, then you only need to bring a group like that The zombie came out, I am afraid that everyone will not have to fight for this sword test, you must be the first in this sword test."

Listening to Xu Lianhua's merciless ridicule, many of the candidates at the other end of the shed were very angry, yet they could not find any wording to refute.

Because the victory of Ding Ning's battle is not based on the use of the power of this black frost bug, the most important thing is that he can own this black frost bug, and can use this black frost bug as a sword, the most critical The reason is that he can judge with such precision that Gong Muyu's sword is weakened by his own sword, and the remaining power is weaker than that of the black frost bug. The key lies in that he can be completely smooth. Do this kind of thing at a precise time.

Now the more carefully I think about the final picture of Ding Ning's sword or a worm's victory, the more terrible Ding Ning feels among all these candidates, the more I feel that Ding Ning's ease of use, and even I feel that it is all in Ding Ning's Expected and in control.

The anger of Dong Hao Jianzong's teacher at this time has also completely disappeared, all converted into a respect for Ding Ning.

At this point in his opinion, no matter how hard Mu Gongyu works, he can't be Ding Ning's opponent in this battle.

Because he has never seen a terrible young man like Ding Ning, never seen a terrible talent like Ding Ning.

"No doubt?"

Lin Xixin looked at the candidate who hung his head down, with a rare light smile, and said, "Then continue."

Listening to Lin Shuixin's so bland and light words, many people couldn't help groaning almost painfully.

Because they remembered what Lin Xianxin said at the beginning, and remembered that after Ding Ning won the battle, he had entered the top ten of this Minshan sword club.

Even with the difficulty of the public development of the surnamed maid, even with the obstruction of these people, Ding Ning became the first candidate to enter the top ten, and became the first candidate to enter the Minshan Jianzong practice. !

Somewhere in the shadow between the mountain roads, the middle-aged man in the yellow robe who had always reported the news to Rong, the maiden of the surname, also lost his mind for a moment.

A practitioner like Ding Ning can enter the top ten all the way to the first place, which is already a great honor for Aries Cave, but looking at the back view of Ding Ning walking back silently at this time, he knows that this wine shop teenager cannot stop there. pace.

"But can you really succeed?" The middle-aged man in the yellow robe has countless complex emotions deep in his eyes.

At the resting camp, the surname Rong was already able to see everything that happened in the valley, and the middle-aged man in the yellow robe didn’t need to return in time. At this time, many people in the valley were thinking that she would be the first because of Ding Ning. They were angry when they entered the top ten, but none of them had thought of it. At this time, there was only a trace of sarcasm on the indifferent face of this lady named Rong.

"It's just a kid's play."

Watching Ding Ning calmly walk back to Zhang Yi and others, and see Xu Lianhua mocking the selected student, she said slowly indifferently.

This is her truth.

In her view, no matter how good the performance and talent of these young people are, compared to the power and power of the adult world, it is just a joke of children.

At this time, between the other cliffs opposite her, Fu Su's figure looked at Ding Ning and Se Xiu's crimson worm behind Ding Ning. He was worried and sentimental, but he was also happy for Ding Ning.

"Why don't you say something great this time?" Pan Ruoye turned to look at Huang Zhenwei, who was full of emotion in her eyes, in another cliff.

Huang Zhenwei smiled a little embarrassedly, and said: "Talk about good things three times, and then you will become a mother-in-law."



In the valley, Lin Suixin's voice rang again.

Everyone's breath is another meal.

No matter which side Yi Xin belongs to at the moment, he, who is ranked seventh in the talent list, is also likely to influence the final heavyweight.

The bodies of many candidates across from Ding Ning and others started to tighten, fearing that they would hear their names next.

"Bye bye!"

Lin Suixin's eyes flickered around their bodies, and then spit out two words without expression.

The bodies of these candidates suddenly loosened.

"Yi Xin! Still bye."

However, to everyone's surprise, Lin Suixin said this indifferently.

An uproar!

It is obvious that there might not be any answer to force someone like Lin Suixin, but some of them are still angry and can't help but cried out: "Where is the reason for two consecutive rounds of bye?"

"Why not?"

Lin randomly looked at the selected students at random, and said without emotion: "If you have an opinion, I can also give you a chance. I can let Yi Xin not take turns, as long as some of you voluntarily change Yi Xin ."

The elections shivered with anger, and the swords in their scabbards all squeaked clearly, but none of them dared to answer.

Because even if you think you can fight against a strong man like Yi Xin, no one is willing to fight an opponent like Yi Xin for a fight.

"Since some people have to be arranged in the end, as Minshan Jianzong's final test officer, it is impossible to choose the right person to have the sky, so there is no difference between this pair of eyes open and blind."

Lin Suixin still looked at the few candidates with no emotion, turned around lightly, and said slightly: "You are not willing to change your mind, it is indeed a wise act at this time, but there is no such courage and blood. , Do you still expect me to arrange for you to take turns?"

Listening to such words, many people were so angry that they couldn't even breathe. However, not many teachers in those practice areas felt that Lin Suixin's behavior was unfair at this time.

Because even they feel that the few candidates are too far away from Yi Xin, even compared to the already eliminated Nangong Caishu and Xia Wan.