The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 300

In all the previous battles, He Chaoxi had been fighting with this cyan broad sword, but this cyan broad sword was too ordinary and did not leave any vivid impression on anyone.

Since there is a link for sword selection in the front of the sword valley, even if He Chaoxi is stupid, it is impossible to choose a sword with no characteristics other than generosity.

A loud roar spewed out from the mouth of the deer song. With this loud roar, he felt the red bronze sword of the dangerous deer singer spurting out pieces of red ice and snow, and his figure also He fell to He Chaoxi in an instant, and with a loud bang, the copper-colored long sword in his hand was like a mountain hitting He Zhaoxi again.

He Zhaoxi raised his sword and blocked it again.

In the thunder, the ground beneath him shook like a wave.

The mountain that fell at this time was already an ice peak.

Amidst the swells of waves, a piece of sharp red ice flakes rushed on his body, and there were a lot of bleeding wounds on his body instantly.

Looking at such a picture, Zhang Yi worried about the extreme, opened his mouth but forgot to breathe, and could not make any sound at all.

He Chaoxi's mouth squirted out of a cloud of blood.

However, with a groan, He Zhaoxi was not ejected like a previous blow. After a slight bow, his whole body straightened again like a curved bow, and the sword in his hand was still struggling to go up. On the contrary, the deer song was even stiffly popped back with swords.

At this moment, He Zhaoxi's left hand also fell on the hilt, and the true element flowing from the left fingertip polished a rune on the sword spine.

The spine of his sword itself is a small slender sword embedded in it, but at a certain distance, it can't be seen at all.

At this time, as the rune lit up, the little sword flew out along the sword's body.


The sound broke.

Lu Qige's sideways horrified, a small blue sword light with a vortex, rubbing his body at a terrifying speed.

He Zhaoxi began to fight back.

He exhausted all his energy and beheaded the deer song with a sword.

His strength was already greater than most of the selected students, and at this time, the sword was thrown, and the air poured back into the central slot of his cyan wide sword, and there was a huge wind and thunder, and the momentum was inexplicable.

However, for the deer song, the most amazing thing is not the momentum and strength, but the heavy sword in He Zhaoxi's hand seems to suddenly become several times lighter, and the sword momentum is a few points faster than before!

The air flowing sharply into the central groove of the cyan broad sword, supporting the cyan broad sword, is like making the cyan broad sword fly.

Lu Qige's shocking backhand waved his sword.

He Zhaoxi's sword changed again, and the cyan broad sword that had been beheaded towards him fell diagonally towards his right wrist.

In the previous battle, his sword was heavy and strong, but at the moment, his sword became light and fast.

The deer song was uncomfortable and difficult to breathe, and the long sword in his hand also retracted his defense again, but at this moment, he heard the sound of the sword roaring behind him.

He turned his head subconsciously.

In the afterglow of his eyes, he saw a thin and faint sword light flying like a pale blue mist.

"What sword is this?"

Among the candidates watching the battle, someone shocked his voice at this time.

The thin sword flying out of the sword flew back to the blue broad sword in He Zhaoxi's hand.

Lu Qige couldn't cope with the two swords that had been attacked back and forth at the same time. The real element in his body poured out from under his feet. The two smokes were like two wings holding him out.

He Zhaoxi chased with the sword, and the thin sword that flew back was naturally attributed to his body. At the next moment, with a snorting sound, the thin sword flew out of his sword again, flying towards the deer song.

Lu Qige's face turned pale again. Looking at the small sword, his eyes were filled with angry flames and shocked daze. He took a deep breath, and the sword in his hand was already moving towards the small sword as fast as possible. Stabbed out.

Immediately followed by a bang.

A strong wave surged in front of him, amid the spattering air waves, his angry screams sounded.

He stabbed the small sword with amazing speed, and the small sword flew out like a leaf, but he saw that the small sword did not fall to the ground and was still flying towards the blue in He Zhaoxi's hand. Kuanjian, and at this time this cyan broadsword is striking toward his chest and abdomen with a very light posture, and strangely with a loud roar!

He Zhaoxi used only a sword.

However, at this time, he seems to be facing two sword masters all the time, and two sword masters with extremely fast swordsmanship!

Quiet and silent outside.

This is definitely a shocking and unexpected battle.

At the moment when the deer song exhibition revealed the evil spirits of blood, almost everyone began to feel that victory had already belonged to the deer song. However, the sword of He Zhaoxi began to show the real anger, but the victory and defeat seemed to be reversed.

"Is it Qingque sword?"

In an open space where Chaotang officials stopped in the valley, Pan Ruoye looked at the sword in He Chaoxi's hand and couldn't help but ask Huang Zhenwei on the side softly.

"Son-mother swords are few in themselves, and only this son-mother sword in Bashan Sword Field has such a marvel." Huang Zhenwei nodded with emotion and replied softly.

There was another violent and bleak howling in the field.

A red awn poured out from the front of the deer song, a few feet long, like a comet tail that cut through the sky, but he still couldn't cope with the double swords. .

A series of blasts of air waves intensively sounded.

A long series of pits appeared on the ground in front of him. When he retreated to a few feet away from the sword marks on the sidelines, he was still unable to fight back.

His body was cold again.

The energy of the heaven and earth gathered in his body was almost exhausted.

At this time, his power is still above He Zhaoxi. With the power over the other side, he can deal with a sword that is slightly faster than his own, but he can't deal with both swords that are faster than his own.

"I didn't lose to you, I lost to the sword in your hand."

Lu Qige knew that he was going to lose, but he thought he was only one step away, but because of this sword, he couldn’t enter the Minshan Jianzong practice. With this shouting cry, the sword was not facing He Zhaoxi's sword, but was cut into his throat.

His sword is naturally not as fast as that of Dantai Guanjian.

The crimson sword light had just flashed, and a sword intention had fallen on his sword.

The power of this sword's intention only completely offset the power of his sword, making his sword fall softly to the ground.

He Zhaoxi, who is advancing rapidly, also paused immediately, because Dantai Guanjian has appeared between him and the deer song.

Dantai Guanjian nodded slightly at He Zhaoxi, and then turned around, looking at the deer song that began to tremble, and said gently and seriously: "In the life of a practitioner, if you close a door, there will always be another meeting. Open, and the worst result is to close all the doors yourself."

The deer song's brain is blank, he seems unable to think about the meaning of this sentence, but the death intention that just filled his heart has begun to dissipate.

He dropped his head sadly.


Zhang Yi stayed a few hours of interest, and finally recovered, began to be ecstatic, and then began to admire.

"Young Master, you are really a man of God."

He couldn't help looking at Ding Ning next to him and said seriously.

Ding Ning frowned slightly, not knowing what he was thinking, and still didn't answer.


The final battle is over, and Lin Suixin is very satisfied with the result.

He also didn't hide his satisfaction, and there was a very interesting smile on the corner of his mouth.

Then he began to speak out, "Ding Ning, Zhang Yi, Yi Xin, Xie Rou, Du Gu Bai, Ye Haoran, Gu Xichun, Li Xixing, He Zhaoxi, you have a rest time for Yixiang."

There are now nine remaining candidates, and he still has only nine names.

At this time, many of the candidates who were eliminated from the field were already mixed in their hearts. Some people were sad and frustrated to the extreme. Seeing that they still lack a quota, they can’t wait to replace them. At this time, some people couldn’t help but cried out , "Since the top ten are able to study in Minshan Jianzong, who is missing?"

Hearing such a call, Lin Ranxin smiled faintly and said, "No shortage."

"No shortage?"

Those candidates who looked at Lin Suixin incredulously couldn't understand it.

"Plus Xu Lianhua, there are ten." Lin Suixin said flatly.

"Xu Lianhua?"

As soon as this remark came out, it was not just those students who had been selected and the teachers of practice, but even Zhang Yi and others were stunned.

"How could it be Xu Lianhua!" a candidate shouted.

Lin Suixin looked at the candidate and said, "He defeated Chen Lichao, and then in the next round, naturally entered the top ten, but the injury was too serious to carry out the following competition."

The student was stupefied and speechless.

All the students who were originally at the other end of the shed were speechless.

The last vacant was Xu Lianhua.

In the last ten years, except for Ye Haoran and Gu Xichun, all of them were standing beside Ding Ning.

All the emotions in the minds of these candidates were extremely complex, and the face began to be inexplicably hot, as if being ashamed, and as if being slapped hard.

Many teachers in the practice area also smiled inexplicably.

This is an incredible result, but it is so real in front of them.

Xie Rou's body couldn't help shaking again.

She only wanted to do her part for Ding Ning, but never thought she could enter the top ten and enter Minshan Jianzong to study.

However, at this moment, she saw that Ding Ning's brow was still frowning.

"How?" The joy and excitement in her heart suddenly receded like a tide, and she couldn't help but ask softly.

"Nothing." Ding Ning's eyes flashed slightly and said.

"Who is the last piece in the palace?"

At this moment, Jingliu, who had been condensed in the shed, said with a cold voice to Dantai Guanjian who returned to his side: "Uncle Lin should have seen it, but I cannot see it. come out."

Dantai Guanjian wanted to speak, but felt a strange breath, his brow furrowed, and turned to look at the mountain road behind.