The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 316

A shooting star crossed the dark night sky.

Ye Haoran's flying sword also fell to Ding Ning's heart like a meteor.

Seeing such a picture, even many onlookers of Minshan Jianzong practitioners couldn't help but shed some chill.

There is a time difference at any moment in the battle.

In many cases, the timing lies in grasping the slight time difference.

Ding Ning cast a real malachite green, Ye Haoran's one-sword defense failed to completely block, now he uses this flying sword to attack, the time gap means that he can not deal with Ding Ning's next sword.

Even if Ding Ning used the simplest sword style, as long as he could kill him, he could not resist it.

So his action at this time means that he chose to die together.

From the beginning of the Jianhui, Ding Ning has shown that fighting for the first place is more important than life and death, so in the eyes of all these practitioners, victory is more important to Ding Ning than life and death. He would avoid because of fear of death, but Ding Ning should not flinch.

The result is that both people die.

Although all practitioners at this time hoped that Ding Ning would win, they also had to admit that this young man from the Chu Dynasty was also a madman and a monster.

too little time.

Before everyone had time to think about what choice Ding Ning would make, Ding Ning had already made a choice.

Numerous white and fine flowers have already bloomed on the end of the end flower, and seeing the castration of these fine flowers and sword intentions, however, at this moment, the end of the end flower is rigidly folded back.

A loud bang.

Everyone felt their heart was hit.

Ding Ning groaned for the first time, his body lost stability for the first time, staggering forward a few steps.

Zhang Yi opened his mouth, but couldn't make a sound. The subconsciousness of his body rushed to the soles of his feet, and the whole body would rush forward.

The heart of Du Gubai and others sank to the bottom.

Jing Liuli's breath paused slightly, and his face became extremely ugly.

Ye Haoran laughed.


He said so in his heart.

Then, in his mind, he opened the line that always restricted his true flow.

All the true elements remaining in his body, unfettered and unreserved, followed his meridian, and in the blink of an eye, the fingertips of his left hand spewed out.

A ball of air that made all the candidates present felt invincible, exploded around him.

Except for Ye Haoran, all of the selected students in the valley are only three realms or four realms.

At this time, Ye Haoran showed the power of the real five realms.

Countless mottled colors appeared on Ye Haoran's face, unreserved, and he used all the strength to make him suddenly poisonous, but the smile on his lips was more intense.

Everyone can perceive that there is an invisible long river in the air.

The long river all merged into the small white handleless sword that had just been chopped back by Ding Ning.

The white swordless sword exuded a violent breath, and the entire sword suddenly became translucent due to the rapid acceleration and shock!

Ye Haoran did not contend with the pain, watching the little white sword fly back to Ding Ning's back heart. He obeyed the body's consciousness and fell back directly.

"I surrender…"

At the same time, he made a noise.

This is also a time difference.

According to the rules of the Sword Society, as long as you admit defeat, you lose.

However, at this time his sword was definitely faster than his voice.

And such a fast sword, after piercing and shattering Ding Ning's heart in an instant, Ding Ning will not die immediately. Even with Ding Ning's strong willpower, I am afraid that he can still stand for the time of interest.

At the event that attracted worldwide attention, the final result was his confession. Ding Ning won the first place, but Ding Ning would die next.

Zhang Yi's body has really left the ground, even flying beyond the usual limit.

However, no matter how fast his body is, he can't be faster than that flying sword, and he can't stop before that flying sword.

Anyone can be sure that Ding Ning can't stop this sword.

Because this has nothing to do with any talent, but a gap in pure power.

However, at this moment, Ding Ning also had a strange smell.

His skin also became mottled.

Numerous filaments of light shone on the residual sword in his hand, and then the entire sword became an infinite number of small threads, which began to interweave in the air.

Dantai Guanjian's tense face suddenly loosened, followed by shock and admiration in the depths of his eyes.

At this time, only he had the time to perceive a strange and beautiful picture.

Smaller white flowers blooming on the extremely thin sword filaments flying in the air, these sword filaments are intertwined like a woven cloth, entangled firmly.

Who would have thought of the use of the broken final sword?

The white flying sword crashed into the filigree.

The sword silk could not contend with the power on the white flying sword, but these finely woven sword silk were like a net, or even a cocoon, which was firmly involved in this flying sword, and won a little time for Ding Ning.

Ding Ning's fingertips spewed out a dense blood mist, and he could no longer hold the residual sword of the end of the flower, but by the involvement of this sword, his body was hardened in this tiny time 'S just a little bit.


White Flying Sword rushed into his left shoulder and shoulder socket with the end sword of Malhua, and then emerged from the back of his body with a hood of blood mist.

The bone on his left shoulder was almost broken, but this sword failed to pierce and crush his heart.

The broken sword gas and the blasted blood mist made a slight sneer.

At this time, Ye Haoran said the first of the three words "I admit defeat".

Everything seems to have solidified, but Ye Haoran's word of confession is still passed into everyone's pinna, which looks very strange.

Zhang Yi has rushed to Ding Ning's side. He embraced Ding Ning's body with one hand and felt that Ding Ning's body did not seem to be as light as usual. However, he didn't know what he should do for a while.


When Zhang Yi's brain was blank, a loud cheer sounded, followed by applause.

Applauding Lin Suixin.

Then a lot of Minshan Jianzong practitioners in the dark began to applaud, and even among the distant mountain roads, there was a clear applause.

Zhang Yi only felt a gust of wind rush through, and then his hands were lighter.

The figure of Dantai Guanjian has disappeared, and Ding Ning in his hand has also disappeared.


"Why do you admit defeat?"

"Why do you have to admit defeat but you must kill Ding Ning?"

"I want to make Ding Ning the first place in Minshan Sword Society, and I want to kill Ding Ning by this.

Everything has come to an end, Jing Liuli thought seriously with her head down, and kept mumbling to herself.

"Li Lingjun does not want the queen to win. He does not want to make the queen happy."

"But he hated Ding Ning again, he wanted Ding Ning to die."

"The legendary philanthropy and modest gentleman, but the result is that the eye-catching person, the narrow-minded generation, can't be used much, come to the Japanese Yongjun."

In just an instant, she wanted to understand why Ye Haoran did this, and made a judgment about the new Chu Emperor's future.

"So he struggled with Ling Chi, slowly consuming Ye Haoran's true element, and then used malachite green, and then used the blood evil magic to force Ye Haoran's last sword...all this was under his firm control. in?"

Then she began to meticulously recall every detail of the battle just before she started to shock again.

She found that although the final result came from Ye Haoran's choice, Ye Haoran actually had no choice.

Because as Ding Ning continued to bleed, Ye Haoran's True Yuan was also constantly consumed. By the end of Ding Ning's use of Blood Fiend, the Hao Ran's True Yuan was not much left.So for Ye Haoran, the time had come.

"This is what the Master said. What I lack is the ability to look outside and see the big picture?"

Jing Liuli exhaled slowly, silent for a long time.

She has thought about many things, but the whole valley has just begun to wake up.

Unbelievable exclamations rang continuously.

"He..." Xie Rou looked at the place where Ding Ning had previously resisted Ye Haoran's last sword, his body and lips trembling so that he could not speak at all.

"He is the first."

Li Xixing said these four words very simply.

At this time he was the most calm in a group of people.

"He will not die."

Then the young man who seemed to be a bit cold all the time closed his neck and said seriously, "I'm sure."

Li Xixing's voice was stable and loud.

"He is the first...he won't die..."

Such a voice, after a lot of exclamation, echoed in the valley.

Zhang Yi began to recover.

He felt the mountains echoing.

He felt the eyes cast by all the students and the teachers of the practice area.

He looked at the blood spilled from Ding Ning on the ground and felt that it was shining. Even in the night, he felt the light falling in the sky.

He looked up and let the Buddha see Xue Wangxu smiling at him and the whole valley with a childish smile.

He knew this was the scenery.

The scenery brought by his little teacher.