The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 317

Ding Ningsheng?

This young boy in Aries Cave really took the first place in Minshan Sword Club?

Although everyone knows that this is already the case, many people still can’t believe that this young boy in Aries Cave really defeated the arrangement of the maiden named Rong and defeated the will of the undefeated queen.

Looking at the students and practitioners who were still in a daze, in a daze, Lin dropped the volume in his hand, cleared his throat, and announced with a rare faint smile: "The Minshan sword will end, Ding Ning first place."

Lin Suixin was the master of the last sword test, and the representative was the entire Minshan Jianzong.

When his voice sounded, everyone awakened completely and truly accepted this fact in his heart.

Many candidates looked at each other. They were the best talents on weekdays, and they were very proud. However, at this time, they did not see any dissatisfaction from the other person's eyes.

No one dares to disagree.

No one will be dissatisfied.

Because of the many strengths that Ding Ning displayed in this sword meeting, they may not be able to catch up with them in their entire lives.

They then looked at Zhang Yi.

Zhang Yi's side is empty, Ding Ning is not there at the moment, but everyone knows that he is alive and knows that the next scenery belongs to him.The absence at the moment that deserves the most attention is actually like Ding Ning's consistent calmness, which makes them feel uncomfortable.

It's like disdain to enjoy their shock, jealousy and admiration.

Ding Ning can be understood as disdain for them, disdain for explanation, disdain for the company?

There was silence in the valley.

Every time the Minshan Swords Club is different, but it is often very lively at the end of the Swords Club. Many people congratulate, many weep, many cheer for victory, but none of them is so silent.

The scenery is too prosperous and makes people feel ashamed.

A green palace in the mountains, like a sword that punctured the sky straightly, and above the spire, Bai Lixue, who was dressed in white, quietly looked at this picture in the valley, and he suddenly felt very funny.

It is absolutely impossible for a person like him to suppress his emotions.

So he laughed out loud.

Qingyue's laughter from the heights followed the mountain breeze into the valley accompanied by cicadas.

All the teachers in the practice areas in the valley heard such laughter. Although they could not see the figure of Baili Suxue, they could only know that it must be Minshan Sword from the sense of overriding the world in the laughter. Sect Master.

Listening to Baili Suxue's laughter, all these people felt even more emotion.

Especially many people with special status and status.

The middle-aged man in the yellow shirt on the mountain road who responded to the message from the court lady surnamed Rong has been standing still for a long time, like a clay sculpture.

And the company's deputy chief of the company, Sikong Lian, was trembling with excitement and could not help himself.

Huang Zhenwei turned to look at the direction of Baili Suxue's laughter, with a touch of admiration in his eyes.

Pan Ruoye shook her head, still looking slightly cold: "I don't think she will stop there."

"The Holy Spirit is still in this mountain."

Then she whispered in a colder voice: "Even if it was to the Queen's arrangement, Baili Suxue's move was too presumptuous."

"In fact, she is a very qualified hostess."

Huang Zhenwei seldom argues with Pan Ruoye, but at this time he shook his head, expressing a completely different view: "No one in Changling is better than her and suitable for being a hostess, because she knows the balance and control better than anyone else. "

"We in Daqin have Minshan Jianzong, and Lingxu Jianmen."

After a pause, Huang Zhenwei did not avoid looking at Pan Ruoye and said, "We Daqin can lose one Minshan Jianzong, but we must not lose these two major training sites together. The key lies in the fact that if Minshan Jianzong is lost, it will be deficient. Jianmen will soon be lost."

Pan Ruoye pondered for a moment, and said, "Is it because there is no sense of security?"

Huang Zhenwei was surprised that Pan Ruoye could understand so quickly. He nodded and said softly: "A sense of security is a wonderful feeling. Some people would rather have a powerful opponent, rather than see that powerful opponent disappear."

"Because powerful opponents can often become horns with each other, if it is difficult to support a single tree, the inner uncertainty and loss of security are enough to make a person do a completely different thing." Pan Ruoye looked at all the practitioners in the valley expressionlessly , Whispered: "No practitioners in Changling have much sense of security, but she knows that boundary is there, so she will make all practitioners in Changling insecure, but not too insecure."

Huang Zhenwei felt that she summed it up well, and he was a little surprised why Pan Ruoye said these words, so he looked at Pan Ruoye, but he didn't know what to say for a while.

Pan Ruoye said nothing more.

Since she stayed here just to see the final result, now that the result has been produced, then she does not need to stay.

So she nodded her head at Huang Zhenwei, turned and left, and her beautiful figure soon disappeared into the shadow of the mountain road.

The rest camp is more dead than the valley.

Many officials walking through the camp were afraid to deliberately avoid the camp where the lady named Rong was.

They felt that Rong, the surname Rong, must be angry.

No one wants to be contaminated with her anger at this time.

However, no one thought that there was still no angry look on the face of the surname Rong in the camp.

She just hung her head in contemplation.


"Where did Liyinghong go?"

When all the candidates accepted the fact that Ding Ning really won the first place in Minshan Jianhui, some people finally remembered the name that had been ranked first in the talent list.

Whether it was Ye Haoran or Gu Xichun, even if they finally lost in the hands of Ding Ning, they still showed their strength far beyond the general selection.

Lie Yinghong ranked first in the Talent Book, how could it fall into the sea of ​​thorns ahead?

What's more, everyone knew before that Lie Yinghong from Jiaodong County should be the most crucial piece of chess for the surname Rong.

Although most of the practice division teachers have witnessed how Li Yinghong withdrew, but when they entered the valley to watch the sword club, these practice division teachers did not have much opportunities to communicate with these candidates, so at this moment all candidates are not. Know what happened to Lie Yinghong.

"Lie Yinghong was defeated by Xie Changsheng and Shen Yi."

Several teachers at the practice site spoke out at the same time, answering the question of the candidate.

There was a moment of silence in the valley, and finally it exploded with a loud bang.

Of those who followed Ding Ning, only Xie Changsheng and Shen Yi did not enter the final sword test, but who would have thought that they had defeated one of Ding Ning's most important enemies?

In the final analysis, it seems that this is the victory of Aries Cave.

Many election students thought bitterly that Ding Ning and these people won from scratch to the end.


"Ding Ningsheng won the first place."

"Ding Ning is alive."

A court official walked out of the sword gate of Jianzong of Minshan, and rode into a wilderness in a horse-drawn carriage. A large carriage was parked in the wilderness.

A man in black in the carriage was calm, but had always given a special sense of danger, carrying a pot of hot tea.

Opposite him, Ann sat a plain-clothed man.

Listening to the news brought by the court official, the man in black and the man in plain clothes laughed dumbly.

The two looked at each other, and the man in plain clothes couldn't help saying: "The impossible has been done. This Changling is really countless possibilities."


The night still hangs over Changling.

The fireworks in the distance have already been extinguished, but there is a more dangerous breath flowing in the air.

Bai Shanshui walks through the streets of Changling.

She walked very carefully, and every rise and fall of her body ensured that she would not be seen by any turret in Changling.

It is not far away from the periphery of Changling and a tributary of the Weihe River.

However, a cold light like a sword flashed in her eyes quietly. At the moment she stopped, a figure came out of the alley on the left side of her front and stopped under the eaves of a black tile, quietly. Looked at her.

"Since you return to Changling, you should tell me."

A low voice, but an unusually smooth and thick voice sounded.

"Liang Lian, General Liang." Bai Shanshui's eyes narrowed slightly, his heart shivered slightly, but he sneered, "I guess it's you."

"You can come and go without worrying, but I am in this city, but I am not at ease."

Liang Lian, who stood straight under the eaves like a gun, looked at the Bai Shanshui, and said indifferently, "In fact, I don't want much, I don't want you to die, I only want you to hand over the Gushan Jianzang."

Bai Shanshui laughed and said, "Not much?"

Liang Lian shook his head, "Are some old dreams of the old country not reached, more important than life and death?"

"Even the man and Bashan Jianchang will disappear. What's impossible in this Changling Tomb?" Bai Shanshui smiled, raised his chest, and slowly said: "What's more, this Gushan Jianzang isn't what you want, but she wants ."

"You all need her pity to survive, how can you pity me?"

"Why should I be pitiful?"

Bai Shanshui looked up.

In the sky, a crystal drop appeared.