The Sword Dynasty

Episode 318

An inexplicable rain began on Sun's Lane in Changling.

This rain only covered this alley. Near the Baizhang area, the adjacent alleys became extremely dry. Even the drought-resistant wormwood on the roof tiles suddenly lost moisture and changed from dark green. Into yellow.

However, no one in this street was aware of the anomaly, and even the sound of rain was not heard.

Because before this rain falls, some white smoke spreads along the wind. These white smokes have a very sweet smell and make people who were originally asleep sleep better.

The clean rainwater washed the dust between the roof tiles and the stone joints on the ground, but could not wash away the haze between the eyebrows of Baishanshui.

From the first drop of crystal water drops to the heavy rain at this time, it was only a few tens of hours, but she already felt tired.

After the war on the Weihe River, her cultivation practice has not been able to recover as before, and at this time in her body, in this street, no less than thirty flying swords flying through the air, or hiding in In the wind and rain, it is hidden above the roof tiles, hidden in the turbid water formed by the rainwater, and even disguised as the year-old dry grass folded by the wind, floating in the ditch with the waves, slowly approaching her body.

None of these flying swords are her opponents. Most of the flying sword master's cultivation behavior is far away from her cultivation behavior at this time. It is not her united enemy, but these flying swords are too many after all.

To maintain vigilance for all these flying swords, it has already consumed too much mind. The most important thing is that she knows that the masters of these flying swords are only some pawns who consume her power for a large Qin army. In the surrounding night sky , Those swords that haven't appeared yet need her to perceive them with all their hearts.

There were two twisted flying swords falling on the ground beside her, like a dragonfly that was stepped on after being ripped off its wings. It looked extremely miserable, but she was only delayed by the price of two flying swords. The tens of hours in this lane can only show that the organizer of this ambush is too good.

Looking at the flying swords that weren't imminently approaching, and at the very least, Shunshan knew that he had reached a moment when he could not have any reservations.

Her bright red lips curled into a line, her tongue slightly curled, and a golden sphere-like elixir that had been pressed under her tongue slipped out quietly and hit her between her teeth.

The elixir shattered in her mouth, and the golden liquid fell down her throat into her abdomen.

She frowned slightly, wondering if it was heartache or real pain.

Then she stretched out her left hand, her index finger and middle finger as a sword, and pierced the left eaves.

There was a squeaky, drunken cry.

A gray figure appeared to emerge from the black tile surface, flying backwards with a awn of blood.

At the same time, in the high altitude above the Baishan water, another crystal drop of water distinct from the surrounding rainwater appeared again.

The reason is completely different, because there is no dust in this crystal drop, which repels all the floating dust in the air, and even repels the surrounding wetness.

This drop of water is like coming from the sky, not belonging to this earthly world, but when it falls rapidly, the crystal droplets start to oscillate with countless subtle ripples, just like natural.

Bai Shanshui's brows began to loosen.

The speed of this drop of crystal water drops is getting faster and brighter.

The whole sky above her started to shake.

Her body seemed to recover completely, and a breath of heaven and earth began to gather from all sides.

All directions move.

Even the water on the ground that had originally flowed down the ground began to vibrate, flowing towards her.

In the darkness, many practitioners looked at the crystal water droplet with the strength that became stronger and stronger. They all felt that a mountain fell from the sky.

A thick green sword light emerged from the hands of Bai Shanshui.

The power contained in the crystal water droplets is increasingly unimaginable.

A snort.

A ring of air burst in the sky, and all the falling raindrops burst into mist.

The crystal water droplets passed through the rain and mist, and the roof tiles in this street were crushed instantly.

The long sword like Baitan in the hands of Bai Shanshui greeted the falling crystal droplet.

The droplets that fell down with mountainous momentum did not penetrate into the sword body of her sword, but as her eyes narrowed, the eyes shattered with coldness, and was shattered by the sword in her hand. .

Countless smaller droplets splashed open.

It is like a real mountain shattered by a sword in this space.

Each small drop of water is like a boulder flying off.

In this space, numerous boulders are flying.

Dangdang Dangdang...

A dense and heavy impact sounded.

All the flying swords that had been flying around in the rain curtain around the white mountains and rivers all fell into the ground with sorrow.

In the darkness, blood mist spewed out.

Just a drop of crystal water drops brought such an amazing and desolate picture.

Bai Shanshui did not succeed, she knew it was just the beginning.

An overbearing drunken voice burst from her mouth.

At the same time, her body passed through the falling flying sword and instantly passed through more than ten courtyards.

A thick yellow sword light appeared in front of her, violently slashing her flying body towards her.

There was a loud dull bang.

The hair band she used for her hair suddenly broke, and her black hair fell like a waterfall on her shoulders.

Forced to retreat with a sword, time passed, she still did not rush out of this street, her mouth was slightly bitter.

She knew that the vast majority of Changling strongmen who had an absolute threat to her tonight were in Minshan, or not far from Minshan Jianzong, and Liang Lian wanted to atone for the merits. , So even if there are as many practitioners as her, there will be very few.

Even the cultivator who had slashed her sword at the moment, she had enough confidence to deal with it, but she now lacks a close attendant.

When dealing with practitioners of this level, she can't focus on flying swords that will come at any time, and more than one.

And there are Liang Liang who didn't make it.

If her brother was still there, she might be able to tear at least one corner of the circle, but her brother was already dead.

As if she heard the call from her heart, suddenly, a shrill sword rang from the white walls and black tiles.

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

More than ten sounds of blood and flesh were quickly broken, and a meteor-like sword light flew to her side with the smell of blood.

The practitioners who beheaded more than ten siegees flew to her side guardianly, with the sword intent toward her. In the first sense of anyone, this is a sword to fight alongside her.

Bai Shanshui thinks so too.

However, it was only at this moment that she suddenly sensed something wrong, her face suddenly chilled, and a long bitan-like sword in her hand beheaded towards the flying sword.

The meteor-like sword light uttered a violent buzz and suddenly accelerated suddenly. In the moment when the sword was cut by the white mountain water, the whole body of the sword had been bent, and a crazy bloodthirsty breath erupted, spinning through the white mountain. Water side.

The waist robe of Bai Shanshui split silently and was immediately filled with blood.

The flames of anger burst into the depth of Bai Shanshui's eyes.

The soldiers are not deceitful, this is a very clever method in the game, but she does not like to be deceived.

At this moment, she didn't even try to perceive the big sword in front of her at any time, and the most insidious one. At this time, she also imitated the flying sword slowly drifting toward her near the drifting grass, she was fully aware of Liang Lian's breath was hidden from the beginning of the battle.

Even if it doesn’t make sense, be happy in the end.

Liang Lian wants to leave her. Since she is destined to leave, she will kill Liang Lian first.

However, at this moment, several pieces of broken tiles fell from the eaves.

The fragments of tiles shattered into the ditch where the flying sword disguised as hay was scattered, splashing several splashes of water.

There was a piece of water flying out of the turbid water under the flying sword. It was very strange, but no one paid attention.

This splash of water splashed up, and when it reached a height beyond the common sense that had not yet fallen, the practitioner who slashed the Bai Shanshui suddenly felt wrong.

However, his attention was simply not there.

Because there were his companions over there, a powerful cultivator disguised as a flying sword with hay.

So when he had just reacted and wanted to defend with a sword, the piece of water had already jumped in the air and landed in his neck.

With just a light touch, the head of the practitioner who had slashed the Bai Shanshui with his sword detached from his body and flew out.

"Guard me!"

A familiar voice sounded.

By the time this sound sounded, Bai Shanshui took a deep breath, and the flying figure hit the courtyard where the man was like a wave.


There was a violent noise in the air.

The cold light brought by many flying swords and magical instruments fell on this unplanned practitioner.

Swords from the white landscape.

The blue light of the sword swept all the cold light that fell towards the practitioner.

She fell in the courtyard beside the man.

Her body was trembling, but her sword-holding hands were exceptionally stable.

She needed a close attendant before, but now, she is like this person's close attendant.