The Sword Dynasty

Chapter 321

Li Yunrui turned his head away, and he was annoyed.

The faint smile on the water of Baishan disappeared immediately, with some ugly emotions.

Because the way of doing things is more arrogant and fierce than the practitioners of Jianlu, even if she didn't fight in Changling Changge last year, she is also the biggest rebellion in the eyes of almost everyone in the Great Qin Dynasty.

Her fame is very early, her prestige is outstanding, and her opponent is the strongest in the world. As she grows older, she naturally expresses her demeanor.

Even if her cultivation is damaged at this time, the true Yuan is still not as good as the ordinary Seven Realm practitioners. However, in the face of her temperament, many ordinary Seven Realm practitioners are afraid to be timid before fighting, and they will naturally be weak in swordsmanship. Can't match her with a few points.

But as a great master of the generation, in the past many years, what she did was not to make swords, but also to escape and kill people, wandering like Ruping, but there were not many beautiful things to recall, and there were many things that she wanted to do but did not have time. Things to do.

She talked a lot at this time, just because she didn't have much confidence in whether she could survive tonight. If she died here, it was a lot of regrets.

The sound of the flute in the reeds is always faint, and the distance is always the same, just like the catkins flying in the spring, if there is nothing, but it must not be altogether, which makes people feel very uncomfortable.

This piece of reeds called "Dead Man's Swing" is indeed very large, and the vast piece seems to spread to the sky.

“Although Changling’s population is large, the proportion of practitioners, sword masters, and the army far exceeds that of any city-state. In other years recorded in the history books, this is the poor soldiers. Although Yuanwu relied on business reforms, the situation was stable, and taxation. Yan Ming and Guanzhong are another 800 li of fertile soil. The output of each acre of land and the number of people who can feed them are abruptly more than those of the other dynasties. However, if such a balance is hit, it will be better than the other dynasties It's even more difficult. It's a pity that the people at Bashan Jianchang were too strong, and we were too weak to even have a real joint, so the three dynasties would be destroyed so easily."

Walking through the street, as if listening to the sound of the flute guiding, no one stopped along the way. Bai Shanshui looked at the reeds that were already in front of him, and said to Li Yunrui who was beside him.

Li Yunrui listened to these words that were not boring to him, and remained silent for a moment, saying: "Qin Zhi died a full fraction of his life, how can it be easy."

"Although there are many deaths, there are also a lot of surrenders." Bai Shanshui sneered, saying: "When one hundred deaths and eighty deaths, Qin expanded beyond the territories when the three dynasties died, and even the population of Changling Mausoleum was short. Not only has it doubled in just a few years, is it possible for Changling to have both men and women?"

Li Yunrui was silent again, and then said with some admiration: "Not everyone has the courage like you, after all, more people just follow the wave."

Neither of them looked back.

But there is no need to look back. With the cultivation of the two people, you can clearly feel that behind them, in the originally quiet streets, countless sergeants wearing Xuanjia have quietly poured out.

These sergeants in heavy armor and still agile, the metal reflections on their bodies have filled all the gaps in the streets behind them.

They are like two ants in front of the black tide, but they are still talking and laughing.

Although Baishanshui is arrogant, it is actually a very cautious person. If some of the Changling residents who moved away from the siege early, they must have been noticed by Baishuishui. The people in the streets and alleys are equivalent to the two of them. amulet.

Even Mo Shoucheng, the teacher of the Holy Emperor who was cultivated far above the white mountains and rivers, only deliberately revealed a vitality in the distant turret, as long as the white mountains and rivers did not pass in that direction, as long as they stayed away from these long Ling ordinary people, he no longer shoots attitude.

Therefore, according to Li Yunrui's judgment, it was the best choice to rush out from the direction of Superintendent of the Commander of the Night, and now follow the path planned by the enemy, away from the streets behind, but even the last amulet is gone. .

"If we can escape today, please don't get me wrong."

Li Yunrui felt the breath of the cold golden iron behind the wall, hesitating for a moment, and then solemnly said: "I am just fulfilling my mission."

Bai Shanshui glanced at him and nodded, "You are loyal to Wang Ming's trust, but even if you are seeking death, who you want to die with, you can choose."

Li Yunrui was silent for another moment, and then said slowly: "To be least I admire you so I hope you can survive."

Bai Shanshui laughed.

Then she looked at Li Yunrui seriously: "Cultivators who have reached your level are often more addicted to the simple and rude power, and they are free to use a sword that attracts the world's vitality violence, and crush it with absolute power. The feeling of overwhelming the opponent is often irresistible. There are very few people like you who can control your desires and are still refining such a delicate flying sword technique, so you are also the flying sword I have seen in recent years. The best practitioner. Next, I will still be your close attendant."

Listening to her words, Li Yunrui's face was quick, not because of the meaning contained in the Baishanshui words, but at the moment the reeds near them in front of them had exuded countless dangerous breaths and a unique smell.

A gust of wind blew out of the reeds.

Then there were countless violent voices.

Many crisp reeds exploded and turned into countless grass clippings that followed the wind to the sky, and among these violent winds and debris, they uttered a terrible hiss and wore countless shadows.

Li Yunrui raised his head and looked solemnly and calmly at the black night sky, and then twitched his five fingers with his right hand.

A snorted whisper.

His Flying Sword flew out of nowhere and penetrated into the oncoming wind and debris.

At the next moment, a thick blood mist burst out from the wind and the debris, and... large clusters of black feathers flying around.

A heavy black shadow fell like a meteorite and fell in front of him and Bai Shanshui.

This is a very exotic bird with black feathers, like a crane, but its body is several times larger than the largest eagle.

Its eyes are blood-red like a gorgeous ruby, and there is a light breath around the chaotic black feathers, like a wind flowing in it.

It was just at the moment when the foreign bird fell, dozens of the same foreign birds had fallen down.

Bai Shanshui raised her head slightly with her eyes narrowed. She can be sure that the sharp claws of these foreign birds are no less than the Bailian swords in the hands of ordinary swordsmen in Changling, and these foreign birds naturally gather the vitality of heaven and earth, and the speed of each different bird. They are much faster than the average bird.

Each of these foreign birds is like a flying sword.

But she still had no plans to shoot, just looked at it quietly.

In just an instant, a thin blood mouth appeared between the necks of the dozens of exotic birds. The blood was fogged, and the red blood flesh squeezed from the enlarged wound, and then exposed the bones of the white.

Dozens of exotic birds were extremely painful, and their bodies twisted violently in the air, spinning and falling.

After dozens of exotic birds, there are countless same black shadows flying out of the wind and debris. The red flash in the eyes makes the entire night sky seem to be filled with red gems.

Instead, Bai Shanshui bowed.

She headed towards the messy ground ahead.

There was a strange throb in the sewage and sludge.

Her eyes glowed brightly, and then she appeared without hesitation.

A pool of dark green natal sword swayed out. There was no dark green sword light curled up like a waterfall in front of her, and no moisture condensed in the sky, but the sewage between the broken reed bushes in front of her was instead Rippling more intensely.

Pieces of small waves like fish scales swelled upward, but did not fall for a while, and began to exude a sharp sword.

These waves, like static waves, are like numerous sharp blades erected on the ground.

Puff Puff Puff Puff...

Numerous sharp blades ripped through the flesh and cracked.

Many muddy black sticky figures wriggled on the ground more painfully than those foreign birds. Between their sharp walks, the entire abdomen had already been cut into a pile of rotten fluff. It was cut into countless pieces of minced meat, flying beyond recognition.

It took Li Yunrui a lot of time to see clearly that these figures tumbling in the flesh and blood silt are giant black lizards. Their bodies are smooth like catfish, and their skins look extremely tough and elastic. If it were not for cutting at their own speed with many blade-like sharp water blades, the swords of ordinary swordsmen fell on the body, and it was very difficult to cut their skins.

"When did Qin Jun begin to use this method?"

He shook his head puzzled and asked the white landscape beside him: "It is not easy to cultivate these exotic animals. These exotic animals are more useful in the battle of the army. Why should we be so attributable to us?"

A sneer appeared on Bai Shanshui's face. She looked at Li Yunrui and said, "I now understand what Zheng Xiu meant to force us here."