The Sword Dynasty

Episode 322

"Who is that young man?"

Mo Shoucheng looked at the awakened Changling Mausoleum, and his vicissuous and wise eyes turned to the streets that Bai Shanshui and Li Yunrui rushed out before. He asked gently and slowly the general who had just appeared behind him.

General Xuanjia bowed to the old man sitting on the old wicker chair with a very polite gesture, and then reported: "There is no clue to this person in the divisions."

Mo Shoucheng thought about it and said, "Keep your mouth alive as much as possible."

General Xuanjia's complexion became a little ugly.

I just want to leave a big inverse like Bai Shanshui alive, and I don’t know how much it will cost. Plus the young man who appeared as if falling from the sky inexplicably, the magic of the flying sword, Tonight I don’t know how many sergeants and practitioners are going to die.

But he was sure that the old man had made a trade-off when he said this sentence, so this price would be worth it.

So Shen Su bowed to salute again and promised: "Nuo."

"Good flying sword, very patient flying sword. Among the young people in Changling, few people are so patient in repairing the flying sword."

Mo Shoucheng listened to the footsteps of the general leaving behind him, and murmured to herself with pity.

The turret was still trembling slightly, and the wicker chair under him suddenly made a slight crack.

Old rattan chairs and old bamboo mats, the longer they get older, the more moist they are, and the more comfortable they are when they lie down.

This old rattan chair used to be fragile in previous years, but this year it was broken a lot.

Mo Shoucheng shook his head gently, feeling a bit ominous.


"What do you mean?"

Li Yunrui turned to look at Bai Shanshui and asked.

His brows are always frowning, but he is not entangled in this problem, because in this situation that he feels mortal, he does not care about this kind of problem, what makes him uncomfortable is only the smelly and pungent smell of flesh and blood of these tame beasts.

"I can't even adapt to such a bloody taste. It seems that you don't have much experience of cruel fighting." Bai Shanshui seemed to fully see his unpleasant roots at this time, sneered slightly, and then continued: "A lot of things, including war After being created, new magician weapons have to undergo some actual combat tests, especially the more powerful the weapon, the more it must be used against powerful practitioners."

Li Yunrui quickly understood the meaning of Bai Shanshui and said, "So she used us as a trial tool?"

"Experimental tools like mine are too rare."

Bai Shanshui sneered arrogantly: "It's just this arrangement, she has to send messages like me and the world... Even a big inverse like me, in her eyes, is only used by her to practice tactics and auditions. New weapons and tools only."

"It seems that you are right, she does not put us on the same level to consider things at all." Li Yunrui looked up.

At this moment, the black feathers flying in the sky and the scarlet blood suddenly encrypted.

Dense blood fell into the sludge, and even made the noise like a rainstorm.

Not because his flying sword accelerated at this time.

His flying sword is the same as Mo Shoucheng's evaluation, and he always uses the most patient tactics. Each sword is just right and does not waste a point.

At this time, it was just because the wild birds flying in the sky were tearing each other even more crazily.

The reeds in the distance made some fine and angry shouts, but they couldn't stop the riots of these foreign birds themselves.

This kind of breath even affected those strange beasts in the mud around.

Those strange beasts also began to be confused, not biting each other, but were afraid of this battlefield, and some began to flee deep into the surrounding reeds.

"I heard that Minshan Jianzong has a demon farm. Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wuxiang are the means to learn from Minshan Jianzong. Zheng Xiuding thinks that they already feel good. These animals can already appear on the battlefield. The new strength of Changling. But it’s a pity that she still thinks too well.” Bai Shanshui laughed aloud. “Don’t these animals even encounter the real star killers, can they only intimidate the mediocres? ?"

Li Yunrui glanced at her, shook his head and said, "It's not interesting."

Bai Shanshui also glanced back at him and said, "It's interesting, because what we can hear from them will definitely be transmitted to Zheng Xiu's ears."

Li Yunrui was silent for a moment and said, "But in the end we are still dead. What is the meaning of this mockery before death?"

Bai Shanshui laughed, with a sense of playfulness, saying: "What if we can leave alive?"

Li Yunrui did not respond to her words any more, but looked up at the night sky ahead and said quietly, "Come."

The black foreign birds that almost covered the sky have been dissipated in the crazy riots. What is left is countless masses exuding a hot bloody atmosphere. The night sky at this time is like a black curtain covered with blood, and at this time On the curtain, countless bright green streamers have appeared.

It was only at the moment Li Yunrui spit out two words that these streamers had crossed hundreds of feet and came to the sky above him and Bai Shanshui.

The beautiful and ethereal green streamer is an arrow, which has not begun to fall but fell apart in mid-air.

No heaven and earth vitality hits the ground, only a very high frequency vibration is generated in these broken arrows.

There are inaudible voices covering Shino.

Bai Shanshui's pupils shrank instantly, and her watery eyes and her pale face instantly showed a lot of red light.

These red lights are not caused by the flow of qi and blood, but from the rupture of many tiny blood holes.

The true element and qi and blood in her body, even under the flow of her control, were vibrating strangely, and a dying Qi machine spread from the deepest part of her body towards her skin.

This power made her unable to resist, feeling that the whole body was about to break into countless pieces.

At this moment, Li Yunrui's hand fell on her shoulder.

His hand also began to transmit a very high frequency vibration.

It was only for a moment that Bai Shanshui escaped from the shadow of death.

"How could this be?"

Although the still uncomfortable feeling in her body made Bai Shanshui want to vomit, she immediately took a deep breath and looked at Li Yunrui and asked.

Being able to know how to break the law means that Li Yunrui has known this terrible weapon for a long time, and has a deep understanding of this weapon.

"Musical note arrow."

Li Yunrui's face was even uglier than Bai Shanshui. He said in a hard word, with the voice that only he and Bai Shanshui could hear: "I have studied this kind of device for decades, but I haven't There is breakthrough progress. This symbol is not difficult to crack for powerful practitioners who know their rationale, but it is a disaster for practitioners and sergeants who lack true power."

Bai Shanshui frowned, she could understand Li Yunrui's mood at this moment.

The Chu dynasty is the strongest dynasty in the world, and it is also the foundation of its foothold. Before the Yuanwu ascended the throne, all the fighting methods of the Qin army could be said to be dominated by swords, and the swords to fight for the world.Even after Yuanwu three years later, Changling began to build workshops, but even if it invested more money and material resources, how could the accumulation be comparable to those of the Chu dynasty.

In the previous Lushan League, the Great Qin Dynasty has shown some powerful charms to the remaining three dynasties.

Those arrows with enough flames to melt the mountains and rocks, and the notes and arrows that later surpassed the Chu dynasty, it is easy to infer a conclusion.

Lilingjun can return to his native land and become a king, the price paid is far more than the world imagined before, and the betrayal even has the benefits of the Chu dynasty!

She understands that what Li Yunrui is most worried about at this time is how the people of the Great Chu Dynasty reacted to the New Emperor Council and what kind of turbulence they would have after the events that happened here were passed back to Chu.

This is really a bird's-eye strategy.

"Every move of Zheng Xiu's chess has great meaning. When it comes to insidious calculations, I don't think anyone can match her." Bai Shanshui's breath was thoroughly adjusted, and the life and death line of Fang Cai didn't seem to cause anything to her. The remaining influence, she sneered a sneer, and then said: "There are countless people who lose money in her hands, and you don't have to worry too much about your new king."

Li Yunrui raised an eyebrow.

He did not reply.

Not because he couldn't detect the good intentions contained in Bai Shanshui's discourse, but at this time Xiao Sheng, who had always faintly passed into his ears, suddenly disappeared.

Just at the moment when the flute stopped suddenly, a pale and thin sword light fluttered from the wind with a kind of cold killing indescribable.

Li Yunrui's flying sword broke through the wind and faced the pale flying sword. The two small swords changed their positions in the air, but there was no real contact, and then they flew back.

Bai Shanshui did not look at the pale flying sword, but looked forward calmly.

Between the muddy reeds mixed with countless flesh and blood fragments, a man in a dark red robe appeared slowly in her and Li Yunrui's eyes.

Looking at the thin but uncomfortable man, Bai Shanshui slightly mocked: "So you used your flying sword so well?"

The expression on Li Yunrui's face became more and more dignified.

This man in a crimson robe is naturally the head of the mysterious god.

"Not the Qin people, Feijian is better than almost all sword masters in Changling, you are not easy." Bai Shanshui looked at the silent Chen Jianshou, and said sarcastically.

Li Yunrui was stunned and couldn't help turning to look at the Bai Shanshui.

He doesn't walk outside at all on weekdays, so he naturally doesn't know some secrets.

Chen Jianshou, who looked a little abnormally pale in the carriage or the dark hall all year round, slowly raised his head.

He glanced at the Bai Shanshui, then looked at the pale flying sword that flew back in front of him, and said lightly: "It is not easy, so my flying sword is called Bo Mingjian."

Listening to his voice, Li Yunrui's eyes could not help falling on the sword.

The sword is indeed pale and thin.

The life is as thin as paper, and the sword name is very appropriate.