The Sword Dynasty

324 Double Failure

Bai Shanshui landed again, and with the terrifying impact, her feet plowed two deep gullies on the muddy ground.

Her right hand sleeves were all torn apart, and the blood as white as jade on her arm was burning like a bright red flame burning.

She lifted her head and began to cough, blood spilled from her bright lips, but her complexion became more and more indifferent.

"This sword is your victory. If I usually beat the sword, I will admit defeat, but it is not a sword tonight, but a life and death."

When such a sound sounded, the ground beneath her feet suddenly fell silently, forming a perfect circular pit, and then her figure disappeared from it.

She began to run, running towards Liang Lian, and perfect circular pits appeared continuously on the ground. Everyone could imagine the impact of terrifying power, but there was no sound, only countless fine water lines. Rising out of the soil, under the squeeze of powerful force, flying upward.

It began to rain in the space where the white mountain water traveled. However, the rain was from the ground to the sky, and it was full of the atmosphere of the sky.

Li Yunrui raised his head, staring calmly at the seemingly decadent supervisor in the darkness ahead, and seriously asked, "Are you going to die with me?"

At the same time this sentence sounded, the flying sword in front of him had begun to accelerate horrificly.

A straight sword road appeared in the air between him and Chen Jianshou.

His flying sword flew to Chen Jianshou's throat with a pure line.

Before this, his flying swords were all in the way of drifting and blurring, which made it difficult to capture the trajectory. At this time, the purest straight line was taken, and everyone found that his flying sword was fast.

Feeling the sword of this sword, Chen Jianshou's eyes narrowed, but he did not recall his flying sword. Between the slight movements of his right hand, his flying sword also flew straight forward, and Li Yunrui's flying sword Passing by, also pointed straight at Li Yunrui's throat.

At this moment, an old figure emerged from the reed bushes behind him, and a sword emerged, and a gray sword light exuding a musty smell chopped towards Li Yunrui's flying sword.

This is not a sword, but life and death.

So at some moments, Chen Jianshou does not need to rely on his own strength to cope with Li Yunrui's flying sword.

He also has a close attendant, and his close attendant is far more powerful than that of a general swordsman.


Liang Lian's eyes also narrowed into a thin line, looking at the white mountains and rivers rushing towards him at a terrifying speed, he was a little incomprehensible, but he did not have any hesitation, his brows with cold lines like swords were slow Provoked slowly up, then the natal sword in his hand was lifted high, lifted to the limit, and then hit the series of Baishanshui residual images in front of him and smashed hard.

There was a muffled noise.

Although it was a sword, it hit the Bai Shanshui like a giant stick that covered the sky.

All afterimages disappeared.

The rain that flies upwards was destroyed by a huge force in an instant. The figure of Bai Shanshui appeared. The robe on her body was pulled back to the extreme. The proud figure was unobstructed. 'S sword was brutally hit, and her body was brutally struck down, backing backwards.

There was a hint of coldness in Liang Lian's eyes. He took a steady step forward and raised the sword in his hand again.

However, at this moment, his pupils shrank rapidly.

Bai Shanshui retreated ten steps in a row.

Every step of her step was in the perfect circular depression that she had stepped out before.

As each step was knocked down, a white spray spewed out of each pit.

Ten white waves rushed towards Lianglian.

Liang Lian shouted sharply, and the sword fell sideways.

Ten white sprays overlapped, hitting hard on the sword light in front of him.

Ten huge forces overlap continuously, oscillating from the sword body to his body.

Liang Lian’s body glowed with black iron, but when the seventh great force hit his sword, he couldn’t resist it. With a grunt, the whole body flew backwards!

With a puff, his body hadn't landed, and a blood mist spewed out of his mouth.


The gray sword light exuding a musty smell accurately fell on Li Yunrui's flying sword.

However, at this moment, Li Yunrui's flying sword split into two.

Both flying swords were cut towards the large arteries on both sides of Chen Jianshou's neck like life.

An unbelievable scream came from the mouth of the old figure. The gray sword light brought a residual image, and wanted to cut off both flying swords in one fell swoop.

However, when there was a bang, this gray sword light just struck a flying sword, and was shocked to jump up. On the contrary, another flying sword seemed to inject more power, and the speed forward was faster. !

Chen Jianshou's body flew to the side.

While Li Yunrui's flying sword naturally split into two, his body had already flew to one side, and at the same time, the flying sword flying to Li Yunrui also sent out a screaming scream, and turned back with a crazy breath .

However, neither the flash of the body nor the return of this sword can keep up with the speed of Li Yunrui's flying sword, only a fraction of the time. The coldness of the flying sword has touched Chen Jianshou. The skin penetrated into the large artery under his skin.

Seeing that it was impossible to block such a sword, Chen Jianshou's face appeared a sense of death, but there was still no fear in his eyes. His pupils seemed to be absolutely empty, with long hair flying behind him. Floating on this flying sword.

Countless broken hairs flew away, and Feijian was still determined to move forward, but the flying spirit between the broken hairs gave Chen Jianshou the moment.

His body lifted up slightly, and then he greeted the flying sword with his collarbone.

His body is very thin, and his collarbone is like a narrow blade.

With a click, his collarbone broke.

Feijian provoked upward, and still had to cut off the artery in his neck.

But at this moment, the flying sword that he flew back with a mad breath finally arrived, and at this moment the tip of the sword was rubbing against the end of Li Yunrui's flying sword.

A wave of air and a faint blue flame were blooming like flowers. Li Yunrui's flying sword flew downwards and carried a wound with deep bones on Chen Jianshou's left shoulder.

The old servant with a gray sword light roared wildly and waved his sword before chopping. Li Yunrui's flying sword had burrowed directly into the soil below and instantly rushed out from a few feet with a ball of mud.

Broken, clavicle broken, bones visible in shoulder injury, Chen Jianshou was already covered in blood, and his breath was decadent.

A sword reinvented the mysterious superintendent whose status is still above the thirteenth of Daqin, but Li Yunrui didn't have any success on his face. The remaining half of his sword flew back with him.

Because at this time, Bai Shanshui has rushed to Lianglian again.

Her whole body oozed out of blood because of the violent shock, and the blood cloud lingered, but her feet had appeared perfect pits again.

At this time, Chen Jianshou and Liang Lian were both hit hard. In theory, Bai Shanshui should turn around and rush out of Chen Jianshou with Li Yunrui.

Because there is a large army behind Liang Lian, and many powerful Changling swordsmen, even if they can kill Liang Lian, even if they can rush through the army, they just rush back into the Changling City. What's the point?

Li Yunrui still can't understand Bai Shanshui's behavior at this time, but he remembers Bai Shanshui let him keep up with her, he chose to trust Bai Shanshui.

His body swept back sharply, chasing afterimages of Bai Shanshui.

A tidal wave of exclamation sounded.

No one had expected that General Liang Da and the mysterious God Superintendent, who had just shown far more strength than before, would lose at the same time.

Liang Lian inhaled deeply, his body seemed to fill up more, and the long sword in his hand tilted up like a crowbar, right in the middle of the natal sword falling from the white mountains and rivers.

There was a dull loud noise that could not be described in words.

It's like having a Tenjin Luxor piling.

Liang Lian did not have the ability to pry the sword of Bai Shanshui. The long sword in his hand still maintained its upward posture, but the entire iron-cast body was cut by Bai Shanshui's sword into the ground.

Mud waves spread out from around Liang Lian's body.

It was only at this moment that Liang Lian's entire body was chopped into the soil, except for the head and the right hand that raised the sword above the soil.

His body was originally much more burly than Bai Shanshui, but at this time, Bai Shanshui stood in front of him, but he was many times taller than him.

Bai Shanshui coughed up some blood foam gently.

There was a cold wave of smile on her face again, and her sword was put away with the shock, and then she swayed steadily again.

More horrifying exclamations sounded in the distance.

Everyone can see that it is impossible for Liang Lian to take over her sword, and no one around can stop the sword of Bai Shanshui.

What's more, there is a flying sword that is close to the Bai Shanshui at this time.

Li Yunrui's figure is only more than ten feet away from Bai Shanshui, and his flying sword has also reached his side.

"finally come."

However, at this moment, Bai Shanshui was looking up, both as if to Li Yunrui, and as if he said to himself.

Li Yunrui looked up.

There are a few pale flashes in the sky.

These pale flashes seemed to be exactly the same as the flash fires that appeared in the streets before. However, somehow, these pale flashes, which are not obviously dazzling, made it difficult to open his eyes.