The Sword Dynasty

326 Who Will Be Undefeated

The night was like water, and the dawn began to show a bright dawn.

The entire Changling City was already quiet. Mo Shoucheng, who was sitting on the wicker chair in a thin blanket, seemed to have fallen asleep, but he slowly opened his eyes when the footsteps behind him sounded.

The cold general who was instructed to leave before appeared ugly behind him, bowed and performed a salute, and the voice said slightly: "Bai Shanshui escapes, the unknown practitioner is captured by Shen Xuan."

Mo Shoucheng froze for a moment, a stunned look appeared in his yellow eyes, and said to himself, "Are you gone?"

General Leng Jun took a deep breath, nodded in control of his emotions, and then said in a deep voice: "The first news from Huang Si, Minshan Jianhui will end. The first is Ding Ning, a disciple of Xue Wangxu."

Mo Shoucheng was shocked again.

General Leng Jun stopped remarking and bowed back.

Mo Shoucheng stayed silent for a moment, and the breeze in the dawn blew his hair like a ginseng, and then a sigh of emotion appeared in the corner of his mouth.

Although the identity of the powerful and unknown young practitioner is worthy of further investigation, he is very clear that the Queen’s use of Gan Ge tonight is meant to be used in the sword of the mountain, to keep the Baishan water, but now the unknown practitioner has left it. …Although he had never witnessed the scene at that time, he could also imagine how it would lead to such a situation.

Coincidentally, the wine shop boy won the first place in the Minshan sword club.

The undefeated queen suffered two consecutive defeats this night.

Thinking back to the perfect indifference of the sword, thinking about the victory of the Bai Shanshui and the wine shop boy, this old old city guard couldn't help but sigh again, lamenting the queen's defeat tonight, she was ruthlessly defeated by the fierce Emotions.


In the Minshan Mountain, the sky is also slightly bright, but as the sky gradually lights up, the highest mountain, like the same blue sword, will pierce the entire sky through a cave peak, but it gradually fades from beginning to end. Go and begin to disappear in the sight of everyone outside the mountain.

In front of the cliff at the highest point of the mountain, Baili Suxue stood quietly, just like a colder cliff.

Looking at Baili Suxue in the direction of Changling in the cold, Jingliuri's brows grew tighter, and finally he couldn't help but say: "What happened?"

"Changling trembles and the spark falls."

Baili Suxue raised his head and slightly satired: "It can only make Zheng Xiu take such a shot, only Gushan Jianzang."

Jing Liuli looked cold, but was silent for a moment. Then he narrowed his eyes and said, "The emperor has reached the eight realms. If Zheng Xiu gets the Gushan sword possession again, we will have the worry of Bashan sword field."

Baili Suxue shook his head and sneered, "This is different from the past, how can it be so easy. In the past, Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu had the biggest rival they had to work together against, and their biggest rival now is themselves. Like them. The person who loves the most in the world is always himself, how to have passion for others, and at most only to weigh the relationship of interests, don’t make me believe that the two are one and intimate. There are also the two chiefs, who seem to be countless of the strong, but even Lushan Huimeng and Tonight, how many people can come to the scene? Donghu, Yueshi, Xiqiang, although they claim to be state, seem harmonious, But why should it cost the three armed forces and three fighters to be stationed there? Outside Liaodong, after Yinshan, when will it pass?"

After a pause, Baili Suxue glanced at the contemplative Jing Liuli, and then said: "In Chu Qi's area, Yuan Wu dare to put a little less seven realms?"

Jing Liuli frowned, thinking slightly.

"Yiwu Wu and Zheng Xiu were afraid of life and death, and at any cost, the scenery of the Lushan Association is not the scenery of Yuanwu alone? If there is no such thing as Yuanwu, my Daqin can be in the Lushan Association. Seeking benefits?"

Baili Suxue said with a strong sarcasm: "This big show seems to be a lively scenery, but when you think about it, where is the Bashan sword field that was strong when it was unique, how could there be the scenery at that time? Even if there are more characters, dare to enter Changling?"

Jing Liuli's brow slowly loosened.

At this moment, Baili Suxue added a cold sentence: "Don't talk about Gushan Jianzang, it may not be realized, even if Zheng Xiuwu can figure it out, then what?"

Jing Liuli raised her head in amazement, the words of Baili Suxue were not difficult to understand, but she thought it seemed difficult to understand.

"My Minshan Jianzong is not only you, but also Ding Ning." Baili Suxue glanced at her and seemed a little displeased.

Jing Liuli was slightly startled, and immediately understood the meaning of her esteemed master, and she did not feel any anxiety.

The dialogue between Minshan Jianzong’s current generation and the next generation came to an end. Jingliu turned around. However, when she moved, she suddenly paused and turned to look at Baili Suxue seriously: " Master, do you really think that it is nonsense for that person to leave an heir?"

This is obviously a question that has been discussed between the two. Baili Suxue raised his brow slowly, and a layer of frost slowly appeared on his face. He said, "What did I see when the person died? What a mysterious idea, even words and examples may not be able to comprehend and practise, how can anyone be able to cultivate the nine dead silkworms to a certain level without a teacher?"

Jing Liuli felt deeply dissatisfied with Baili Suxue, and immediately slightly lowered her apology.

Baili Suxue's face was calm, and he dismissed softly: "There are no ghosts in the world, and there are ghosts in people's hearts. Zheng Xiu and Yuan Wu have done so many things, and it is extremely normal to fear that something will happen."

Jing Liuli no longer talked much, the trace of doubt in her heart was erased by the words determined by her master, and the pace of her leaving lightened up.

When the sunlight appeared, the golden light began to smear on the mountains, and the edge of her body was dyed golden.

Baili Suxue did not turn around, but instead looked up at Jin Hui, looking at the Changling city-state that appeared between heaven and earth, and laughed mockingly: "It is never defeated, but the strongest people in the past are all with you. The opponents I met later were not qualified enough, they were not strong enough. Even the most undefeated ones were defeated, who else would be undefeated?"


The calm Weihe River was shining streamy under the sunrise.

A white figure floated slowly from the bottom of the water. With the gentle flapping of the waves, it was washed to the roots of several old willows on the shore. Between the sink and the float, it was gradually bound by the roots of waterweed and old willow, and seemed to be These water plants and tree roots absorb nutrients and gradually merge into one.

The warmth of the sunlight makes this white figure move slightly.

Bai Shanshui woke up.

She saw her situation, in the afterglow of her eyes, she could even see the merchant ships passing by in the distance and the armored ship of Daqin.

Although her cultivation base is very high, she still feels weak at the moment. The blood and true emptiness in her body are terrible. Her skin is as pale as a real floating body.

However, she did nothing.

She just lay in the water like this, quietly looking through the gap between the tree roots and looking at the sky.

The day is still that day.

But many things have changed.

Li Yunrui was supposed to come to kill her, but in the end he saved her.

The most important thing is that she knows that Li Yunrui will not die.

It would be nice if it died.

But Changling has the most terrifying large water dungeon for practitioners.

Li Yunrui fell into the hands of Shen Xuan, the owner of Dafushui prison.

In the night that had just passed away, she was also the winner of Zheng Xiu.

She successfully escaped from Changling with the Gushan Jianzang, and determined that she could survive.

However, unlike Baixue Xue at this time, she did not have any happy mood.