The Sword Dynasty

333 Assassin

Starting from the Minshan Sword Society, Ding Ning won the first place in the Baiyang Cave. Liang Lian swept the army to capture the Baishan water in the night, and the Changling Shake. For the entire Great Qin Dynasty, many amazing events have occurred during this time, but this The period of time is actually not long.

Before the Minshan Jianhui began, two practitioners wearing ordinary Qin people's costumes drew two camps on a small hill and stayed.

The two apparently came together, but they didn't talk to each other at ordinary times, and even the camps were separated, separated by tens of feet.

This hill is located in the middle of Jianzong and Changling in Minshan.

This morning, the two practitioners who arrived at the same time but did not talk to each other saw a ray of cooking smoke burning in the distant mountains at the same time, and then they began to prepare at the same time.

Among them, the slightly thin and short-haired man carefully cuffed his cuffs, and then began to adjust the breath. Through continuous breathing, his face became more and more calm and calm, and the whole body gave a new feeling of vomiting and receiving, gradually revealing a layer Fluorescence of jade.

Another middle-aged practitioner is wearing a wooden ring with long hair, wearing a plain cloth robe, and his face is clean, and he looks like a teacher in a college in Changling.

His preparation is not like a teacher.

He just wiped a golden sword with a piece of white silk.

The short-haired man who meditated meditation first sensed something, raised his head, and looked coldly towards a road in the direction of Jianzong of Minshan.

After he raised his head for dozens of breaths, the end of his line of sight on the road began to slowly appear the shadow of a carriage.

It was just that between the flashes of his eyes, his sleeves fluttered slightly, and two faint silver lights flew out, but not the flying swords, but two strange silver flying insects the size of ordinary index fingers.

The two flying insects touched the ground, walking between the grass and the fallen leaves, and the light was hidden from them, and they flew silently towards the carriageway.

The middle-aged practitioner like a teacher is watching the sky calmly. He looks at the rising sun clearly without fear of the dazzling light. The light between his pupils is bright, and the light that falls into his pupils seems to be all Was accommodated in the depths of his pupils, many gold threads began to be densely distributed in the depths of his pupils.

The texture of the thin wings of the two strange silver flying insects is like a naturally-formed rune, with a thin layer of light yellow crystals condensed in it. .

At this time, under the traction of his mind, the wings of these two silver worms converged, and then they fell into the soil under several fallen leaves, waiting for the carriage to arrive.

As the carriage moved closer and closer, the two practitioners frowned unconsciously.

The breath of the practitioner in the carriage was extremely weak for them to be neglected, but the breath from the Jianshan practitioner of Minshan Jianzong wearing a sapphire robe at the front of the carriage was extremely terrifying. At a very long distance, their sea of ​​turbulence unconsciously twitched slightly.

It's just that this is a two-to-one situation. In the days I stayed here, although there was no conversation between them, the two practitioners were very aware of each other's realm and some unique methods. Clear understanding, so these two practitioners still have very strong confidence at the moment.

In particular, they can be sure that this Minshan Jianzong practitioner is not Dantai Guanjian.

As long as it is not Dantai Watching Sword, in their view, even if Geng Jian and others come, they still have a great possibility of assassination.

The carriage was still far from the lurking place of the two silver worms, but there was no sign. The two practitioners changed their faces drastically, and at the same time felt that the coldest death threat enveloped their bodies.

The middle-aged practitioner who looks like a teacher is crying sternly. Many golden fire lines are instantly lit on the golden sword in his hand. Many golden fire lines are also lit around his body at the same time. It is necessary to form a unique cage to cover himself and his side. The body of the practitioner.

However, it was still too slow. When these golden firewires ignited, a gray sword light with horrific murderous intention had fallen on the neck of the short-haired practitioner.

At this time, the short-haired practitioner had just fully exposed the powerful state. The massive heaven and earth vitality in the sky was like a mountain, calmed down and merged into his body. Just started to burst out.

Puffed softly.

This short-haired practitioner who had apparently already arrived in the mountains of moving mountains had his head cut off with a sword at the moment when he could make any unnecessary moves in the future. Under the powerful energy, not only did his head fly high Shooting out, even all the qi and blood in his body were instantly sprayed upwards into the sky, turning into countless dust-like blood beads, so that the rain and mist above was stained with red.

There was no bloody breath between the hills. The headless corpse lost all blood and turned into a dry corpse that fell forward like a piece of decayed wood. The picture looked terrifying and even disgusting.

The golden line of fire finally became a cage, covering the middle-aged practitioners who looked like Mr. Teacher, but even under the golden firelight, Mr. Teacher's face was extremely pale.

"Practitioners in South Vietnam?"

A devil-like straight voice rang in the forest on one side, and a figure of a man wearing only tights appeared in his sight.

"Are you a practitioner of Yelang?"

Two consecutive uncertain words, but like a heavy hammer, struck in the heart of the middle-aged practitioner who looks like this teacher, so that the golden fire line outside him began to tremble slightly.

In the afterglow of his eyes, the carriage continued to move forward, but the horror on the carriage's head had disappeared. The blue figure that had originally sat, had disappeared at this moment, and only an empty sapphire robe draped on the head On the seat.

"who are you?"

The middle-aged practitioner who looks like this teacher has a difficult voice.

He already understood how the other party approached him quietly, but he still couldn't understand how Minshan Jianzong could have such a terrible practitioner besides Baili Suxue and Dantai Guanjian How could it be possible to prop up that piece of clothing with just one ball of heaven and earth, ignoring the perception of yourself and this guru from South Vietnam.

"Who made you come?"

Looking at the pale face of this middle-aged practitioner, Shao Sharen didn't answer his question, but asked.

The middle-aged cultivator pressed his lips tightly without answering.

Shao's face didn't change much. He was not good at forcing such things, and he didn't have much interest. The only thing he was good at in his life was killing.

He made a sword.

There was no sly sword.

The tip of the long gray crystal-like sword in his hand hit the golden fire curtain with incredible speed.

The middle-aged cultivator gave a screaming horror, the true element in the body spun out unreservedly, and the golden sword gleamed as if it was about to melt. When the gray sword tip pierced the golden fire curtain, it slammed heavily. On the gray long sword, the golden flame swept up the gray sword like a golden liquid, and it was necessary to cover Shao's murderous fingers.

Shao's murderous brows were slightly frowned.

A thin blue sword as thin as bamboo leaves spewed out of his mouth, piercing through the broken golden line of fire, piercing the middle-aged practitioner's eyebrows.

The middle-aged practitioner was horrified, with five fingers on his left hand, several real sword qi flew on the cyan sword, and flew out the cyan sword.

Shao's left hand shook slightly, and a transparent, extremely thin sword light shot out from between his index fingers and nails.

The middle-aged practitioner vigorously twisted his body, trying to avoid this tiny sword light. However, with a pop, his eyes widened to the extreme, and he looked down in disbelief, only to see that his abdomen was already pouring out Bloody.

Shao murdered back quietly.

The golden fire scorched the skin of his fingers, but he couldn't get in.

The middle-aged practitioner who was pierced by Qihai sat down on his knees.

Looking at Shao's toes, he realized that the blade of the middle-aged practitioner who popped from the bottom of Shao's feet was unbelievable and ridiculous.

Such a powerful practitioner, how can you use so many small means, how can there be so many small means!

Shao killing people had no interest in ignoring the idea of ​​this middle-aged practitioner.

For him, for a long time, killing only meant survival.

His left hand waved without any dullness, and a sharp breath flew along his palm, cutting across the neck of the middle-aged practitioner.

The middle-aged practitioner's head also fell from his neck and rolled down the slightly inclined hillside.

Shao murder turned around with confidence.

The carriage has reached the bottom of the hill.

Feeling this frightening but imposing battle, a smile appeared on the corner of Ding Ning's mouth in the carriage.

No matter who arranged such two assassins, he will be extremely annoyed and heartache at the moment.